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Virtue and Vice

Most human characters' sense of selfhood and drive are reinforced by a Virtue and a Vice, or with certain Merits even multiples. A character's Virtue is a higher ideal or heroic drive they must push themselves to extremes to live up to, restoring all lost Willpower. A character's Vice is a quick fix, easy comfort, or instinctive defense to fall back on, but only recovers a single point of Willpower when indulged.

Held by: Mortals, mages, hunters, demons, and various lesser templates and ephemeral entities.

Sample Virtues: Competitive, Generous, Just, Loyal (CofD 27), Ambitious, Courageous, Honest, Hopeful, Loving, Patient, Trustworthy (MTA 2e 212)

Sample Vices: Ambitious, Arrogant, Competitive, Greedy (CofD 28), Addictive, Corrupt, Cruel, Deceitful, Dogmatic, Hasty, Hateful, Pessimistic (MTA 2e 212)


Some people transformed by the supernatural need grounding to remain connected to the things that gird their soul, or what's become of it. They attach to people, places, objects or ideas with personal importance, and these Touchstones provide the perspective to ground their inhuman center. Bonding or expressing their relationship refreshes a point of Willpower, while dramatic lengths taken to preserve a Touchstone restore all lost Willpower.

Touchstones can be lost through a lack of content, severed relationships, the predations of time, or the simple, classic method of murder, leaving a monster unhinged until they form another meaningful connection to take the place of the lost.

Held by: Vampires, werewolves, changelings, bound, hunters, mummies, and deviants

Vampire: Mask and Dirge

To stave off psychic fatigue, vampires construct pretenses, find roles for themselves, and develop facades. They present a Mask to the world, a false place as a relatable member of society, and shape their own Dirge, a place for themselves among monsters and corpses.

Both Mask and Dirge can refresh either a small quantity of Willpower for little incident, or all lost reserves through extreme resorts, by acting to preserve the Mask or play out the Dirge.

Held by: Vampires

Sample Masks and Dirges: Authoritarian, Child, Competitor, Conformist, Conspirator, Courtesan, Cult Leader, Deviant, Follower, Guru, Idealist, Jester, Junkie, Martyr, Masochist, Monster, Nomad, Nurturer, Perfectionist, Penitent, Questioner, Rebel, Scholar, Social Chameleon, Spy, Survivor, Visionary (VTR 2e 84), Collector, Meddler, Provocateur (TY 17)

Sample Humanity Touchstones: Ex, Former Partner, Friend with Benefits, Gravesite, High School Sweetheart, House of Birth, Intrepid Detective, Murderer, One That Got Away, Orphan, Spouse, Terminal Parent, Therapist, Victim's Lover, Witness (VTR 2e 88)

Werewolf: Blood and Bone

Werewolves refresh themselves through their internal dichotomy, between the wolf and the man, the instinctive predator and the rational actor, the feeling of living and the meaning to their life. The Blood keeps the body moving, and the Bone gives it direction. The Bone finds, and the Blood claims.

Both Blood and Bone can refresh either a small amount of Willpower through a small stress or setback, or full reserves through calamity or great costs spent.

Held by: Werewolves

Sample Bloods: Alpha, Challenger, Destroyer, Fox, Monster, Soldier (WTF 2e 86), Berserker (DE 163)

Sample Bones: Community Organizer, Cub, Guru, Hedonist, Lone Wolf, Wallflower (WTF 2e 86)

Sample Flesh Touchstones: Abuser, Ex, Old Gang, Parents, Religion, Sponsor (WTF 2e 87)

Sample Spirit Touchstones: Ambitious Totem, Buddy Spirit, Future Self, Locus, Lune, Prey, Wilds (WTF 2e 87)

Promethean: Elpis and Torment

As the Pilgrimage touches the psychology of the Created, they each push forward through what wonder or yearning fixes their thoughts on the New Dawn, and what half-formed flaw holds them back from grasping it.

Both Elpis and Torment can refresh either a single point or full complement of Willpower. Unlike many Anchors, the Elpis isn't stoked by actions, but experiences. Merely witnessing one of the living recall the Promethean's Elpis restores a point, while having that feeling vibrantly roused oneself refills it all. The Torment Anchor is expressed through the extremity of actions and consequences, but can also risk Torment, the Promethean fit of uncontrollable humours.

Held by: Prometheans

Sample Elpides: Courage, Drive, Empathy, Fear, Fury, Inspiration, Joy, Love, Sorrow, Pain (PTC 2e 106)

Sample Torments: Alienated, Awkward, Dejected, Logical, Merciless, Methodical, Obsessed, Paranoid, Passionate, Naive (PTC 2e 107)

Changeling: Needle and Thread

The identity of a changeling, escaped from Arcadia, is more slippery than that of the mortal human she once was. She finds refuge in the familiar to gird her resolve: familiar actions, roles, labels and rituals to wind herself around, and that shapeless inner color of drive, feeling and association, without which all would be empty. Her good old Needle. Her most plentiful Thread.

Both Needle and Thread can refresh either a point of Willpower, through simple exertion and reinforcement, or the full supply, by putting one's heart on the line.

Held by: Changelings, fetches, and hedge ghosts

Sample Needles: Bon Vivant, Commander, Composer, Counselor, Daredevil, Dynamo, Protector, Provider, Scholar, Storyteller, Teacher, Traditionalist, Visionary (CTL 2e 95)

Sample Threads: Acceptance, Anger, Family, Friendship, Hate, Honor, Joy, Love, Memory, Revenge (CTL 2e 97)

Sample Clarity Touchstones: Best Friend, Family, Fetch, Fling, Lost Love, Occultist, Private Investigator, Therapist, True Love, Your New Home, Your Old Home (CTL 2e 98)

Geist: Root and Bloom

The Bound are dead, and still they live. Their ghostly heart is moved by honoring the death at the Root of their condition as much as by the second life that is the Bloom that rose from their grave soil. Their Root pulls them to face the communities of the dead and remember the Sin-Eaters number among them. Their Bloom asks them to treasure their return to the living world and those who could have lost them.

Both Root and Bloom can refresh either a point of Willpower when either life or death must overshadow the other, or fully restore Willpower when they impel serious risks and passions.

Held by: Bound

Sample Roots and Blooms: Advocate, Antihero, Casual, Cowl, Enabler, Gardener, Pollyanna, Saved, Servant, Surrogate (GTS 2e 82)

Sample Synergy Touchstones: 9 to 5, Albatross, First Friend, House Keys, Inherited Anchor, Murder Weapon, New Neighbor, Our Song, Replacement Love, Roadside Memorial (GTS 2e 84)

Mummy: Balance and Burden

The Arisen trudge endlessly across the expanse of time. Their identity sometimes falls away from their clutches. As they persist, their character shows in how they weather the ages: the Burden, their greatest weight of pain and weakness, and the Balance, the value that justifies the strength to carry that weight.

Both Balance and Burden can refresh a point of Willpower in a moment's affirmation, or restore all Willpower in a triumph of Balance or a steep fall into Burden.

Held by: Mummies and shuankhsen

Sample Balances: Courageous, Devoted, Diligent, Faithful, Generous, Introspective, Just, Noble, Peaceful, Resilient, Righteous, Trustworthy, Truthful (MTC 2e 102)

Sample Burdens: Accusing, Careless, Chaotic, Cruel, Dominant, Forgetful, Fragile, Hysterical, Isolated, Rageful, Resentful, Selfish, Stagnant (MTC 2e 104), Avenger, Destroyer, Zealot (MTC 2e 236)

Sample Memory Touchstones: Budding Historian, Confidante, Court Justice, Doubting Lawrence, Dutiful Clerk, Epitome of Life, Firebrand Cultist, Mirror of the Ages, Shadow of an Old Flame (MTC 2e 163)

Beast: Life and Legend

Beasts split their selfhood into two strengths: the human and the inhuman. Their Life speaks to who they know and care about. It's common sense, modesty and compromise. Their Legend speaks to what they feel gestating deep within, leaking out from within their dreams. It's power, pride, and an abject lack of apology.

Both Life and Legend can refresh either a single point or full supply of Willpower, based on the scale of act and risk involved when cleaving to it.

Held by: Beasts and heroes

Sample Lives: Parental, Shy, Cautious, Loyal, Honest, Selfless (BTP 86)

Sample Legends: Judgmental, Relentless, Unexpected, Seductive, Vicious, Watchful (BTP 86)

Deviant: Loyalty and Conviction

The Broken have lost the ability to define their own independence to the spiritual damage of their Divergence. They can only hang their identity and spiritual endurance on their strongest relationships. They cling to certain friends and loved ones with fierce Loyalty, and pursue hateful vendettas with a Conviction that can only be satisfied by suffering and death.

Renegades refresh a point of Willpower when their pursuit of a Conviction Touchstone progresses, and recover all Willpower when they stand dramatically by a Loyalty Touchstone. Devoted reverse this.

Held by: Deviants

Sample Loyalty Touchstones: Childhood Friend, Co-Worker, Ex-Lover, Frenemy, Mentee, Partner in Crime, Research Assistant, Roommate (DTR 84)

Sample Conviction Touchstones: Company Man, Cultist, Operating Theater, Progenitor, Recruiter, Thief (DTR 85)