Flaws (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Physical Description Specific To Source
Bad Regeneration Has an injury that did not regenerate properly; has one lower Health and may suffer other penalties. Werewolves Rage p105
Crippled Confined to a wheelchair. Speed is your Strength. Instant to move or -2 on speed and all actions to move. WoD p219
Cumbersome Rather large. No change to size, Stamina cannot go above 3. Must shop in specialty stores for clothing RoS p98
Deformity -2 of social rolls when meeting new people due to disfiguring limbs/scars/blemish WoD p219
Dwarf Size is 4. XP awarded for notable social problems. WoD p219
Hard of Hearing -2 from all hearing perception rolls. WoD p219
Lame Speed factor is 2 due to flaw in legs (artificial, crippled, crutches etc) WoD p219
Mute Cannot speak. WoD p219
No Fangs Does not cause enrapturement when feeding, must render unconscious or subdue victims rather than just bite. Saliva does not heal wounds caused this way. Vampires Mehk p118
One Arm Double time to perform manual tasks. Attempts to do task quickly are at -3 WoD p219
One Eye Ranged attack penalties double. 10-again not re-rolled in driving, 1's subtract. WoD p219
Poor Sense of Smell Suffers a penalty to smell related perception checks. Werewolves Rage p106
Poor Sight -2 to all sight perception tests. WoD p219
Silver Allergy Contact with silver causes some aggravated damage to a Forsaken werewolf. Werewolves Rage p106
Addiction Addicted to a substance. 3 sessions without indulging means its beaten. Indulgence here does not count for Gluttony. WoD p218
Amnesia Memories from past trauma surface unexpectedly. Sporadically forgets allies and enemies from past. WoD p218
Anthropocentric Uncomfortable in wolf forms, preferring to do everything as a normal human. Werewolves Rage p105
Behavior Blind Unable to figure peoples moods and emotions (although Empathy rolls can provide). Cannot detect sarcasm etc. WoD p219
Cannibal A preference rather than addiction to human flesh. RoS p98
Coward Hesitates at dangerous or awkward situations. WoD p219
Forgetful Doesn't forget everything, just small details that make things frustrating, such as names and short term goals. WoD p219
Functional Multiple Personalities Multiple Personality Disorder derangement with a twist: The Changeling has two personalities that don't know the other exists; One sees itself as pure human and rejects the supernatural, the other as his true form, as a Changeling. Changelings CtL p44
Headstrong Often brash, and does not think through their actions. Werewolves Rage p105
Illiterate Might recognize simple words, but has trouble with sentences or books. RoS p98
Impossible Standard Character is held to strict and exacting demands, of which failure has its own consequences. - Ventrue 107
Nightmares Dreams with intensity higher than Res become nightmares, keeping the new Intensity. Alt: Roll Res+Com, failure indicates character does not regain point on nightly Willpower. CtL p193

SpSl p140

Racist/Sexist Has a strong bias against or for a certain social group to the exclusion of others of the same type. WoD p219
Aloof Shy and distant in social situations. Dislikes being the center of attention. WoD p219
Disharmony Had strong religious beliefs that conflict with the principles of Harmony. Werewolves Rage p106
Dishonorably Discharged Can not purchase Allies, Contacts or Status related to Military services and gain effect of the Notoriety Flaw among ex-service members. DoW p40
Embarrassing Secret A secret in the past. XP awarded for keeping it secret at the expense of allies. (If gets out may exchange for Notoriety or other appropriate Flaw) WoD p219
Expectations Has rigid expectations that do not gel well with reality; suffers a social penalty when interacting with others outside of that framework. - Ventrue 107
Fealty The character has a master that makes decisions for her, effectively trading free will for XP. DC p199
Hollywood Syndrome Has telltale markings of werewolves as defined by Hollywood Werewolves Rage p106
Lone Wolf Difficulty interacting with other werewolves. Werewolves Rage p106
Lost Love Had a strong connection to another early in life (or unlife). When triggered by a certain stimulus, suffer a -2 penalty on all rolls until one can escape the situation. Vampires AM p69
Materialist Difficulty interacting with spirits Werewolves Rage p106
Notoriety Inverse of Fame. If recognized, is met with negative reactions from those that would know. WoD p219
Speech Impediment Must be role-played. If forgotten, Storyteller may warn condition is curing. WoD p219
Untrustworthy -2 to Persuasion, Socialize, or any Manipulation test. RoS p98
Abyss-Marked Stained by the Abyss, -2 modifier when hiding from Abyssal creatures, increases risk when summoning Supernal creatures Summ p71
Anachronism Has significant problems handling recent technology. RoS p98
Bad Bargain Made a bad pact with a Spirit, already gained the benefit, but still has to follow through on task (medial obligation). Summ p183
Bad Regeneration Has an injury that did not regenerate properly; has one lower Health and may suffer other penalties. Werewolves Rage p105
Empowered Bane For Key-Initiation Only. A relatively rare substance or combination of common substances does Aggravated when used as a weapon, and has a -2 on Manifestation rolls when on the Sin-Eater or his opponent. Sin-Eaters GtSE p188
Essence Vessel Contains the soul of a powerful spirit or neutral residual Essence, which will release upon the characters death. Receives unwelcome Spirit attention. BoS p111
Glamour Addict As per Addiction, except the substance is Glamour or the act of Harvesting. Changelings RoS p98
Manifest Mien Mien shows through in small ways. It leaves unsettling or lackluster impressions on people, depending on what is least useful to the character at the time. Changelings RoS p98
Mystery Commands If character possess at least (•) in Status: Seers of the Throne and the Dream Merit, they are given cryptic and difficult missions while dreaming. Mages: Seers of the Throne SoT p43
Sluggish Vitae Forced to spend an additional Vitae to wake each evening. Vampires AM p69
Shadow Addiction As per Addiction, but with the added danger that the substance or experience is located in the Shadow. BoS p111
Shadow Aversion Anxious when under the effects of anything linked to the Shadow. -1 to all rolls in extreme situations. BoS p111
Soul-Scarred Lingering injury to soul due to contact with some outer creature. Attracts Acamoth, malevolent ghosts and spirits of negative emotions. Summ p183
True Tongue Can lie, but it is glaringly obvious in both blatant lies and lies of omission that the character is lying. Changelings RoS p98
Word of Life Tummuz Only. A word such as the Hebrew Adam or Emet, is inscribed on the forehead. Provides +1 to Humanity to the maker when creating the Tummuz at Stage 2, and a -1 to effective Azoth for determining a Pandoran. However, should the words be marred to mean something else, the Tummuz drops into a death-like state until rectified. Prometheans SA p41
Weakened Attribute For Key-Initiation Only. A chosen attribute does not have 10-Again, and 1's subtract from successes. Sin-Eaters GtSE 188
Conflicted Werewolves Blood of the Wolf 104
Weak Bloodline This flaw, unique to the Ivory Claw tribe of the Pure, subtracts one dot from their effective Purity for some social purposes. Werewolves The Pure 111