Geist: the Sin-Eaters

From Codex of Darkness

In Geist: the Sin-Eaters you play as one who has died and made a deal with an incarnation of death itself to live again.

Origins and Organizations

Depending on edition, the Bound either have Thresholds or Burdens describing the character of their deaths. Archetypes describe what they do with their second life and what greater missions move them.

Sin-Eaters gather unique krewes around them and their ideas, which provide various Krewe Traits to members.


In first edition, the twice-living possess a unique power trait called Psyche, and a Morality trait called Synergy.

In second edition, Synergy blends both roles, and Sin-Eaters also exhibit unique Anchors called their Root and Bloom, and cultivate Touchstones through their personal growth and relationship with their geists.


Sin-Eaters can unlock Manifestations or Haunts through the Keys of the Underworld to conjure ghostly phenomena. They can also learn and teach deathly Ceremonies.

Many Sin-Eaters carry Mementos touched by significant deaths.


Sin-Eaters have access to several unique Merits beyond mortal scope, as well as specific Locations and Style Merits. They can also access the universally available list of Merits.

Merits, Locations (1st Edition)
Keys and Haunts (1st Edition)
Ceremonies (1st Edition)
Krewe Traits (1st Edition)
Merits, Geist (1st Edition)
Derangements (1st Edition)
Flaws (1st Edition)
Morality (1st Edition)
Power Stat (1st Edition)
Mementos (1st Edition)
NPCs, Sin-Eaters (1st Edition)
NPCs, Ghosts (1st Edition)
Merits, Styles (1st Edition)
Merits, Universal (1st Edition)
Thresholds and Burdens (1st Edition)
Archetypes (1st Edition)
Power Stat (2nd Edition)
Thresholds and Burdens (2nd Edition)
Keys and Haunts (2nd Edition)
Archetypes (2nd Edition)
Morality (2nd Edition)
Anchors (2nd Edition)
Merits, Locations (2nd Edition)
Merits, Geist (2nd Edition)
Krewe Traits (2nd Edition)
Merits, Ghost (2nd Edition)
Mementos (2nd Edition)
Merits, Universal (2nd Edition)
Merits, Styles (2nd Edition)
NPCs, Beings (2nd Edition)
Ceremonies (2nd Edition)
Conditions (2nd Edition)
Tilts (2nd Edition)
Anchors (1st Edition)