Merits, Mummy (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Artisan's Aptitude ••• Specialty When you spend Willpower on a dice pool involving your guild's relics, achieve exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five. MTC 2e 105
Balanced ••• Your character has a second Balance. Once per chapter, you can restore a Pillar by serving both Balances in one scene. MTC 2e 105
Blue Lotus Pillar ••• Ashem, Sheut ••••• While projecting the Jackal's Shade, you may spend Pillars to use a single Manifestation or Numen. MTC 2e 105
Deshret, Ba ••••• Soaring Falcon reduces the exceptional threshold for mundane actions to fulfill your own aspirations.
Kheru, Ab ••••• Using Lion's Pride to absorb emotions can also steal a point of Willpower.
Nesrem, Ka ••••• Guardian Bull adds an extra +1 Armor when sealing the flesh, and you may spend Willpower to confer its Armor to your Touchstone for a scene.
Usheb, Ren ••••• Spend Willpower to apply Serpent's Tongue's Informed benefit to the use of an Utterance.
Cult • to ••••• You rule a scorpion cult, applying each dot after the first as a bonus dot of Reach or Grasp. Apply your cult's Dominance as a Social bonus amid your guild. MTC 2e 106
Dead Celebrity • to ••• You possessed Fame in a previous Descent. Apply as a Social bonus to appeal to your "resemblance" to your famed self. MTC 2e 106
Dead Flesh •• or •••• Twice per scene, you may spend two turns reassembling your body to reverse the upgrade of a lethal wound to aggravated. With four dots, you may spend a Pillar to reduce a fresh aggravated wound to lethal. MTC 2e 106
Enigma • to ••••• No Fame Fate conspires to erase evidence of your life left behind. Investigation by non-cultists takes a -2 penalty and requires an additional clue for each dot of Enigma. MTC 2e 106
Fount of Vitality •••• All Pillars Sealing the flesh lasts for two more turns. You may spend Willpower and sacrifice Defense to instead seal an invested cultist's flesh. MTC 2e 106
Funerary Text • to ••••• Your tomb contains records preparing you for the Trials of Duat. When you enter henet within your tomb, you may ask the Storyteller one yes-or-no question in Duat for each dot of Funerary Text. MTC 2e 107
Guild Paragon ••• Maa-Kep Spend Willpower to apply 8-Again to a teamwork support roll. On exceptional success by the primary actor, recover the Willpower. MTC 2e 107
Mesen-Nebu Spend Willpower to analyze the materials of an object, gaining +2 to repair or destroy it. You may repurpose materials as gifts for leverage.
Sesha-Hebsu Spend Willpower when mediating between Arisen or cultists to reduce the exceptional threshold to three and improve impressions.
Su-Menent Spend Willpower to preserve dead flesh for a story, adding a +2 bonus to study the remains.
Tef-Aabhi Sense sacred architecture, and spend Willpower to geometrically arrange Hallowed Ground for a day per hour's work.
Interstitial Lives • or •• Bond to one mummy or to all Arisen of your meret. When a bonded mummy rises, you rise at the same Sekhem. With two dots, breaking points and Memory rolls gain +2 in their presence. MTC 2e 107
Overburdened ••• Your character has a second Burden. Once per chapter, you can restore a Pillar by suffering both Burdens in one scene. MTC 2e 107
Relic Sensitivity •• Receive a +2 kepher bonus. MTC 2e 107
Resonant Lifetime ••• Retain clear memories of a single Descent, or if you have reincarnated into another body, the life of that body. MTC 2e 107
Resplendent Soul ••• Pillar ••• Choose one secondary Pillar. When you replenish your defining Pillar by upholding your decree, also recover a point of the secondary Pillar. MTC 2e 107

Cult Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Allies • to ••••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 108
Contacts As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 109
Devotees ••• The cult has a bonus dot of Fidelity. MTC 2e 110
Fanatical •• When you take more cult actions than your Dominance permits, overextended actions apply a +2 bonus to Reach and Grasp, but inflict additional Fidelity damage. MTC 2e 111
Forbidden Rites • to ••••• Ritual Sorcerer, Library (Occult) ••, Sorcerous Knowledge As the supernatural Merit. Cultists led by a sorcerer may perform the rites as cult actions. MTC 2e 117
Library • to ••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 112
Observance •• Monthly tomb rites inspire cultists and cult actions. Participating mummies recover Willpower. MTC 2e 112
Resources • to ••••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 113
Retainer • to ••••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 113
Ritualistic Cult The cult maintains a schedule of tomb rituals. Add Dominance as a bonus to restore Pillars through the tomb's Lifeweb. MTC 2e 114
Safe Place • to ••••• As the location Merit. MTC 2e 114
Scapegoats Once per story, the cult may resolve a mutiny by refocusing to a new cult action, healing two Fidelity wounds without sacrificing Reach or Grasp. MTC 2e 114
Scorpion Cult Initiation • to ••••• As the style Merit. MTC 2e 114
Secretive ••• Cultists hide their identities from the less initiated. Investigating a cultist's ties requires additional clues equal to their Scorpion Cult Initiation. MTC 2e 115
Specialized Cultists Cult assistance provides 9-Again to a given Skill. MTC 2e 115
Storied The cult is deniable or implausible, providing a +1 bonus to discredit enemies. MTC 2e 115
Staff • to ••••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 115
Status • to ••••• As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 116
Syncretic The cult incorporates local beliefs, providing a +2 cult action bonus to work alongside believers. MTC 2e 116
Vice-Ridden •• Vice As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 116
Virtuous •• Virtue As the universal Merit. MTC 2e 116
Wayward Cult ••• The cult maintains no Iremite faith or loyalty and is deceived as to the nature of their Arisen master. It has no Judge's Doctrine, though it can sacrifice Dominance to develop a third Doctrine of its own. Its Reach and Grasp gain a +2 bonus to block other cults, but the first attack by a rival cult under a mummy's leadership inflicts aggravated Fidelity damage. MTC 2e 116