Changeling: the Lost

From Codex of Darkness

In Changeling: the Lost, you play as a victim of an alien being, snatched up and altered in the Hedge, escaped and returned to a world that no longer recognizes you.

Origins and Organizations

The Lost bear Seemings and Kiths that define the ways in which the Gentry altered them during the Durance.

Many Changelings also join a Court or an Entitlement to gain a more close-knit group.


The Lost posses a unique Power Stat trait called Wyrd, and a Morality trait called Clarity. In second edition, they have unique Anchors: Needle, Thread, and the Touchstones that stabilize their worldview.


The Lost may exploit Contracts with the world to manipulate it, and may bind themselves or others with Oaths to gain power and protection.

Many Changelings discover Goblin Fruits in the Hedge, or emerge with Tokens that defy common reality.


Changelings have access to several unique Merits beyond mortal scope, including specific Locations and Combat Styles. They can also access the universally available list of Merits.

Anchors (1st Edition)
Anchors (2nd Edition)
Conditions (2nd Edition)
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Courts (1st Edition)
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Derangements (1st Edition)
Entitlements (1st Edition)
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Flaws (1st Edition)
Goblin Fruits (1st Edition)
Goblin Fruits (2nd Edition)
Kiths (1st Edition)
Kiths (2nd Edition)
Merits, Changeling (1st Edition)
Merits, Changeling (2nd Edition)
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