Affinities (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Prerequisite Description Source
Blessed Soul Ab • When making a Social skill roll to which a speciality applies, may spend Willpower to reduce the target number. MTC 101
Divine Countenance Ab •• The Mummy can spend Pillar points to bolster Social attributes. MTC 102
Epic Heart Ab •• The mummy may benefit from their Virtue more often, gains significant boosts to meditation rolls, and no longer suffers untrained penalties for social skills. MTC 103
Glorious Mien Ab •• The mummy gains advanced Striking Looks, and attackers must spend Willpower to do so. MTC 105
Miraculous Benefactor Ab •• The mummy may spend Willpower to reduce the target number of an ally's action. MTC 107
Voice of Conscience Ab •• The mummy can compel targets to act on their Virtue. MTC 110
Healing Counsel Ab ••• The mummy can temporarily alleviate derangement, as well as bolster Morality. MTC 106
Pharaoh Reigns Anew Ab ••• The mummy does not need to justify spending experience to raise social merits, and repurchasing lost dots of social merits does not take XP. MTC 107
Soulsight Ab ••• Grants many types of information about a target, including potentially their supernatural nature. MTC 109
Form of the Sybaritic Need Ab ••••• Replace Terror Sybaris with Enticement Sybaris, overwhelming victims with awe and inferiority. DE 453
Auspicious Mastery Ba • When making a Mental skill roll to which a specialty applies, may spend Willpower to reduce the target number. MTC 99
Beast Companion Ba • May be used to acquire an animal familiar. Many special perks are granted through the bond with this creature. MTC 100
Falcon Soul Aloft Ba • Significantly augments the mummy's ability to jump, fall, and balance. MTC 104
Wisdom of the Ancients Ba • The Mummy can spend Pillar points to bolster Mental attributes. MTC 111
Living In Now Ba •• The mummy gains darkvision, no longer suffers untrained penalties on mental skills, and may spend willpower to negate many other penalties on skill checks. MTC 106
Running Like Flight Ba •• The mummy gains the Fleet of Foot merit, and can move faster when unobserved. MTC 108
Entombed Ba Ba ••• Collapse the perimeter of your tomb when you die, blocking threats while leaving a path out for yourself. DE 453
Nihilist Awakening Ba ••• The mummy inflicts Depression or Melancholia on those present. MTC 107
Sight Beyond Eyes Ba ••• The mummy may spend Willpower to have a vision, revealing various types of information. MTC 109
Soul Infusion Ba ••• The mummy can steal Willpower from touched targets, and acquire knowledge of languages with a kiss. MTC 109
Anointed Prowess Ka • When making a Physical skill roll to which a specialty applies, may spend Willpower to reduce the target number. MTC 99
Enduring Flesh Ka • The mummy becomes effectively invulnerable to most natural environmental hazards, and strongly resistant to fire. MTC 102
Dauntless Explorer Ka •• The mummy becomes more resistant to fear, and permanently acquires the Strong Back and an improved version of the Inspiring merit. Also, he can spend Willpower to achieve excellent successes on Survival rolls in unfamiliar territory. MTC 101
Guardian Wrath Ka •• The mummy gains significant bonuses to unarmed strikes, particularly when defending their tomb or cultists. With sufficient strength, the Mummy can inflict lethal damage. MTC 106
Living Monolith Ka •• The mummy gains extra health and is unaffected by wound penalties, no longer suffers untrained penalties on physical skills, and has increased lift capacity. MTC 106
Retributive Curse Ka •• Those who kill the mummy suffer dangerous increased target numbers later, and those seeking to harm or steal from the mummy while they are indisposed also suffer target number increases. MTC 108
Sovereign Breath Ka •• Ignore twice your Ka in gaseous Toxicity. DE 454
Dominating Might Ka ••• Significantly enhances the mummy's ability to damage or destroy inanimate objects, as well as terrifying those who witness such acts. MTC 102
Paragon Shames the Weak Ka ••• The mummy inflicts Inferiority Complex or Anxiety on those present. MTC 107
Shrouding Aura Ka ••• The target number of those seeking the mummy is increased (except for his cult). Willpower may be spent to deflect attacks, increasing their target number. MTC 109
Familiar Face Ren • Grants the ability to learn the name a target goes by, and coerces them into believing the mummy to be a familiar individual. MTC 104
Gift of Truth Ren • The mummy may grant temporary versions of the Witness, Language, and Common Sense merits. MTC 104
Radiant Lifeforce Ren • The mummy may voluntarily suffer aggravated damage to alleviate personal derangements, grant the Quick Healing merit to all those nearby, and spend willpower to stabilize an incapacitated character. MTC 108
Blessed Panopoly Ren •• Items claimed by the Mummy become hardened and enduring over the centuries. MTC 100
Charmed Lives Ren •• The Mummy becomes naturally free from virtually all minor inconveniences She can also expend Willpower to exert minor control over chance, or to increase the target number of Affinities and Utterances attempting to interfere with her. MTC 101
Enlightened Senses Ren •• Grants the ability to see in Twilight, bonuses for several perception related rolls, the Common Sense and Meditative Mind merits, and the ability to reduce range penalties with weapons. MTC 102
Face Without Witness Ren •• Appear obscured and wrong on photographs and video at will. DE 453
Shadows Amongst Fallen Pillars Ren •• Orient yourself in urban environments and discern neighborhoods and customs. While in cities, receive Enigma •• and sense the use of powers to track you or your activity. +2 base Streetwise dice, and convert a base Streetwise dice pool used to hide your activity into successes. Dec 92
Donning the Veil of Deceit Ren ••• Add Ren as bonus dice to conceal your nature or intent. Receive the Barfly Merit and intuit the standing and norms of mortals in social settings. Spend Willpower when you successfully lie about yourself for an exceptional success. Dec 89
Godsight Ren ••• The mummy may learn the relative Sekhem rating of other Arisen, and can scrutinize and understand the basic effects of all supernatural powers. MTC 105
Words Summoned Forth Ren ••• The mummy inflicts Vocalization or Narcissism on a victim. MTC 111
Blessed of the Black Stars Ren •••• Draw down black dice by witnessing dramatic failures or spending Ren. Spend black dice as bonus successes or to downgrade aggravated damage. Arisen with this Affinity risk aggravated backlash once per story. Dec 89
Auspicious Repose Ren ••••• Pass time in dying sleep, temporarily arresting the Descent, and awakening in fitting circumstances. Dec 88
Echoes of the Rattled Chains Ren ••••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Investigation - Manipulation to search a target for familiar associations. Dec 90
Eternal Legend Ren ••••• Cultists may invoke the mummy's name to gain target number reduction, the mummy's cult automatically rebuilds itself if damaged while the mummy sleeps, and they may bless other Arisen to grant them Willpower and Pillar Points. MTC 103
Ever-Dying Name Ren ••••• Apply ghostly manifestation modifiers to Sekhem, to a minimum of one or maximum of ten. Dec 90
Harvesting Named Truths Ren ••••• Reduce target number and ignore one penalty to discern a true name. Spend Willpower when slaying a subject to fully avert the slaying action and reveal the subject's true name. LotD 10
Horror Among Horrors Ren ••••• Reduce Intimidation target numbers. Spend Willpower to toggle an augmented Sybaris which treats supernatural beings with a lower Supernatural Potency as mortals. Dec 91
Resplendent Oracle Ren ••••• Perceive the presence of those who have read Sybaritic Omens. Induce Sybaritic Omens like the Deceived. Spend Willpower to reset severe omen penalties at the cost of a permanent derangement for the oracle. Aside from mummies and Witnesses, those who consume your flesh or blood sicken and suffer uncontrollable omens. Dec 91
Unspeakable Name Ren ••••• Your name itself inflicts Unease Sybaris, except upon your cultists. Sense discoverers of your Iremite name by kepher. Dec 92
Whispers to My Body Ren ••••• Spend Willpower to temporarily become a mobile fluid. Remold the sahu into different appearances. Heal almost twice as quickly. Dec 93
Word of Life Ren ••••• Reduce target numbers to summon you from henet. Answer the Call made with incomplete remains, or even simply by calling your name. Dec 93
Words of Wounding Ren ••••• Ignore up to -3 in penalties to attack targets known by name. If you know their true name, spend Willpower to reduce the attack's target number. LotD 11
Beast Soul Fury Sheut • Reduces the mummy to a bestial rage, becoming dramatically more physically powerful but of limited intelligence. MTC 100
Deathsight Sheut •• Grants several boons for perceiving and scrutinizing undead beings, as well as protection from them in exchange for Willpower. MTC 102
Grip of Death Sheut •• The mummy gains significant bonuses to grappling, rising from prone, and catching projectiles directed at her (including bullets). MTC 105
Night Creature Sheut •• The mummy becomes more effective at stealth, and may spend Willpower to recognize spiritually "unclean" beings. Additional Willpower may be spent to gain bonuses against against unclean creatures. MTC 107
Rouse the Khaibit Sheut •• The mummy's Memory temporarily drops to 1, preventing most degeneration, but becoming more prone to Vice. This state takes time to wear off. MTC 108
Scent of Sybaris Sheut •• Recognize through visions the killers of those slain by the Deathless. DE 453
Voice of Temptation Sheut •• The mummy can compel targets to act upon their Vice. MTC 111
Ancient Horror Unveiling Sheut ••• Inflicts a phobia of the Mummy on a victim. MTC 99
By Steps Unseen Sheut ••• Allows for instantaneous, short range teleportation. MTC 101
Fearsome Soul Sheut ••• The mummy may regain Willpower from a Vice as if it were a Virtue, and gains significantly bolstered abilities to interrogation. MTC 104
Ancient Artifice Sheut •••• Imbue items crafted with natural desert materials with a temporary equipment bonus. DE 453

Guild Affinities

Name Prerequisite Description Source
Artist's Inner Eye Status • Grants bonuses to activating kepher, individually and jointly with fellow guild members. While touching a guild-appropriate relic, receive an automatic exceptional success to activate kepher to track a proxy with a connection to the item. Failures and dramatic failures to activate kepher cause false visions that lead dangerously to an object of Sekhem. GotD 89
Reliquary Wellspring Status • Grants additional pool of points, equal to Guild Status, which can be spent as Pillar points to activate guild-appropriate relics and as Willpower points to resist the affects of such an item's curse. Grants bonuses to all attempts to recall or gather information relating to a guild-appropriate relic. GotD 89
Silenced Utterance Vessel Status • Empower an item with the magics of a known Utterance tier (with a Pillar rating equal to or lower than the mummy's Guild Status). The Utterance can be unleashed with a designated word or activation ritual. GotD 90
Faithful Servant's Blessing Status •• Grants bonuses to rolls that directly carry out guild business or convince others to assist with such endeavors. Grants bonuses to Social actions solely targeting fellow guild members of a lower status ranking. GotD 90
Affable Aid Status • Grants bonuses to Perception, Seduction, and Stealth. Grants bonuses to Persuasion and Socialize with targets they have evoked gratitude to (though they don't have to have experienced it), and greater bonuses may then be applied to Empathy, Stealth, and Subterfuge by spending a Willpower point. MTC 34
Guild Envoy Status •• Connects the mummy to a member of another guild by means of an amulet. When a member of the designated guild wears the amulet, the Maa-Kep can rise when the wearer does and gains specific influences over the wearer (which vary, depending on the guild). GotD 95
Flail of Scorn Status ••• Grants bonuses when leading a team. When striking another character with a Brawl- or Weaponry-based attack, can choose to convert lethal damage into bashing, costing the victim a Willpower point. When breaking a bond established through Affable Aid through attack or treachery, the mummy can inflict supernatural despair on the betrayed, draining Willpower. GotD 96
Ever-Pertinent Authority Status •••• Cause witnesses, including other Arisen, to perceive an inanimate object as a badge of authority. By holding an object belonging to another person, the mummy can perceive what Specialties its owner possesses and attempt to steal one of them. If successful, the subject temporarily loses the Specialty and the mummy gains it. GotD 96
Watcher of the Watchmen Status ••••• Spend a Willpower point to temporarily lower Memory for the purposes of degeneration checks only. Any Memory sins committed in aid of the guild are measured against this lower Memory rating. Within a 1-mile radius, all uses of Subterfuge suffer a -1 die penalty except in aid of guild business, but Investigation rolls to discover secrets of non-guild members receive a 9-again bonus. GotD 97
Divine Flesh Status • Grants bonuses to carousing, interrogation, oration, and appearing to be mortal. Grants a point of armor that stacks with all others and is undetectable. May spend a Willpower to manifest a metallic sheen that grants them an additional 2 armor and further protection against electricity (using this power causes Terror Sybaris). MTC 39
Knowledge Transmutation Status •• Temporarily sacrifice up to 2 dots in Skills, reassigning them to different Skills. The mummy also gains a temporary Specialty in each chosen Skill. GotD 101
Equivalency Principle Status ••• Reflexively assess the Resources value of an object. By touching an object no larger than the mummy's body, transform it into something of equal value. The end result cannot exceed the mummy's size and must be something he is familiar with. GotD 102
Blessed Catalyst Status •••• The mummy can imbue her Sekhem into a solution of pure water and dissolved minerals. Ritually destroying an item by dissolving it in this solution creates a mixture that, when drunk or bathed in, temporarily confers a Merit of the player's choosing equal to the Resources value of the sacrificed item. A Merit endowed in this way can be made permanent through immediate expenditure of experience. GotD 102
Refined Purity of Purpose Status ••••• Gain phantom Resources and replenish it more quickly with Willpower. Take 8-Again to negotiations. Those around you may grow in wealth more easily, through effort or force of will. GotD 102
Eyes of Justice Status • Grants bonuses to dealmaking, seeing through forgery/disguise, and crime scene investigation. Can detect relics by sight (not just touch), with special insights to texts. May spend a Willpower to be able to detect Lifeless and murderers by sight. MTC 45
So It Is Written Status •• Enchant scribed text to conceal it from sight without a performed key, clearly convey honest intent, or find your way to its first reader. Roll Wits + Empathy to gauge the sincerity of the author of a written passage. GotD 110
Letters Writ Upon Rivers Status ••• Create, copy and transfer written works by touch. With Willpower, copy written enchantments or issue copies to distant eyes. GotD 110
Ashes for Ink Status •••• Spend Willpower and roll Intelligence + Academics to copy a text lost from history back into the world. GotD 111
Erudite Bastion of Perfection Status ••••• Assess true names with an extended Wits + Occult + Guild Status action across multiple scenes. Grant 9-Again to Academics and guild business within your presence. GotD 111
Fated Soul Status • Grants bonuses to healing, diagnosing, meditation, and memorizing. Grants immunity to fear. Sekhem is considered one higher when resisting supernatural effects. May spend a Willpower to use defining Pillar rating to resist supernatural effects instead of Sekhem. MTC 49
Flesh-Culled Secrets Status •• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to converse with skulls in Iremite. Take 8-Again to Investigation rolls pertaining to animal or human remains or materials. GotD 119
Withering Judgment Status ••• Mummify and preserve animal remains by touch, or reverse the process. When striking, spend Willpower to replace any damage with a contested Sekhem + Guild Status roll to temporarily incapacitate a target through mummification. GotD 119
Dark Offerings Deliverance Status •••• Weapons made from animal materials take 8-Again, strike targets in Twilight, and deal aggravated damage to the Lifeless. They may be used to prolong a Descent through human sacrifice, and to gain bonus Mental Skill dice from self-harm. GotD 120
Wisdom from Ruin Status ••••• Treat guild business as a supplemental Vice. Render pupils and apprentices Witnesses. Glimpse phantasmal representations of your past and glean understanding from them. GotD 120
Model Lifeweb Status • Grants bonuses to making art, repairing items, and puzzle solving. May gain insight on an item by laying hands on it. May spend a Willpower to detect items with a hidden purpose. MTC 55
Guardian Statue Empowerment Status •• Enchant crafted clay effigies with Willpower. A person may wield such an effigy of herself to ward off an attack, shattering the effigy. GotD 129
Paths Trod by 10,000 Feet Status ••• Orient yourself in urban environments so long as the heka is not disrupted by abnormal mass activities. Take 8-Again and +2 to Streetwise rolls pertaining to neighborhoods. Scrutinize crafted objects for a Pillar bonus and 9-Again to damage them. GotD 129
Ripples Upon the River Status •••• +2 Initiative. Add Guild Status as bonus dice to notice hidden dangers. Spend Willpower to gain 8-Again to Social actions against a given character for a scene. GotD 129
Builder's Wisdom Status ••••• Take 8-Again to architectural or urban planning or to understand and order the flow of heka, and grant 9-Again to such actions by others in your presence. Become an expanded focal point for powers shared by up to four other guildmasters. GotD 130
Face of Endless Lies Status • Spend Willpower to alter your sahu's Size and appearance for a matter of hours. Dec 94
As Whispers in the Night Status •• See in darkness. Fool supernatural assessment of your status as Deceived. Raise the target number for characters unfamiliar with the modern Deceived to notice you. Spend Willpower to serendipitously escape a pursuer whose name you know. Dec 94
Harvesting Named Truths Status •• Reduce target number and ignore one penalty to discern a true name. Spend Willpower when slaying a subject to fully avert the slaying action and reveal the subject's true name. LotD 10
Syllables of the Broken Word Status •• Increase Ren storage by your Guild Status. Take 8-Again to craft art inspired by the temakh. Learn Ren tiers of Utterances separately from other tiers. Dec 94
Chasing the Name Status ••• Sense quarry whose name you know by kepher. Slow the Descent by half when hunting such quarry. Dec 95
Presence in Faith Status ••• Sense your cultists and apostates by kepher. Your cult is guided by your hypothetical will even in your absence. Dec 95
Exquisitely Artful Vengeance Status •••• Take 9-Again to attack targets known by name who have harmed you within the millennium. Risk degeneration for acts of plotted, poetic vengeance as if your Memory threshold were reduced by Guild Status. Dec 95
Word Is the Will Status •••• Recover Willpower by witnessing artistic masterworks and celestial spectacles. Add four to your effective Sekhem to wield magic against targets known by name. Dec 96
So Speaks the Muse Status ••••• Grant 8-Again to artistic endeavors around you, some of which may prove prophetic. Spend Willpower to unleash an Utterance or seba upon a non-mummy target known by name who has witnessed a prophetic work as if by touch. Dec 96
Speaking with the Master's Voice Status ••••• Permanently adopt your temakh's Vice. Fall indefinitely to Memory 0 and relinquish your will to the temakh. Reject magic drawing on your true name. Increase target numbers to influence your feelings. Sense your temakh's other bodies and communicate internally with other Voices of the same Master. LotD 11

Miscellaneous Affinities

Name Prerequisite Description Source
Entombed Glory - By spending a point of Willpower, the Mummy may add their defining Pillar to their effective Sekhem for a scene, provided they are in their tomb. MTC 103
God-King Scepter Cult ••• Lowers the target number for the mummy whenever they are acting on their Cult. MTC 105

Bane Affinities

Name Prerequisite Effect Curse Source
Ammut's Feast [Morality] ≤ 6 Eat a human heart to gain Willpower and reset the Descent. Hear the conscience of the victim, which can cause further morality degeneration. MTC 197
Blood Cartouche [Morality] ≤ 4 The mummy may pass bodily harm to a willing mortal with whom they are intimate. Dramatic failure allows the mortal to give wounds to the mummy. MTC 197
Hateful Bau [Morality] ≤ 3 The mummy dictates a group of people as undesireable, and those who hear her words act on them with extreme prejudice. Gain the Megalomania derangement while active. MTC 197
Shadow Rending [Morality] ≤ 7, Sheut •• Attack a target with shadows. Dramatic failure makes shadows attack the mummy. MTC 196
Wormheart [Morality] ≤ 5 Develop a parasite that feeds on Vice and inflicts aggrevated damage on grappling attacks. The worm is always there and punishes the mummy when they express their Virtue. MTC 197