Judges (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Sobriquet Description Affinities Book
Arem-Abfu The Final Judge Judge of those who commit crimes against reality. Ancient Horror Unveiling, Guardian Wrath, Living In Now, Soulsight, Words Summoned Forth MTC 56
Usekh-Nemtet The First Judge Judge of immortals. Dauntless Explorer, Deathsight, Godsight, Sight Beyond Eyes, Soulsight MTC 61
Judges of Ab, the Heart
Akhi The Roar Judge of those who give in to their rage. Voice of Conscience, Beast Companion, Beast Soul Fury, Guardian Wrath, Words Summoned Forth MTC 56
Hepet-Khet Embraced of Flame Judge of violent thieves. Glorious Mein, Dominating Might, Familiar Face, Grip of Death, Running Like Flight MTC 57
Neb-Heru The Lord Above Judge of those who act in haste. Epic Heart, Charmed Lives, Fearsome Soul, Living Monolith, Wisdom of the Ancients MTC 58
Nekeb-Ka The One Who Unifies Judge of the arrogant. Divine Countenance, Beast Soul Fury, Dominating Might, Enlightened Senses, Nihilist Awakening MTC 58
Qerrti The Double-Nile Source Judge of those who engage in impure sex. Miraculous Benefactor, Anointed Prowess, Radiant Lifeforce, Soul Infusion, Voice of Temptation MTC 59
Ruruti The Double-Lion Judge Judge of those who defile sacred places. Blessed Soul, Beast Soul Fury, Blessed Panoply, Guardian Wrath, Running Like Flight MTC 59
Ser-Tiku The Disposer of Wrath Judge of those who exude aimless wrath. Healing Counsel, Deathsight, Radiant Lifeforce, Retributive Curse, Sight Beyond Eyes MTC 59
Tutuutef The Giver of Wickedness Judge of those who indulge their appetites reactively in anger. Pharaoh Reigns Anew, Anointed Prowess, Beast Companion, Charmed Lives, Voice of Temptation MTC 60
Judges of Ba, the Spirit
An-Afkh Bringer of His Arms Judge of those who destroy purity. Auspicious Mastery, Blessed Panoply, Deathsight, Miraculous Benefactor, Radiant Lifeforce MTC 56
Heraf-Het Whose Face Is Behind Presides only over complicated situations. Nihilist Awakening, Ancient Horror Unveiling, Enduring Flesh, Familiar Face, Voice of Conscience MTC 57
Neb-Abitu The Lord of Horns Judge of gossipers. Sight Beyond Eyes, Night Creature, Shrouding Aura, Voice of Conscience, Words Summoned Forth MTC 57
Nefer-Tem The Eternal Lotus Presides over morally ambiguous situations. Soul Infusion, Anointed Prowess, Deathsight, Eternal Legend, Soulsight MTC 58
Neheb-Nefert The Beautiful One Judge of those who disrupt their community. Living In Now, Ancient Horrors Unveiling, Anointed Prowess, Divine Countenance, Familiar Face MTC 58
Ser-Kheru The Disposer of Speech Judge of those who cause strife amongst their own people. Running Like Flight, Charmed Lives, Dauntless Explorer, Grip of Death, Voice of Conscience MTC 59
Sket-Kheru The Orderer of Speech Those who allow their vice to overcome their virtue. Wisdom of the Ancients, Godsight, Guardian Wrath, Pharaoh Reigns Anew, Voice of Temptation MTC 59
Utu-Nesert The Vigorous Fire Judge of those who invoke literal or metaphoric curses on others. Falcon Soul Aloft, Blessed Soul, Dauntless Explorer, Radiant Lifeforce, Rouse the Khaibit MTC 59
Judges of Ka, the Essence
An-Hotep Bringer of Sacrifice Judge of those who commit violence in the course of oppression or slavery. Enduring Flesh, Charmed Lives, Healing Counsel, Night Creature, Running Like Flight MTC 56
Fentu The Snout Judge of thieves that have attempted to hide their tracks. Anointed Prowess, Beast Companion, Beast Soul Fury, Enlightened Senses, Epic Heart MTC 56
Hetch-Abu Shining Teeth Judge of those who attack humans or sacred animals. Paragon Shames the Weak, Shining Soul Aloft, Godsight, Pharaoh Reigns Anew, Rouse the Khaibit MTC 57
Maa-Nantuuf Seer of What is Brought Forth Judge of those that pollute their body or soul. Living Monolith, Enlightened Senses, Glorious Mien, Sight Beyond Eyes, Voice of Temptation MTC 57
Neka-Hatu The Stinking Body Judge of deny basic needs to others. Retributive Curse, Blessed Panoply, Glorious Mien, Grip of Death, Running Like Flight MTC 58
Set-Qesu The Crusher of Bones Judge of those who steal out of necessity. Dominating Might, Charmed Lives, Glorious Mien, Grip of Death, Nihilist Awakening MTC 59
Ta-Retinku The Fiery Foot Judge over those who commit violence for information. Guardian Wrath, Divine Countenance, Fearsome Soul, Running Like Flight, Words Summoned Forth MTC 59
Uamenti The Seed Entwined Judge of those who debauch others. Shrouding Aura, Epic Heart, Familiar Face, Grip of Death, Soul Infusion MTC 60
Judges of Ren, the Name
Bastu The Stare Judge of those that try to cheat justice. Enlightened Senses, Anointed Prowess, By Steps Unseen, Sight Beyond Eyes, Soulsight MTC 56
Kenemti The Penitent Judge of blasphemers. Gift of Truth, Retributive Curse, Soul Infusion, Soulsight, Voice of Temptation MTC 57
Khen-Inku The Overthrower Judge of those who use the law to harm others. Radiant Lifeforce, Auspicious Mastery, Deathsight, Guardian Wrath, Voice of Conscience MTC 57
Neb-Imkhu The Lord Imkhu Judge of eavesdroppers. Familiar Face, By Steps Unseen, Epic Heart, Living In Now, Shrouding Aura MTC 58
Sekhiru The Balanced Scale Judge of meddlers. Blessed Panoply, Living In Now, Night Creature, Retributive Curse, Soulsight MTC 59
Tem-Sepu The Source of Command Judge of those who use magic to defy authority. Charmed Lives, Auspicious Mastery, Dominating Might, Fearsome Soul, Pharaoh Reigns Anew MTC 60
Uatch-Rekhet The Rectifier Judge of those who curse the divine or the cosmos. Godsight, Ancient Horror Unveiling, Divine Countenance, Nihilist Awakening, Retributive Curse MTC 60
Unem-Besek The Eater of Entrails Judge of those who steal or sieze territory. Eternal Legend, Beast Companion, Beast Soul Fury, Dominating Might, Glorious Mien MTC 60
Judges of Sheut, the Shadow
Am-Khaibit Eater of Shadows Judge of those who commit crimes against humanity. Night Creature, Eternal Legend, Glorious Mein, Nihilist Awakening, Shrouding Aura MTC 56
Artem-Khet The Crocodile's Tears Judge to those who lie to commit blasphemy. Voice of Temptation, Auspicious Mastery, Blessed Soul, Gift of Truth, Retributive Curse MTC 56
Her-Uru The Face of Dread Judge of those who enjoy inflicting terror. Fearsome Soul, Auspicious Mastery, Divine Countenance, Familiar Face, Shrouding Aura MTC 57
Nebha The Flame Judge of compulsive liars. Rouse the Khaibit, Blessed Soul, Dauntless Explorer, Falcon Soul Aloft, Gift of Truth MTC 58
Nekkenhu The Innocent Judge of those who hide from the truth. Deathsight, Enduring Flesh, Godsight, Healing Counsel, Soul Infusion MTC 58
Tcheser-Tep The Exalted Hand Judge of those who disrespect the dead. By Steps Unseen, Godsight, Guardian Wrath, Nihilist Awakening, Voice of Conscience MTC 60
Tenemku The Retreater Judge of false witnesses. Beast Soul Fury, Enlightened Senses, Running Like Flight, Shrouding Aura, Soulsight MTC 60
Unem-Sef The Eater of Blood Judge of those who delight in corrupting others. Grip of Death, Enduring Flesh, Gift of Truth, Running Like Flight, Soulsight MTC 60