Utterances (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Utterance Tier Description Book
General Utterances
Awaken the Dead Ba • Force a touched corpse to truthfully share knowledge it had in life. MTC 113
Sheut ••• Animates a corpse into a murderous zombie.
Ren ••••• Resurrects a once living being for a short time, but after the utterance expires they can never be again contacted by any means.
Blessed Is the God-King Ren • Subtle Grants a personal blessing, which may be expended at any time during the scene for a significant target number reduction. MTC 115, Dec 97
Ab ••• Subtle Grants a blessing to oneself or another, that allows the target to re-roll a failed check if willpower was applied to the roll, once per scene.
Decree ••••• Epic The mummy transforms into a powerful godlike being, gaining many advantages, as well as additional ones for each Pillar they have rated at 5.
Call Down the Black Huriyah Ka • Subtle Summon wisps of guiding huriyah to direct you to the nearest source of power, or by rolling Presence + Occult, a specific object of power. Dec 98
Sheut ••• Curse, Epic Suffuse the Twilight with a chorus of huriyah, inflicting aggravated damage to other beings there. Inflict a doubled cost on powers ruled by Sheut or pertaining to Twilight.
Ren ••••• Curse, Epic Sic the huriyah upon a victim as an extended action contesting Manipulation + Expression + Ren against Resolve + Composure + Tolerance, to drain Willpower or Sekhem.
Chthonic Dominion Ba • Conjures an orb of light, which reveals ghosts and allows them to communicate. MTC 116
Sheut •• Issues a command to a ghost, which must comply if it fails a resistance check.
Ren •••• Permanently modifies a ghost in some fashion, such as changing their Virtue/Vice, editing their anchors, or manipulating their memory.
Command the Beasts Sheut • All animals become unable to percieve the Arisen for a scene. MTC 117
Ren •• Become vastly more capable of influencing animals for a day.
Sheut •••• Curse, Epic, Potency 2 Curse a target such that all animals will seek to destroy them, no matter the cost.
Doom Affliction Ab • Curse, Potency 1, Subtle Curse a target's skill rolls with increased target numbers for one day. MTC 118
Ka •• Curse, Potency 2, Subtle Curse a target, such that all attacks against them gain target number reduction for one hour.
Ba •••• Curse, Potency 3, Subtle Curse a single observed roll of a target with an increased target number, and inflicts dramatic failure if they do not succeed.
Draw Forth the Bane Heart Sheut • Subtle Expose Twilight beings to the material realm. Dec 99
Ab ••• Lethally injured living beings continually roll Stamina against worsening wounds.
Ren ••••• Exposed ephemeral beings may be struck by material beings. Penalize the Stamina roll by -2.
Dreams of Dead Gods Ba • Potency 1 Inflicts powerful dreams upon all allies and enemies alike for extended periods, causing derangements that would be advantageous to the mummy. Can be activated even during rest. MTC 118, Dec 99
Ka •• Curse, Potency 1 Inflicts either an alluring or terrifying dream upon a specific target.
Ab •••• Curse, Potency 1 Anoints a target (potentially the mummy herself) with an intense of aura of terror, desirability, or grandeur.
Dust Beneath Feet Ba • Grants the mummy mastery of earth and stone, able to command it to certain tasks, as well as giving the ability to swim through it as water. MTC 120
Ka ••• Curse Forms an immense earthen exosuit around the mummy, granting many physical bonuses.
Sheut •••• Curse, Epic Inflicts a moderately powerful earthquake on a large region.
Fire from Sand Ba • Ignite combustible solids. DE 454
Ren/Sheut ••• Ignite flammable liquids.
Ab ••••• Curse Ignite all combustibles that hear your voice, making exceptions as you wish.
Forgetting the Name Sheut • Epic Use a mortal's given name to doom them to destruction and obscurity. Dec 99
Ab •• Epic Contest Wits + Ren against Resolve + Tolerance to doom supernatural beings.
Ren •••• Epic Contest Wits + Ren against Resolve + Sekhem to doom the Deathless to the loss of Memory.
Gift of the Golden Ankh Ka • Bolsters the Strength or Stamina of a chosen target, but granting 9-again to intimidate them. MTC 121
Ba ••• Blesses a target with various physical merits.
Ab ••••• Heals undead in the area, and allows the expenditure of dots of Sekhem to truly resurrect those who have been dead for very short amounts of time.
Kiss of Apep Ren • Curse, Potency 1 Inflicts a terrible wasting on a touched target, which gradually destroys them unless they make some successful rolls. MTC 122, Dec 100
Ka ••• Anoints an object with a Death Curse, affecting anyone who damages or destroys the blessed item.
Sheut ••••• Curse, Potency 3 Creates a zone of pure darkness, which does not affect the Arisen; this region is actively hostile to enemies of the mummy, and to ghosts.
Name the Extinguished Star Ab • Curse Unveil a victim with a cloud of anxiety. Dec 100
Sheut •• Curse Scry upon the victim, and with their name, deal an extra point of damage when attacking them.
Ren •••• Curse, Epic Use the victim's true name to roll their Stamina + Size as lethal damage in a blinding flare.
Obedient Clay Ba • Subtle Grants intuitive understanding of a material object's properties. MTC 123
Ren •• Transmutes the state of matter of target objects.
Ab •••• Transform a target object into almost anything else.
Palace Knows Its Pharaoh Ba • Subtle Allows a mummy to scry anywhere in the interior of the building they are in. Use is free within the tomb. MTC 124
Ka ••• Allows telekinetic manipulation of the mummy's current structure, and its furnishings. Use is free within the tomb.
Ba ••••• Connects two doors or gateways, making them portals between one another.
Power of Re Ab • Creates a magical fire which consumes no fuel, and may burn even under water. MTC 125
Sheut •• Suppresses natural flames, or draws them in to the magical one created by the first tier.
Ab •••• Curse, Epic Channels a flash of unfathomable brilliance from the sun god, blinding anyone who can see the mummy and inflicting aggravated damage to undead.
Rebuke the Vizier Ka • Subtle Creates a personal anti-magic shield that opposes all hostile supernatural effects. MTC 126, Dec 101
Ba ••• Curse Automatically nullifies any single supernatural effect.
Ren ••••• Grants insight of supernatural effects on one target, and strips them of one of them.
Regalia of the Mamelukes Sheut • Restore basic tools, undoing the ravages of time. DE 454
Ka •• Restored weapons and armor temporarily improve their ratings by one point.
Ba/Ren •••• Restored weapons temporarily deal aggravated damage to the Deathless and Lifeless.
Revealing Words Ab • Subtle Sense the presence of supernatural beings. Dec 101
Ba •• Subtle Intuit the basic nature of supernatural beings.
Ren •••• Subtle Quickly scrutinize the supernatural nature of those in large crowds.
Revelations of Smoke and Flame Sheut • Conjures a cloud of magical smoke, which the mummy can direct to assault those within. MTC 127
Ab ••• Epic Wreaths the mummy in flaming, smoking wings, granting flight, striking looks, and the ability to be understood by all who hear him.
Ba ••••• Epic The mummy transubstantiates into a pillar of fire.
Rite of the Sacred Scarab Ka • Conjures a scarab talisman, which bolsters defense of those who wear it for one month. MTC 128
Ren ••• Conjures a scarab talisman which houses a piece of the mummy's flesh eternally, which returns to the tomb to permit safe resurrection should anything go wrong with its master.
Ka ••••• Conjures a large swarm of scarabs, which may be modified to afford a variety of benefits.
Secrets Stripped from Skies Ba • Subtle Grants perfect awareness of one's current location. MTC 130
Sheut ••• Curse Strikes a target the mummy can see with a meteor.
Ren ••••• Pulls a secret from Fate, or summons a meteor shower to reign destruction on a large area.
Seeds of Life Ka • The mummy becomes unharmed by any plant matter, can cure poison with a touch, and can turn sticks to snakes. MTC 131
Ren •• Creates plants bearing food, which subjects those who eat it to enhanced social rolls by the mummy, cure's their poison and ailments, and can train them in certain merits.
Ab •••• Curse, Potency 3 Guarantees a target will conceive on their next coupling.
Shadow Name Sheut • Subtle Take +2 to resist Nomenclature, and penalize its use against you by -2. Dec 101
Ba •• Subtle Double the modifiers. Ward those within your tomb with you for three nights.
Ren •••• Curse, Subtle Contest Nomenclature with Manipulation + Ren to redirect it to another's given name.
Torn Veil of Forgetting Sheut • Hides the mummy from mundane memory. MTC 132, Dec 102
Ab ••• Curse, Subtle Copies some memories from the mummy into the target.
Ba ••••• Curse Rips some memories out of a target completely, giving them to the mummy.
Unspeaking What Is Known Ba • Subtle Contest Manipulation + Occult + Ba + Enigma against Presence + Occult + Tolerance + Fame to impose Enigma ••••• upon a subject. Forgo the roll for yourself or with a true name. LotD 12
Ka ••• Contest Presence + Occult + Ka against Stamina + Resolve + Tolerance to send a subject into Twilight. Forgo the roll for yourself or with a true name.
Ren ••••• Spend Willpower and contest Intelligence + Occult + Ren against Resolve + Composure + Ren to annihilate a target who is mortal or whose true name you know, erasing them from memory.
Water of Life and Death Ren • Creates a natural spring of water. MTC 133
Sheut •• Curse Transforms all water in a large radius into blood.
Ba •••• Creates a trench within a body of water, permitting passage by the mummy and his allies, but falling on and destroying his enemies.
Whispers in the Earth Sheut • Subtle Know the nature and layout of subterranean passages. Dec 102
Ka ••• Roll Strength + Survival to raise buried foreign structures to the surface.
Ren ••••• Curse Contest Presence + Survival against Stamina + Composure to swallow a target into the earth.
Word of the Amanuensis Ren • Translates a text. MTC 133
Ab ••• Grants the mummy's speech the ability to be understood by all who hear it.
Ren ••••• Curse Curses all those who can hear the mummy's speech with aphasia, destroying their ability to speak, read, write, or understand speech.
Words of Dead Fury Sheut • Summons a wrathful ghost, binding it to a new anchor. MTC 134
Ka ••• Creates a zone in which it is easier for ghosts to manifest, and imbues those who do with added Numina and Essence.
Ba ••••• Epic Summons an incredibly dangerous chthonic entity.
Words of Dead Glory Sheut • Conjures a pack of infectious, disease-carrying zombies. MTC 137
Ba •• Binds a ghost to a body, creating a revenant, and forces tasks upon it.
Ka •••• Binds a ghost to a body, restoring its sanity, but binding it to the mummy's will.
Words of Dead Hunger Ren • Subtle Grants the ability to perceive ghosts, and significant ability to act against them, including the ability to steal Numina for later use. MTC 137
Ba •• Imbues a ghost with Numen stolen from the first tier, though potentially inflicting derangements as a result.
Sheut •••• Consumes ghosts, subjecting them to torment within the mummy's soul, stoking them with hatred should they ever be allowed to return to the world.
Word-Warding Bonds Sheut • Subtle Impose -3 to attacks from those you know by name. With their true name, raise the attack's target number. LotD 13
Ab ••• Project a warding light which forces hostiles you know by name to flee. Supernatural beings whose true name you don't know may spend Willpower to briefly resist.
Ren ••••• Contest Presence + Empathy against Composure + Tolerance to enslave a character for a week with their true name.
Wrathful Desert Power Ab • Curse Grants the ability to fire deadly blasts of sand for a turn. MTC 138
Ba ••• Causes a target standing upon sand to be swallowed up by them, or enables travel under the sand by the mummy himself.
Ka ••••• Conjures a vast and dangerous sandstorm.
Guild Utterances
Bound As Fingers in a Fist Prerequisites Guild Status (Maa-Kep) • GotD 97
Ka • Subtle Confer Willpower on the team when leading teamwork.
Ren •• Subtle Distribute charms. You and the holders of the charms sense each other's locations and status and may share thoughts and Willpower.
Ba •••• Subtle, Unison Roll Manipulation + Empathy - Composure to temporarily alter the Virtue and Vice of a crowd, granting 9-Again and +2 to manipulate them
Discipline the Obstinate Prerequisites Guild Status (Maa-Kep) •• GotD 98
Ab • Curse, Unison Inflict damage and Initiative penalties with an abominable word, with hierophants adding more debilities
Ren ••• Curse, Epic Forbid those present from speaking your name or business, under certain circumstances or at all, for a matter of days, causing lethal damage on attempts. As a death curse, inflict permanently on your killers.
Sheut ••••• Curse, Epic Snuff all lights and blind mortals for hours. Contest Presence + Intimidation against Composure + Resolve + Tolerance to blind mummies for turns and other beings for scenes.
Harvest the Divine Flesh Prerequisites Guild Status (Mesen-Nebu) •• GotD 103
Ka • Touch a subject and contest Ka + Sekhem against Stamina + Tolerance to temporarily incapacitate a body part by transmuting it to precious materials.
Sheut ••• Contest Sheut + Sekhem against Stamina to permanently transmute a mortal human's body parts to precious materials.
Ka ••••• Epic Undergo a divine transfiguration, gaining bonuses to Sybaris, Presence, Strength, Stamina, and Armor, and attacks against beings in Twilight.
Inscriptions of Flesh Prerequisites Guild Status (Sesha-Hebsu) •• GotD 112
Ba • Subtle Freely roll Ba + Sekhem to read capabilities or debilities in mortal living patterns, gaining +2 to close combat rolls against the subject
Ka ••• Contest Wits + Ka + Sekhem against Composure + Tolerance to read supernatural living patterns. Attacks following scrutiny deal aggravated damage and can aggravate debilities, expose true forms, or drain supernatural energies. Laying hands following scrutiny may heal or cure diseases or debilities.
Ren ••••• Restrain a subject and contest Ren + Sekhem against Stamina + Tolerance to reshape their flesh, granting one of several possible benefits or debilities. May cause aggravated damage, or slay a mortal outright.
Redacting the Word Prerequisites Guild Status (Sesha-Hebsu) ••• GotD 114
Sheut • Subtle Roll Sheut + Sekhem to erase knowledge from existence.
Ka ••• Use a dead subject's true name and image and contest Manipulation + Occult + Sekhem against Composure + Tolerance to erase forensic evidence of their existence.
Ren ••••• Use a subject's true name and captured soul and contest Intelligence + Ren + Sekhem against Resolve + Tolerance to erase the subject from existence completely.
Ancestry of Forgotten Stars Prerequisites Guild Status (Su-Menent) ••• GotD 121
Ren • Subtle, Unison Officiates manifest a demonic second flesh to interact with Twilight, which for hierophants gains Physical Attribute and Wits bonuses.
Sheut ••• Unison Assume the second flesh materially, causing Terror Sybaris, granting Speed and armor bonuses, and opening Twilight pathways to places of power.
Ba ••••• Epic, Unison Officiates become the Herald of Forgotten Stars, a collective being with shared traits, which cannot be incapacitated, ignores bashing damage, causes bashing damage to mortal witnesses, may colocate, and may answer any question at the cost of Sekhem or a mortal life.
Jar of Clay Prerequisites Guild Status (Su-Menent) •••• GotD 123
Ba • Epic Store Sekhem within your canopic organs to draw back out later
Ren ••• Recraft the sahu for a matter of hours
Ka ••••• Split your Willpower and Sekhem off into a clay-molded double to carry out a given mission
Jar of Teeth Prerequisites Guild Status (Su-Menent) •••• GotD 125
Sheut • Harness a mortal as a sybaritic oracle, substituting your own traits
Ka •• Bleed ghosts of the Duat from lethal wounds, inflicting aggravated damage through both material and Twilight
Ab •••• Subtle Contest Presence + Intimidation + Sekhem against Composure + Tolerance to inflict both a potent Terror Sybaris and aggravated damage
Mastery of Heka's Bounty Prerequisites Guild Status (Tef-Aabhi) • GotD 130
Sheut • Subtle Penalize enemies' actions by -3 through kicking up disturbances in heka
Ab •• Subtle Disorient unprepared parties by dislocating heka, penalizing Dexterity, Composure, and Mental Attributes by -2
Ren •••• Subtle, Unison Damage the environment to steal its heka. Powers wielded by non-officiates increase their activation costs, mortals must roll Resolve + Composure or fall inactive and listless, and the target number to damage structures is reduced.
Spirit Utterances
Body of Clay Ren • Control a single person as if they were a zombie-like drone. CNR 90
Ba ••• Control your drones telepathically from a distance.
Sheut ••••• Epic Control an entire crowd of people at once.
Drums of the Organ Ba • Potency 1 Send a curse or blessing via sympathetic connection at a subject that affects one roll. CNR 91
Ren ••• Potency 2 Create a doll that represents a subject and attack them via sympathetic connection.
Ab ••••• Potency 3 Affect a discrete group, such as a bloodline, with the first two Tiers.
Horse and Rider Ab • Tie your senses to a chosen mortal's. CNR 91
Ba ••• Possess the chosen mortal in a rudimentary manner.
Ka ••••• Possess the chosen mortal and exersise powers through them.
Granted by the Iron Bull
Ba'al's Due Ka • Subtle Purge physical poisons and supernatural effects via cleansing fire. CNR 92
Sheut ••• Purge another with cleansing flame.
Ba ••••• Temporarily restore lost Memory through sacrifices.
Rejuvenating Flesh Ab • Physically punish a subject to regain Willpower. CNR 92
Ka ••• Scarify subject ritually to regain Pillar points.
Sheut •••• Ritually vivisect a subject to regain a temporary Sekhem point.
Scent of the Oasis Palm Ab • Subtle Give off a scent that causes a subject to fall in love with you. CNR 93
Ba ••• Subtle Deliver a kiss that prevents the subject from acting against you in any way.
Ren •••• Subtle Kiss two different subjects, who then fight jealously. If one wins, however, you are under the effect of the first Tier to the victor.
Granted by Fount of Ma'at
Ebon Mask Ab • Subtle Assume a false identity. CNR 88
Ren ••• Subtle Place a false identity on a subject, so that even they believe it.
Decree ••••• Subtle Place a false identity on a subject permanently, but forget that you have done so.
Forge of Falsehood Ren • Subtle Falsify a Relic for a period of time. CNR 89
Ka ••• Create a false Relic that can store Sekhem as if it was real.
Sheut ••••• Epic Create a false Relic from a real one, effectively transferring it.
Disciples of the Wheel
Eye of Radiance Sheut • Subtle Scrutinize the Sekhem and defining Pillar of an Arisen mummy. Soth 95
Ab ••• Subtle Read an Arisen's history in past Sothic Turns, possibly helping to restore Memory.
Ren ••••• Cosmic, Curse, Epic Return to a past Sothic Turn to live it anew.