Guilds (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Guild Nickname Vessels Affinity Description Book
Maa-Kep Bearers of the Engraved Laborers Amulets Affable Aid Aides and middlemen who monitor those they support to maintain ideological purity. MTC 31
Mesen-Nebu Born of Gold Alchemists Regia Divine Flesh Patrons and brokers who derive power from cultivating Dedwen, a metaphysical understanding of value. MTC 36
Sesha-Hebsu Closed Books Scribes Texts Eyes of Justice Notary judges who read the power of the Word by their keeping of records. MTC 41
Su-Menent Shepherds of the Chamber Priests Uter Fated Soul Funereal priests who practice rigid self-denial to safely receive the will of alien gods. MTC 46
Tef-Aabhi Father of Idols Masons Effigies Model Lifeweb Ambitious architects who dream of projects to bring together the greatest qualities of individuals and societies. MTC 51
Akhem-Urtu Restless Stars Deceived Seba Face of Endless Lies Artists and students of nomenclature, now chained as vessels for their broken and vengeful guildmasters. Dec