Conditions (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

A solid dot (●) in the second column denotes a Persistent Condition, while an empty dot (○) denotes a Condition which is not always Persistent, but can be under certain circumstances.

Natural Conditions

Mental Conditions
Agoraphobic You avoid open spaces and crowds. PTC 2e 306
Addled Your memories are jumbled and confused. GTS 2e 299
Amnesia You've lost a large swath of memory. CofD 288
Broken Your will is broken and you back down from everything. CofD 288
Captivated You're heavily preoccupied with something and can't split your attention. DTD 211
Confused You can't think straight. VTR 2e 302
Cowed Someone has weakened you through a display of dominance. WTF 2e 307
Delusional Paranoid delusions dominate your behavior. VTR 2e 302
Demoralized Failure dampens your fighting initiative. WTF 2e 307
Detached You've run with occult circles for so long you've forgotten how to interact with humans. HD 123
Deprived You're weakened by an unfed addiction. CofD 288
Disoriented You've lost equilibrium and need an opportunity to recenter. DTD 211
Dissociation Surreality plagues you with doubts of your own experiences. CTL 2e 336
Distracted You're buffeted from all sides, splitting your attention terribly. VTR 2e 302
Doubtful You've lost confidence in all but your most secure actions. HMR 147
Driven Your surety in your ambition is a great well of strength. MTC 2e 351
Emboldened An uninhibited atmosphere makes you impulsive and prone to temptation. HMR 150
Faith Your trust in the next world can be exploited by angelic forces. DSG 81
First Trimester You experience flulike symptoms and vivid dreams that are signs of early pregnancy. HtH 41
Second Trimester You feel more creative, but worry as something grows within you. HtH 42
Third Trimester Your body and brain prepare for giving birth, enhancing perception but causing distraction. HtH 42
Frightened You're terrified and moved to panic and flee. VTR 2e 304
Fugue You've shied away from trauma by shutting out the experience. CofD 289
Guilty Feelings of remorse leave you emotionally vulnerable. CofD 289
Informed You're well equipped to tackle a given subject. CofD 289
Inspired The spirit moves you to confident action. CofD 289
Lost You've lost your sense of place and need to reorient. CofD 289
Lost Tracker Frustrations on a hunt leave your tracking skills sloppy and halfhearted. WTF 2e 308
Madness Unnatural horror has shattered your ability to process life. CofD 289
Obsession Something controls your attention and distracts from all else. CofD 290
Shaken You're shocked or deeply rattled, unsteadying your hand. CofD 290
Sleepwalking Sleep and wakefulness blur, and you suffer from lost time and poor recollection. CTL 2e 344
Spooked Otherworldly wonder moves you unwisely. CofD 291
Steadfast Your resolve to act is steeled and ready. CofD 291
Stoic Distance and emotional guard ease lies, but inhibit perspective and passion. CTL 2e 345
Strained You've held back the shock of witnessing supernal sorcery, but the pressure remains. MTA 2e 318
Swooned You're charmed or bedazzled by a particular person. CofD 291
Withdrawn Doubt and insecurity drive you inward, sapping the will to action. CTL 2e 346
Physical Conditions
Arm Disability At least one arm is either chronically or permanently nonfunctional. HL 57
Blind You've lost or can't exercise your sense of sight. CofD 288
Chronic Agony You're vulnerable to incapacitating pain spells. HL 57
Chronic Sickness Sickness or poison lingers in you, aggravated by stress. HL 57
Deaf Your hearing is severely impaired. HL 58
Disabled You can't effectively walk on your own power. CofD 288
Drained You're weak and woozy from blood loss. VTR 2e 303
Easy Prey You've left a strong trail for a hunter to follow and exploit. WTF 2e 307
Energized A chemically induced rush. HD 123
Exhausted You're run ragged on the edge of unconsciousness. WTF 2e 307
Fatigued You've pushed yourself too far, and your fatigue hangs over you constantly. PTC 2e 309
Fragile You're using equipment not sturdy enough to endure continued use. CofD 102
Intoxicated Your discretion is dulled by altered consciousness. VTR 2e 304
Invisible Predator You've skulked on the hunt, leaving nary a trace of your approach. WTF 2e 308
Leg Disability At least one leg is either chronically or permanently nonfunctional. HL 58
Lethargic Fatigue tires you so heavily you cannot muster Willpower. VTR 2e 305
Mute You cannot speak or use your voice. CofD 290
Numb Detachment from the world dulls the feeling in your body. CTL 2e 343
Recovery The pain and weakness of breaking a heavy chemical dependency. HD 123
Scarred You're rattled and volatile from a sudden assault. VTR 2e 305
Sickly Disease is making its way through your system. DSG 105
Stumbled A complication has arisen to interrupt an ongoing project. WTF 2e 311
Untraceable You've thoroughly covered any trail a hunter might use to find you. WTF 2e 311
Volatile You're using unstable equipment prone to backfiring. CofD 102
Social Conditions
Bonded You've established trust with a particular animal. CofD 288
Connected You've made inroads with a particular group of people. CofD 288
Embarrassing Secret There are skeletons in your closet to exploit. CofD 289
Hunted Dangerous enemies have your trail. DTD 119
Leveraged A particular character is holding something over your head to compel you. CofD 289
Notoriety Odious blame follows you, whether true or not. CofD 290
Tasked Your duty-bound allies have issued you a serious task you must carry out. VTR 2e 307
Watched Someone is stalking you, suspicious of an unnatural secret you hide. PTC 2e 312

Supernatural Conditions

General Supernatural Conditions
Crown You have become a vessel to focus the will and power of one of the Judges of Duat. MTC 2e 348
Emanation The oppressive presence of one of the Judges of Duat, centered upon a focal vessel. MTC 2e 352
Family Ties You've united your power in concert with a Primordial Beast. BTP 322
Goblin Queen Your fractured goblin nature has stranded you in the Hedge and attracted followers. CTL 2e 339
Going Westward Your nature as an immortal has buckled, and the debility of age encroaches. MTC 2e 354
Hedge Denizen Dealings with goblins have made you a goblin yourself, with limited ability to leave the Hedge. CTL 2e 340
Ominous Your presence is marked by phantasms and ill omens. MTC 2e 357
The Sibyl's Tongue Supernatural revelations can only be shared in High Speech, or by spending Willpower, through riddles or allegory. DE 78
Soulless Your soul has been stripped from you, gradually sapping your will. CofD 290
Soul Shocked Your sense of self is healing after experiencing death outside the body. MTA 2e 318
Unintended Medium A lingering ghost or spirit is able to subject you to harrowing visions. DEC 273
Shows of Power
These Conditions are usually imposed by supernatural powers.
Actor You have been bound to participate in a ghostly recapitulation of events. GTS 2e 305
Abruption Your supernatural prowess is severely hobbled by a dominant outside force. BTP 321
Berserk Supernatural influence drives you to unthinking violence. WTF 2e 306
Bestial Supernatural urges provoke animalistic fight-or-flight instincts. VTR 2e 301
Blood Siblings Your fate has been bound by obligation to aid another, regardless of your will. HD 43
Charmed You're temporarily bewitched by vampiric Majesty. VTR 2e 301
Charmed You benefit from a blessing of luck and turns of fortune. MTA 2e 315
Coerced You've been coerced by a Devotion to do a task or suffer damage. Post/Pastebin
Competitive A supernaturally imposed need for hierarchy goads you into contests and displays of dominance and submission. VTR 2e 302
Cursed A supernatural curse dooms your efforts in a given field. BTP 322
Dominated A vampire has temporarily stolen your will with a given command. VTR 2e 302
Enslaved A vampire has your will helplessly in her thrall. VTR 2e 303
Ensorcelled You've fallen in thrall to a supernatural being. HMR 153
Enthralled A vampire has bewitched you with a fanatical devotion to him. VTR 2e 303
False Memories Supernatural forces have overwritten your memories of an event. VTR 2e 303
Ghost-Marked Supernatural power has transformed your body with a mark of death. GTS 2e 300
Impassioned Shade Infusion of a mission which preserves an ephemeral entity in Twilight. MTC 2e 354
Manic Supernatural power has made you focused and obsessive to the point of over-exertion. Post/Pastebin
Melancholic Supernatural power has made you melancholic. You struggle to do even minor tasks. Post/Pastebin
Mesmerized You're temporarily vulnerable to a vampire's commands. VTR 2e 305
Moon Taint A werewolf's bite brings the change upon you against your will. WTF 2e 309
Lured Hunting magic draws you to blindly wander into a likely trap. WTF 2e 309
Paranoid Supernatural fear diminishes your ability to trust and depend on others. WTF 2e 309
Ravaged Fae predations have scarred your heart and mind, leaving you a ghost of your former self. CTL 2e 344
Relentless Your instincts drive you inexorably in the direction of your quarry. MTC 2e 357
Servant You are inhabited by a ghostly presence which forces you to obey one of the Bound. GTS 2e 307
Shadow Paranoia Supernatural fear builds into a violent, irrational panic. WTF 2e 310
Subservient A vampire is temporarily pressing down on your will to resist. VTR 2e 306
Vocalization You've been cursed with harrowing sounds and voices. HMR 147
Wanton Supernatural stirring of naked desires and temptations. VTR 2e 307

Vampire: the Requiem

Kindred Conditions
Dependent You're obsessed with a vessel you've fed from, as if suffering a second-stage Vinculum. VTR 2e 302
Ecstatic Blood sorcery has pleased the Beast's appetites. VTR 2e 303
Humbled Your will as a monster shrinks from divine judgment. VTR 2e 304
Jaded Your detachment from the concerns of Humanity baits out the Beast. VTR 2e 304
Languid The loss of worldly Touchstones has you feeling the weight of ages and the call of torpor. VTR 2e 304
Oathbreaker You suffer censure from the Invictus for breaking a blood oath. SotC 189
Primeval Truths Occult revelations disquiet you until you face them down. SotC 184
Raptured Religious fervor makes riding the wave easier. VTR 2e 305
Sated The Beast is appeased enough to make frenzy less threatening. VTR 2e 305
Tainted A soul consumed through diablerie still struggles from within you. VTR 2e 306
Tempted Resisting a frenzy has tested your will to resist the next. VTR 2e 307
Dhampir Conditions
Alienated Nosferatu blood affliction, manifest as a Vice of self-persecuting isolation. HD 44
Domineering Ventrue blood affliction, manifest as a Vice of control and superiority. HD 44
Feral Gangrel blood affliction, manifest as a Vice of violent abuse. HD 43
Malcontent Daeva blood affliction, manifest as a Vice of lashing out. HD 43
Voyeuristic Mekhet blood affliction, manifest as a Vice of lurid fascination. HD 43
Ghoul Conditions
Hunger You feel a violent, desperate need for Vitae. HD 123
Inbred Ghoul family lineage emerges as a glaring affliction without Vitae. HD 123

Werewolf: the Forsaken

Uratha Conditions
Ban You are compelled to obey one of the taboos of the Shadow. WTF 2e 306
Essence Overload The imbalance of your bodily Essence has tied its loss to injury. WTF 2e 307
Shadowlashed Errors on a Rite have invited the disdain of the spirit world. WTF 2e 310
Siskur-Dah You are empowered by the Sacred Hunt to bring a chosen prey low. WTF 2e 310
Symbolic Focus The power of a Rite still flows through you, enhancing spirit displays. WTF 2e 311
Lunacy Conditions
Atavism The Lunacy stirs you into unreasoning violence. WTF 2e 306
Awestruck A heightened form of Lunacy cows and intimidates you. WTF 2e 306
Delusion The Lunacy drives you into unthinking retreat. WTF 2e 307
Enraptured An abnormal response to Lunacy stirs you to worship. NH-SM 200
Reception The Lunacy leaves you unwittingly open to the spirit world. WTF 2e 310
Renown Conditions
Cunning Your Cunning waxes in a display that invites response. WTF 2e 307
Glorious Your Glory waxes in a display that invites response. WTF 2e 308
Honorable Your Honor waxes in a display that invites response. WTF 2e 308
Pure Your Purity waxes in a display that invites response. WTF 2e 309
Wise Your Wisdom waxes in a display that invites response. WTF 2e 311
Hunter's Aspect Conditions
Euphoric Rabid Wolf's aura maddens you into fighting only for the werewolf's sport. NH-SM 200
Despondent Dire Wolf's aura causes you to lose hope and fight with minimal effort. NH-SM 200
Frantic Rabid Wolf's aura panics you into using your energy meaninglessly. NH-SM 200
Instinctive Dire Wolf's aura reduces your thought to its basest instincts. NH-SM 200
Isolated The Elodoth aura has drawn you out, away from allies. WTF 2e 308
Mystified The Ithaeur aura shies you away from the opposite side of the Gauntlet. WTF 2e 309
Resigned The Cahalith aura goads you into facing death recklessly. WTF 2e 310
Surrounded Silver Wolf's aura deludes others into conspiracy against you. NH-SM 201
Swaggering The Rahu aura lulls you into overlooking the need for preparation or aid. WTF 2e 311
Unaware The Irraka aura reduces your attention to the world around you. WTF 2e 311
Wracked Silver Wolf's aura afflicts you with unceasing pain. NH-SM 202

Mage: the Awakening

Awakened Conditions
Defeated A rival has won magical advantage over you in the Duel Arcane. MTA 2e 315
Humbled Someone stands to you as a valuable reminder of the power of humanity. MTA 2e 316
Megalomaniacal You are blinded by hubris. MTA 2e 317
Mystery Commands You receive the arcane will of the Exarchs. MTA 2e 317
Rampant Your spellcasting is ruled by a cavalier, reckless attitude. MTA 2e 317
Triumphant You carry your victory in the Dual Arcane with you in Awakened society. MTA 2e 319
Paradox Conditions
Abyssal Backlash A Paradox casts a shadow over you, threatening to break through on the next spell that gives it an opening. MTA 2e 117
Abyssal Imago A Paradox intrudes upon the spells you envision, compelling dangerous Reach. MTA 2e 117
Abyssal Nimbus A Paradox has leaked across your Nimbus and invites Abyssal manifestations. MTA 2e 116
Monster A Paradox has mutated an animal into a miserable, fearsome nemesis. DE 81
Unclean A Paradox has turned your magical tools and methods against you. DE 81

Promethean: the Created

Created Conditions
Branded Throng Your bond with your throng allows Pyros to flow, and its balance dampens the destructive aspect of your Azoth. PTC 2e 306
Disconnected Frustration in your Pilgrimage causes you to shrink from human interaction. PTC 2e 308
Tormented Pain and suffering have severely imbalanced your alchemical humours. PTC 2e 312
Disquiet Conditions
Disquieted A Promethean's presence increasingly distracts and overwhelms you over progressive stages. PTC 2e 308
Murderous Pandoran Disquiet taints your instincts with predatory violence. PTC 2e 311
Stricken Pandoran Disquiet infects you with horror and fright. PTC 2e 312
Terrified Pandoran Disquiet whips you into panicked retreat. PTC 2e 312
Refinement Conditions
Analyst The Refinement of Impurity. Exploiting a Vice when Social Maneuvering is twice as effective. PTC 2e 65
Destructive The Refinement of Flux. Spend Pyros to ignore Durability or Armor equal to your Azoth. PTC 2e 251
Enraged The Refinement of Torment. Recover Pyros from your Torment Anchor. PTC 2e 56
Intense The Refinement of Ephemerality. Spend Pyros to open a Door at the cost of Disquiet. PTC 2e 71
Introspective The Refinement of Source. Suffer bashing damage to squeeze out a point of Pyros as an instant action. PTC 2e 53
Masked The Refinement of Mortality. Spend Pyros to delay the onset of Disquiet. PTC 2e 44
Patient The Refinement of Self. Spend Pyros to raise your Azoth in Doors. PTC 2e 47
Resourceful The Refinement of Pyros. Spend Pyros to increase a tool's equipment bonus temporarily. PTC 2e 68
Sensitive The Refinement of Mystery. Spend Pyros to identify the supernatural. PTC 2e 62
Tenacious The Refinement of Corpus. Spend Pyros to increase the number of rolls you can commit to an extended action. PTC 2e 50
Tuned In The Refinement of Aid. Spend Pyros to sense the way to your throngmates. PTC 2e 59
Transmutation Complications
Alienated The charge of Deception has distanced you from your fellow Prometheans. PTC 2e 306
Atavistic The charge of Metamorphosis has overwhelmed your composure. PTC 2e 306
Burnout The charge of Vulcanus has painfully overstoked your inner fire. PTC 2e 307
Callous The charge of Mesmerism has sapped your empathy. PTC 2e 307
Degaussed The charge of Electrification disrupts local electromagnetics. PTC 2e 307
Ephemeral Anchor The charge of Spiritus invites ephemeral activity around you. PTC 2e 309
Flawed Vessel The charge of Alchemicus interferes with your ability to channel Pyros. PTC 2e 309
Fragile The charge of Contamination has weakened your body. PTC 2e 309
Greedy Brand The charge of Benefice draws out and wastes throngmates' Pyros. PTC 2e 310
Hyperextended The charge of Vitality overtaxes your body's abilities. PTC 2e 310
Irritable The charge of Disquietism saps your self-control. PTC 2e 310
Kinesthesia The charge of Corporeum interferes with abstract thought. PTC 2e 310
Reckless The charge of Luciferus renders you uncautious and impulsive. PTC 2e 311
Regressive The charge of Saturninus dulls your grip on human motives and behavior. PTC 2e 311
Synesthesia The charge of Sensorium overwhelms your ability to distinguish sensory input. PTC 2e 312

Changeling: the Lost

Lost Conditions
Comatose You've lost all Clarity and subconsciously retreated into an unending dream. CTL 2e 334
Dream Assailant Your reckless dreamweaving has roused the dream's violent rebellion. CTL 2e 336
Dream Infiltrator Your meddling dreamweaving has raised the suspicion of the dream and its eidolons. CTL 2e 337
Dream Intruder Your extensive dreamweaving sets the dream and its eidolons ill at ease. CTL 2e 338
Glamour Addicted Your body withers and consumes itself if not regularly sated with enough Glamour. CTL 2e 339
Oathbreaker You've broken an oath, inviting distrust and separating yourself from sealings. CTL 2e 343
Obliged A bargain of service with a mortal human protects you from the Wild Hunt and can hide you from Wyrd-bound pursuers. CTL 2e 343
Fae-Touched Conditions
Arcadian Dreams You're harrowed with visions of your promise-bound and their suffering, and can trace them through the Hedge. CTL 2e 333
Hedge Addiction The Hedge calls to you and tempts you. CTL 2e 340

Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Bound Conditions
Bonding Your relationship with your geist benefits from weathering a crisis point. GTS 2e 299
Dead Your body lies dead, unleashing your geist. GTS 2e 299
Defiant You've broken the Old Laws, and their keeper knows it. GTS 2e 299
Echoes Your geist's Remembrance Traits jumble in your mind. GTS 2e 299
Ferry Bound You may navigate passengers across the Underworld's rivers so long as you collect the proper price. GTS 2e 299
Flatlining Your Synergy has been broken, and your geist rebels. GTS 2e 300
Fragmented Dead waters have washed away your definition and identity. Mem 27
Indebted Neglecting a Touchstone has uncentered you spiritually. GTS 2e 300
Lawbreaker A Dominion spites and curses you for breaking the Old Laws. GTS 2e 300
Maw You've become an uncontrollable nexus for the Underworld's endless hunger. Mem 24
Memento Collector Other Sin-Eaters are impressed! GTS 2e 301
Regalia A krewe has bestowed you with a special crown blessing. GTS 2e 301
Theophany The confidence and celebration of a krewe that has changed the world. GTS 2e 301
Unleashed The geist materializes, temporarily unmoored from its Bound. GTS 2e 301
Void Storm The Underworld's hunger reaches through you to sap energy from the world. Mem 24
Wavering You have offended your geist and it demands recompense before it will cooperate. GTS 2e 301
Weakened Bond Unleashing your geist has temporarily displaced your power. GTS 2e 302
Haunt Conditions
Caul You've invited your geist into your flesh to transform your shape. GTS 2e 305
Curse A Sin-Eater haunts you with cursed fortune. GTS 2e 306
Dirge The song of the Bound moves you and impels you. GTS 2e 306
Marionette You are strung by the Plasm of a manipulative Bound. GTS 2e 306
Memoria Memories of death and the dead play out in visions. GTS 2e 307
Oracle You have left your body to seek answers as a spectral traveller. GTS 2e 307
Rage You wield ghostly malice to smite your foes. GTS 2e 307
Shroud Your body interweaves with your geist, ghostly and gauzy. GTS 2e 308
Tomb You have molded memories of something lost into a perfect replica. GTS 2e 308
Void You have opened the wake of a black and hungry nothingness. Mem 24
Well Your self and memories flow like the dead rivers. Mem 26

Mummy: the Curse

Arisen Conditions
Disembodied You walk as a ghost through Twilight. MTC 2e 350
Disinterred Your tomb has been ransacked or ruined. MTC 2e 350
Forgotten Skill Buried expertise waits to be unearthed from within your memory. MTC 2e 353
Identity Crisis You can't tell who you are anymore. MTC 2e 354
Memory Bleed You have fused into the soul of another, and your identities blur together. MTC 2e 356
Sybaris Conditions
Unease Sybaris Stage one. Dread unsettles you without a supernatural power to turn to. MTC 2e 359
Terror Sybaris Stage two. Contact with a mummy seizes you with fear. MTC 2e 360
Desecration Sybaris Stage three. Unholy terror invites the will of Duat. MTC 2e 360
Rewards and Punishments of Duat
Accelerated Descent Duat pulls more eagerly at your Sekhem. MTC 2e 346
Auspicious Descent Your Sekhem weathers the Descent longer. MTC 2e 347
Damaged Pillar You cannot draw power from one of the Pillars of your soul. MTC 2e 349
Devouring Urge Ammut the Devourer speaks to you, and only sacrifice will buy her silence. MTC 2e 350
Echoes of Descent Your clarity and Memory lift up the power of your soul. MTC 2e 351
Geometric Alignment Sekhem's flow preserves your tomb from disruption. MTC 2e 354
Luminous Pillars Your soul shines strong and resists depletion. MTC 2e 355
Precipitous Descent The Descent wears down your Sekhem more quickly. MTC 2e 357
Timeless Conditions
Alternative Current Time around you is taking a divergent current. MTC 2e 346
Déjà Vu You stand where different currents of possiblity converge on a single event. MTC 2e 349
Eddy You wade through sluggish waters which can be outpaced. MTC 2e 352
Mirage You recognize patterns in the tides which echo past and future events. MTC 2e 356
Rip You can take precise stock from your position amid rapid timeflows. MTC 2e 358
Whirlpool Caught in a swirl of recurring events, you can grab hold of causal fixtures. MTC 2e 360

Demon: the Descent

Unchained Conditions
Aetheric Bleed Exertion in demonic form has you releasing accumulated Aether. DTD 209
Betrayed Someone you trusted has sided with the God-Machine against you. DTD 119
Blackballed The heat you've drawn makes you a liability for nearby demons. DTD 120
Blown One of your Covers is useless, and the God-Machine is now actively targeting it. DTD 119
Demonic Disconnect You've failed to maintain human empathy while in your demonic form. DTD 209
Demonic Rage Pain and frustration suffered in demonic form provoke frenzied violence. DTD 210
Flagged The agents of the God-Machine have their attentions directed your way. DTD 120
Implanted You have a weird gadget implanted in your body and this is not normal. FoH 155
Impostor You've let the lies of Legend pile up. DTD 119
Memory Hole Errors in god-hacking have disrupted your access to a particular Skill. FoH 80
Of the Machine The demon has god-hacked to disguise her fallen nature within a project. FoH 78
Overclocked You've stored more Aether than your body can normally process at once, and must soon vent the excess. FoH 81
Phantom Pain Your focus is disrupted by the gnawing feeling of a missing demonic form ability. FoH 160
Plugged In You've jacked an angel's Cover, and the God-Machine is watching you as if you were that angel. DTD 118
Surveilled Agents of the God-Machine are compiling intelligence to identify you. DTD 120
Agenda Conditions
Angel Empathy The Integrator Agenda. Resolve to understand and exploit the angelic mindset. DTD 95
An Eye for Disorder The Saboteur Agenda. Resolve to intuit the best course of action to upend a system into chaos. DTD 97
I Know Someone The Tempter Agenda. Resolve to make the right connections to fit in anywhere. DTD 99
Prepared for Anything The Inquisitor Agenda. Resolve to make an instant logical connection or breakthrough. DTD 93
Demon-Blooded Conditions
Activated The God-Machine has broken your Cipher. You have four Key Embeds and three Interlocks, but once per session, the God-Machine may act through you. HtH 35
Catalogued The God-Machine is probing your Cipher. You have two Key Embeds and an Interlock, but the God-Machine is watching your status. HtH 35
Examined The God-Machine has accessed your Cipher. You have three Key Embeds and two Interlocks, but you're scrutinized enough to pose demons a risk of compromise through you. HtH 35
Noted The God-Machine is looking for your Cipher. You have one Key Embed. HtH 35

Beast: the Primordial

Begotten Conditions
Gorged Your Satiety is comfortably sated. You inflict Nightmares easily, but are not resistant to supernatural compulsion. BTP 320
Ravenous Your hunger consumes you, both mentally and physically, until you find sustenance. BTP 320
Sated Your Satiety sits in an uncomfortable middle, and you are vulnerable to Anathema. BTP 320
Slumbering You've feasted too much, and your Horror sleeps to digest, denying you its power. BTP 321
Starving Your Satiety is low, making you sharp and ready to feed. Your Atavisms wax in power, but your Lair is hazy and distant. BTP 321

Deviant: the Renegades

Remade Conditions
End Stage Terminal instability renders Variations at maximum Magnitude uncontrollably potent, and by the end of the chapter, will destroy you, body and soul. DTR 322