From Codex of Darkness
Guild Nickname Vessel Description Book
Maa-Kep Shadow of Pillars Spies Amulets Aides and middlemen who monitor those they support to maintain ideological purity. MTC 2e 20
Mesen-Nebu Born of Gold Alchemists Regia Patrons and brokers who derive power from cultivating Dedwen, a metaphysical understanding of value. MTC 2e 23
Sesha-Hebsu Testimony to Ages Diplomats Texts Notary judges who read the power of the Word by their keeping of records. MTC 2e 26
Su-Menent Eulogy for Souls Necromancers Uter Funereal priests who practice rigid self-denial to safely receive the will of alien gods. MTC 2e 29
Tef-Aabhi Spider of Fate Architects Effigies Ambitious architects whose projects focus sacred geometries and occult sympathies to evoke divinity. MTC 2e 32
Minor Guilds
Akhem-Urtu Restless Stars Deceived Seba Artists and students of nomenclature, now chained as vessels for their broken and vengeful guildmasters. MTC 2e 35
Kher-Minu Stone Spears Eternals Anchors Soldiers held prisoner to death spent sealed in stone, bound to defend the relics which preserve them. MTC 2e 36
Maar-Kherit Unknown Physics Ankhs Undead remnants of a lost guild of physicians, cancerous and suffering from a failed attempt at resurrection. MTC 2e 37
Wadjet-Itja Thieves of Eyes Oracles None A counterfeit guild of opportunistic tricksters who gamble for mortal years to cheat death. MTC 2e 38