Beast: the Primordial

From Codex of Darkness

In Beast: the Primordial, you play one of the Children, a human being whose soul has been replaced by one of the great monsters of legend.

Origins and Organizations

Beasts belong to Families, one of the lineages of great monsters.

Each Beast has a Hunger that they must feed.


Beasts have a unique Power Stat called Lair, and a unique Integrity trait called Satiety. They also have unique Anchors: Life and Legend.


Beasts express the shape of their inner Horror in manners called Atavisms, and project primal fears as Nightmares.

By exploiting resonance with associated places, they become able to merge their Lair into the waking world.

The Heroes who pursue Beasts wield their own Anathema and Gifts against them.


The Children have access to several unique Merits beyond mortal scope.