Seemings (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Seeming Affinities Blessing Curse Book
Beasts Those who roamed Faerie under the heart and skin of an animal. CTL 101, WM 15
Den, Fang and Talon, Wild Animal Ken receives 8-Again and a free specialty. Spend Glamour for bonus Presence or Composure dice. -4 untrained penalty to Mental Skills. Intelligence dice pools lose 10-Again.
Darklings Those who knew safety in Faerie by disappearing into darkness. CTL 104, WM 21
Darkness, Shade and Spirit Stealth receives 9-Again. Spend Glamour for bonus Wits, Subterfuge or Stealth dice. -1 penalty to activate Contracts during daytime, -2 under sunlight.
Elementals Those infused with and molded by the materials and environment of Faerie. CTL 108, WM 27
Communion, Elements, Wild Spend Glamour for your Wyrd in temporary Health for a scene. Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion, and Socialize dice pools lose 10-Again.
Fairest Those touched by the heights of Faerie's glory, beauty, and cruelty. CTL 112, WM 35
Reflection, Separation, Vainglory Ignore Social untrained penalties. Spend Glamour for bonus Presence, Manipulation or Persuasion dice. -1 penalty to weather Clarity breaking points.
Ogres Those who endure the marks of blunt brutality. CTL 116, WM 42
Oath and Punishment, Stone Spend Glamour for bonus Strength, Brawl or Intimidation dice. Composure loses 10-Again from dice pools, and suffers -1 as a resistance trait.
Wizened Those worn down by the crafts and labors of their Durance. CTL 120, WM 48
Animation, Artifice, Forge Spend Glamour to gain 9-Again on Dexterity dice pools, or to add Wyrd as a Dodge bonus, for a scene. -2 untrained penalty for Social Skills. Presence dice pools lose 10-Again.