Judges (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Sobriquet Description Book
Am-Khaibit Eater of Shadows Judge of crimes of mass slaughter which throw society into disarray, with three beastly heads. MTC 2e 55
Arem-Abfu The Final Judge Judge of crimes against the cosmic order, whose countenance defies comprehension. MTC 2e 56
Kenemti The Penitent Hooded blue-scaled judge of crimes of blasphemy against the cornerstones and model roles of a society. MTC 2e 57
Nebha The Flame Luminous judge of crimes of deceit and perjury. MTC 2e 58
Neheb-Ka One Who Unifies Judge of crimes of pride and hubris which distort the social order, with the chimeric body of a serpent-sphinx. MTC 2e 58
Unem-Besek Eater of Entrails Judge of crimes of territory and resources, in the form of a space-warping mass crowned by snakes. MTC 2e 59
Usekh-Nemtet The First Judge Judge of crimes against mortality and the final authority of the Judges. MTC 2e 60