Merits, Styles (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Adamantine Hand
AA p53 *pre: ••••• of Fighting Style Merits (one of which must be at least •••), Status (Adamantine Arrow) ••, Awakened, Arcanum ( one • more than the maneuver), separate Fighting Style for each Arcanum
• Thunder opponents shielding spells in same Arcanum are at -1 vs hand to hand attacks and spells.
•• Diamond spend WP, improve shielding spell by 1 point vs one attack, and lower it by 1 vs all others, at ••• in Arcanum, raise to +2/-2, and can use with shield other spells
••• Star spend WP, can cast a spell from the Arcanum, and perform a physical action in the same turn, can not be combined with multiple action abilities
•••• Blood spend WP, and suffer as many Agg damage as Resolve, each point becomes 1 bonus dice for spellcasting, can also make damage magic/Mana healing resistant to gain 9-again.
••••• Abyss initiate a grapple, and does not suffer Paradoxes is casting spells from the Arcanum
Aggressive Striking
Reload p65 *pre: Str •••, Sta ••, Brawl ••
• Body Blow If successes on single Brawl attack are greater than target's size, target loses next action
•• Iron Skin Has Armor of 1 against Bashing attacks
••• Combination Blows Can make two brawl attacks against the same target with a -1 to the second attack. Cannot use defense before or after attack
•••• Haymaker Like Body Blow but opponent makes a Stamina roll. If they fail, they're unconscious. Cannot use Defense before or after attack
••••• Brutal Blow or Lethal Strike Spend WP, to deal Lethal damage with Brawl attacks
Aikido (Throwing)
Reload p71 *pre: Dexterity••, Wits ••, Brawl••
• Ukemi (Recieving) Stand up as a reflexive action
•• Aiki (Harmonious Energy) Forgo defense for a chance to recieve no damage and grapple the opponent
••• Shihonage (Four Directions Throw) Throwing attack
••••Renzoku-waza (Combination Techniques) Perform multiple grapples, aiki or shihonage per turn
••••• Kokyu-ho (Breath Power) Throw longer or inflict lethal with shihonage
Arm p208 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Athletics ••
• Draw and Loose Effective +1S for bow use
•• Rapid Nock May reload a bow as a reflexive action
••• Arcing Fire 2x range with bow
•••• Plunging Fire Ignores target concealment
Reload p113 *pre: Resolve •••, Stamina •••, another fighting skill or style •; spend WP to enter Berserk
• Strength in the Fury gains up to 3 additional dice for all-out attacks
•• Adrenaline Rush +1 to armor against bashing and lethal attacks
••• Inhuman Alacrity gains 2 dice (cumulative to 4) when using Willpower to mitigate attack
•••• Ignorant in the Face of Death can ignore any amount of wound penalties for a turn; sacrifices equivalent Defense. May not simultaneously use any other ability with Defense penalty.
••••• Bloody-Handed Bastard attacks inflict lethal damage; sacrifices Defense for a turn
WoD p110 *pre: Strength •••, Stamina ••, Brawl ••
• Body Blow If successes on single Brawl attack are greater than target's size, target looses next action
•• Duck and Weave Use higher of Dexterity or Wits against Brawl attacks instead of Defense
••• Combination Blows Can make two brawl attacks against the same target with a -1 to the second attack. Cannot use defense before or after attack
•••• Haymaker Like Body Blow but opponent makes a Stamina roll. If they fail, they're unconscious. Cannot use Defense before or after attack
••••• Brutal Blow Spend WP, to deal Lethal damage with Brawl attacks
Brute Force
SA p57 AN p18 *pre: Strength •••, Brawl •••
• Falling Pillar gain 9 again on this attack *costs a willpower and requires both hands free
•• Crush and Bite Str+Brawl rolls during a grapple cause lethal damage to opponent
••• Juggernaut gain +4 dice on all out attacks
•••• Bone Cracker target arms or legs, if successes equals or exceeds targets stamina bones break and does lethal damage and target looses 1 dot of dex till healed

Drawback: both hands must be free and you lose defense this turn

Chain Weapons
Arm p209 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Weaponry •••
• Impenetrable Defense Forgo attack to add +2 to Defense and no multiple opponent penalty until the third opponent
•• Hand Bind forgo next action to bind up opponents hand
••• Outside Choke if attack successful, begin choking opponent unconscious
•••• Whirl and Thrust ignore up to -2 penalties for targeted attacks, but must forgo Defense
Combat Marksmanship
Arm p210 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Composure •••, Firearms ••
• Shoot First Add Firearms to initiative
•• Tactical Reload Reload as a reflexive action
••• Double Tap May make short bursts with additional firearms
•••• Bayonet Range Ignores target defence even when within melee range
••••• Rapid Fire One additional shot per dot of composure over 2; -1 penalty per additional shot.
Dirty Fighting
Count Dracula *pre: Strength •••, Brawl •••
• Low Blow If Brawl attack has more successes than target's Composure, target loses next action
•• Shank Can use Brawl instead of Weaponry for small improvised weapons
••• Suck it Up Spend 1 Willpower to ignore wound penalties for a scene
•••• One or a Dozen, It Don't Matter Bonus of n-1 to Defense when fighting n opponents. Can spend m Willpower to make simultaneous brawl attacks on m + 1 opponents.
••••• I Said Stay Down! Target must make Stamina roll against successful Low Blow; if roll fails, victim collapses.
Dream Combat
RoS p90 *pre: Wyrd •••, Empathy •••
• Stunning Blow If successes in a single attack targets Wyrd, target loses next action
•• Double Team Do an environmental and personal attack at the same time. The second attack has a -1 penalty.
••• Blind Spot Force opponent to use lowest of finesse as defense or resistance as armor
•••• Wyrd Armor Add Wyrd to highest of finesse as defense and resistance as armor
••••• Coup de Grace When opponents willpower is reduced to 0, you may do one final environmental or personal attack.
Evasive Striking
Reload p65 *pre: Str ••, Dex ••, Sta ••, Brawl ••
• Focused Attack Armor and Called shot penalties are reduced by 1
•• Duck and Weave Use higher of Dexterity or Wits against Brawl attacks
••• Defensive Attack -2 to Attack for +2 Defense
•••• Whirlwind Strike Can make extra Brawl attacks equal to Dexterity-2 on a single target. Each additional attack gets cumulative -1. Cannot use Defense before or after this maneuver.
••••• Destroy Defense Successful Brawl attacks on unarmed target reduces target Defense by 1. Cumulative across successive Brawl attacks to lower of attacker's Wits or Dex.
Arm p210 *pre: Dexterity •••, Weaponry •••
• Thrust +1 to attack rolls
•• Feint Make normal attack, no damage but ignores opponent's defence next attack
••• Riposte Spend WP to dodge then attack at -1, ignoring defence
•••• Moulinet Spend WP, successful attack does additional Dexterity damage
Filipino Martial Arts
Arm p211 *pre: Dexterity •••, Weaponry •••
• Lock and Block Can grapple as a defensive maneuver. Can add Defense to grapple.
•• Disarm If attack roll is equal to or greater than stamina, opponent is disarmed and takes half bashing damage, rounded up.
••• Off-Balancing Attack -2 to attack to give opponent -3 to their next attack
•••• Many-Handed Defence Defense does not lower due to multiple opponents
Formation Tactics
RfR p109 *pre: Strength ••, Stamina •••, Weaponry ••
• Testudinem Formate Move at only half speed and cannot attack, but grants a bonus to defense against ranged weapons for each ally in the formation, to a max of +5
•• Ciringite Frontem Forgo Defense this turn, but can make a special knockback attack with a bonus for each ally in the formation (max +5)
••• Cuneum Formate Can make penalized attacks, but any counterattack is at a penalty proportional to the number of allies in the formation (max +5)
•••• Orbem Formate Can form a defensive formation around a person or thing, granting a bonus to defense for each ally in the formation (max +5)
••••• Contendite Vestra Sponte Costs a willpower point to use, but launches an attack that if successful causes an automatic point of lethal damage for each ally in the formation (max +5).
Frenzied Assault
Slash p128 *pre: Strength •••, Stamina •••, Intimidation ••, Weaponry ••
• Bestial Instinct Substitute Weaponry for Composure for determining Initiative
•• Terrorize Strength+Intimidation versus Resolve+Composure to remove defense
••• Hard to Kill Gain 2 extra Health boxes while in combat, doesn't roll for unconsciousness until Rightmost box is filled with Lethal
•••• Savage Rending Lose Defense and Reduce called shot penalties on body parts by 2. If dealing 5 or more lethal damage on a limb, it's severed
••••• Trance of Death Spend 1wp to gain rote-action on attack rolls
AA p50, Reload p67 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••, Brawl ••
• Sprawl subtract higher of Strength+1 or Dexterity+1 from overpower attempts
•• Takedown/Throw instead of grappling, force opponent prone while still standing
••• Chokehold impose cumulative -1/turn penalty on opponents actions while choking
•••• Submission Hold inflict lethal/bashing when performing overpower
RfR p109 *pre: Presence ••, Strength •••, Weaponry •••
• Stunning Attack Makes a loud and powerful attack, if successes exceed the target's composure they lose their next action.
•• Weapon Slap Make an attack that inflicts no damage, but the target loses their defense against the next incoming attack.
••• Lethal Accuracy Any attack with lethal weapons gain armor piercing, and the penalty to hit specific targets is reduced.
•••• Brutal Sacrifice In exchange for a point of willpower, make an attack that leaves a weapon embedded in the victim's body, inflicting a penalty to all actions, and causing further damage upon removal.
Hedge Duelist
RoS p91 *pre: Wyrd •••
• Quick Count +2 to initiative when beginning a hedge duel
•• Cruel Blow add yours or your opponents empathy (whichever is higher) to your manipulation + Subterfuge rolls against targets clarity
••• Briar Bite spend a point of glamour to lower your opponents wyrd by 2 when being used to defend against attacks from the hedge
•••• No Mercy each successive attack inflicts a -1 penalty, additional derangements. Sin against Clarity 7.
••••• Hedge Wrath spend a point of willpower to enhance any attack made by reshaping the hedge if exceptional the attack does aggravated damage
Iaido (Armed Defensive Striking)
Reload p76 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Composure •••, Weaponry •••, Quick Draw
• Tsuki Kage (Draw and Cut) Add Weaponry to Initiative in any turn that starts with the weapon sheathed
•• Zanshin (Awareness) +2 to avoid ambush. A total of +4 with Danger Sense
••• Tachi-Sabaki (Movement of the Sword) Add Weaponry to defense while making a dodge action (Stacks with Weaponry Dodge)
•••• Kan Ken no Metsuke (Seeing with Eyes and Mind) If the initiative is a tie, the practitioner acts first.
••••• Uke Nagashi (Catch and Slide Off) Counter attack while making a dodge action
Alternative Iaido
••••• Muso Ken (No-though Sword) Make a reflexive counter-attack when attacked by surpise
Reload p107 *pre: Dexterity ••, Wits ••, Athletics ••, Brawl ••
• Ukemi (Recieving) Stand up as a reflexive action
•• Naga-waza (Throwing Techniques) Can chose to not go prone in a grapple, but inflicts bashing if he does. Also, +1 Equipment bonus if target wears lots of clothes
••• Sutemi-waza (Sacrifice Techniques) Add Athletics instead of +2 when using and All-Out Attack
••••Renzoku-waza (Combination Techniques) Perform multiple grapples per turn
••••• Tokui-waza (Favorite Techniques) Add Athletics as automatic successus during specific situations
Improvised Weaponry
MR p57 *pre: Wits •••, Weaponry •
• Always Armed make a reflexive Wits + Weaponry roll to grab a 1L, Size 1, Durability 2 improvised weapon
•• In Harm's Way when using an improvised weapon, treat Structure as Armor to parry incoming Brawl or Weaponry attacks
••• Breaking Point when using an improvised weapon, exchange Structure for bonus to a single strike
Arm p211 *pre: Dexterity •••, Weaponry •••
• Kaburi gain +1 to attack rolls on overhead attacks
•• Kiai Make normal attack, no damage but ignores opponent's defence next attack, must shout loudly
••• Uchiotoshi Waza Spend WP, may parry then attack at -1, ignoring defence
•••• Nidan Waza Spend WP, successful attack does additional Dexterity damage
Krav Maga (Unarmed Defensive Striking)
Reload p79 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Wits •••, Brawl •••, Brawling Dodge
• Immediate Defense Add Brawl to initiative when fightning an armed opponent
•• Disarming Defense Disarm and take control of the weapon
••• Impenetrable Defense Spend willpower to add Brawl to defense against a single attack
•••• The First Moment If the initiative is a tie, the practitioner acts first.
••••• Finishing the Fight Counter attack during a dodge action if attacker failed to hit
Kung Fu
WoD p111 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina••, Brawl••
• Focused Attack Armor and Called shot penalties are reduced by 1
•• Iron Skin Has Armor of 1 against Bashing attacks
••• Defensive Attack -2 to Attack for +2 Defense
•••• Whirlwind Strike Can make extra Brawl attacks equal to Dexterity-2 on a single target. Each additional attack gets cumulative -1. Cannot use Defense before or after this maneuver.
••••• Lethal Strike Spend WP, Brawl attacks deal Lethal
Langschwert (Heavy Sword)
Reload p83 *pre: Strength •••, Weaponry •••
• Wards +1 Defense while wielding a Heavy sword
•• Fool's Guard Instead of defense, roll to reduce amount of damage taken
••• Half Sword Take a penalty to add +2 to total damage
•••• Doubling Cut Make two attacks, lose defense
••••• Wrathful Cut Add weaponry instead of +2 when making an All-Out Attack
MAC (Modern Army Combatives)
DoW p38 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••, Brawl ••
• Tactician's Sense determine Initiative modifiers of all combatants reflexively
•• Atemi Attack ignore 1 point of Armor per dot in this style when making a Brawl or Weaponry attack
••• Forearm Choke with grapple, choke out opponent on successive turns
•••• Bullring defense applies fully against all hand-to-hand opponents
••••• Lethal Strike spend 1 Willpower to make Brawl attacks do Lethal damage for a turn
Multi-Limbed Combat
Pandora's Book 50 *pre: three or more arms; Brawl •• or Weaponry ••, Dexterity •••, Athletics •••
• Outnumbered For every limb over two, opponent's defense reduced by one.
•• Manhandle While in a grapple, for each limb over two, can make an overpower maneuver that does not immobilize
••• Protected Attack Can dodge and attack with one action; does not stack with Bountiful Blows
•••• Bountiful Blows For each limb over two or each weapon wielded, can make an extra attack with a cumulative penalty.
Muay Thai
Reload p110 *pre: Str •••, Sta ••, Brawl ••
• Cut Kick kick deals 1 less damage, but reduces victim's speed by 1
•• Iron Skin Has Armor of 1 against Bashing attacks
••• Combination Blows Can make two brawl attacks against the same target with a -1 to the second attack. Cannot use defense before or after attack
•••• Thai Clinch add Dexterity to attack pool for successful grapple + damage Combination Blows
••••• Brutal Blow or Lethal Strike Spend WP, Brawl attacks deal Lethal
Police Tactics
13P p81, Tribes p36 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••, Brawl ••, Weaponry •
• Compliance Hold during Grapple, gain +2 to disarm or overpower
•• Weapon Retention during Grapple, opponent must score more success than your Weaponry to "disarm" or "turn drawn weapon" against you
••• Speed Cuff during Grapple, may place cuff on one wrist, with exceptional success, both wrists
Qinna (Controls)
Reload p88 *pre: Dexterity •••, Brawl ••
• Standing Control An Overpowering maneuver that forces the opponent to accompany the practitioner
•• Misplacing the Bones Chance of breaking a limb for additional damage and effect
••• Grabbing the muscles Treat the defenders strength as 2 dots lower when making an overpowering maneuver
•••• Sealing the Breath Use pressure points to inflict dice penalties
••••• Disrupting the Veins Inflict lethal in a grapple
Shurikenjutsu (Thrown Dart)
Reload p104 *pre: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••
• Ma-ai (Distance) Double range for throwing weapons
•• Kakushi-Buki (Hidden Weapons) No need for an action to draw a prepared throwing weapon
••• Choku Da-Ho (Direct Hit Method) Add Strength when attacking with a throwing weapon
•••• Ikki Gokken (Five Blades in One Breath) Perform multiple attacks
Arm p212 *pre: Dexterity •••, Resolve •••, Firearms •••, Stealth ••
• On Scope Max aiming bonus is Composure+1 for semi-auto and auto rifles, Composure+2 for all other rifles. Receives +2 Perception when using long rage sights
•• Battlesight Zero Double attacks from Sights bonus; attacks with this bonus have short range of 5 times Wits
••• Focused Shot When aiming, ignore penalties up to Resolve
•••• Tactical Intervention When aiming, halve close combat and concealment penalties, rounded down
••••• One Shot, One Kill Spend WP to add Damage rating to successes instead of extra die
Sojutsu/Jukendo (Spear/Bayonet)
AA p51, Reload p67 *pre: Strength •••, Dexterity ••, Weaponry •••
• Warding Stance attack first against foes with smaller-Size melee weapons in front
•• Thrust gain 9-Again with spear or bayonet
••• Block and Strike take -2 to attack to receive +2 to Defense
•••• Great Thrust if using All-Out Attack, use dice equal to lower of Strength or Weaponry instead of 2
Spetsnaz Knife Fighting
Arm p213 *pre: Dexterity •••, Weaponry ••
• Anticipate Attack If wielding edged or pointed weapon size 2 or less, substitute Weaponry instead of Composure for Initiative
•• Advantageous Angle Every other attack, opponent gets -1 defense
••• Vital Attack Knife attacks have Armor Piercing 1 and reduce called shot penalties by 1
•••• Slash and Stab Make two attacks. The second attack gets -1. Defense reduced by 1
Staff Fighting
Arm p213 *pre: Strength •••, Dexterity ••, Weaponry ••
• Trip Roll attack versus opponent's Dexterity+Athletics to knockdown and deal 1 Bashing
•• Temple Strike When making a head shot, if damage exceed target's size, target is unconscious
••• Dangerous Radius Spend WP, attacks all targets within range with -1 equal to opponents within range (max -5). Allies hit too
Swarm Tactics
Cart p183 *pre: Status (Carthians) •, Brawl or Weaponry ••, Vampire
• Feint Make a Brawl or Weaponry attack that does no damage, but allows an ally to use Unexpected Strike
•• Unexpected Strike Attack with 9-Again, or 8-Again if the subject has been affected by two or more flanks.
Sword and Shield
Reload p92 *pre: Strength •••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••, Weaponry ••
• Cloak and Dagger Double Structure of improvised shields
•• Shield Bash Use a shield as a weapon
••• The Shielded Strike +1 Defense, and no penalty for using a weapon and a shield
•••• Shield Charge Shield Bash which results in a Knockdown
••••• Stand Strong No reduced defense against cumulative attacks
Tooth and Claw
Rage p103 *pre: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••, Brawl ••, Werewolf
• Hunter's Eye spend a turn observing your opponent to lower his defense for the remainder of the scene
•• Slip Through attack one turn for no damage to null opponents defense from next attack
••• Pounce if you roll more successes than the targets size it is knocked to the ground under you
•••• Fury make a claw and bite attack in the same turn, bite attack gains +1 Drawback: cannot use defense the same turn as maneuver
••••• Throat Tear apply +2 bonus for tooth and claw as automatic successes as opposed to dice roll bonus Drawback: costs 1 willpower
Two Weapons
WoD p112 *pre: Dexterity •••, Weaponry •••
• Whirling Blades When dodging may negate penalties for multiple attacks
•• Deflect and Thrust +2 Defence but -2 to Attack
••• Focused Attack May attack one target twice. -1 on second attack, lose defense.
•••• Fluid Attack May attack two targets. -1 on second attack, lose defense.
WAtP p44 *pre: Dexterity •••, Stamina •• and Brawl •••, Werewolf
• Worry
•• Trip/Bowl-Over
••• Slow the Prey
•••• Joint Attack
Driving Styles ! High Performance
MR p56 *pre: Dexterity •••, Resolve •• and Drive ••
• Speed Demon Maximum Speed is now Safe Speed
•• Smuggler's Turn Roll Dexterity+Drive+Handling to eliminate opponent's handling in pursuit unless they also have this merit
••• Safe Passage Can ignore up to 3 die of hazard penalty
•••• Offensive Driving Spend WP at the beginning of pursuit and reduce car's structure by 2 at the end to halve (round up) opponent's Acceleration and Handling.
Movement Styles
StA p74, Tribes p98 *pre: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••
• Flow When running, you may negate terrain penalties equal to dots in Parkour. Also, may gauge jump distance reflexively
•• Cat Leap When using Dex+Ath to reduce falling damage (WoD pg 179), gain one success. Add dots to max damage reduction possible
••• Wall Run Use Athletics to climb at 10ft+5ft/dot as Instant Action, at a penalty of -1/10ft after the first 10ft
•••• Expert Traceur When making Athletics rolls for running, jumping or climbing, may make a roll using Rote Action at cost of Defense
••••• Freeflow After running for at least a minute or by spending one Willpower, may make any Athletics roll for running, jumping or climbing as Reflexive, rather than Instant Action
BotD p92 *pre: Dexterity •••, Athletics •••
• Sure Footed In enclosed area gain 9-Again to retain balance, ignore penalties to Speed in tight spaces up to Dots
•• Cave Sense Outside of combat can ignore darkness penalties, in combat ignore 1/2 darkness penalties
••• Squeeze Through Can fit through openings as if Size were two lower, can move at full speed in this manner if taking one Lethal damage
•••• Free Climb Roll Wits+Athletics up to Dots times to add successes to Strength+Athletics roll (max +5) to climb any surface
••••• Born to the Cave See perfectly if any light is present at all, can climb any surface that doesn't impose a penalty without a roll, if attached when climbing underground double your defense, take -1 penalty when climbing outdoors
Debate Styles
RfR p108 *pre: Intelligence •••, Academics •
• Reference Declare use at beginning of turn to add a bonus to Integrity for the turn
•• Dilemma Pose a debate attack that contributes no successes toward the final total, but the opponent does not benefit from Integrity on their next defense.
••• Kairos Can switch tactics without increasing the debate target number.
•••• Hyperbaton When defending, can double Integrity and rebutt immediately with a penalized Wits-based reply. Cannot apply Integrity for the remainder of the turn, and counts as a tactics shift if not already using Deft Argument.
••••• Elocutio Costs a point of Willpower to use, but allows a debate attack against any number of simultaneous opponents, with a penalty proportional to the number attacked.
RfR p110 *pre: Presence •••, Expression •
• Ad Captandum Grants a bonus to Presence or Manipulation arguments.
•• Ambiguous Statement Can substitute Manipulation for Integrity until the next turn
••• Synonymia Make a Presence or Manipulation attack at a penalty, but inflict a larger penalty on the victim's next attack.
•••• Apologue After making a Presence or Manipulation attack, can apply full Integrity to all incoming attacks this turn.
••••• Innuendo Costs a willpower point, but may perform a Humiliating Attack without sacrificing Integrity or losing Integrity for the rest of the debate.
FotC p99 *pre: Presence ••, Religion ••, Expression •
• Passionate Apologetic
•• Proof Texts
••• Appeal to Witnesses
•••• Zeugma
Social Styles
Social Maneuvers
NHGF p63 pre: Presence •••, Manipulation •••, one Social Skill at ••••
• Sugar Lips, Honey Tongue target suffers -3 to any further Social resistance rolls
•• Stick and Move spend WP, gain bonus to all Social rolls equal to half the victims Presence
••• New Approach spend WP to force a failed Social contest to be rerolled
•••• Chip Away spend WP, force a -1 penalty to a max of -3 on all Social rolls

Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L