Contracts (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Contract Rank Cost Dice Pool Catch Description Book
Universal Contracts
Contracts of the Board
The Honest Eye Wits + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Against someone you've caught cheating without this clause Know whether someone is cheating at a formal competition SaD 46
Knowing the Competition •• Intelligence + Wyrd Use in a rematch +4 to your next roll to oppose someone you've competed against in something SaD 47
The Living Game ••• ●●● Occult + Wyrd Play a game analogous to the conflict Predict tactical developments in a conflict by playing a game against yourself SaD 47
The Game Master's Table •••• ●●●● (○) Manipulation + Wyrd Prepare custom pieces representing each player Tactically coordinate a conflict by playing a game against yourself SaD 48
The Cheater's Gambit ••••• ●●●●○ Manipulation + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Through a game you've played against someone who's died recently Cheat an entire side of a conflict out of fate, inflicting -4 briefly SaD 48
Contracts of Dream
Pathfinder Intelligence + Wyrd Pluck a Thorn within the day Intuit features in the local Hedge CTL 124
Forging the Dream •• Wits + Wyrd Touch hands to your temple and the dreamer's Control the contents of a sleeper's dream CTL 125
Phantasmal Bastion ••• None A token gifted from a loved one or enemy Gain Wyrd as a bonus to oneiromachic attack or defense CTL 126
Cobblethought •••• Intelligence + Wyrd Thread from the dreamer's bedclothes Draw a single item or phenomenon out of a dream briefly CTL 126
Dreamsteps ••••• Intelligence + Wyrd Leave a handcrafted item behind in dreams Enter a sleeper's dreams to exit through another's elsewhere CTL 127
Contracts of Hearth
Fickle Fate None Must not recur against a victim for an hour Curse an action for -2 CTL 128
Favored Fate •• None Must not bless a similar type of action until next dawn or dusk Bless an action for +4 CTL 128
Beneficent Fate ••• None Must not recur upon a recipient for a day Bless an action with guaranteed minimal success CTL 128
Fortuna’s Cornucopia •••• None Must not recur upon a recipient for a day Bless an action with 8-Again CTL 129
Triumphal Fate ••••• ●○ None Must not recur upon a recipient for a year and a day Bless an action with guaranteed exceptional success CTL 129
Contracts of Hours
Restoration of Dawn Beauty Crafts + Wyrd Family property from before the Durance Restore an object to fresh novelty RoS 102
Frozen Moment •• ●● Wits + Wyrd Sunrise or sunset Freeze an object outside time for a scene RoS 103
Thief of Days ••• ●● Investigation + Wyrd Know a dead owner's name Damage an object with the weathering of age RoS 103
Flickering Hours •••• ●●○ Wits + Wyrd Smash a timepiece Alter the time differential between the Hedge and mortal world RoS 103
Leaping Toward Nightfall ••••• ●●●●○ Investigation + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Subject touches a Hedge gate Propel a subject into the near future RoS 104
Contracts of Lucidity
Read Lucidity Intelligence + Wyrd Touch the subject Intuit a subject's Clarity. Suffer a breaking point at Clarity 9. DitD 69
Temporary Sanity •• ●● Occult + Wyrd Stand on one foot, eyes shut, for a minute Briefly increase Clarity. Suffer a breaking point at Clarity 8. DitD 69
Gift of Lucidity ••• ●/Clarity, ○ Presence + Clarity + Wyrd - Resolve + Composure Subject lost Clarity in the last half of the day Lend up to three dots of Clarity. Suffer a breaking point at Clarity 6. DitD 70
Armored Clarity •••• ●●● Resolve + Clarity Spend the hour with more regular humans than fae Make only one breaking point roll for the next scene, plus another at Clarity 4. DitD 70
Thief of Reason ••••• ●●●○ Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd - Willpower + Tolerance Subject expressed doubts of sanity within the hour Temporarily penalize Clarity, Initiative and Defense, and provoke a derangement roll. Suffer a breaking point at Clarity 2. DitD 71
Contracts of Mirror
Riddle-Kith Manipulation + Wyrd As that of a changeling you've dined with this week Take the appearance of another seeming or kith, CTL 129
Skinmask •• Stamina + Wyrd One of the subject's possessions Disguise one bodily feature as that of another. CTL 130
Transfigure the Flesh ••• Stamina + Wyrd Stolen garmant that doesn't fit you Change Size. CTL 131
Oddbody •••• Strength + Wyrd Eat a caterpillar's cocoon Manifest an unnatural bodily feature, which may provide a bonus or act as a natural weapon or armor. CTL 131
Chrysalis ••••• Strength + Wyrd Specially commission an object as model Transform into a mechanically simple inanimate object. CTL 131
Contracts of the Moon
Lunatic’s Knowing Glance Wits + Wyrd Masquerade as a medical professional Assess derangements at a glance RoS 105
Maddening Eye •• ●● Manipulation + Wyrd - Composure Suffer a derangement, or after first use in a scene Temporarily aggravate or multiply derangements. RoS 106
Touch of Bedlam ••• ●● Presence + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Victim broke an oath sworn to you Temporarily inflict a chosen severe derangement. RoS 106
The Madness of Crowds •••• ●●●○ Expression + Wyrd Performing for an audience Temporarily inflict a chosen derangement on a group RoS 107
Lurking Insanity ••••• ●●●○ Subterfuge + Wyrd Victim has betrayed family. Embed a chosen temporary derangement into a victim, waiting for a chosen trigger event. RoS 107
Contracts of Omen
Vision of Strife Empathy + Wyrd Subject discusses their past See someone's worst memory. RoS 108
Glimpse of Fortune’s Favor •• ●/●● Wits + Wyrd On games of skill Roll an action twice and choose the result through premonition. RoS 109
Reading the Portents ••• ●● Wits + Wyrd On a minor Predict the most seriously charged event waiting in the subject's likely near future. RoS 109
Vision of Disaster •••• ●●●●○ Wits + Wyrd Betrayed by a trusted ally Play out a turn as a premonition. RoS 109
Tying the Knots of Fate ••••• ●●●○○ Presence + Wyrd Blessing a mortal minor Weave a likely fate into a character's near future. RoS 110
Contracts of Smoke
The Wrong Foot None Lick thumb and smudge a mirror Leave some other mark of your presence instead of human traces. CTL 132
Nevertread •• Intelligence + Wyrd Spent an hour barefoot today Pass without trace. CTL 132
Shadowpatch ••• Wits + Wyrd Spent an hour out of sunlight today Conjure dampening shadows for +3 Stealth. CTL 133
Murkblur •••• Intelligence + Wyrd vs Resolve + Tolerance Swallow an animal's eye Temporarily blind a subject. CTL 133
Smoke-Stepping •••• ●● Intelligence + Wyrd As the sun rises or sets, or on cloudy days Travel instantly through thick smoke or fog. VL 23
Light-Shy ••••• ●○ Intelligence + Wyrd After telling someone important to you a serious lie that day Brief invisibility. CTL 133
Contracts of Thorns and Brambles
Bite of the Wooden Fang Dexterity + Wyrd Using a whip Enhance bashing weapons hewn from plant materials. SaD 49
Leechweed •• ●● Occult + Wyrd Against your Keeper or their agents Enchant thorns to drain Glamour. SaD 50
Briarpath ••• ●● Wits + Wyrd Scatter Hedge thorns behind you Grows treacherous terrain of brambles in your wake. SaD 51
Shield of Thorns •••• ●●● Manipulation + Wyrd Watered by your blood Conjure a field of deadly briars. SaD 51
Hedgewall ••••• ●●●●(○) Presence + Wyrd After transplanting a bush in place Erects temporary walls like those of a hedge maze. SaD 52
Seeming Contracts
Beastly Contracts
Contracts of the Den
Trespasser’s Spoor None Scribe your name at the entrance in chalk and blood Mark territory to enhance perception rolls while dwelling there. WM 19
Trapdoor Spider’s Trick •• Wits + Wyrd Keep a spider in your mouth Hide the presence of an entrance or exit. WM 19
Cuckoo’s Ruse ••• ●● Manipulation + Wyrd (vs Hollow Wards) Invite the resident to your own home Fool security measures into welcoming you. WM 19
Blessing of the Burrow •••• ●● Survival + Wyrd Nude Carve a burrow out of the earth. WM 20
Collapsing the Entrance ••••• ●●●○ Strength + Wyrd Your own property Bring the roof down from within the threshold. WM 20
Contracts of Fang and Talon
Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves Animal Ken + Wyrd Name the animals Speak with animals of your chosen breeds. CTL 142
Beast’s Keen Senses •• ●● Wits + Wyrd In contact with the chosen animal +2 perception bonus and either a sense characteristic to the chosen animal or an additional +2. CTL 142
Pipes of the Beastcaller ••• ●● Animal Ken + Wyrd To guard your home Command animals of the chosen breeds. CTL 143
Tread of the Swift Hooves •••• ●● Dexterity + Wyrd In contact with the chosen animal Move like the chosen animal for a scene. CTL 143
Cloak of the Bear’s Massive Form ••••• ●●●● Manipulation + Wyrd In contact with the chosen animal in its habitat Take the form of the chosen animal, with all associated benefits. CTL 143
Contracts of the Wild
Wildwalker Persuasion + Wyrd After sleeping outdoors Ignore penalties from environmental conditions for a scene. RoS 111
Nature’s Curse •• Intimidation + Wyrd Target has a gun Up to double existing environmental penalties against a target. RoS 111
Viridian Embrace ••• ●● Expression + Wyrd To aid a mortal Gain environmental bonuses to move, hide and perceive. RoS 112
Calling Wind and Weather •••• ●●● Presence + Wyrd On behalf of a dozen mortals Conjure weather native to a clime. RoS 112
Calling Nature’s Wrath ••••• ●●●○ Survival + Wyrd On family land The natural environment attacks for 50 yards around, excluding allies. RoS 113
Darkling Contracts
Contracts of Darkness
Creeping Dread ●/●●○ Manipulation + Wyrd - Resolve Against intruders in your home Render one or multiple targets susceptible to fear or intimidation. CTL 136
Night’s Subtle Distractions •• Stealth + Wyrd Out in the night Double environmental penalties to perception. CTL 136
Balm of Unwakeable Slumber ••• Manipulation + Wyrd vs Resolve + Tolerance Against someone in their own bed at night Prevent a sleeping target from being woken by disturbances. CTL 137
Boon of the Scuttling Spider •••• ●●● Athletics + Wyrd Across outdoor walls at night Move across solid surfaces in defiance of gravity. CTL 137
Touch of Paralyzing Shudder ••••• ●●○ Presence + Wyrd vs Resolve + Tolerance Isolate and unnerve target Inflict spasms of fear that half motor control traits and pools. CTL 138
Contracts of Shade and Spirit
Ghostly Presence Presence + Wyrd Gravewight, or knew the ghost in life Commune with ghosts in Twilight WM 26
Dread Companion •• Manipulation + Wyrd Press drops of your blood to witnesses' foreheads Allow a ghost to manifest tangibly to one sense. WM 26
Haunting Intercession ••• Manipulation + Wyrd Prepare a "dead supper" with unused silverware Materialize a ghost for a scene. WM 26
Waking the Dead •••• ●● Strength + Wyrd Blood offering Ask questions of the sleeping dead. WM 27
Opening the Black Gate ••••• ●●○ Stamina + Wyrd At midnight in a mausoleum, invoking laws of hospitality Open a gate to the Underworld. WM 27
Elemental Contracts
Contracts of Communion
Sense Element Wits + Wyrd Meditation Intuit the forms of the chosen element within (10 × Wyrd) yards. WM 32
Primordial Voice •• Socialize + Wyrd Courteous offering to the element Ask the chosen element about the past few days. WM 32
Distant Connection ••• ●●(○) Persuasion + Wyrd Through intimately familiar instances of the element Project senses at a distance through the chosen element. For Willpower, briefly direct the element. WM 33
Elemental Servitor •••• ●●● Persuasion + Wyrd Laborious offering to the element Animate the chosen element as a semi-intelligent spirit-like ally for a scene. WM 33
Elemental Ally ••••• ●●●○ Presence + Wyrd Negotiate payment to compensate the element Grant sapience to the chosen element around you for a week, during which it may manifest like an Elemental Servitor for one scene. WM 34
Contracts of Elements
Cloak of the Elements ●● None Wearing a symbol of the element Protection from passive harm by the chosen element for a scene. Reduce elemental damage by your Wyrd, except when fashioned into a weapon. CTL 138
Armor of the Element’s Fury •• ●● Dexterity + Wyrd In significant contact with the element Conjure an elemental aura for a scene. Confers 1 Armor and half Wyrd in lethal contact damage. CTL 139
Control Elements ••• ●●● Manipulation + Wyrd Where the element dominates Reshape or manipulate an amount of the chosen element around you. CTL 139
Calling the Element •••• ●●●● Wits + Wyrd As a performance or display Summon or beckon manifestations of the element for a scene. CTL 140
Become the Primal Foundation ••••• ●●●● Manipulation + Wyrd Commune with a manifestation of the element. Transform into the chosen element, either hardy and solid or swift and malleable. CTL 140
Contracts of the Wild
Wildwalker Persuasion + Wyrd After sleeping outdoors Ignore penalties from environmental conditions for a scene. RoS 111
Nature’s Curse •• Intimidation + Wyrd Target has a gun Up to double existing environmental penalties against a target. RoS 111
Viridian Embrace ••• ●● Expression + Wyrd To aid a mortal Gain environmental bonuses to move, hide and perceive. RoS 112
Calling Wind and Weather •••• ●●● Presence + Wyrd On behalf of a dozen mortals Conjure weather native to a clime. RoS 112
Calling Nature’s Wrath ••••• ●●●○ Survival + Wyrd On family land The natural environment attacks for 50 yards around, excluding allies. RoS 113
Fairest Contracts
Contracts of Reflection
Reflections of the Past Wits + Wyrd On a loved one's mirror Observe what has appeared in a reflective surface for the last week. ER 34
Glimpse of a Distant Mirror •• Composure + Wyrd Into a sworn enemy's mirror Use one reflective surface to look through another which has reflected your image within the week. ER 35
Reflection’s Grasp ••• ●● Dexterity + Wyrd Through the mirror you most see yourself in Reach into one reflective surface and through another you have touched. ER 36
Mirror Walk •••• ●●● Athletics + Wyrd Out a mirror reflecting a blood relative Step into one reflective surface and out another you have touched. ER 37
Stealing the Solid Reflection ••••• ●●●○ Larceny + Wyrd The reflected object's owner owes you a debt Draw a reflection out of a mirrored surface for one scene. ER 38
Contracts of Separation
Tread Lightly Dexterity + Wyrd Protecting nice shoes from getting dirty Walk weightlessly across surfaces for a scene. Reduce falling damage to bashing. WM 40
Evasion of Shackles •• Larceny + Wyrd Imprisoned for an offense you didn't commit Slip bondage or imprisonment. WM 40
Breaching Barriers ••• Presence + Wyrd Imprisoned by a changeling Pass through a sealed portal. WM 40
Elegant Protection •••• ●● Dexterity + Wyrd Unarmed, without aggressing Bonus Defense equal to Wyrd, even against firearms or while unconscious. Move gracefully while Dodging. WM 41
Phantom Glory ••••• ●●○ Persuasion + Wyrd Unarmed and unarmored Enter Twilight. WM 41
Contracts of Vainglory
Mask of Superiority ●● Intimidation + Wyrd - Resolve As a socialite or shallow celebrity. Appear to be a figure of authority or fame for a scene. CTL 146
Songs of Distant Arcadia •• ●● Expression + Wyrd Entertaining a powerful audience Add Wyrd as bonus dice to Expression and Persuasion for a scene. CTL 147
Splendor of the Envoy’s Protection ••• ●●● Presence + Wyrd At a formal soirée Safely lower the Mask for a scene, gaining a +2 Striking Looks bonus. So long as you make no shows of aggression, characters must be supernatural beings and roll Resolve + Composure to assault you. In Victorian society, replace one bonus die with two temporary dots of Status. CTL 147, VL 23
Mantle of Terrible Beauty •••• ●●○ Intimidation + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Fighting a formal trial by combat Safely lower the Mask for a scene. Failed contestants flee or cower and cannot invest effort with Willpower, and those who succeed suffer -2 to attack you. CTL 147
Words of Memories Never Lived ••••• ●●●○ Expression + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Stories you believe to be fact Illustrate an emotionally charged story to introduce it to the audience as false memories in which they were involved. CTL 148
Ogreish Contracts
Contracts of Oath and Punishment
Pursuer’s Seven-League Leap Athletics + Wyrd Pursuing an oathbreaker Leap 15 feet per success, or half vertically. WM 47
Sense Tainted Vows •• Wits + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Pledgesworn with the subject Sense the greatest vow broken within a year and a day WM 47
Inexorable Pursuer ••• Resolve + Wyrd Resisted manipulation within the day +2 to resist the manipulation of Clarity or courtly emotions. WM 47
Relentless Pursuit •••• ●● Stamina + Wyrd Pursue without resting Sense the distance and direction to a subject for a day or night. WM 47
Cruel Vengeance ••••• ●● Presence + Wyrd vs Manipulation + Tolerance Fellow freehold member Use an accusation of broken oaths to upgrade attack damage, reduce the oathbreaker's Defense, and penalize shows of resistance. WM 48
Contracts of Stone
Might of the Terrible Brute Strength + Wyrd Outnumbered and unarmed Temporarily boost Strength. CTL 144
Ogre’s Rending Grasp •• ●● Strength + Wyrd Smashing through barriers Sap an object's Durability. CTL 144
Display Grandiose Might ••• ●● Athletics + Wyrd Just to impress or entertain Boost Strength for a scene while refraining from combat. CTL 145
Gluttonous Feast of Health •••• ●●● Stamina + Wyrd Offered a feast by a stranger Reduce lethal damage to bashing or aggravated to lethal by gorging yourself for an hour. CTL 145
Red Rage of Terrible Vengeance ••••• ●●●○ Resolve + Wyrd Avenging a loved one Enter a bold battle-rage which boosts Strength, Stamina, Initiative, and Armor for the duration. CTL 146
Wizened Contracts
Contracts of Animation
Knowing Touch Crafts + Wyrd Owner bids you examine Learn an object's shape and construction, gaining bonuses to repair or damage it. WM 52
Instant Expertise •• Wits + Wyrd Converse with the tool for ten minutes Learn how to use a tool, gaining a temporary Skill specialty bonus. WM 52
Inanimate Communion ••• Empathy + Wyrd In disuse for a year Share memories of an object's uses and users. WM 53
Animate Device •••• ●● Manipulation + Wyrd Possessed and used regularly for a month Command an object to act on its own. WM 53
Command the Inanimate ••••• ●●○ Presence + Wyrd A stranger or enemy's neglected belongings Animate an object and command its behavior for a scene. WM 54
Contracts of Artifice
Brief Glamour of Repair Crafts + Wyrd Items you neither own nor use Repair a device for a day, using minute scraps, in half the normal time. CTL 134
Touch of the Workman’s Wrath •• ●● Larceny + Wyrd Belongs to someone who has tried to cheat you Hex a device by touch, making it require constant maintenance. CTL 134
Blessing of Perfection ••• ●●● Wits + Wyrd Returning a favor, upon another's possession Tinker to smooth operations, adding Wyrd as an equipment bonus to a device or tinkering task for a scene. CTL 135
Unmaker’s Destructive Gaze •••• ●● Presence + Wyrd Study or handle the object Jam, halt, or incapacitate a device with a glare. CTL 135
Tatterdemalion’s Workshop ••••• ●●●●(○) Crafts + Wyrd In your own workshop, with your own tools Craft sophisticated works by jury-rigging inappropriate components, which fall apart after a scene, or with Willpower, until sunrise. In the Victorian era, may produce anachronistic wonders. CTL 135, VL 23
Contracts of the Forge
Rewriting the Image Expression + Wyrd Replacing with your own likeness Alter the details of a two-dimensional likeness. RoS 99
Trivial Reworking •• ●● Crafts + Wyrd Turning a stolen item against its owner Remold a small object into a similar form for a scene. RoS 100
Discreet Conjuration ••• ●●○ Manipulation + Wyrd As payment to an enemy Draw a small, practical counterfeit out of any pocket. RoS 100
Hidden Reality •••• ●●●○ Wits + Wyrd To escape confinement Temporarily alter your surroundings in a plausible way. RoS 101
Paths of Desire ••••• ●●●○○ Academics + Wyrd Bury your blood in the destination's soil Open a Hedge gateway to anywhere in the Hedge you have been before. RoS 102
Court Contracts To buy an ability with Mantle, ability must be Clause Rank - 1 = Mantle. So a level 4 can own the 5th dot, and a level 2 the 3rd.
Spring Court Contracts
Clause Name Clause Description Catch Court Goodwill Requirement if not a member Cost Source
Contracts of Eternal Spring Lost 151
Gift of Warm Breath Rejuvenates a target, alleviating suffering from fatigue and deprivation, and healing bashing damage. The subject of the clause has freely offered the changeling some form of sustenance since the last sunrise. Waived Mantle + Resolve + Survival
•• New Lover’s Kiss Conjure rain, no matter current cloud conditions, potentially up to even a deluge. A mortal human has commented, within the character's hearing and within the past hour, that it looks like rain. ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Survival
••• Warmth of the Blood Downgrade a subject's lethal wounds to bashing, or heal bashing wounds entirely. The target has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling. ●●●● ●○ Mantle + Wits + Medicine
•••• Yesterday’s Birth Age a target by a full season, leaving it as if it were now the height of Spring; requires additional Glamour and a willpower dot to apply to humans. The character spills two drops of blood on the target object and cups it in her hands. ●●●●● ●(●●○) Wyrd + Medicine
••••• Mother of All Deaths Animates the plant life in an area and have it fight on the changeling's behalf. A man bled to death on this soil within the past year. - ●●●○ Mantle + Presence + Empathy
Contracts of Fleeting Spring Court Goodwill (Spring) Lost 149
Cupid’s Eye Learn one of the subject's desires Used on someone who has kissed the Changeling in the past 24 hours, or who desires the Changeling Waived Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure
•• Growth of the Ivy Change one of the subject's desires Using the contract to resolve a Pledge. Must spend a Willpower point when using on a Supernatural ●●● ●●(○) Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion - Subject's Resolve
••• Wyrd-Faced Stranger Become someone who the target desire/expect to see The changeling has offered food to the target and it was accepted, or the other way around. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Presence + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure
•••• Pandora’s Gift Temporarily produce an object the subject desires Used on someone who gave the Changeling a no strings attached gift in the past week ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Wits + Craft
••••• Waking the Inner Faerie Alter a subject's desire and force them to pursue it above all else. The subject freely told the Changeling his desires. - ●●●○ Mantle + Intelligence + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure
Contracts of Verdant Spring Court Goodwill (Spring) Lords of Summer 39
Font of Inspiration Each success is a +1 to Crafts or Expression rolls Invests his own literal blood sweat or tears into the creation Waived Mantle + Wits + Empathy - Subject's Resolve (If subject is opposed)
•• The Ineffable Gift Gains a +3 bonus in social challenges. Drawback of being less effective with multiple uses. Speaks out loud about something she is passionate about ●●● Mantle + Presence + Manipulation vs Resolve + Composure
••• Impassioned Blow +4 Bonus to attack pool, but the opponent gets a +2 bonus as well. Target has insulted or assaulted by word or deed the changeling in the last hour ●●●● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl / Firearms / Weaponry
•••• Spur the Crowd Sway a crowd in a certain emotional direction No one in the crowd knows the user is a changeling ●●●●● Mantle + Wyrd + Presence (Extended and Contested)
••••• Verdant, Roiling Heart Renew Willpower pool as if fulfilling Virtue, drawback of all social actions being tainted by her virtue or vice and a -2 to all social rolls Takes an action directly related to virtue or vice - Mantle + Composure + Empathy
Summer Court Contracts
Contracts of Eternal Summer Court Goodwill (Summer) Lost 155
Son of the Hearth Remain at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the outside circumstances are. Spit on a fading ember or spark Waived ●(○) Wyrd + Survival
•• Ulf’s Heart Produce light in radius pf 200 yards for one scene; extend its presence to one hour by spending 1 more Glamour. Within 5 minutes of midnight ●●● ●(●) Mantle + Strength + Occult
••• Noonday Grasp Gain +1 Strength with one success, and another +1 with every three successes after that. Eats a chunk of naturally formed ice ●●●● ●● Mantle + Stamina + Brawl
•••• Solstice Revelation Let loose a bright light that reveals all hidden individuals and challenges supernatural cloaking. Within five minuets of noon ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Presence + Occult
••••• The Lord’s Dread Gaze Unleashing a beam of focused sunlight that does Lethal (Aggravated with Willpower) The target is wearing or touching gold - ●●●(○) Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense
Contracts of Fleeting Summer Court Goodwill (Summer) Lost 153
Baleful Sense Sense the greatest nearby source of wrath. Character is angry when he invokes this clause. Waived Wyrd + Wits
•• Goblin’s Malignance Redirect the focus of a subject's wrath. The current victim of the subject's wrath owes the character a favor, or the subject has red hair. ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure
••• Friendless Tongue Stir a person to fury with harmless words. The clause's target wears a ring on the left hand. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure
•••• Sundown Eyes Quell all conflict in an area temporarily. The character is suffering wound penalties and has taken at least two points of lethal damage. ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Presence + Socialize - Subject's Composure
••••• The Flames of Summer Enter an unstoppable fury; gain +2 to Physical rolls and ignore all wound penalties. The sun is within five minutes of its zenith, and the character has called out a formal challenge to an opponent. - ●●○ Mantle + Stamina + Animal Ken
Contracts of Punishing Summer Court Goodwill (Summer) Lords of Summer 59
Smoldergrip Makes an object unbearably hot to the touch. The Changeling sports a real sunburn None Strength + Wits - Objects Size
•• Battle Bright Creates a blinding beacon that distracts all attackers. The Changeling is holding a real, burning torch. ●●● ●● Wyrd + Presence vs Highest Wits + Composure within sight.
••• Crown of Clashing Fire Summons up a ring of flaming thorns that forces a target into one-on-one combat. The Changeling has one or more scars from the last battle with this foe. ●●●● ●●○ Wyrd + Resolve - Subject's Stamina
•••• Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun Inflicts a sun stroke on the target, resulting in either mounting mechanical penalties or aggravated damage (target's choice). The Changeling strikes with a metal weapon he forged, has to hit with substantial metal part. ●●●●● ●●● Wyrd + Stamina vs Stamina + Composure. This is after an attack.
••••• Scorched Earth Turns the area into a blighted waste land that inflicts penalties on all combatants. The Changeling meditates under a Summer Court flag or pendant she helped make. N/A ●●●●● Wyrd + Strength
Autumn Court Contracts
Contracts of Eternal Autumn Court Goodwill (Autumn) Lost 159
Last Breath Isaac Ripen a portion of a plant The plant or tree is unclaimed or the Changeling has permission to harvest from it. Waived Wyrd + Manipulation
•• Withering Glare Wither a plant to Winter or age an animal. The plant has the Changelings name or moniker carved into it or written on a tag. ●●● Mantle + Presence + Science
••• Brother to the Ague Damage a foe through dehydration. The character can name two diseases that the subject has suffered or is suffering, and one that the subject fears. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Medicine
•••• Riding the Falling Leaves Transform into a cloud of autumn leaves The character catches a naturally falling leaf at the moment of the clause's activation. ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Survival
••••• Tears of Autumn Bring about a hailstorm The character holds a key encased in ice that finishes thawing at the start of the ritual. - ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Occult
Contracts of Fleeting Autumn Court Goodwill (Autumn) Lost 156
Witches’ Intuition Learn one of the subject's fears Subject does not know the Changelings name Waived Wyrd + Wits - Composure
•• Tale of the Baba Yaga Invoke fear of intended object in subjects for 1 turn per success. The unnatural fear the character evokes is based upon a myth, urban legend or actual threat with which all subjects of the Contract are familiar. ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation
••• Heart of the Antlion Immune to mundane attempts at fear and resistant to supernatural fear. The character consumes a spider or other vermin that has literally been scared to death. ●●●● Mantle + Resolve + Investigation
•••• Scent of the Harvest Heart of the Antlion for friends. Two of the subjects greatest fears are each other. ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Presence + Expression, Extended
••••• Mien of the Baba Yaga Become the subjects fear. Scare them badly enough to actually deal damage One of the subjects greatest fears is actually the character. - ●●●○ Mantle + Wits + Empathy
Contracts of Spellbound Autumn Court Goodwill (Autumn) Lords of Summer 79
Warlock’s Gaze Detect the presence of the supernatural, even deliberately obscured. AoE: Yards = to Wyrd Physical contact with non-allied supernatural being other than another changeling. Waived ●● Wyrd + Occult (vs. Powerstat + Compusure if target supernaturally concealed)
•• Barrow-Whisper Hears and is heard by ghosts. Ghost in the area wants to communicate. ●●● Wyrd + Expression
••• Smith’s Wisdom Learn abilities and purpose of item of power (token or else). The character has stolen the item from a friend (without permission) or been freely given the item by an enemy. ●●●● ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Occult
•••• Arcadian Commandment Power to speak with authority of True Fae to hobgoblins and other Gentry minions, even to those incapable of speech. Character knowingly comes unarmed and unarmored to the presence of entity to be commanded. ●●●●● ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve
••••• Oathbreaker’s Honesty Violate the pledge without falling under its Sanctions. Begged to enact this clause by someone who will knowingly come to disaster on account of his betrayal. - ●●●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve (extended)
Winter Court Contracts
Contracts of Eternal Winter Court Goodwill (Winter) Lost 162
Jack’s Breath Cools a room, potentially by a significant margin. The character hears someone shiver or tastes someones sweat. Waived Wyrd + Survival
•• Touch of Winter Freeze the surface of a body of water, potentially affecting quite a large area. The character first spells out a name or idea he hates with liquid on a dry surface ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Science
••• Riding the Devil’s Jawbone Inflicts an area with intense cold, causing penalties to all within. There is a bell ringing within 20 feet of the character. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Stealth
•••• Fallen from the Timbers Blasts a target with cold and ice, inflicting lethal damage and penalizing all of their actions. The contracts target is wearing silver jewelry that has a religious meaning to her. ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense
••••• Witch’s Paradise Summons a lasting snowstorm over an area. The moon is in the sky and the character can hear a wolf howling. - ●●●○ Mantle + Presence + Occult
Contracts of Fleeting Winter Court Goodwill (Winter) Lost 160
The Dragon Knows Determine the source of sorrow someone is experiencing. The character looks into the subjects eyes for a moment. Waived Wyrd + Empathy - Subject's Composure
•• Slipknot Dreams Forces a subject to temporarily let go of their sorrow. The subject has accepted something from the character in the past 24 hours. ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge - Subject's Resolve
••• Faces in the Water Fills a subject with sorrow over a painful memory, inflicting social penalties. The subject is carrying a photograph or some other image of an older relative or ancestor on her person. ●●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Investigation - Subject's Composure
•••• Fallow Fields, Empty Harvest Eliminates a subject's ability to feel positive emotions for a time, suffering social penalties and an inability to regain Willpower via virtues or vices. The character has made the subject happy (or happier) within the last 10 minutes. ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation vs Powerstat + Composure
••••• Every Sorrow a Jewel Paralyzes a subject with grief, rendering them briefly unable to take any actions. The subject has tasted one of the changelings tears. - ●●●○ Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure
Contracts of the Sorrow-Frozen Heart Court Goodwill (Winter) Lords of Summer 99
A Mere Vessel for Loss Reduce the Effects of pain and discomfort by success Pierces skin with a thin needle Waived Mantle + Resolve + Occult
•• Fear is Nothing Reduces dice pool of supernatural fear effects by Wyrd Empties his hands and leaves them open at his side ●●● Mantle + Composure + Expression
••• Grief is Stronger than Death Damage from an attack is ignored for a round, to be applied next round Contemptuously tosses a chunk of cold iron on the ground. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Resolve + Survival
•••• Remorseless Strike Next Brawl or weaponry attack target suffers additional bonus damage equal to Wyrd Slashes himself with a sharp instrument and takes 1 lethal ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl
••••• A Cold Hand on the Heart Bestow previous clauses on others as well. Clutches target with one hand and anoints with ashes of a suicide victim or victim of a crime of passion. - ●●●○ Mantle + Composure + Expression
Directional Court Contracts
Contracts of the Four Directions Court Goodwill (Directional) Winter Masques 134
Mindfinder Know the direction to any target Changeling has a lock of hair from the target. None Wyrd + Survival - Subject's Wits
•• Finding the Flow Ignore environmental penalties The character successfully meditated for one full uninterrupted hour within the last 24 hours. ●●● Wyrd + Wits
••• Inequity of the Center Confuses a target, causing them to take many wrong turns, effectively penalizing speed The changeling succeeds in touching a magnet to the target's bare skin. ●●●● Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Survival
•••• The Hundred Steps Powerful blessing upon an area to protect it from intruders The character has two working compasses somewhere on his body ●●●●● ●●○ Wyrd + Resolve
••••• Harmony of Portals Walk between two doors, potentially separated by several miles The character possesses the key to both doors. N/A ●● Wyrd + Stamina
Auroral Court Contracts
Contracts of Potential (Dawn) Court Goodwill (Dawn) Swords at Dawn 138
Light the Path Learn of the motivation of an action or statement Previously caught the target in a lie. None Wits + Wyrd vs Powerstat + Composure
•• Read the Web Determine the nature of a relationship between two people through a translucent strand that connects. The Changeling shares a Pledge with the target ●●● ●● Intelligence + Wyrd - Subject's Composure
••• Martyr's Will Increase extra dice when spending Willpower. Drawback of target being unable to regain willpower for the next 24 hours. Deliberately shed a few drops of blood ●●●● ●●● Wyrd + Resolve
•••• Shift the Foundation Temporarily change the targets Virtue or Vice. Changeling and Subject are conversing about Virtue or Vice targeted as the result of the Contract. ●●●●● ●●● Dusk Court Mantle +

Manipulation + Expression vs Composure + Subterfuge

••••• Tenacity of Hope Massive benefits towards a goal, such as 8-again, etc. Drawback: If goal is not reached within time period, suffer penalties until goal or equal time is met. Target is using this Contract for a selfless Purpose. N/A ●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve
Contracts of Entropy
(Dusk) Court Goodwill (Dusk) Cost Dancers in the Dusk 141
Babel's Curse Prevent another from communicating Write target's name or common nickname on a piece of paper then tear it to pieces None Intelligence + Expression + Mantle (Dusk) - Resolve
•• Sense the Impending Doom Detect dangerous situations, react to danger faster Consume at least a serving of caffeinated beverage within the last hour. ●●● Wits + Occult + Mantle (Dusk)
••• Gift of the Skald Target(s) gain a bonus to Resolve checks Invoker is a member of Dusk and spends at least 5 minutes proselytizing on the Dusk philosophy. ●●●● ● per target + ○ Presence + Persuasion + Mantle (Dusk) (vs target's Resolve + Wyrd if they WANT to resist)
•••• Hero's Stand Challenge a target to gain a bonus to Brawl/Weaponry, they take Composure penalty if flee Issue challenge while standing in a marked space <5' square. ●●●●● ●○ Resolve + Brawl or Weaponry + Mantle (Dusk) vs Composure + Wyrd
••••• The Centre Cannot Stand Nullify a target's Contract The Changeling knows and has used the target Contract in the last 24 hours. N/A ●● Intelligence + Occult + Mantle (Dusk) - level of Contract
Goblin Contracts
Contracts of Sacrifice
Note: Goblin Contracts are not chained and any clause rank can be bought with no prerequisites.
Clause Name Benefit Drawback Catch Cost Dice Pool Source
Contracts of Goblin Fortune Rites of Spring 117
Fortune’s Favor Change a single roll into a rote or a chance roll Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. Used to protect a close friend from harm Wyrd + Manipulation RoS 117
•• Fortune’s Swift Blessing Change a chance roll into a normal roll or a normal roll into an exceptional success Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. Used when striking a blow against a mortal enemy ●● Wyrd + Wits RoS 117
••• Fortune’s Bane Exceptional success become normal successes, normal successes become failures and chance rolls dramatically fail at 7 or lower until the next sunrise or sunset Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. Target publicly lied about the user to turn public or official opinion against the user ●● Wyrd + Subterfuge vs. Powerstat + Resolve RoS 118
•••• Distracting the Hounds Escape from any pursuit or confrontation Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. User is being pursued by Hobgoblins ●●● Wyrd + Stealth - Subject's Powerstat RoS 118
••••• Recalling the Lost Rescue anyone abducted by the Fae Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend 2 willpower dots. Used to recall a child younger than seven ●●●● Wyrd + Occult RoS 119
Contracts of Goblin Transformation Rites of Spring 120
Healing Sacrifice Heals any and all wounds or diseases Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. Used to heal or cure a blood relative Wyrd + Medicine RoS 120
•• Seven-Year Gift Target does not age for the next seven years Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a willpower dot. Target is a blood relative within three generations ●● Wyrd + Stamina RoS 121
••• Trading Beauty for Love Makes a human feel more positively towards the Changeling Expensive cost to invoke. Changeling permanently loses the color of his eyes and his beauty, becoming bland and colorless (Though never ugly) or downgrading Striking Looks merit. Target must be fed an item of food the user prepared ●●● Wyrd + Manipulation -Subject's Composure RoS 121
•••• Changing Minds Change a target's opinion on something Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a resolve dot. Causes someone to believe an abstract ideal ●●●●○○ Wyrd + Persuasion - Subject's Powerstat + Resolve RoS 122
••••• The Fatal Transformation Kill the target Expensive cost to invoke. Must spend a stamina dot. Target has slain one of the user's blood relatives ●●●○ Wyrd + Intimidation vs. Powerstat + Stamina RoS 123
Goblin Contracts of the Wyrd Dancers in the Dusk 65
Mantle Mask Temporarily disguise your Mantle as another Court's Signs of use remain for twice as long as the disguised mantle. The decorates her skin with a sign appropriate to the Court she is disguising herself as. Wyrd + Occult DiD 65
•• Daunting Force The Changeling becomes intimidating to the subject All Glamour costs are increased by one for 24 hours. Brandishing a drawn weapon. ●● Wyrd + Presence - Composure DiD 66
••• Nothing Hidden While the Contract is active, the Changeling may roll to notice supernaturally concealed things. Significant negative Perception modifiers to the following scene. Burn the feather of a keen sighted bird and rub the ashes on your eyelid. ●● Wyrd + Occult DiD 66
•••• Wyrd Eye Automatically become aware of any Contracts nearby. Ignore low Clarity modifiers to noticing Wyrd related phenomena and gain a bonus to Kenning All Perception for things unrelated to the Wyrd is penalized. Breaks a pair of prescription glasses. ●● Wyrd + Occult DiD 67
••••• The Fatal Clause Block a Contract as it is being activated. Pay the cost of the Clause you are attempting to block. The Changeling has been a target of a Contract cast by the subject in the past 24 hours. ●●○ Wyrd + Occult - Subject's Wyrd DiD 68
Unclassified Goblin Contracts
Shooter’s Bargain Blesses the next three shots fired from a weapon to mitigate penalties when attacking. One of the three shots is automatically reduced to a chance die. In a fight scheduled beforehand. Wyrd + Dexterity CtL 164
Sight of Truth and Lies Gain the ability to instantly tell if a person is lying. If the user lies while the contract is active, however, they lose any ability to tell truth from lies, believing all but the most blatant fabrications. Used at an official occasion Wyrd + Subterfuge RoS 114
Trading Luck for Fate Gain a sudden simple insight into the immediate future. This is done in return for a minor turn of bad luck. Using the contract to win at gambling. Wyrd + Wits CtL 164
•• Contracts
Calling the Guardian Summon an invisible guardian that strikes back the instant you're attacked. The guardian can not distinguish between a blow that would actually do harm or a playful shove. Currently suffering at least one lethal or aggravated damage from a hand-to-hand attack ●● Wyrd + Dexterity Rites of Spring 114
Dream Rendering Upgrade a Token, permitting it to be used in dreams. Make a clarity roll at 5 dice when you next sleep, regardless of your current Clarity. Used while naked. Wyrd + Wits SaD 109
Diviner’s Madness Gains a brief glimmer into the past or future of a person, place, or thing. Causes temporary insanity. Divining the past or future of someone the changeling is in love with. Wyrd + Wits Lost 165
Fair Entrance Opens a door, no matter how it is barred. Causes one of the changeling's doors to be similarly opened for another some time soon. Opening the door to someone who confessed his hatred towards the Changeling. Wyrd + Larceny Lost 165
Fool’s Gold Guises an object to look like something else, potentially appearing quite valuable. This illusion lasts only for a time though, and when it expires the deceived parties automatically know who was responsible for the deception. Clause is used to deceive someone who's lied to the Changeling in the last 24 hours. Wyrd + Manipulation Lost 166
Sandman's Bargain Makes a dream immune to disruption by Oneiropomps The user can takes real Lethal damage when hurt inside the dream. Used after staying awake for 24 hours Wyrd + Resolve SaD 110
••• Contracts
The Blessing of Forgetfulness Allows the user to erase any one memory from the target's mind. Curses the user to suffer a dramatic failure on the next Subterfuge roll to get someone to believe a necessary lie. Used to make the target forget about an event in which the user betrayed the target ●●○ Wyrd + Manipulation - Subject's Composure RoS 115
Burden of Life Removes damage starting at Agg by 2 for each success. Must be done within turns the damage was done by equal to user's wyrd. If you heal target for 4 or more damage, the user takes all damage the target would take in the next day instead. Target was injured while saving the Character from harm. ●● Wyrd + Empathy CtL 166
Delayed Harm The user avoids damage from one attack. The next attack they suffer doing lethal or aggravated damage does the previously avoided damage as a bonus. Character is unarmed or otherwise unable to defend herself. ●● Wyrd + Dexterity CtL 167
Goblin Midwife Grant a temporary increase in fertility to your target Curse of antipathy on you and a minor fae curse on the target's offspring the target has broken your heart ●●○ Wyrd + Empathy GobM p25
Hospitality's Hold Gain bonus (equal to glamour spent) maintaining hospitality in a location, mark violators Take a similar penalty on all actions not related to maintaining hospitality, except against violators Own or be primary resident of location ● to ●●●●● Willpower + Wyrd GotU p29
Mirror Mirror The Changeling spies on another through a mirror, The target will see the Changeling when she next looks into a mirror. The changeling breaks the mirror. ●○ Wyrd + Resolve SaD 53
•••• Contracts
Goblin Oath The changeling can bind another character to an oath. The party taking the oath has difficulty breaking this oath, and if she does, disaster will strike her down. The changeling must also swear an oath to the subject and suffers similar penalties if he breaks his oath — but the nature of the Goblin Oath is such that both parties may suffer if only one is unfaithful. Used when making a treaty of alliance or non-aggression ●●○ Wyrd + Intimidation RoS 115
Good and Bad Luck Accurately guess the outcome of an event that would be difficult to predict. Suffer a bout of bad lack afterwords. Used to best a rival or enemy. ●● Wyrd + Wits CtL 167
Call the Hunt Calls a Wild Hunt from out of the Hedge. Haha oh man what were you thinking? No seriously, nice going dumb ass! You deserve this. Character is in the Hedge ●○ Wyrd + Presence CtL 167
Riot The crowd becomes a violent, enraged mob. They target an obvious source of anger first, or are randomly violent with no target. Many people in the area vividly remember the changeling and that they are responsible for the riot. The changeling addresses the crowd and urges them to violence immediately before use. Most of the crowd must hear the changeling. ●●○ Wyrd + Presence VL 23
Royal Oil Target is covered in magical, highly flammable oil. Changeling is marked with a fiery crown showing he was the one that activated the contract. Drink a tablespoon of castor oil and suffer from stomach cramps. ●● Wyrd + Dexterity SaD 54
••••• Contracts
Blood-Binding Drains a target splashed with blood of all Glamour The user is drained of all Glamour as well. Used against someone who murdered a blood relative. (Glamour expenditure is not negated) ○(All Glamour) Wyrd + Presence RoS 116
Goblin Ward Draw a magical mark; Any changeling not attuned to it and steps near it will suffer from hallucinations and confusion. When the ward is activated it will affect everyone nearby, even those attuned. High Clarity Changelings must roll for loss. The creator cannot use his Seeming Blessing for as long as the ward continues to exist. The ward is painted with the blood of a murdered enemy. ●●○ Wyrd + Occult SaD 54
Lost and Found Escapes from captivity or pursuit, seemingly by chance, but always automatically. Another enemy is made aware of the escapee's new location. Escaping someone who knew the changeling personally for over a year. ●●○ Wyrd + Presence CtL 168
Mad Trespass Use a dream to spy on a Keeper The keeper spied on knows where to find you until the following dawn. Given a gift by the keeper or it's servants. ●○ Wyrd + Composure SaD 110
Sabotage Damage or disable a factory or equivalent full of machinery. The changeling suffers a roll of their total Wyrd in bashing damage. The user has been employed at some point to work on machines that they are targeting. ●●●○ Wyrd + Crafts VL 24
Sleepwalker Devour a dream for a verity of potent benefits -3 to perception while the contract is active. The user cannot sleep and halves all traits until they can sleep. Devours a child's dream ●○ Wyrd + Wits SaD 111
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L