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Utterance Tier Description Book
General Utterances
Awaken the Dead Ba • Subtle Animate a corpse and ask questions of it about one subject it knew. Ba: With Ba Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, can question corpse about any subjects with which it was familiar in life. MtC2e p133
Sheut ••• Curse Turn a corpse into a Lifeless Thrall that will only attack unless ordered not to. Sheut: With Sheut Pillar rating of 3 or higher, may create a number of Lifeless Thralls up to Sheut Pillar rating. Can spend Willpower to fully heal a single thrall. As a Death Curse, all bodies within one mile rise up as uncontrolled thralls.
Ren ••••• None Resurrect a corpse or ghost into living flesh. The resurrected maintains all capabilities and memories they had while alive, but permanently dies after one story, unable to be resurrected by this Utterance again. +Tier 2: The target is raised as an obedient Lifeless Thrall. Ren: At Ren Pillar Rating of 5, those resurrected survive until killed or die of natural cause, but cannot be resurrected by this Utterance again.
Blessed is the God-King Ren • Subtle Apply Rote to a single dice pool (which can be done after already rolling) once per scene, lasts until end of story or until used. Ren: With Ren Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, the Utterance can be unleashed twice per scene. MtC2e p134
Ab ••• Subtle A mortal gains the Blessed Action quality when they spend Willpower to increase a roll for a story. If used on a mortal cultist, the dice pool gains 8-again and achieves exceptional success on 3 instead of 5 successes. Ab: With Ab Pillar Rating of 3 or higher, affects all mortals who see the Arisen, but the blessing only works on first dice pool enhanced with Willpower.
Defining ••••• Epic Transform into an avatar of the Judges: Increase Size and Attributes by 2, treated as Sekhem 10 for reinforcing Attributes with Pillars and inflicting Sybaris, 3L weapon with 8-again and no Initiative penalty, hostile actions against Arisen requires a Willpower point, and can end prematurely to reduce a single attack to one point of damage. Inheritors present can undergo a minor version of this transformation. Defining Pillar at 5: Ab - Impression on Social Interactions is perfect. Ba - Initiative is 1 higher than highest Initiative and can apply Defense against everything. Ka - Regenerate one point of Lethal or Bashing per turn. Ren - Reduce cost of a single Utterance each round by one Pillar point. Sheut - Gain partial concealment against all attacks and the weapon causes the grave Sick Tilt.
Color From Void Sheut • Subtle Description BoLD p48
Ab ••• None Description
Ren ••••• None Description
Dreams of Dead Gods* Ba • Curse Cause dreamers to gain the Dead Dreamer Condition, giving them a task to complete. As a Death Curse, the target is the killer of the Arisen. Ba: With Ba Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, the dreamers gain two additional Blessed actions per chapter. MtC2e p135
Ka •• Curse, Potency 2 Manipulation + Ka + Sekhem vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. Inflict the Charmed or Frightened Condition on any character the Arisen has interacted with in the past week next time the target sees the Arisen. Remove 1 Door in social maneuvering. Ka: With Ka Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, when target resolves Charmed or Frightened Condition, they gain Swooned or Shaken Condition respectively.
Ab •••• Subtle Create an aura affecting all mortal characters who the Arisen can see or hear (can choose to exclude cultists), inflicting the Broken, Swooned, or Awestruck Condition. Ab: With Ab Pillar Rating of 4 or higher, the aura lingers for the entire scene.
Dust Beneath Feet Ba • None Take no damage from falling, suffer no damage or penalties from earth-based environments or effects, pass through earth-based materials, and shape materials into Iremite clothing for a scene, or indefinitely while in tomb. Ba: With Ba Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, can grant benefits to a willing target. MtC2e p136
Ka ••• Curse Form a statue around the Arisen, gaining +1 to Size, 4 points of armor, immunity to Knocked Down Tilt, and +1 Strength for an hour, or indefinitely while in tomb. +Tier 1: Can leave the statue. As a Death Curse, the statue encases the Arisen's corpse for protection. Ka: With Ka Pillar Rating of 3 or higher, add Ka to Size and Strength rather than 1.
Sheut ••••• Curse, Epic Cause the Earthquake Tilt (and Collapsing Ceiling Tilt if indoors) for a scene. Can spend an entire scene to widen the area to a 10 miles radius. Sheut: With Sheut Pillar Rating of 5, ghosts within affected area gain the area as an Anchor for 5 days. If the earthquake was widened, ghosts gain a Ban to follow the Arisen's orders.
Echoes of Faded Voices Sheut • Subtle Description BoLD pg50
Ren ••• Curse Description
Ka ••••• Curse, Epic Description
Feast of Ashes Ab • None When striking a victim with touch, can reflexively inflict Arm or Leg Wrack tilt for a scene. Ab: With Ab Pillar Rating of 1 or higher, poison a food or drink causing Toxicity equal to the Arisen's Ab, lasting for Ab + Sekhem intervals of damage. Can cure victim of poison with a touch. MtC2e p137
Ka ••• Curse, Epic Wits + Ka + Sekhem vs Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance. Curse a target for Ka + Sekhem days or use as Epic to affect all within of Ka + Sekhem miles (can choose to exclude cultists). Affected gain no nourishment from food/drink, except those which the Arisen allows. Without nourishment, the affected are unable to naturally heal, suffer cumulative -1 to Physical actions each day up to -5, cannot regain Willpower from Virtue or Vice, and take one point of bashing each day after their Stamina + Resolve days. Supernatural beings must expend +1 fuel when using powers and lose 1 fuel per day. Ka: With Ab Pillar Rating of 3 or higher, the effects turn from per day to per turn.
Sheut ••••• Curse, Epic The sun appears to become a total eclipse for Sheut + Sekhem days in the scene, plunging the area into darkness. Characters cannot regain Willpower by resting, and mortals suffer -2 to Composure. Can inflict the Cursed Condition upon others within area (can choose to exclude cultists), and attempting to subvert the Curse causes rolls to do so to become Blighted actions. +Tier 2: Can increase the area of effect to match the previous tier. Sheut: With Sheut Pillar Rating of 5, characters with the Cursed Condition have their shadows turn into Rank 1 fiends that attack the body they were attached to.
Fury of Sekhmet Sheut • None Description MtC2e p138
Ab ••• Potency 1 Description
Defining ••••• Epic Description
Gift of the Golden Ankh Ka • Subtle Description MtC2e p139
Ba ••• None Description
Ab ••••• None Description
Gilded Doom Ren • None Description MtC2e p140
Ab •• Curse Description
Sheut •••• None Description
Invoking Tempest's Fury Ab • None Description MtC2e p141
Ka ••• Epic Description
Sheut ••••• Curse, Epic Description
Obedient Implements Ka • Curse, Epic Description BoLD pg52
Ba ••• Curse, Epic Description
Ab ••••• Curse Description
Palace Knows Its Pharaoh Ka • Subtle Description MtC2e p142
Ren •• Curse Description
Ba •••• Epic Description
Pavane of Eternity Ba • Subtle Description MtC2e p143
Ren ••• Subtle Description
Ab ••••• Epic Description
Pestilent Whispers Ka • Curse Description MtC2e p144
Ba ••• Curse Description
Sheut ••••• Potency 2 Description
Power of Re Ren • None Description MtC2e p146
Sheut •• None Description
Ab •••• Curse, Epic Description
Rebuke the Vizier Ka • Potency 3 Description MtC2e p147
Ba ••• Potency 3 Description
Ren ••••• Potency 3 Description
Reflections Upon A Broken Image Ab • Subtle Description MtC2e p147
Ba ••• None Description
Ka ••••• None Description
Relentless Horror Ka • None Description MtC2e p148
Ba •• None Description
Ren •••• None Description
Revelations of Smoke and Flame Sheut • None Description MtC2e p149
Ab ••• Epic Description
Ba ••••• Epic Description
Rite of the Sacred Scarab Sheut • None Description MtC2e p150
Ren ••• None Description
Ka ••••• None Description
Rotting Flesh Divinity Ab • None Description BoLD pg53
Ka ••• None Description
Ba ••••• Epic Description
Sands Falling Swiftly Ab • Potency 1 Description MtC2e p151
Ren ••• None Description
Ka ••••• Epic Description
Secrets Ripped From Skies Ba • Subtle Description MtC2e p152
Sheut ••• Curse Description
Ren ••••• None Description
Shadow of Time Ren • Subtle Description MtC2e p153
Sheut ••• None Description
Ba ••••• Subtle Description
Tenebrous Consumption Ab • Subtle Description BoLD pg54
Sheut ••• None Description
Ba ••••• Curse, Epic Description
Usurping the Red Shores Sheut • Curse Description BoLD pg55
Ka •• Curse Description
Ab •••• Curse, Epic Description
Water of Life and Death Ren • None Description MtC2e p154
Sheut •• Curse Description
Ba •••• None Description
Weaving the Lifeweb Ba • Subtle Description MtC2e p155
Ab ••• Subtle Description
Ren ••••• Epic Description
Weighing the Heart Ren • Subtle Description MtC2e p156
Ab •• Curse, Subtle Description
Sheut •••• Subtle Description
Words of Dead Dominion Sheut • None Description MtC2e p157
Ren •• None Description
Ka •••• Potency 2 Description
Wrathful Desert Power Ab • None Description MtC2e p158
Ba •• None Description
Ka •••• Curse Description
  • Always available to all Arisen.