Mummy: the Curse

From Codex of Darkness

In Mummy: the Curse you play one of the Arisen, ancient servants of arcane masters given eternally renewed life and a task to pursue.

Origins and Organizations

Each mummy had a Decree that epitomized the best part of their soul, and was a member of a Guild prior to their first death. The Arisen must also answer to a Judge each time they descend into death.


The Deathless possess a unique Power Stat trait called Sekhem, and a Morality trait called Memory.


The Arisen wield supernatural abilities called Affinities, and work horrible miracles by mastering Utterances.

Their searching often leaves mummies in possession of the Relics of Irem, each of which holds a power and a curse.


Mummies have access to several unique Deathless Merits, including those of their Tomb. They can also access the universally available list of Merits and Style Merits.