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Soul Affinities

Name Description Source
Entombed Glory Spend ○ to add defining Pillar to Sekhem while within your tomb for a scene MtC2e p124
God King’s Scepter All rolls only against your cult are Blessed Actions MtC2e p124
Bestial Majesty Add Ab to Animal Ken rolls, can spend ○ to issue short command to an animal MtC2e p124
Blessed Soul Spend ○ to make all rolls with a specific Social Skill Blessed Actions for a scene MtC2e p124
Crown of Wadjet Add Ab to Social rolls and cult Fidelity, can spend ○ when interacting with mortal organizations to grease the wheels MtC2e p124
Death Mask Hide the Sahu, costs ○ if used during Epic Utterance, can reduce spread of Sybaris MtC2e p124
Divine Countenance Can reinforce Social Attributes with Pillars like Physical Attributes, get Exceptional on three successes for reinforced attribute MtC2e p124
Soulsight Add Ab to Empathy, can tell Invested people or those with soul loss. Can spend ○ to identify Virtue, Integrity and Conditions MtC2e p124
Voice of Conscience Add Ab to Social rolls to appeal to target's Virtue, can spend ○ if successful to open all Doors at once MtC2e p125
Auspicious Mastery Spend ○ to make all rolls with a specific Mental Skill Blessed Actions for a scene MtC2e p125
Beast Companion Gain an animal companion that is immune to Sybaris and has other advantages MtC2e p125
Chariot of Judgment Spend ○ to make a vehicle into a moving weapon MtC2e p125
Falcon Soul Aloft Can jump full Speed vertically or horizontally, perfect balance, reduce falling damage by Ba MtC2e p125
Soul Infusion Drain or grant Willpower each turn of contact with a target, up to 10/day per target MtC2e p126
Swift As The Sun Gain Defense against firearms attacks, double speed and can triple instead by spending ○ for a scene. Can spend ○ to make a non-Utterance-non-attack Instant action Reflexive instead MtC2e p126
Wisdom of the Ancients Can reinforce Mental Attributes with Pillars like Physical Attributes, get Exceptional on three successes for reinforced attribute MtC2e p126
Anointed Prowess Spend ○ to make all rolls with a specific Physical Skill Blessed Actions for a scene MtC2e p126
Dominating Might Add Ka to Initiative, armor piercing, Durability piercing, Strength for lifting, can spend ○ to inflict Knocked Down on melee hit MtC2e p126
Enduring Flesh Add Ka to Athletics, ignore Ka in Agg/scene and always reduce Agg from supernatural sources by Ka (min 1), never impaired/damaged by natural Environment Tilts MtC2e p127
Guardian Wrath Add Ka to unarmed attacks, which also become Lethal. Can spend ○ once/scene to inflict Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack or Blinded on melee hit MtC2e p127
Living Monolith Add Ka to Health, ignore wound penalties. Your cultists also ignore wound penalties in your presence MtC2e p127
Retributive Curse Reflexively spend ○ to make a target's next roll a Blighted Action, or do so at no cost if target damaged you. Rolls to harm you while defenseless are Blighted. When you die, aggressors are Cursed MtC2e p127
Towering Perspective Add Ka to Intimidation and Politics, can spend ○ to sense highest Contacts, Status and Allies of a target. Can spend ○ to increase Size by 2x Ka for a scene, does not increase Health MtC2e p127
Amanuensis Add Ren to Academics and Expression rolls, can understand and speak any mortal language. May spend ○ to understand magical languages. Can extend benefits to your Cult MtC2e p127
Blessed Panoply Your tomb and belongings never age or rot. Negate penalties for improvised tools and get 9-again when using any tool. Your clothes gain Armor 1/1. Rolls to damage your belongings are Blighted MtC2e p127
Enlightened Senses Add Ren to perception, Craft and Investigation rolls. Reduce range and concealment penalties by Ren. Cannot be ambushed. Can see an interact with beings in Neter-Khertet MtC2e p127
Familiar Face Spend ○ to improve impression rating with a mortal by Ren for a scene MtC2e p127
Godsight Add Ren to Occult rolls, can tell Sekhem ratings on sight. Can spend ○ to see supernatural beings for a scene and add Ren to Clash to pierce occlusion effects MtC2e p128
Radiant Life Force Add Ren to Medicine and can stabilize subjects with a touch. Living beings heal twice as fast near you and your cultists heal 1B/turn, if you wish it. Can spend ○ as an action to end a supernatural or mental condition on yourself MtC2e p128
Soul Threads Spend ○ to monitor the state and location of those you see in the current scene, up to 2x Ren targets. For the rest of the story, add Ren to rolls to avoid notice of subjects and add Ren to rolls to reach the subject MtC2e p128
Ancient Horror Unveiling Can penalize Sybaris rolls by Sheut. May spend ○ to show their true Sahu to a single subject and cause Sybaris roll, inflicting Madness or Frightened MtC2e p128
By Steps Unseen Add Sheut to Stealth rolls, may attempt to hide under any circumstance. May spend ○ to teleport to unobserved point within Sheut * 10 yards MtC2e p128
Deathsight Can tell lifespan of subject at a glance. Able to see and interact with beings in Neter-Khertet, apply Sheut as bonus to Defense against them. May spend ○ to detect Vice, Integrity, Sheut or equivalent of subject MtC2e p128
Grip of Death Your unarmed attacks are Lethal and add Sheut to grapple rolls. Silence grappled subject and impose Sheut on perception rolls to notice either participant. Can rise from prose Reflexively MtC2e p128
Opener of the Way Add Sheut to Larceny and Survival rolls. Can spend ○ to unlock any entrance or portal MtC2e p128
Scorpion Veins You and nearby cultist are immune to disease and poison. Can take 1L to coat weapon with venom of Sheut in Toxicity. Can spend ○ to reduce poison Toxicity in a target by Sheut MtC2e p128
Voice of Temptation Add Sheut to Social rolls targeting a subject's Vice, and if successful can spend ○ to open all remaining Doors MtC2e p129

Guild Affinities

Name Description Source
Affable Aid Gain +2 to Empathy, Socialize and Persuasion rolls, and if you succeed have 8-again against that subject for rest of scene MtC2e p129
Amulet of the Envoy Can craft amulet that gives +2 to Streewise and Subterfuge, and alerts wearer when a member of a different guild is nearby. Others must spend ○ the first time they try to attack you each scene. Can spend ○ once per scene to inflict Mute on a subject you can see MtC2e p129
Nexus of the Soul Always aware of and can telepathically communicate with Inheritor cultists, may spend ○ to ride their senses MtC2e p129
Divine Flesh Gain stacking Armor 1, may spend ○ to gain additional Armor 1 for a scene and invoking Sybaris on those who see it. Take -2 damage from fire, and none from electricity MtC2e p129
Hone the Soul Once per scene may take two dots from up to two skills you or your cultist has and redistribute them in up to two other skills of the same subject, to a maximum of 5 MtC2e p129
Almsman’s Tithe Can drain two Willpower at will (to a minimum of 0) and inflict Broken on an Inheritor and gain 1 Pillar (up to your maximum) MtC2e p129
Eyes of Justice Gain +2 on perception and Investigation rolls. Can identify vessels with rating on sight. Can spend ○ to identify Lifeless and Endless, as well as if someone has killed ever or within the last day MtC2e p130
Master of the Written Word May make your writing invisible until a ritual is enacted. May spend ○ to provide sincere warnings that should be obeyed. Can spend ○ as instant action to copy any text MtC2e p130
Loremaster’s Guile Gain +2 on Academics, Politics and Science rolls. Can identify forgeries, sincere intent and truthfulness of media on sight. May spend ○ to decode any ciphers MtC2e p130
Fated Soul Gain +2 on Medicine, Occult or rolls to resist supernatural powers and magic. Immune to fear MtC2e p130
Flesh-Culled Secrets Can sense and analyze corpses at will and know if their ghost lingers, may spend ○ to exhume them, may spend ○ to learn about their emotions before dying or see them if one of your cultists MtC2e p130
Blazing Zeal When nearby your cultists are immune to fear and gain +2 to rolls to resist supernatural effects. May spend ○ as an action to cause mortals to flee in fear for turns equal to defining pillar MtC2e p130
Model Lifeweb Gain +2 on Crafts and Expression rolls, detect hidden aspects of a structure. May spend ○ to determine purpose and last bearer of a held item MtC2e p130
Guardian Statue May craft a number of statues equal to defining Pillar at cost of ○ each, next damaging attack against the statue's character destroys statue instead MtC2e p131
Nest of Dolls Gain 8-Again on teamwork with other Arisen, gain Blessed Action for creation of art or structure. May spend ○ to swap position of two of Inheritors or Sadikh once/target/scene MtC2e p131
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L