NPCs, Ghosts (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Description Source
Apparition The most common sort of ghosts, these souls linger near their anchors, unable to move on. Rarely do they interact with the physical world, instead just going through the motions of life. WoD 214
Deceiver Ghosts capable of creating illusions or other deceptions, whom frequently make use of these abilities for malicious or vengeful purposes. WoD 216
Elton Ownes A ghost of a Mage who died in vengeance against the Seers of the Throne, tied to his love, a Proximus named Melissa. MtA 328
Poltergeist Ghosts powerful enough to interact with the physical world, which they do with great frequency, making their presence readily known. WoD 215
Skinrider These spooks have a penchant for possession, frequently seizing control of hapless mortals in order to indulge their desires. WoD 216