Werewolf: the Forsaken

From Codex of Darkness

In Werewolf: the Forsaken, you play a guardian of the boundary between flesh and spirit, honed of blood and fury.

Origins and Organizations

Each Forsaken is born to an Auspice, a phase of the Moon. Most will also join a Tribe, as Werewolves are pack animals by nature.

Additionally, they may join a Lodge who has common interests.


Werewolves have a unique Power Stat called Primal Urge, and a unique Morality trait called Harmony. In Second Edition, they also have unique Anchors: Blood, Bone, and their Touchstones to the world of flesh and spirit.


Werewolves may deal with Spirits to gain access to Gifts, as well as rituals called Rites.

They may bind Spirits into physical forms called Fetishes, or the more short-lived Talens for their own benefit.


The Forsaken have access to several unique Merits beyond mortal scope, including specific Locations and Combat Styles. They can also access the universally available list of Merits.

Anchors (1st Edition)
Anchors (2nd Edition)
Auspices (1st Edition)
Auspices (2nd Edition)
Conditions (2nd Edition)
Derangements (1st Edition)
Fetishes (1st Edition)
Fetishes (2nd Edition)
Flaws (1st Edition)
Gifts (1st Edition)
Gifts (2nd Edition)
Host Aspects (1st Edition)
Lodges (1st Edition)
Lodges (2nd Edition)
Merits, Locations (1st Edition)
Merits, Locations (2nd Edition)
Merits, Styles (1st Edition)
Merits, Styles (2nd Edition)
Merits, Universal (1st Edition)
Merits, Universal (2nd Edition)
Merits, Werewolf (1st Edition)
Merits, Werewolf (2nd Edition)
Morality (1st Edition)
Morality (2nd Edition)
NPCs, Beings (1st Edition)
NPCs, Beings (2nd Edition)
Power Stat (1st Edition)
Power Stat (2nd Edition)
Rites (1st Edition)
Rites (2nd Edition)
Talens (1st Edition)
Talens (2nd Edition)
Tilts (2nd Edition)
Tribes (1st Edition)
Tribes (2nd Edition)