Anchors (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Virtues and Vices

A character's Willpower is undergirded by their defining strength and weakness of character, as represented by a Virtue and a Vice. A character's Virtue is a higher ideal or heroic drive they must push themselves to extremes to live up to, restoring all lost Willpower. A character's Vice is a quick fix, easy comfort, or instinctive defense to fall back on, but only recovers a single point of Willpower when indulged. (WoD 100)

Virtue Vice
Charity Sacrifice for the sake of compassionate aid Envy Spite the wellbeing of your rivals
Faith Dedication to realizing a proper and meaningful world Gluttony Satisfy self-destructive whims and desires
Fortitude Stand for your principles and resist doubt Greed Get ahead at the expense of others
Hope Lift up others in the darkest of times Lust Use and exploit others to sate your desires
Justice Pursue a righteous creed at any personal cost Pride Exert yourself to push your ways on others
Prudence Shun dangerous risks and easy temptations Sloth Avoid risk and push responsibility onto others
Temperance Hold yourself in check when goaded to extremes Wrath Lash out when conflict is unnecessary


The demons of Hell are fueled by the weakness and venality of others, not anything within themselves. A demon's Malapraxis thirsts for a human Vice and a Key whose character permits the demon to feed on sins of that Vice committed by others.

Held by: Infernal demons

Sample Keys: Bankers, Blasphemy, Darkness, Daughters, Clergy, Corporations, Earth, Families, Fire, Flesh, Government, Lovers, Military, Prophecy, Soldiers, Steel, Treachery, Union, Vengeance, Witching Hour (Inf 49)

Temakh Virtues

The mummies who call themselves Deceived juggle their passions and desires with those of the inhuman presence entwined with their souls. The higher yearnings of these chthonic beings do not resemble what most humans would call "virtue." (Dec 35)

Held by: Deceived mummies

Authority Make others submit to your will despite their desires and interests
Conquest Seize authority over great masses
Corruption Provoke and share in a mortal's sinful deeds
Creativity Birth a creative expression to shared admiration
Mysticism Learn the ruling truths behind the supernatural and metaphysical
Piety Set aside your desires in service to Iremite worship
Vengeance Visit fit punishment upon transgressors