Morality (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness



Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Entering the Hedge. Dreamwalking. Using Magic to accomplish a task that could be achieved just as well without. Minor Unexpected Life changes 5 CtL 91
9 Using tokens or other mystical items. Going a day without human contact. Minor Selfish Acts. 5 CtL 91
8 Breaking Mundane promises or commitments, especially to attend to faerie matters. Changing Courts. Injury to another (accidental or otherwise) 4 CtL 91
7 Taking psychotropic drugs. Serious unexpected life changes. Petty Theft 4 CtL 91
6 Revealing your true form to unescrocelled mortals. Going a week without human contact. Obvious displays of magic in front of witnesses. Grand theft (burglary). 3 CtL 92
5 Killing another changeling. Killing a fetch. 3 CtL 92
4 Breaking formal oaths or pledges. Extreme unexpected life changes (pregnancy, losing one's home, ect). Impassioned or impulsive serious crimes (Manslaughter) 3 CtL 92
3 Actively harming a mortal by ravaging their dreams. Going a month without human contact. Kidnapping. Developing a derangement outside of failed degeneration rolls. 2 CtL 92
2 Killing a human. Casual/callous crime against another supernatural (serial murder) 2 CtL 92
1 Spending time in Arcadia. Prolonged or intimate contact with the True Fae. Mortal identity is suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed., totally abandoned, or otherwise fundamentally changed. Heinous acts of torture, depravity, or perversion. 2 CtL 92

Bonuses / Drawbacks:

Clarity 8: +2 to all rolls related to sensory perception.

Clarity 6: May use the Kenning ability.

Clarity 7 or below: -1 to all perception rolls for every two points below Clarity 7


Werewolves, Changing Breeds

Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Not Shapeshifting for more than three days 5 WtF 181
9 Not obtaining your own food; carrying a silver weapon 5 WtF 181
8 Disrespect to a spirit or Elder Uratha 4 WtF 181
7 Spending too much time alone; significantly violating a tribal vow 4 WtF 181
6 Mating with other Uratha; slaying a human or wolf needlessly 3 WtF 181
5 Slaying a werewolf in the heat of battle. 3 WtF 181
4 Revealing the existence of werewolves to a human; using a silver weapon against another werewolf 3 WtF 181
3 Torturing enemies/prey; murdering a werewolf 2 WtF 181
2 Hunting humans or wolves for food 2 WtF 181
1 Betrayal of pack; hunting werewolves for food 2 WtF 181

Bonuses / Drawbacks:

Harmony 10: +2 to mental and social rolls involving spirits.

Harmony 9: +1 to mental and social rolls involving spirits.

Harmony 8: +1 to social rolls involving spirits.

Harmony 7: +1 to social rolls involving the werewolves totem's Brood.

Harmony 5 and less: Werewolf begins to take on a Spirit Ban - see WtF 185

Humanity and Morality

Mortals, Hunters, Prometheans, Vampires

Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Selfish Thoughts. 5 WoD 91
9 Minor Selfish Act (Withholding Charity) 5 WoD 91
8 Injury to Another (accidental or otherwise) 4 WoD 91
7 Petty Theft (shoplifting) 4 WoD 91
6 Grand Theft (burglary) 3 WoD 91
5 Intentional, Mass property damage (arson) 3 WoD 91
4 Impassioned Crime (manslaughter) 3 WoD 91
3 Planned Crime (murder) 2 WoD 91
2 Casual/callous crime (serial murder) 2 WoD 91
1 Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder) 2 WoD 91

Vampiric Bonuses/Drawbacks:

To stay awake: Roll Humanity to stay awake for turns per successes. Extended Action for 5 success to stay awake the entire day. Also rolled to see if a Vampire can wake up in the middle of the day. Dice pools during the day cannot exceed Humanity

Interacting with Humans: Pools in Empathy, Persuasion, or Socialize cannot exceed Humanity

Promethean Bonuses/Drawbacks:

Resistance of Torment: The Humanity to resist the onset of Torment

Degeneration taints Azoth: Humanity determines the chance of getting it right when creating another Promethean.

Rebirth: Humanity is the dice pool used to make the transition to Morality at the end of their Pilgrimage

Hunter Bonuses/Drawbacks:

Hunters can 'change' their code based on the Hunt. See HtV 323



In addition to the following hierarchy of sins unique to Memory, mummies are still subject to the same sins that threaten Morality, above.

Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Conceal your identity. 5 MTC 77
9 Spend a day without meditating on the Pillars. 5 MTC 77
8 Pursue your Judge's purpose to preserve your Sekhem. 5 MTC 77
7 Destroy a remnant of the Nameless Empire. 4 MTC 77
6 Lose possession of a vessel created by your guild. 4 MTC 77
5 Destroy a vessel created by your guild. 3 MTC 77
4 Allow one of your vestiges to be destroyed. 3 MTC 77
3 Leave a robber of your tomb unpunished. 3 MTC 77
2 Die by self-destruction or Sekhem expenditure. 2 MTC 77
1 Destroy evidence of your mortal life. 2 MTC 77


Sharpened Recall: Memory 9+ mummies gain the benefits of Eidetic Memory specifically to recall memories from when they had Memory 9+. Memory 10 mummies also gain the effects of Unseen Sense regarding the will of the Judges of Duat.

Self-Awareness: Mummies require Memory 1+ to retain sapience and autonomy, Memory 2+ to recall their names and the broad strokes of the Nameless Empire, Memory 3+ to recall their previous Descent, Memory 6+ to recall the Descent prior, Memory 7+ to recall any Descents before that, and Memory 8+ to recall their mortal lives.



Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Opening an Avernian Gate, Entering the Underworld. 5 GtSE 84
9 Using plasm from a death mask, violating an Old Law. 5 GtSE 84
8 Closing an Avernian Gate. 4 GtSE 84
7 Destroying a charm or fetter. 4 GtSE 84
6 Destroying a ghost, or Avernian Gate, ectophagia (ghost eating) 3 GtSE 84
5 Destroying a vanitas, reviving a dead person 3 GtSE 84
4 Destroying a memorabilia or deathmask, accidental murder or manslaughter 3 GtSE 84
3 Destroying a keystone, destroying a geist 2 GtSE 84
2 Torture, serial murder. 2 GtSE 84
1 Mass Murder ,suicide attempt, attempting to destroy one's own geist. 2 GtSE 84

Bonuses / Drawbacks:

Opening Avernian gates: Sin-Eaters gain a bonus equal to each dot of synergy above 7 to open an Avernian gate. -1 to rolls at Synergy 4-5, -3 for Synergy 3 or lower



In addition to the listed sins, Mages are held to Humanity's standards, and any sin against Humanity that includes the use of magic is automatically one step worse.

Level Sin Dice Rolled Book
10 Using Magic to accomplish a task that could be achieved just as well without it. 5 MtA 79
9 Magically coercing another so that he acts against his own free will. 5 MtA 79
8 Magically coercing another so that he violates his own moral code. 4 MtA 79
7 Laying a Curse on someone. 4 MtA 79
6 Forcibly binding an unwilling sentient being or spirit to a place or task. 3 MtA 79
5 Magically transforming a person into a lesser being against his will. 3 MtA 79
4 Using magic to harm somone. Draining another's Mana agianst his will. Creating a Soul Stone. 2 MtA 79
3 Forcefully abducting and/or exiling another person (mage or Sleeper) into the Shadow Realm, or causing her to become possessed by a spirit against her will. 2 MtA 79
2 Intentionally preventing an Awakening. Using magic to murder someone. 2 MtA 79
1 Stealing a soul. 2 MtA 79

Bonuses / Drawbacks:

Dealing with Spirits: Wisdom 9 or 10 gets +1 to dealing with spirits, likewise Wisdom 1 or 2 has -1 to dealing with spirits.

Contesting the Abyss: Wisdom 9 or 10 gains a +1 dice bonus when contesting or countering the supernatural powers of the Abyss. Likewise Wisdom 1 or 2 has -1 to dealing with the Abyss.

Paradox: Higher wisdom has less duration from Paradox. See MtA 268-273