Merits, Universal (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Mental Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Architectural Attunement •••• Wits ••, Academics ••, Occult • (Geomancy) Perceive mystical resonance in a specific city CWork 36
Area of Expertise •• Resolve •• Increase a Mental Specialty to +2 FC 131
Barrister •••• Politics ••• Can safely gauge how far Old Laws can be pushed BotD 91
Combat Awareness •• Military background +2 to any situational awareness roll DoW 109
Common Sense •••• Gives significant cautions or ideas WoD 108
Crafter's Sense ••• Crafts ••• Common Sense related to a chosen Crafts Specialty FC 131
Cultural Language A cant or argot variant of a language, which penalizes attempts by outsiders to interpret by -2. Imm 82
Danger Sense •• +2 to detect ambush WoD 108
Dead Reckoning Gains 8-again when navigating in the Underworld; loses 10-again navigating above ground. BotD 91
Eidetic Memory •• Remember with ease, gain +2 to Intelligence + Composure to remember facts from large swaths of data WoD 108
Emotional Detachment Resolve •• Ignores stress penalties equal to Resolve Asy 50
Encyclopedic Knowledge •••• Know obscure facts choose a topic and can make Intelligence + Wits rolls to gain facts related to it at any time WoD 109
EOD •• Wits or Dexterity •••, Crafts ••• (Demolitions) Reduce penalty for disarming unfamiliar explosives Arm 208
Entheogenic Synesthesia +1 to Perception when using psychoactive drugs MT 137
Good Time Management •• Academics, Medicine or Science •• Cut time for non-magical extended rolls by ¼ Asy 50, Rel 84
Higher Calling •• Resolve ••• +1 on Resolve rolls to resist coercion TotW 125
Holistic Awareness ••• Help others heal faster WoD 109
Hypnotic Voice •••• Persuasion or Science ••• (Hypnotherapy) Induce trance state SS 66
Hypnosis ••• Medicine or Occult • Hypnotize subjects VII 149
Informative •• or •••• Wits ••, Mental Skill •• Use specified Skill in place of Expression FC 131
Interdisciplinary Specialty Two Skills ••• Share Specialty between two Skills FC 132
Language Speak another language WoD 109, errata
Lucid Dreamer Fight off intrusions into dreams SS 67
Lucid Dreaming •• Resolve ••• Control dream environment and engage intruders in dream combat CTL 195
Make Do • to ••• Wits •••, Skill • Remove -1/dot penalty for shoddy tools FC 132
Meditative Mind No penalties to meditate WoD 109
Multi-Lingual • to ••••• 2 languages per dot, conversationally Rel 85
Mythologist ••• Occult •• (Underworld) Gains some insight into some of the Underworld's enigmas BotD 91
Psychic Resistance • to ••• Inhibit mental alteration by psychics SS 67
Rational Explanation •••• Resolve ••, Science or Academics •••• Resist mental breakdown with Science or Academics FC 133
Scientist's Sense ••• Science ••• (Specialty) Common Sense related to Science FC 133
Supernatural Lore • to ••••• Know the ways of a particular type of supernatural being. May be purchased separately for multiple types. GotU 15
Technophile • or •• Encyclopedic Knowledge in one topic Arm 208
Tolerance for Biology Resistance Attribute •• +2 to keep composed when shown scenes of violence or carnage Asy 51
Trained Memory Composure ••, Investigation • Memorize information perfectly; roll to memorize for entire scene (i.e. everything a character could sense in a given moment) instead of specific information or sensory input GotV 46
Trained Observer • or ••• Wits or Composure ••• Ignore penalties or gain Rote quality on Perception rolls DoW 38
Tunnel Rat • to ••• Navigate the Chicago Undercity tunnels, ignoring penalties equal to dots in this Merit Chi 54
Vision • to ••••• Mental Attribute or Composure •••• Use successes on Vision+Skill roll to aid an Extended Action FC 133
Well-Traveled 9-Again on Mental and Social rolls relating to foreign cultures Rel 85
Whispers Can purchase Dream and use it as Instant Action, at the cost of sanity Myst 179

Physical Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Ambidextrous ••• Remove off-hand penalty to attack WoD 110
Armored Fighting •• or •••• Strength •••, Stamina ••• Reduce heavy armor penalties by 1 (••) or 2 (••••) Reload 84
Athletics Dodge Dexterity ••, Athletics • Add Athletics rather than doubling Defense on Dodge DoW 38
Brawling Dodge Strength ••, Brawl • Add Brawl rather than doubling Defense on Dodge WoD 110
Demolisher • to •• Strength or Intelligence ••• Can ignore 1 (•) or 2 (••) points of Durability when attempting to damage objects BotW 62
Disarm •• Dexterity •••, Weaponry • Can disarm if damage exceeds Dexterity WoD 110
Direction Sense Unfailing orientation WoD 110
Entering Strike •• Dexterity ••, Brawl ••• Successful, defenseless Brawl strike adds damage as bonus to subsequent grappling attack Reload 72
Equipped Grappling •• Dexterity •••, Brawl ••, Weaponry •• Add size of blunt weapon (3 or less) to overpowering maneuver dice pool Reload 89
Fast Reflexes • or •• Dexterity ••• +1/dot to Initiative WoD 110
Fighting Finesse •• Dexterity •••, Weaponry •• Substitute Dexterity for Strength WoD 110
Firearms Retention Dexterity ••, Wits ••, Brawl ••, Firearms •• Subtract Brawl dots from attempts to disarm by overpowering Reload 89
Fleet of Foot • to ••• Strength •• +1/dot to Speed WoD 112
Fresh Start Fast Reflexes •• Delay action into next round WoD 112
Giant •••• +1 Size WoD 112
Ground and Pound •• Combination Blows, Boxing or Aggressive Striking •••, Grappling •• Perform Takedown/Throw, gain +2 to following unarmed strike Reload 98
Gunslinger ••• Dexterity •••, Firearms ••• Two gun attacks per round WoD 112
Heavy Hands ••• Strength •••, Brawl •• +1 damage to unarmed strikes Reload 98
Iron Stamina • to ••• Stamina or Resolve ••• Negate fatigue/injury penalties WoD 112
Iron Stomach •• Stamina •• Eat even unpalatable cuisine WoD 113
Natural Immunity Stamina •• +2 on Stamina rolls to resist illness WoD 113
Outdoorsman •• Survival ••• Negate environmental penalties to Survival MR 59
Perfect Stillness Stealth • -2 to all rolls to visually detect character RoS 94
Quick Draw Dexterity ••• Draw weapon reflexively WoD 113
Quick Healer •••• Stamina •••• Heal twice as fast WoD 113
Shield-Bearer Only -1 to attack when using a shield instead of -2 WAtP 89
Steady Driver Drive •• Substitute Resolve for Dexterity on Drive rolls MR 59
Strong Back Strength •• +1 to lift or carry WoD 113
Strong Lungs ••• Athletics ••• +2 on Stamina rolls to hold breath WoD 113
Student of the Blade Fencing or Iaido • May use Fighting Style with all Size 2 blades. Reload 66
Stunt Driver ••• Dexterity ••• Drive and carry out another action WoD 113
Stunt Rider ••• Dexterity ••• Ride and carry out another action RfR 110
The Weapon at Hand •• Krav Maga •• Reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll for improvised weapon, instant action to wield, no penalty for being improvised Reload 79
Toxin Resistance •• Stamina ••• +2 on Stamina rolls to resist toxins WoD 113
Weaponry Dodge Strength ••, Weaponry • Add Weaponry rather than doubling Defense on Dodge WoD 114
Weapons to Empty Hands •• Dexterity •••, Brawl •••, Weaponry •••, Two Weapons or Filipino Martial Arts or Knife Fighting •••• Use Brawl instead of Weaponry for maneuver-related attacks. Reload 66
Wheelman •• Dexterity ••, Drive •• Gain 9-Again on Drive rolls MR 59

Social Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Allies • to ••••• Call upon favors from an individual, group or organization with influence and resources proportional to dots in this Merit WoD 114
Alternate Identity •, •• or •••• A false legal identity which can pass increasing levels of scrutiny, but degrades without maintenance. Imm 110
Animal Companion • to •••• Loyal animal partner with intelligence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit CB 95
Anonymity •• to •••• Resolve ••, Larceny or Subterfuge •• -1/dot to attempts to investigate character BotW 46
Armory • to ••••• Resources ••• Own an array of weapons and armor. May be shared among multiple characters Ban 51
Barfly Find ways into bars and clubs WoD 114
Bureaucratic Navigator •• +2 to navigate a bureaucratic system Asy 51
Contacts • to ••••• Access to information through a particular individual, group or organization. Depth of shared information is proportional to dots in this Merit WoD 115
Decorated • to ••••• Formal awards for meritorious conduct from the military or a comparable organization DoW 39
Deep Rapport • to ••••• Strong beneficial or harmful relationship with another character BbBB 9
Fame • to ••• Mortal acclaim, +1/dot to Socialize WoD 115
Fence • or ••• Streetwise ••• Always find a way to buy and sell stolen goods Ban 51
Friend • to ••••• The aid of a friend, ally or peer. Distribute dots in this Merit between the Friend's Power (comparable to yours at •••) and level of Trust with you RCG 68
Ingratiating Wanderer •• Manipulation ••• Gain bonus to locate authority figures in local power structures MR 58
Inspiring •••• Presence •••• Help others regain Willpower WoD 115
Luxury •• or •••• Live a wealthy, comfortable lifestyle at the sufferance of a patron SotT 52
Mentor • to ••••• Guidance and interference of an authority in a field, with capability and influence proportional to dots in this Merit WoD 115
New Identity •, •• or •••• Establish a forged identity CTL 98
Resources • to ••••• Disposable monthly income ranging from $500 USD at • to $50,000 USD at •••••, with total assets ranging from several hundred GBP at • to millions of GBP at •••••. WoD 115
Retainer • to ••••• Loyal agent, employee or cohort with influence and capability proportional to dots in this Merit WoD 116
Shadow Cult Initiation • to ••••• Membership in a cult, with unique benefits to each level of initiation Mekh 121
Small Unit Tactics ••• Manipulation •••, Persuasion ••• (Leadership) When conducting a tactical maneuver with squad, leader can spend Willpower to benefit entire group DoW 39
Staff • to ••••• ≤ Resources Employees or workers at a set venue, with manpower and expertise proportional to dots in this Merit Ghou 74
Status • to ••••• Authority and sway with a group or organization, to a depth proportional to dots in this Merit WoD 116
Striking Looks •• or •••• Appearance adds +1/+2 to relevant Social rolls WoD 117
Support Network •• Status A shared community complicit in dark deeds. While you remain in good standing, you may spend Willpower for bonus dice to resist gaining a derangement from the community's practices. Imm 82
Sworn Officer • to •••• Empowerment as a law enforcement official, with scope of jurisdiction proportional to dots in this Merit 13th 81
Trip Sitter ••• Composure ••• Help others resist side effects of drugs MT 137
Unobtrusive ••• Stealth •• +2 to escape notice while casing a target under cover of some mundane activity. +1 to Resolve to resist The Forgetful Mind (Dominate •••) Ghou 74

Supernatural Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Cursed Item • to ••••• Possess a cursed item, which may be invoked for a benefit and a paired drawback BoS 108
Difficult to Ride •••• Resolve •••, Composure ••• +2 to resist the control or influence of ghosts and spirits BoS 108
Driver's Charm • to ••••• Grant a chosen vehicle bonuses for a scene per day MR 56
Easy Ride •• Wits ••• You can welcome a possessing spirit in, remaining alert while ridden BoS 108
Hollow Soul •• Easy Ride You can welcome even spirits without the Possession Numen BoS 109
Pleasing Aura ••• +1 to Persuasion and Socialize rolls against spirits, often surrounded by spirit activity BoS 109
Relic • to ••••• Possess a mystic relic Rel 85
Relic Analyst +1 to determine how to use a relic, or whether it is cursed Rel 86
Relic Creator •••• Occult ••, Crafts •• Create limited-use relics with an extended Resolve + Occult ritual, following the crafting itself Rel 85
Ritual Sorcerer •••• Living, two Mental Attributes ••••, Occult and two other Mental Skills •••• with specialties Access a sorcerous rite for each dot of Resolve. DEC 28
Saintly ••• +1 to Intimidation, abjury and exorcism against spirits, but -1 to Expression, Persuasion and Socialize against them BoS 110
Shadow Contacts ••• to ••••• You know how and where to ask questions of a mysterious entity, but it extracts a price for answers BoS 110
Shadowless Chambers • to ••••• Take refuge in a place where spirits have difficulty following BoS 110
Sorcerous Knowledge Ritual Sorcerer Access another sorcerous rite. May purchased once for each dot of Occult. DEC 29
Spirit Ear •• to •••• Wits or Composure ••• +1 to Empathy and Subterfuge rolls to understand spirits speaking human tongues, ignoring penalties, or with four dots, roll Wits + Empathy - 3 to understand the tongue of spirits BoS 111
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L