Merits, Changeling (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Merit Cost Prerequisites Source Description
Age Reversal (•) Wyrd •••• NH:GF p84 Your Changeling begins to age backwards.
Arcadian Body (••••) Attribute •••+ Creation Only RoS p87 Bring an attribute to a maximum of +6 , 5th dot only costs one dot at character creation.
Arcadian Metabolism (•••) - RoS p87 Greater healing when eating Goblin Fruits, but suffer malnutrition without one Fruit per week.
Brownie's Boon (•) - RoS p88 You complete mundane tasks in half the time that it would take others! Well, except you can't be watched while you do it. You can spend a glamour to half this time again. And again. And a gain. Though, this tops out at being able to finish something in 1/16th the time.
Charmed Life (••) - RoS p88 Reroll when dealt aggravated damage or would otherwise be killed.
Court Goodwill (• to •••••) - CtL p93 AN p. 45 Develop favor with members of a Court. Ensorcelled mortals can take this merit.
Devotee (• to •••••) Wyrd ••••••• ER p14 You have a group of loyal, but broken followers.
Disenchanting Kiss (••••) Wyrd ••••• Clarity 9+ SaD p92 With high Clarity, you have a kiss that cancels mind and emotional controll
Dual Kith (•••) Wyrd •• WM p98 Your character possesses two or more kiths, and by proxy the blessing that comes with it.
Dual Kith (•• or •••) Creation Only RoS p88 Your character possesses two or more kiths, and by proxy the blessing that comes with it.
Enchanting Performance (••••) Expression ••• RoS p88 Reduce negative situation modifiers to Expression or Persuasion equal to your wyrd. Spending a point of Glamour the performance becomes rote, and if successful, it inspires an emotion appropriate to performance.
Fae Mount (•, ••, ••• or •••••) - RoS p89 You own a Hobgoblin/Token/Otherwise magical mount.
• = Appearing when called.
•• = As • , but with single magical ability
••• = As ••, but with another magical ability
••••• = As •••, but capable of leaving the Hedge for a scene, complete with mask. Must return to the Hedge for 24 hours afterwards.
Faerie Favor (•••) - RoS p90 You possess a token, which, when broken, will summon your Keeper, who owes you a single favor.
Faerie Healing (••) - RoS p90 Capable of using Goblin Fruits to restore health to others. Does not apply to the dead (Ghosts, Vampires)
Fighting Style Dream Combat (• to •••••) Wyrd ••, Empathy ••• RoS p90 Abilities for fighting while in a dream. Look under the Styles Merits page for more information.
Fighting Style Hedge Duelist (• to •••••) Wyrd ••• RoS p91 Abilities to use in a formal duel while in the Hedge. Look under the Styles Merits page for more information.
Gentrified Bearing (••••) Wyrd ••• RoS p92 You look a bit like the True Fae, and can fool Hobgoblins and Gentry at a distance.
Goblin Merchant (• or •••) - Goblin Markets p34 Sell at Goblin Market without being price-gouged and while protected by Market Law
Goblin Vow (• to •••••) - RoS p38 Can make pledges with one Wyrd-purview/dot; no sanction and boon and task must be related to purview
Harvest (• to •••••) - CtL p94 A list of your consistent sources of Glamour. Examples include: Emotion, Dreaming, Oaths, Hedge Fruit
Hedge Gate Sense (•) - RoS p92 Sensitivity to established Hedge Gates, lower time spent finding such a gate cut by half, granted a reflexive roll when near one.
Hedgebeast Companion (• to •••) - AN p132 Intelligent Hobgoblin familiars who act as animal retainers. The more dots you have, the stronger the Hobgoblin is.
Hidden Life (• to •••) Fame 0, Wyrd equal to dots in Hidden Life RoS p92 Seeking information about your character takes a penalty, including remembering contact or physical details.
Hob Kin (••) Hollow •+ RoS p92 Feel like family to Hobs, making it easier to make fair deals with them.
Hobgoblin Trainer (••) - RoS p93 Ability (and rules) for temporarily training Hobgoblins.
Hollow (• to •••••) - CtL p94 House for changelings that is between the hedge and the real world.
Lethal Mien (••) Wyrd ••• RoS p94 A part of the body becomes a weapon, and granted a damage bonus. This can stack with Blessings.
Long of Days (••) - RoS p94 When determining maximum age, the Changeling is treated as if her Wyrd is +4. For information on aging, see CtL p. 174 - 175.
Mantle (• to •••••) - CtL p97 Membership in a court, benefits in the form of bonuses to social interaction, Contracts and Blessing. The first dot for free.
Manymask (• to •••••) Wyrd ••••••• ER p14 The Changeling possesses multiple masks (One per dot) and can change them. The masks do not change your size and gender.
Market Familiarity (• or •••) Changeling Goblin Markets p14 Locate and attend Goblin Markets.
Market Sense (•) - RoS p94 or Goblin Markets p33 +3 bonus to determine if being cheated in deals.
Market Stall (••••) Goblin Merchant ••• Goblin Markets p34 Own a stall where you can store goods and be able to extract and store abstractions.
New Identity (•, •• or •••• ) - CtL p98 AN p45 The quality of legal (Or illegal) documentation supporting your new identity. This merit can be taken by mortals or other supernaturals as well.
Perfect Stillness (•) Stealth • RoS p94 The Changeling is capable of standing absolutely still, and all rolls to notice or locate take -2.
Pledgesmith (• to •••) - RoS p94 Your character is known for having a way with words. Gain +1 for every merit dot when discussing Pledges.
Prophet Circle (• to •••••) - RoS p94 Grants ensorcelled mortals to receive Prophetic dreams. Costs 1 glamour and a Wits + Occult roll.
Rigid Mask (••) Subterfuge •• RoS p95 Hide your emotions very well, even from lie detectors and such.
Second-Hand Skills (• to •••) Wyrd ••• Goblin Markets p26 Gain bonus equal to dots to three skills once per Chapter.
Shared Sleep (•) Functional Multiple Personalities or Multiple Personality Disorder CtL p44 Need only 4 hours sleep as long as you spends 6 hours in each of your personalities.
Siren Song (•••) - RoS p96 While speaking, everyone within earshot takes a -2 penalty to all actions.
Slave (• to •••••) - Goblin Markets p23 Supernatural servant purchased at Market.
Soul Sense (••) A Living Fetch RoS p96 Always know the direction and distance to your Fetch, its moods and emotions, and a +2 to social rolls when interacting. Take penalties when it is injured or killed.
Sublime (•••••) Wyrd ••••••••• ER p14 The Changeling's mein becomes transcendental, and mortals become bewitched, limiting their actions. Changelings must roll Resolve + Composure or be bewitched.
Narrative Master (•••) Wyrd ••• SaD p78 Spend Glamour to increase Talecrafting rolls.
Token (• to •••••) - CtL p98 Own a once mundane charm turned magical from its time in the Hedge or Arcadia. You may not use this merit to obtain Legendary Tokens (••••• or more). See the list here]].
Token Maker (•••) Wyrd •••, Crafts ••• RoSp150 Through extended actions and spending Glamour a Changeling may create a Token at 25 successes per level.
Tokenmaster (•••) Wyrd ••••••• ER p14 Being in constant touch with objects turns them into Tokens. See the list here]].
Unseen Sense, Talecrafting (•••) Wits ••• Academics •• SaD p78 Sense when the an opportunity to set up a Hook comes up.
Visionary Dreams (••) Wyrd ••• RoS p97 Your character receives Prophetic Dreams. Costs 1 Willpower point and a Intelligence + Wits roll.
Wholesale Wares (• to ••) Market Stall •••• Goblin Markets p35 Once per chapter, reduce the cost of an item by dots in the Merit so long as intent is to resell.
Wisdom of Dreams (•••) Wyrd ••+ RoS p97 A successful Wits + Composure leads to borrowing a skill specialty or language for one day from a known mortals dreams
Wyrdskill (•••) Wyrd •••••• ER p15 Gain a free skill specialty in one field every time you grow in Wyrd. Developing other skills may cost more.

Kith Restricted Merits

Kiss of Life (••••) *pre: Sap the Vital Spark Blessing SaD p24 The Leechfinger can store stolen health and use it to heal himself or others.
Subtle Liquer (•) *pre: Inebriating Elixir Blessing SaD p29 When the Brewer uses his blessing, the merit makes the fermented drink unrecognizable as alcoholic.

Entitlement Restricted Merits

Outsider Fetish (• to •••) *pre: The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches LoS p150 Begin play with a talen or fetish. Must be instructed on the usage by a Werewolf. List of Talens and Fetishs.

Milestone Merits

You may not buy Milestone Merits. All Milestone Merits are granted when a Changeling kills her Fetch. They have no dots.
For more information on Fetch Hunting, go to p. 109 - 110 in Autumn Nightmares.

Bloodied Ground AN p. 103 The milestone is achieved on the human side of an open gateway (The Hedge must be seen). Reach the spot where the Fetch died easier.
Broken Mirror CtL p. 259 The milestone is achieved when done personally. Once per story, the Changeling can activate the merit to gain +3 to any roll.
Cuckoo's Egg AN p. 103 The milestone is achieved with no witnesses, even animals. Receive an item that lets you play the part of the fetch. Can be stolen and used to impersonate the Changeling.
False Heart AN p. 103 The milestone is achieved. A fist-sized object that was the fetches heart is taken, which can be used as Glamour reserves. Usable only by the owner.
Fetchbane AN p. 103 The milestone is achieved with a single weapon not made of Cold Iron. The weapon does lethal damage (Or +2 if lethal) when infused with Glamour. Take penalties for using it in self-defense.
Shared Guilt AN p. 103 The milestone is achieved when every member of a motley gets at least one hit into a Fetch, and is applied to every member. When any member is rolling for degeneration, the motley can activate this merit to have every member roll a degeneration check. If there is even one success, then it counts as a sucess for everyone.

Fate Merits

Take these merits only at your ST's discretion.

Fatebound Title Merit Cost (•••) *Pre: Wyrd (•••) and... Page Effect Drawback
Bean Buyer Streetwise ••• SaD p89 Once per story, after being tricked, spend a glamour to gain a significant advantage. Using the advantage runs you into an enemy, who gains access to you through said advantage.
Cloistered Spinne Crafts ••• SaD p90 Do an instant Action to turn trash into something valuable. Every time something is created using this method, the Fatebound loses something of equal value.
Cowherd and Weaver Resolve ••• SaD p90 Gain some knowledge of circumstance when forcibly seperated from your lover, and your lover escapes. Lose all social 10-Again rolls when with your lover.
Evil Stepsister Manipulation ••• SaD p90 Spend a Glamour whilst being cruel to a subordinate to get something that will help you in the future. Near the climax of the story, everything comes back to bite you in the ass.
Fair Prince Court Mantle ••• SaD p91 You are loved by almost all the courts, and receive a bonus for dealing with non-fae. Opposing Court hates the Fair Prince, to the point of plotting assassination.
Fisher King Court Mantle ••••• Court Crown SaD p91 When at full health, all Social Merits act as though you have them twice over (Not doubled). A Court member dying causes one lethal damage, and inability to maintain rule or insurrection in your kingdom loses benefits, and causes wound penalties
Mobled Queen Court Mantle ••••• Court Crown SaD p91 Massive bonuses when activating a Court Contract, and a bonus when harvest a Court Emotion. -1 when rolling to resist gaining a derangement after losing Clarity. Every time she benefits from this merit, she gains a cumulative penalty to all actions (Except contract activation and resistance).
Monkey Heart Wits ••• SaD p91 +5 to notice traps and avoid being suprised by an adversary for a second time after. -2 to avoiding traps or being surprised by an adversary for the first time.
Mortal Enemy Resolve ••• SaD p92 Get extra dice when dealing with your enemy, as well as other bonuses. Enemy receives same benefits.
Star-Crossed Lover Presence••• SaD p92 Spending a Willpower point when working to protect or save your love is an automatic success and regain a point of Willpower per scene spent protecting her. The lover is constantly being targeted for abduction. When this happens, -2 on all rolls not directly related to rescuing the lover

Partial Transformation Merits

Do not use these merits unless you are designing a recently rescued abductee. They are treated as templates for lesser supernaturals. For more information on the Fey-Touched, see Equinox Road P. 107 - 108 Take these merits only at your ST's discretion.

Enchanted Mortal (••) ER p107 Character is treated as if permanently Ensorcelled.
No Seeming (••) *pre: Changelings Only Character Creation Only ER p107 Character is treated as if she has no kith or seeming, therefore no curse or blessing. Gains +1 to all rolls involving clarity loss or gaining a derangement.
Seeming (•••) *pre: Fey-Touched Only Character Creation Only ER p107 Character possesses a seeming, and has the associated blessing and curse. -1 to rolls to avoid derangement.

Fair Folk Merits

Autumn Nightmares P. 71 - 72 Take these merits only at your ST's discretion.

Fae Pet (•• or ••••) Similar to Retainer, grants the Fey an animal companion that is willing to die for its master. Any pet that dies is replaced within 24 hours.
•• - Real world animal that exists locally.
•••• - Hobgoblin pet.
Fair Haven (•••) Designated area in the real world where the Fey can stay without being poisoned by reality.

Forbidden Merits
Unseen Sense (WoD, Page 109) (Note: Unseen Sense: Talecrafting is NOT Forbidden.)
Fair Folk Merits (AN, Page 71)
Lucid Dreaming Merit (CtL, Page 195)
Partial Transformation Merits should typically only apply to mortals who were recently abducted and rescued before their transformation into a Changeling was complete. (Information is in Equinox Road p. 105)
Fair Folk Merits should typically only apply to the Gentry. (Information is in Autumn Nightmares P. 71 - 72)
Restricted Merits
Social Merits must be justified, as many contacts and utilities may be lost upon the characters return.
Social Merits may never be applied to the Gentry.
Kiss of Life is restricted to the Leechfinger Kith.
Subtle Liquer is restricted to the Brewer Kith.
Milestone Merits may not be purchased, they must be earned through play.
Fate Merits can change the flow of the story, so should only be taken with the consent of the Storyteller.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L