NPCs, Beings (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Ephemeral Entities

Ghostly Twilight
Ghosts Self-aware impressions left behind by the death and loss, anchored from the pull of the Underworld. CofD 122
Amkhata Ravening aberrations formed from raw Sekhem unbound from any vessel. MTC 2e 219
Fiends The endless demons of Duat, who exist only to cause pain and to be pained. MTC 2e 321
Shades Shadows cast by dead lives, progressing to the unlit land of Duat. MTC 2e 231
Spiritual Twilight
Spirits Symbiotic totems born from the resonance of the world, native to the Shadow Realm. CofD 122
Idigam Bizarre, ever-changing monsters of the Shadow Realm, with unique infectious powers. WTF 2e 216
Astral Twilight
Goetia Thoughtforms native to the Astral Realms. MTA 2e 252
Unfettered Horrors of the Primordial Dream, divorced from the link to corporeal Beasts. BTP 235
Angelic Twilight
Angels Servitors and subsidiaries of the God-Machine, consumed with cosmic tasks and commands. CofD 122
Exiles Failed and abandoned angels with impossible orders, who develop quirks and dysfunctions. DSG 63

Material Creatures

Being Description Book
Claimed Fusions of spirits and possessed vessels, merged in mind and body. WTF 2e 207
Cryptids Animals supernaturally mutated by exposure to Aether. DTD 228
Geryo Many-headed ur-predators which predate the Uratha and carry a shapeshifting contagion. NH-SM 153
Horrors Miscellaneous monsters and hidden dangers in the Chronicles of Darkness. CofD 140
Hosts Shattered fragments of ancient Shadow gods, including the spider-host Azlu and rat-host Beshilu. WTF 2e 202
Manticores Animals transformed in the same manner as the Remade, who instinctively wield similar Variations. DTR 65
Pandorans Hungry, parasitic monsters stirred to unlife by the radiance of the Divine Fire. PTC 2e 239

Otherworldly Beings

Being Description Book
Hedge Ghosts Insubstantial remembrances of feeling and character traits, tied to the Hedge. CTL 2e 245
Hobgoblins Cunning opportunists and strange dream-folk born of the Hedge. CTL 2e 252
Huntsmen Arcadian aborigines emptied of their hearts and inhabited by the True Fae to invade the material world. CTL 2e 264
Qashmallim Pyretic intelligences composed of Divine Fire, motivated by missions of catalysis and inspiration. PTC 2e 271
Pangaeans Ancient gods of the Border Marches, transcending flesh and spirit. DE 58
Strix Unliving shadows who steal bodies to sate their spite and visceral urges. VTR 2e 200
Supernal Entities Entities hidden in the Supernal World and summoned into the Fallen World. MTA 2e 252
True Fae Covetous alien gods who manifest as discrete Titles. CTL 2e 269

Supernal Entities

Being Realm Manifest Recondite Description Book
Angels Aether Seraphim Cherubim Elemental symbols of power and wisdom, ruling Forces and Prime. MTA 2e 97, 252
Beasts Primal Wild Atavisms Totems Primal symbols of instinct and intuition, ruling Life and Spirit. MTA 2e 97, 252
Demons Pandemonium Imps Wraiths Harrowing symbols of correspondence and insight, ruling Space and Mind. MTA 2e 97, 252
Fae Arcadia Anachronisms Moirae Esoteric symbols of fate and fortune, ruling Time and Fate. MTA 2e 97, 252
Shades Stygia Apeirons Specters Meditative symbols of theory and memory, ruling Matter and Death. MTA 2e 96, 252
Being Description Book
Ananke Living works of imperial magic embodying the ordainment of a particular outcome in the timeline. SoS 116
Ochemata Extruded aspects and avatars of Archmasters and Ascended beings. SoS 115