From Codex of Darkness
Contract Cost Dice Pool Loopholes Description Book
Arcadian Contracts
Contracts of the Crown
Hostile Takeover ●● None One of the owner's possessions Declare yourself, and up to your Presence in allies beside you, a rightful guest, unharried by protection from intruders. CTL 2e 128
Beast Guard animals obey you.
Fairest +2 to Clash of Wills against owners of supernatural locations.
Mask of Superiority Presence + Subterfuge + Wyrd Match the dress code Apply your Presence as false Status, convincing others you rank in their organization. CTL 2e 128
Fairest Bypass a Door in Social Maneuvering.
Ogre Apply successes as an Intimidation bonus.
Paralyzing Presence ●● Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Touch a lone target Overwhelm a target with your presence, rendering them Insensate. CTL 2e 129
Darkling You may substitute Manipulation for Presence.
Fairest +3 bonus to activate.
Summon the Loyal Servant None A favor for the source element Conjure a loyal servant from the elements for a scene, like a weak Hedge ghost. CTL 2e 129
Elemental Add Glamour and Willpower to merge with the elemental servant and assume its properties.
Fairest Add Willpower to bind the servant to guard a Hollow indefinitely.
Tumult ●● Presence + Empathy + Wyrd
- Resolve
Plant folding paper on the subject Fold a subject's name to read her weaknesses and spend successes on inflicting disorienting Conditions or specifying conditional triggers. CTL 2e 129
Fairest Read and inflict Inspired, Swooned, and Wanton.
Ogre Read and inflict Bestial, Cowed, and Frightened.
Royal Contracts of the Crown
Discreet Summons ●/●● Manipulation + Persuasion + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
From an enemy's holdings, or for good payment For one scene, draw out a desired Size 1 object or, with two Glamour, invite a hobgoblin to perform a task. CTL 2e 130
Darkling Draw the summons out of shadows.
Fairest Hobs serve until the next sunrise or sunset.
Mastermind's Gambit ●● None Using 50 year old paper Dramatically monologue a +5 plan into existence for a session. CTL 2e 130
Elemental Add Willpower to preserve the plan for a story and expand its bonus to a Mental Specialty.
Fairest You may conjure an organization instead of a plan.
Pipes of the Beastcaller Manipulation + Animal Ken + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Composure
A fluting dance Summon and command animals of a given species with a silver flute. CTL 2e 131
Beast Monitor and command the animals from a distance.
Fairest Add Glamour to affect a second species.
The Royal Court ●●●○ None A five-minute speech Forbid violence from breaking out in a mediated gathering. CTL 2e 131
Fairest Social violence is also forbidden.
Wizened Mental violence is also forbidden.
Spinning Wheel ●●●○ Intelligence + Occult + Wyrd
- Resolve
Prick and draw blood Destine a subject for a certain circumstance or encounter, applying successes as bonuses to approach that destiny or penalties to avoid it. CTL 2e 132
Fairest Take +3 and Inspired to destine positive circumstances.
Ogre Take +3 and Steadfast to destine negative circumstances.
Contracts of Jewels
Blessing of Perfection ●● None Bury charged payment Bless and encourage an object or a Computer, Crafts or Medicine task, substituting your Wyrd as the equipment or Skill dice. CTL 2e 132
Fairest Bless an Expression, Persuasion or Socialize task.
Wizened Blessing lasts for a scene.
Changing Fortunes ●● Wits + Occult + Wyrd
- Resolve
Dramatic failure Whisper tales to curse or bless a subject's next action, by a two-dice modifier or one-success exceptional threshold shift per success. May target a given subject once per session. CTL 2e 132
Ogre Curses inflict Shaken when the same dice pool is rolled, until next sunrise or sunset.
Wizened You may choose to force a reroll.
Light-Shy None A minute still in darkness Fade from conscious notice while your actions remain subtle and you inflict no harm or magic. CTL 2e 133
Darkling Fade from even inanimate detection.
Wizened You may target an object.
Murkblur Manipulation + Subterfuge + Wyrd
vs Wits + Tolerance
Eat an eye Blind a target with fantastic distractions for a turn. CTL 2e 133
Elemental You may instead convince the target they are immersed in a chosen element, suffering any appropriate Tilt.
Wizened Also inflict Disoriented.
Trivial Reworking None Touch something similar to your chosen Mask Mask an object up to Size 3. CTL 2e 133
Darkling Penalize attempts to detect forgery by your Manipulation.
Wizened Mask an object of any Size.
Royal Contracts of Jewels
Changeling Hours ●, ●/5 Size None Name a past owner of the object Grasp and push an object's time, reversing or accelerating its aging or freezing it in place. CTL 2e 134
Elemental Push your associated element's time.
Wizened Spend Willpower to freeze permanently.
Dance of the Toys ●● Manipulation + Crafts + Wyrd Command the device by name Operate a mechanical device at will. CTL 2e 134
Beast Gift the device with basic intelligence.
Wizened Cause the device to move beyond its own power, at your Wyrd in Speed.
Hidden Reality None A show of searching and finding the feature Temporarily realize possible imagined features of your surroundings. CTL 2e 134
Fairest Contest Manipulation + Subterfuge + Wyrd vs Resolve + Tolerance to reimagine a person's Anchors instead.
Wizened Add Glamour to instead discover possible objects present.
Stealing the Solid Reflection ●○ Strength + Larceny + Wyrd A remark of indebtedness from the owner Pull an object's mundane reflection out of a reflective surface. CTL 2e 135
Fairest Pull a person's reflection out as a friendly duplicate with some strange telltale mark.
Wizened Add Glamour to retain supernatural qualities in the reflection.
Tatterdemalion's Workshop ●● None Glasses and archaic tools Jury-rig anything up to Size 5 with no tools and only vaguely associated materials, applying half Wyrd (rounded up) as a crafting bonus. CTL 2e 135
Ogre Hammer even inappropriate materials into shape.
Wizened Jury-rig projects of any Size.
Contracts of the Mirror
Glimpse of a Distant Mirror None Using an enemy's mirror Use a reflective surface as a window to look out another surface that has reflected your face CTL 2e 136
Beast Look out surfaces reflecting someone who has sworn a promise to you or invoked your name
Darkling Hear through the window, and you may choose to make it two-way.
Know the Competition Manipulation + Socialize + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Challenged by the subject Play a game to observe a competitor's Anchors and one Aspiration CTL 2e 136
Beast Until dawn, reflect on the competitor as an instant action once to know where he is, what he's doing, and when he plans to leave.
Darkling Observe up to your Wyrd in competitors.
Portents and Visions Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Tear up their picture Enter a glossolalic trance to glimpse an important event in the past or present of a visible subject. CTL 2e 137
Darkling You may choose to witness a past transgression and inflict Guilty.
Elemental You may choose to predict a violent event and confer the benefits of the Giant Merit should it play out.
Read Lucidity Manipulation + Empathy + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Skin contact Intuit a character's Clarity and any Clarity Conditions. CTL 2e 137
Beast You may use an exceptional success as a dice pool to attack Clarity.
Darkling You may use an exceptional success to confer your Wits as Defense against the subject's next suffered Clarity attack this session.
Walls Have Ears ●/secret None Mortal witnesses hear your secret Share secrets with an object to learn how it was constructed and how to repair or destroy it, how to best use it, or what was happening when it was last touched. CTL 2e 138
Darkling Become Informed about the object's owner, or last owner besides you.
Wizened Add Glamour to glimpse particular other circumstances around the object.
Royal Contracts of the Mirror
Props and Scenery ●○ Manipulation + Persuasion + Wyrd Within plain sight of others, but no one sees you at the moment. Copy the form of a present object up to your Size, adding extra bonuses with successes. CTL 2e 138
Darkling Remain transformed until the next sunrise or sunset.
Ogre Copy objects up to twice your Size.
Reflections of the Past ● to ●●●●● Intelligence + Occult + Wyrd Spill blood from lethal damage Rewind a reflective surface to watch a reflected scene from a specified time, ranging in Glamour cost from a week ago to a decade ago. CTL 2e 138
Darkling You may ken the reflected past event.
Fairest You may inflict Leveraged upon one of the reflected characters.
Riddle-Kith Manipulation + Larceny + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Give a gift to someone of the imitated kith Remold a changeling's fae mien into that of another kith. Face a breaking point with 3 dice upon an unwilling subject. CTL 2e 139
Darkling You may replace the subject's kith blessing.
Elemental You may also alter the subject's apparent seeming.
Skinmask ●● None One of the model's possessions Recite three details about a mortal or Masked being to copy their appearance with your Mask (and your mien if appropriate). CTL 2e 139
Darkling You may purchase the Alternate Identity Merit for one guise, and adopt it reflexively for one Glamour.
Fairest +3 to mimic the subject by intuition about their ways.
Unravel the Tapestry ●●○ Wits + Occult + Wyrd A new debt unpaid Replay the last ten seconds or combat round, with the actions of others unchanged. Once per story, reflexively activate when killed. CTL 2e 139
Darkling Move up to your Stealth in yards before time resumes.
Wizened You may make a surprise attack against one character.
Contracts of the Shield
Cloak of Night None Wear black While sneaking in dim light without drawing attention actively, add half Wyrd (rounded up) to Stealth rolls. You and up to your Dexterity in allies may take a reflexive Stealth action each turn, and your Stealth actions conceal your allies. CTL 2e 140
Darkling You may act and draw attention without ending the Contract.
Ogre You may substitute Stamina for Dexterity.
Fae Cunning ●● None Challenge to a duel Retain Defense against Firearms and surprise attacks. Successful Dodges may redirect attacks, automatically succeeding by your Presence. CTL 2e 140
Elemental Add Resolve as an Initiative and Speed bonus.
Ogre Damage mundane weapons that strike you by your Stamina.
Shared Burden ●● None Skin from the assailant Shed blood on a subject, suffering resistant lethal damage to heal them at a 1:2 point ratio, healing bashing before lethal. CTL 2e 140
Ogre Heal at a 1:3 point ratio.
Wizened Heal lethal damage before bashing.
Thorns and Brambles ●● None Strew Hedge thorns behind you Thorns emerge around you, either draining Glamour from those who move quickly through them, forcing a Dexterity + Athletics roll to avoid being Immobilized, or attacking with your Wyrd as a dice pool. CTL 2e 141
Darkling Absorb drained Glamour.
Ogre Penalize Athletics rolls by your Strength.
Trapdoor Spider's Trick ●(○) None Lure an enemy through the passage Cause an open passage to appear sealed for a scene, or with Willpower, until dawn or dusk. CTL 2e 142
Ogre Allies may see through the illusion.
Wizened Force a Clash of Wills to breach the illusion with supernatural senses.
Royal Contracts of the Shield
Fortifying Presence ●● Presence + Empathy + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Profess friendship Heal two mild Clarity damage, or one severe, through one-on-one interaction with a subject. CTL 2e 142
Fairest Confer your Presence as bonus Defense against the subject's next Clarity attack suffered in the story.
Ogre You may instead make a Clarity attack with Empathy, preventing you from ever healing the subject with this Contract.
Hedgewall ●●○ Intelligence + Survival + Wyrd Plant a seed from the Hedge Surround yourself with a fortress of thorns for (10 × Wyrd) yards, conferring substantial concealment from ranged attacks and inflicting lethal damage when climbed. CTL 2e 142
Beast Enemies in the fort take -2 to Resolve.
Ogre Lasts until next sunrise or sunset.
Pure Clarity ●●○ Resolve + Composure + Wyrd Wear a gauntlet and silk glove Steel yourself to shrug off one breaking point caused by your actions within a scene. CTL 2e 143
Fairest You may shrug off breaking points independent of your actions.
Ogre You may instead shield an ally from a breaking point.
Vow of No Compromise ●○ None Destroy a symbol of the Gentry Touch a subject and become Stoic to downgrade a point of aggravated damage. CTL 2e 143
Ogre Become Inspired to seek vengeance.
Elemental Treat the immersion of your associated element as a touch.
Whispers of Morning ●● None Unarmed and unarmored Become insubstantial like a Hedge ghost. CTL 2e 143
Ogre Carry a subject with you. If unwilling, contest Presence + Occult + Wyrd vs Stamina + Tolerance.
Wizened Pick Size 1 objects up to dissolve them with you. You may choose to materialize them when setting them down.
Contracts of the Steed
Boon of the Scuttling Spider None Swallow a spider Cross walls, ceilings, and treacherous terrain freely. CTL 2e 144
Beast Successful grapples may restrain like exceptional successes.
Darkling +2 to Stealth when crossing.
Dreamsteps Intelligence + Empathy + Wyrd
vs Fortification
A childhood comfort of yours or your Touchstone's Touch a sleeper and enter their dream in Dream Form. CTL 2e 144
Beast Adopt an observed nightmare as your mien and inflict Spooked on the dreamer within the chapter.
Fairest Become Informed about the dreamer's inner life.
Nevertread None Leave a calling card somewhere Supernaturally conceal your tracks. CTL 2e 144
Beast Also conceal the tracks of allies up to twice your Stealth.
Wizened Trap your hidden tracks like a Safe Place with a rating of your Dexterity.
Pathfinder None Prick yourself on the thorns Dowse your way to a given feature of the Hedge. CTL 2e 144
Beast Intuit the presence and hostility of Hedge locals.
Wizened Identify found goblin fruit and whether they are safe to eat.
Seven-League Leap None Boots newly stolen from an enemy Clear (10 × Wyrd) yards with a Strength + Athletics leap. CTL 2e 145
Beast +10 Speed for a scene, and in a foot chase, take the Edge.
Ogre Leap as an unarmed attack at +2, inflicting Knocked Down.
Royal Contracts of the Steed
Chrysalis ●● None Near the chosen animal in its habitat Transform into one of two Size 1-7 animals chosen when you buy this Contract, able to communicate with fellow such animals. CTL 2e 145
Beast Choose another two animal forms.
Ogre Choose animals up to Size 15.
Flickering Hours ●(○) Wits + Occult + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Smash an antique timepiece Individually half or double the rate of time through the Hedge for yourself, or with Willpower, fellow travellers or pursuers. Until next sunrise or sunset, confer the Edge and the Fleet of Foot Merit with a rating of your Wyrd on quickened beneficiaries. Roll only if contested. CTL 2e 146
Beast When you spend Willpower, you may include subjects later encountered along the way.
Elemental Inflict the effects of the Ice Tilt to traverse your wake, reskinned for your appropriate element.
Leaping Toward Nightfall ●●●○ Intelligence + Occult + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
A piece of the Hedge Push a character or object up to Size 10 forward in time with a riddle for a set duration up to your successes in days. CTL 2e 146
Beast You may inflict Disoriented for a scene when the target reappears.
Darkling Erase the scene from which the target was pushed from their memory.
Mirror Walk ●○ Wits + Survival + Wyrd The name of someone reflected on the other side Reach or travel through reflective surfaces, into one nearby and out one you have touched before. CTL 2e 146
Beast You may remain in the reflected world without exiting, at +2 to navigate.
Elemental Exit invisible for your successes in minutes.
Talon and Wing ●/effect None Eat a piece of the chosen animal Gain the +10 Speed, the +3 perception senses, and/or the upgraded unarmed damage of a chosen animal. CTL 2e 147
Beast Ignore fatigue.
Darkling Add Glamour to develop a grave Poison with your Wyrd in Toxicity.
Contracts of the Sword
Elemental Weapon ●● Presence + Survival + Wyrd Perform a trick with the element Fashion an archaic weapon from the elements, applying successes to increase weapon rating or range or reduce Initiative penalty. CTL 2e 147
Darkling Shadow weapons may blind instead of damaging.
Elemental Wield a weapon of the appropriate element and contest Presence + Intimidation vs Stamina + Tolerance to stun a foe.
Might of the Terrible Brute ●● None Fight multiple opponents at once Add a grapple maneuver to steal the opponent's Strength, immobilizing them when emptied. CTL 2e 148
Beast The maneuver may steal Dexterity instead.
Elemental Gain the benefits of the Giant Merit.
Overpowering Dread Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
In shadow Frighten a subject into fleeing. CTL 2e 148
Elemental Contest two subjects at once.
Fairest Console and take advantage of the subject's fear to instead inflict Swooned.
Primal Glory ●● None Ingest the element Embrace an element as 1/1 Armor that deals lethal damage in close contact. Suffer no damage from the element as it is, and half magical damage from it. CTL 2e 148
Elemental Extend damage from the appropriate element for your Wyrd in yards.
Ogre Suffer no damage from even magical forms of the element.
Touch of Wrath Intelligence + Crafts + Wyrd Leave a handprint Cause Structure damage to an object with touch and threats. CTL 2e 148
Elemental Double damage against natural materials.
Wizened Harm the object with a gaze.
Royal Contracts of the Sword
Elemental Fury ●/Tilt (●/+20 yds) None Rage and rave Conjure Environmental Tilts from the elements. CTL 2e 149
Elemental Inflict your Presence in bashing damage within the area.
Fairest The Tilts stay their hand against your allies.
Oathbreaker's Punishment ●● Wits + Empathy + Wyrd
- Composure
Promisesworn to you Intuit the most serious promise a person has broken without making amends. You may harrow the person within the fortnight with a waking nightmare for each success. CTL 2e 149
Elemental Expose the subject's guilt, inflicting Notoriety.
Wizened Know the details of the breaking of the promise.
Red Revenge ●●● None Avenging a friend Go Berserk. Take 3/3 Armor and +3 to Initiative, Intimidation, and Physical dice pools. CTL 2e 149
Elemental Close combat attacks gain a +1 weapon bonus.
Ogre Your strikes Knock Down.
Relentless Pursuit ●● None Old running shoes Name your quarry to intuit their direction, distance, and dimension from you until next sunrise or sunset. CTL 2e 150
Beast Envision your quarry's current situation.
Elemental Add Glamour when the sun reaches the horizon to reset the Contract's duration and add a cumulative +1 to pursue.
Thief of Reason ●○ Presence + Subterfuge + Wyrd
- Resolve
Victim expresses doubt in their sanity Roll successes as a Clarity attack, or an attack to temporarily reduce another stability trait. The attack also saps Willpower. Suffer a breaking point at 4 dice. CTL 2e 150
Beast You may contest Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance to provoke a Fugue in the victim.
Fairest Add Glamour to name a conditional trigger that hangs for a day.
Contracts of Chalice
Filling the Cup None Speak current emotion for all to hear Identify people feeling powerful emotions within (Wyrd x 40)m radius. K&K 34
Beast Identify specific people by feeling alone if other contracts have already been applied.
Fairest Pick out anyone feeling strong emotions about the Fairest.
Frail as the Dying Word Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Caster has experienced the frailty within the same scene Inflict own minor frailty onto target, or major frailty if target already has it. K&K 35
Fairest Inflict frailty from any fae present rather than own.
Darkling Pay additional Glamour to transfer frailty rather than sharing it.
Sleep’s Sweet Embrace ●●○ Manipulation + Expression + Wyrd
- Resolve
Make a sleepy drink that target drinks within the scene. With a touch, the target does not dream for nights/successes. Accelerated Lethal healing, but don't regain Willpower and immune to oneiromancy. K&K 35
Beast Add two days to the duration.
Darkling Target appears dead while asleep, clash of wills to perceive they are alive.
Curse’s Cure Intelligence + Medicine + Wyrd Changeling tastes the toxin they intend to cure. Drink potion to heal from poison more quickly or survive a deadly poison. K&K 36
Beast Inflict the moderate Poisoned Tilt in a grapple move by biting the target.
Wizened Reduce severity of a disease or end the effects of a drug in the target's system.
Dreamer’s Phalanx ● + ●/subject beyond 2nd None All participants are part of the same sworn Oath. Connect Bastions of all participating dreamers, creating shared Bastion with greater fortifications and 8-again on teamwork oneiromancy. K&K 36
Beast Participants get +2 to actions contested by external intruders.
Wizened Teamwork actions are exceptional at 3 successes within shared or individual Bastions.
Royal Contracts of Chalice
Closing Death’s Door ●●●○ Manipulation + Empathy + Wyrd The Changeling tries to revive a Touchstone, or someone they share an oath with. Revive a corpse that has died within 1 chapter of the scene, gaining Goblin Debt/hours dead. K&K 36
Darkling Gain a vision of their last moments before death.
Fairest Revived character gains the Swooned Condition.
Feast of Plenty ●● Presence + Socialize + Wyrd Greet everyone present by name and welcoming gesture. Summon a feast that removes physical Conditions or Tilts and replenishes Willpower. Participants gain the Indebted Condition. K&K 37
Elemental Anyone perceiving the feast rolls Composure + Wyrd to resist partaking.
Ogre Participants gain +1 Defense for the chapter.
Still Waters Run Deep ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Wyrd
- Resolve
Changeling writes a paragraph about their emotions and seals it in a bottle. Suppress a number of emotional Conditions equal to successes. Target cannot perform Hedgespinning, dreamweaving, incite Bedlam or harvest Glamour while under the effect. K&K 38
Wizened Can suppress emotional or mental Conditions.
Ogre Can resolve one of the target's suppressed Conditions and gain the Beat instead.
Poison the Well Manipulation + Expression + Wyrd
- Resolve + Tolerance
The Changeling personally influences or sabotages the target Merit. Remove access to mundane Social Merits for the duration; merits turn against the target as if betrayed. If in the Hedge, can target some fae merits. K&K 38
Fairest Gain access to the Merit targeted for the duration.
Elemental Merit returns at rate of one dot per scene rather than at once.
Shared Cup ● + ●/subject beyond 2nd Presence + Occult + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Consume small part of body such as nail clipping from all participants. Sharing a meal binds participants, lowering exceptional threshold for Hedgespinning and Bedlam, empathically linking them and sharing WP and Glamour refreshes. K&K 39
Darkling Pay 1 Glamour to cut self off from the others and resist the effects.
Fairest All participants suffer the Swooned Condition.
Contracts of Coin
Book of Black and Red Wits + Academics + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
The target lets the Changeling examine their records in the scene. Learn 5 most significant debts and sworn obligations of a target, whether mundane or magical. Exploiting knowledge is at +2; target takes the Leveraged Condition. K&K 39
Darkling Choose a non-magical debt and make the target owe the Changeling instead.
Wizened Only three successes needed to exploit knowledge to influence target's debts.
Give and Take ●/●● None Changeling and target exchange physical gifts they haven't given each other before. Choose number of points up to half Wyrd from Glamour, Willpower or personal merits. Exchange these with the target. K&K 40
Ogre Trade points of mild Clarity damage as well.
Wizened Exchange doesn't have to be equal, but target must still consent.
Beggar Knight ●● Manipulation + Academics + Wyrd
- Composure
The victim benefited from other people's hard work during the scene. Curse a victim to lose equipment bonuses, resources or teamwork bonuses if these were not personally created by the target. K&K 40
Elemental Mundane belongings the victim did not make also degrade.
Wizened Payments given to others also degrade, denying anyone else access to their Resource dots.
Coin Mark None Permanently mark object with own name. Enchant a small object to know its location respective to hers, sensing when it changes hands and learning the identity of the owner. Inflict Avarice by spending additional Glamour. K&K 41
Beast Give Apprehensive Condition instead of Avarice.
Wizened Snap fingers and make the object return to their possession.
Grease the Wheels Presence + Persuasion + Wyrd The target accepts a bribe or gift from the changeling. Interact with member of organisation or bureaucracy to resolve issues with no difficulties and extremely fast, even if not physically possible. K&K 41
Darkling Interactions are traceless unless convenient for the Darkling.
Fairest Gain the Connected Condition regarding the organisation.
Royal Contracts of Coin
Blood Debt ●● None The changeling wears jewelry or other accessories that freshly pierce the skin. Inflict variable points of lethal damage to someone who inflicts L/Agg/Clarity damage. K&K 42
Elemental Baseline is two Lethal, rather than one.
Ogre Protection extended to all allies as long as Changeling is conscious.
Exchange of Gilded Contracts ●●● None Wear reasonably convincing masks of each other. Exchange a common Contract with a consenting target. K&K 42
Darkling Exploit loophole on the traded Contract.
Ogre Changeling does not lose access to their borrowed Contract, being able to use both.
Golden Promise ●● Presence + Socialize + Wyrd
- Availability
Changeling arrives on the scene with a display of ostentatious wealth. Reduce Availability of single service by number of successes rolled. K&K 38
Fairest Split successes between multiple services.
Wizened Gain a +1 equipment bonus for acquired service.
Grand Revel of the Harvest ●●●○ None The Changeling supplies a banquet large enough for everyone and also partakes. Enhance the senses; anyone engaging in celebration needs only 3 successes on Social rolls for exceptional success, as well as additional Willpower and Clarity gain. K&K 43
Beast All partiers gain +2 bonus to Physical rolls to celebrate.
Fairest Social manouvering attitudes improve by two steps rather than one.
Thirty Pieces ●●● Wits + Empathy + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Target accepted payment from the changeling to betray their fellows, even if they don't intend to follow through. Name an action that the target will take that will betray the target's allies, friends or cause; the target will do it and gain the Guilty Condition after. K&K 44
Darkling Target also gains the Notoriety Condition.
Elemental Safeguards or defenses that could have prevented the treachery will fail.
Contracts of Scepter
Burning Ambition None Changeling totally burns a symbol of an obligation they have to someone else. Gain an additional Aspiration that acts as a True Fae's Craving (Changeling p269). Gain WP equal to Wyrd as well as a Beat but also the Competitive Condition. K&K 44
Beast Consume the object of the craving to regain all WP.
Fairest If the craving is another character, that character suffers the Swooned Condition.
Jealous Vengeance Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Changeling has already caused target to gain Oathbreaker Condition in this scene Give target a task; if the target fails to perform the task they suffer a temporary Condition. Besting the changeling in a contested action resolves the Condition. K&K 44
Elemental Improves list of choosable Conditions
Ogre Achieve exceptional success on this activation roll at a 3
Litany of Rivals ●● Intelligence + Occult + Wyrd Changeling throws a tantrum in front of people not in their motley Name an Aspiration; successes grant various information about someone who would prevent the Aspiration from being fulfilled. K&K 45
Beast Spend additional Glamour to track a rival's location.
Ogre Roll Manipulation + Intimidation vs Resolve + Empathy to inflict Paranoid on the target
Knight's Oath ●● None Anoint Knight with own blood (1L) Choose one non-changeling; they gain bonuses to Initiative, Defense, and Social rolls done in the Changeling's name and suffer consequences for disobeying or betraying the Changeling. K&K 45
Darkling Know the location and emotions of the target at the moment they betray.
Fairest Affect targets up to Wyrd.
Unmask the Dark Horse ●● Presence + Persuasion + Wyrd vs Composure + Tolerance Invoke the Contract in front of the target's loved ones. Learn someone's short-term Aspirations, inflicting Competitive until they win a contested competition against the changeling. K&K 46
Fairest Target's competitions are viewable in real time within five miles.
Beast Inflict Notoriety when defeating the target.
Royal Contracts of Scepter
A Benevolent Hand None Give up something significant. Act of charity to improve Impression in Social maneuvering, gaining temporary Allies. K&K 46
Elemental Two dots of Allies gained instead of one.
Wizened Gain Resources instead of Allies.
Fake It ‘Til You Make It ●● Presence + Persuasion + Wyrd
- Resolve
Use an actual scepter while pontificating. Make a proclamation and Hedgespin the mundane world. Breaking point of 4 dice. K&K 46
Fairest A witness believes the false world and takes the Delusional Condition.
Wizened Reduce cost of shifts for human-made inanimate objects of structures.
Tempter's Quest ●○ Presence + Persuasion + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Provide the quester with useful provisions. Task a subject with a quest, giving them the Obsessed Condition and replacing one of their Aspirations. If the Changeling doesn't provide the agreed-upon reward, they become Leveraged and an Oathbreaker. K&K 47
Darkling Can evade the Leveraged Condition through a Manipulation + Larceny + Wyrd roll.
Fairest Issue the quest to subjects up to half their Wyrd.
Curse of Hidden Strings ●● Manipulation + Larceny + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Changeling knowingly breaks a pledge or agreement of her own in the scene. The Lost tears up an item bearing the target's signature and compels the target to temporarily forget about a pledge, obligation or debt they have to someone else. K&K 48
Fairest Target number of characters up to Wyrd so long as they all have the same obligation.
Wizened Make the target think they are the target of the obligation, rather than forgetting it.
Spare Not the Rod None Craft a tiny representation of the scepter from precious metal, and break it in half. Craft a literal scepter out of pure Glamour: melee weapon of 0B, spend 1 Glamour per turn to use it as a 0L ranged weapon. Can Intimidate and Demoralize opponents. K&K 48
Fairest Spend 2 additional Glamour to inflict Awestruck Condition.
Wizened Can summon the scepter directly to her hand.
Contracts of Stars
Pole Star None Hold a piece of the target in their hand. Name a person, place or item; the changeling's body acts like a compass and leads them to it. This only works in the mundane realm. K&K 49
Beast The Changeling has +2 to Clash of Wills to uncover a hidden target.
Wizened Ask the Storyteller one question about an opponent or obstacle along the path.
Straight On ‘Til Morning None Promise to sleep when the task is done and have the statement sealed. Tireless, suffering no Environmental Tilts, and take 8 again while navigating the Wishing Roads. K&K 49
Fairest Affect number of travelers up to Wyrd.
Ogre Gain the Steadfast Condition.
Cynosure Manipulation + Empathy + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Let an opportunity to one of their own Aspirations slip by. Discover one of the target's Aspirations; stars guide the changeling to find opportunities that would help the target achieve the Aspiration. K&K 49
Darkling Gain the Condition Informed (Aspiration).
Ogre Add +2 to rolls to convince the target to be bold in seeking their fate.
Shooting Star ●● None Complete own creative work within the same scene. Target someone who does creative work. They gain 1 Fame and provide more Glamour when used in harvesting. K&K 50
Beast Athletes and others who perform physical excellence can be targeted.
Fairest Gain +2 to rolls to harvest Glamour.
Retrograde Presence + Expression + Wyrd vs Resolve + Tolerance Changeling spins around widdershins while telling the story of misfortune. Routine matters for the target go wrong in minor misfortunes. K&K 50
Darkling Choose specific things that will go wrong, rather than anything.
Elemental Environmental or weather based Tilt affects the target also.
Royal Contracts of Stars
Frozen Star ●● Intelligence + (Empathy or Persuasion) + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Changeling is in physical contact with a piece of the target. Choose a subject (cannot be the Changeling) and a target (can be the Changeling). For the duration of the Contract, the subject must travel to the target to make physical contact and suffers the Shaken Condition. K&K 51
Darkling Inflict the Spooked Condition on the target.
Fairest If the Fairest is the target, they gain points of Goblin Debt from the subject while they are separated.
Star Light, Star Bright ●/●● None Coax the target into making a wish Learn a wish the target has made in the last month; you must fulfill the wish (with some artistic license) or gain Oathbreaker Condition, but fulfilling the wish regains Willpower and a Beat, and you can teleport to the side of someone you have an Enchanted Bargain with (and can spend Glamour to take others along) K&K 51
Ogre If the target is non-Fae, get +2 to harvest Glamour from them.
Wizened Learn the motivations and events driving the wish.
Light of Ancient Stars ●● None Sing the names of stars in a constellation currently in the sky. Ask questions about a past event the Changeling is personally connected to. K&K 51
Darkling Gain Infomred condition about the event
Wizened Gain a clear vision about a simple object present at the event, and gain a bonus to create a fascimile of it, including accurately reproducing any writing or diagrams.
Pinch of Stardust ●●●○ Intelligence + Crafts + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Add something of the Changeling to the creature's parts. Create an entity from scraps and star stuff; it becomes a Touchstone for the target and inflicts the Delusional Condition, causing breaking points in caster and target. K&K 52
Darkling The Darkling hears any secrets the target whispers to the creature.
Wizened The creation lasts until the end of the story, rather than chapter.
Contracts of Thorn
Briar's Herald Manipulation + Larceny + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
The Changeling causes a thorn, needle etc to prick the target and draw a drop of blood. Whenever the target is in the Changeling's presence, they lose 10-again and all failures are dramatic; they know the changeling is at fault. K&K 53
Darkling The Darkling can whisper messages whenever the target fails a roll.
Wizened Specify a clause that can end the Contract early.
By the Pricking of My Thumbs None Brews a specific potion and look into it within the scene. Extend senses into living plants. K&K 54
Beast Use plants as natural melee weapons.
Darkling Occupy number of plants up to Resolve simultaneously.
Thistle's Rebuke None Drink an entire glass of water. Grow thorns and add 2/0 to armor rating. Anyone who touches the Changeling takes 1L; 2L under a grapple. Can fire thorns for 2L. K&K 54
Elemental Touch for 2L, can reflexively retract and extend the thorns.
Fairest Effects can be invisible even under the Mask.
The Gouging Curse Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Let the victim choose an action the Changeling cannot take. Issue a dire warning to forbid the target from taking an action, they are cursed if they do the action.a K&K 54
Fairest Also specify a task that can end the curse, inflicting Awestruck if the victim does so.
Ogre Extend duration to whole story if the action is harming the Ogre's allies.
Embrace of Nettles None Leave behind a meaningful personal item the Hedge will consume. Invoke reflexively when the Hedge shifts: deflect the target of Hedgespinning, defer the successes for later; double-down by adding to both the Hedge and the Changeling's own Hedgespinning rolls. K&K 55
Darkling When deferring, negate successes up to either Manipulation or half Wyrd.
Fairest When doubling down, may apply successes to ally's roll rather than own.
Royal Contracts of Thorn
Acantha's Fury ●●○ Presence + Survival + Wyrd
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Hold fresh clipping of the kind of plant the transformation will use. Point at target, who slowly transforms into a thorny plant over several minutes. Changeling must offer a task; target may agree to a binding promise to complete it to avoid transformation. Invoking this Contract is a breaking point of 4 dice. K&K 55
Elemental Target number of characters up to Wyrd.
Wizened May seal the promise without paying Glamour.
Awaken Portal ●● None Take 15 minutes to clean or repair the entrance. Portal to a Bastion, Hollow or the Hedge gains temporary sentience. K&K 56
Beast Portal goblin has a bite attack or 2L.
Elemental Portal goblin has 2 dot Influence in chosen element.
Crown of Thorns ●● Presence + Occult + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Weave a crown of thorns and put it on the target's head. Deliver message anonymously that forbids the target from performing a specific instant action. If they do so, they suffer the Comatose Condition and 1L. K&K 57
Beast Comatose target loses 1WP per night and cannot regain it.
Darkling While disguised, Darkling gets exceptional successes on 3 to manipulate the target into taking the forbidden action.
Shrike's Larder ● to ●●● None Impale an effigy representing the target on a thorn. Create thorns and spines that slow victims and have various effects on Glamour, Initiative or Speed. K&K 57
Beast Harvesting Glamour gives 2 rather than 1 Glamour per success.
Wizened Can target vehicles as well as individuals.
Witch's Brambles ●●/●●●+○ Presence + Occult + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Pierce own flesh with pointy object. Hedgespin in the mortal world. K&K 55
Beast Invoke the Contract to make a bite attack do aggravated instead of Lethal
Darkling Have +1 success to subtle Hedgespinning but -1 for paradigm shifts
Independent Arcadian Contracts
Common Independent Contracts
Coming Darkness None Exinguish a flame while invoking Create area of darkness in (Wyrd x 5) meter radius, inlficts Blinded (both Eyes) tilr, may Stun. Invoker is unaffected, but their shadow might come loose. K&K 58
Beast Can exempt others, up to half Wyrd
Darkling Darkness radius doubled
Pomp and Circumstance ●/●○ None Lay out a ring of popies earlier in scene Uninvited guests cannot enter a warded area unless invited in by someone inside, guests can't be tracked or spied by mundade means; with Willpower, no huntsmen or Gentry can even find the area, even magically K&K 59
Beast Can sense anyone coming near hidden area
Wizened Area gains the effect of their Safe Place or Hollow
Shadow Puppet None Perform a shadow puppet show for at least 3 people for at least 5 minutes before Create a shadow Retainer with Merit dots up to half Wyrd which also has small amount of magic K&K 59
Beast Shadow puppet has expanded abilities
Darkling Shadow puppet can spend glamor to teleport from one shadow to another nearby
Steal Influence ●/Influence Dot Wits + Larceny + Wyrd
vs Resolve + Wyrd
Target has dealt lethal or agg damage to changeling in the scene Steal dots of one Influence from a creature with that trait for Contract's duration, up to Glamour spent (only one Influence at a time) K&K 62
Darkling Can steal multiple Influences, if applicable
Elemental Can change Influence to a different, related influence for duration
Earth's Gentle Movements Strength + Crafts + Wyrd place a pebble under tongue Permanently reshape an area of earth for each success rolled, can Knock Down those in area K&K 63
Elemental Double area affected
Wizened Can shape stone with Wits + Craft + Wyrd instead
Royal Independent Contracts
Dread Companion Manipulation + Occult + Wyrd
vs. Resistance + Wyrd
Get ghost to affirm thread in same scene Control a Hedge Ghost K&K 60
Darkling Gain access to Dematerialze Numen
Fairest Contract lasts until you leave The Hedge
Cracked Mirror ●/●○ Attribute + Ability + Wyrd
vs Resistance + Tolerance unless Fetch is willing
put a significant crack in mirror used Can use a mirror to spy on Fetch; for Willpower, can switch places with Fetch (Contract ends immediately after) K&K 60
Darkling Can conceal spying from Fetch on Exceptional Success
Fairest If Fetch is willing, Fairest can switch without Willpower (but still requiring Glamour)
Listen With Wind's Ears ●/●●○ None Introduce self by real name in same scene to stranger Can sense when name is spoken and evesdrop on area; for Glamour and Willpower can teleport to that location K&K 61
Beast Double speed after teleporting
Fairest May drag whoever spoke their name to their location
Momentary Respite ●/● + ○ per scene extended Stamina + Survival + Wyrd Hug an item representing rest or comfort Each success grants a warding effect -- can ignore Tilts, poison, wound penalties, or even their last health box from Aggravated damage; Spend Willpower to extend duration K&K 61
Elemental Can ignore Environmental Tilts
Ogre Can ward another, paying all costs
Earth's Impenetrable Walls ●● Strength + Crafts + Wyrd Successfully defended self or another from attack Rasies a Safe Place fortress from the earth, causing an earthquake, with additional benefits for each success K&K 64
Fairest Fortress also comes with hobgoblin Staff
Ogre Penalize others who attempt to Hedgespin in the fortress
Contracts of the Four Seasons
Contracts of Spring
Cupid's Arrow Wits + Empathy + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Ivy flower Learn a subject's most ardent desire, and any associated Conditions or Tilts. You may refocus them around a new desire for a scene. CTL 2e 151
Dreams of the Earth ●● Presence + Expression + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Sand in their eyes Lull a subject to sleep, which only lethal damage may interrupt for a minute per success. CTL 2e 151
Gift of Warm Breath None Feed them with your own cooking Heal a subject of fatigue and bashing damage. CTL 2e 151
Spring's Kiss ●(●) None Yellow rain gear Inflict Heavy Rain, and for extra Glamour, Flooded. CTL 2e 151
Wyrd-Faced Stranger Presence + Subterfuge + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
A token of sentimental value Appear as whom a subject most wants to see. Add your Mantle as bonus dice to stay in character. CTL 2e 152
Royal Contracts of Spring
Blessing of Spring ●●(○) Intelligence + Medicine + Mantle
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Decorative ribbons and a dance Brew a cordial of spring that causes plants to mature and fruit, heals animals and people of damage and transitory illness and poisons, and cures changelings of one Clarity Condition and point of Clarity damage. Everything returns after a scene. CTL 2e 152
Gift of Warm Blood ●○ Wits + Medicine + Mantle Bleed for lethal damage Downgrade a point of damage on the subject for each success. CTL 2e 152
Pandora's Gift ●● None Target just gave you a gift Initiate a Build Equipment action at double the speed to mold a subject's desires into an object until next sunrise or sunset. Use as a bribe for a +3 Social bonus and a Glamour point. CTL 2e 152
Prince of Ivy ●●○ Presence + Expression + Mantle Bleed while barefoot in soil Summon strangling vines. Each turn, you may sacrifice your movement, your action, and/or your Defense to establish a new grapple per. The vines roll successes as a dice pool at +3 and contest grapples reflexively. CTL 2e 153
Waking the Inner Fae Manipulation + Expression + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Tell them your secret desires Inflict Wanton with a counterfeit gift wreath. Once a scene for the remaining story, recover Willpower by enticing your last victim into an action. CTL 2e 153
Contracts of Summer
Baleful Sense Wits + Intimidation + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Goaded into screaming at you Smell a subject's fiercest anger, and any associated Conditions or Tilts. You may refocus them around a new enmity for a scene. CTL 2e 153
Child of the Hearth None Blow on an ember or spark Inflict Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold, and shield yourself from either. CTL 2e 154
Helios' Light None Big summer hat Project blinding sunlight, dealing half its damage as an occult bane. CTL 2e 154
High Summer's Zeal ●● Presence + Persuasion + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Foe drew first blood Force a foe to spend Willpower or stand and fight, ignoring Beaten Down. CTL 2e 155
Vigilance of Ares None Martial exercises Predict ambushes and traps. Add Mantle to Initiative. CTL 2e 155
Royal Contracts of Summer
Fiery Tongue ●○ Presence + Intimidation + Mantle
- Resolve
Asserting dominance or superiority Rebuke and insults open two Doors and deal bashing damage, or lethal against the fae. CTL 2e 155
Flames of Summer ●● Strength + Survival + Mantle Eat ice Ignore wound penalties and unconsciousness from injury, and take +2 as a Physical bonus. CTL 2e 155
Helios' Judgment ●(○) Dexterity + Athletics + Mantle Foe wears gold Use a ray of sunlight as a returning thrown weapon with Mantle for a weapon rating, Range 10/30/50, and Initiative -2. With Willpower, it deals aggravated damage. CTL 2e 155
Solstice Revelation None Light a fired lantern Illuminate an area to prevent hiding, forcing a Manipulation + Tolerance - Mantle roll to preserve mundane stealth, or a Clash of Wills against supernatural stealth. CTL 2e 156
Sunburnt Heart ●● Manipulation + Persuasion + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Shine light into their eyes Drive a subject Berserk, and add Mantle as a bonus to redirect their fury. CTL 2e 156
Contracts of Autumn
Autumn's Fury ●●(●) None Level a metal rod at foes Breathe out the Heavy Rain and Heavy Wind Tilts around you. For extra Glamour, each turn, the storm rolls successes as a +1L attack pool. CTL 2e 156
Last Harvest None Your Touchstone Once per session, take 9-Again to harvest Glamour from a subject, or 8-Again to harvest the Glamour of Autumn. CTL 2e 156
Tale of the Baba Yaga Manipulation + Subterfuge + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
A familiar tale Render the audience of a scary story Shaken. CTL 2e 157
Twilight's Harbinger None Item of value to an involved subject Know by omens when a given circumstance's end is about to come. CTL 2e 157
Witches' Intuition Wits + Subterfuge + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Eat part of your target Taste a target's greatest fear, and any associated Conditions or Tilts. You may refocus them around a new fear for the scene. CTL 2e 157
Royal Contracts of Autumn
Famine's Bulwark Wits + Occult + Mantle Eating recently handraised fruit Read omens to ask the Storyteller a yes-or-no question per success. With multiple successes, one answer is false. CTL 2e 157
Mien of the Baba Yaga ●● Presence + Intimidation + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Name their fear Appear as a subject's greatest fear, driving them to flee and attacking their Clarity if applicable. CTL 2e 158
Riding the Falling Leaves ●● Dexterity + Occult + Mantle Catch a falling leaf Erupt into leaves flying on the wind. Once per turn, reflexively Dodge a non-saturation attack, and spend Glamour to inflict Spooked on success. CTL 2e 158
Sorcerer's Rebuke ●● Manipulation + Occult + Mantle Half a minute of grand warning Touch a subject to strip them of Glamour or other supernatural energies. CTL 2e 158
Tasting the Harvest ●/subject Presence + Subterfuge + Mantle Jumpscare them Eat subjects' fears, immunizing them from natural fear and adding your Mantle to contest supernatural fears. Grant +1 to rally against one such fear. CTL 2e 158
Contracts of Winter
The Dragon Knows Wits + Empathy + Mantle
vs Composure + Tolerance
Look into their eyes Taste a subject's deepest regret, and any associated Conditions or Tilts. You may refocus them around a new sorrow for a scene. CTL 2e 159
Heart of Ice ●● None Barefoot in the cold Freeze down to the heart, becoming immune to cold and emotional sway. CTL 2e 159
Ice Queen's Call None Someone shivers Gather the Blizzard Tilt, to which you are immune. CTL 2e 159
Slipknot Dreams Manipulation + Empathy + Mantle
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Present them with a gift Take the place of a subject's regretful yearning, rendering them Swooned. CTL 2e 159
Touch of Winter Intelligence + Science + Mantle Melts a handfull of ice into water Flash-freeze a body of water by touch. CTL 2e 160
Royal Contracts of Winter
Ermine's Winter Coat None Hidden in a burrow Blend in, taking +3 to Stealth and penalizing attacks against you by -3. In mundane company, reduce the bonus for fae to pick you out as if at half Wyrd. CTL 2e 160
Fallow Fields ●● Manipulation + Empathy + Mantle
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Write their Touchstone's name Temporarily empty a subject's capacity for love, rendering them Broken and denying the use of their Anchors. CTL 2e 161
Field of Regret ●/target, ○ Presence + Empathy + Mantle
- Resolve
Melancholy song Harrow others with lonely hauntings, sapping Willpower and inflicting lethal damage. CTL 2e 161
Mantle of Frost ●● None Dramatically drop your coat Project an Extreme Cold strong enough to encase subjects in ice, to which you are immune. CTL 2e 161
Winter's Curse ●●○ Presence + Survival + Mantle
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Swallow an ice cube Freeze a subject's heart except concerning you, stripping the capacity for teamwork or Willpower and holding breaking points in abeyance. CTL 2e 161
Contracts of the Leafless Tree
Contracts of Retaliation
Peacemaker's Draw Dexterity + (Firearms or Athletics) + Mantle
vs Stamina + Wyrd
Target broke a standoff with the changeling within the last turn Strike a item from the subjects person away without inflicting damage or inflict a Personal Tilt on them. Subject also gains the Leveraged Condition. DE2 387
Royal Contracts of Retaliation
Draw Likeness Wits + Investigation + Mantle
vs Composure + Wyrd
Victim of one the target's crimes described them to the changeling during this scene Changeling renders a likeness to any flat surface graphite could mark. Grant one Clue about the targets whereabouts or activity to anyone examining the likeness for the first time and all rolls about matching the likeness to a face gain the rote quality. If the changeling names a general crime, the target is any person closest to the changeling that commited it within the last lunar month. DE2 387
Goblin Contracts
Blessing of Forgetfulness ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Wyrd
vs Composure + Tolerance
Painful events you helped weather Overwrite the memory of one incident with an innocuous replacement. CTL 2e 162
Glib Tongue None A harmful lie Tell a lie which mortals always believe. Add your Wyrd as a Subterfuge bonus against supernatural listeners. CTL 2e 162
Goblin's Eye None Mark your eyelids with owl's feather ashes You may Clash of Wills to pierce magical concealment by kenning, and ask questions about the nature of a kenned supernatural effect. CTL 2e 163
Goblin's Luck None Rivals also benefit Benefit from lucky circumstances. CTL 2e 163
Huntsman's Clarion ●● Wits + Empathy + Wyrd Blindfolded Detect the presence, but not location, of Arcadian forces for a mile per Wyrd, starting in the Hedge. CTL 2e 163
Lost Visage ●● None Leave behind a telltale possession Erase yourself from memories of a scene. Supernatural memories force a Clash of Wills, and Gentry and Huntsmen are immune. CTL 2e 163
Mantle Mask None Decorate the flesh appropriately Appear to assume a different Court Mantle, or lack thereof. CTL 2e 164
Sight of Truth and Lies None Business occasion So long as you tell no lies, identify mundane lies and force a Clash of Wills against supernatural lies. CTL 2e 164
Uncanny ●● None Untrained Take the rote quality on your next nonmagical, unresisted and uncontested rolled action. CTL 2e 164
Wayward Guide ●/subject None Lose your way too Alter signs and markers to make mortals lose their way. You may target yourself to force a Clash of Wills against supernatural trackers. CTL 2e 164
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L