From Codex of Darkness
Decree Nickname Pillar Favored Attributes Affinity Restoring Pillars Book
Kheru Ardent Ab Heart Presence or Strength Lion's Pride Revel in victory or get ahead through emotional appeals.
Refill Ab with a new and intense emotional experience.
MTC 2e 46
Deshret Dauntless Ba Spirit Resolve or Wits Soaring Falcon Strive against a legitimate challenge.
Refill Ba by triumphing over the risk of severe consequences.
MTC 2e 43
Nesrem Stalwart Ka Essence Resolve or Stamina Guardian Bull Solve a problem by cleanly identifying and targeting its central cause.
Refill Ka by establishing, defending, or witnessing a lasting impact across generations.
MTC 2e 49
Usheb Cunning Ren Name Intelligence or Manipulation Serpent's Tongue Prove or gain control through knowledge.
Refill Ren by analyzing the circumstances of your given purpose in exhaustive detail.
MTC 2e 52
Ashem Eldritch Sheut Shadow Composure or Stamina Jackal's Shade Use wise counsel to boldly confront danger.
Refill Sheut by exposing a great deceit.
MTC 2e 40