Lair Traits

From Codex of Darkness


Second Edition
Minor Trait Description Effects Book
Bad Angles Impossible and/or shifting architectural features. –2 penalty to Composure and Initiative. –1 penalty to Resolve for each hour affected (max. –5). BPG 147
Blazing Light Excessively bright and reflective lighting. Penalize vision rolls by -3, and other rolls subject to pain or distraction by -1. BTP 102
Blizzard Thick particular clouds blow through and gather underfoot. Low visibility penalizes attempts to see past your own arm by -1, plus a cumulative -1 for every ten yards. Depth of snow (or other particular matter) penalizes movement by -1 for every four inches. BTP 102
Cramped Spaces are narrow and limited. Choose an accommodated Size. Penalize physical actions by (6 - chosen Size) for characters too large, and deny species factor when calculating Speed. BTP 102
Crosswinds Fierce blowing winds. Penalize rolls involving balance or movement by -3, threatening Knocked Down on failure. BTP 102
Currents Swift flows, conveyor belts or other pushing forces. Assign currents a direction and effective Strength. Characters must roll Strength + Athletics - current's Strength or be carried away at a Speed five times its Strength. BTP 102
Downpour Heavy precipitative weather. Penalize sight and hearing by -3. BTP 102
Echoing Disorienting acoustic reverb. Penalize hearing and attempts to remain quiet by -3. BTP 102
Extreme Cold Extreme cold. Level 2 Extreme Environment inflicts a cumulative -1 penalty for each hour of exposure. Characters exposed for six hours or longer treat it as Level 3. No healing of bashing damage except by supernatural means, which is half as quick. BTP 102-103
Extreme Heat Extreme heat. As Extreme Cold. BTP 103
Flooded Mired in thick liquid or soft matter. Penalize movement by -2. Some areas are fully submerged. BTP 103
Fog Thick mists. Penalize actions using sight by -1 for every ten feet. BTP 103
Infected Reeking air, surfaces looking irritated, oozing pus or bile. Penalize Stamina-based rolls by -3. Regenerating Health is twice as long while affected. BPG 148
Isolated Illusory sensation of utter loneliness. Penalize Resolve-based rolls by -3. Victims can't regain Willpower while affected: if they're exposed longer than (Presence) hours, they gain the Insensate Tilt. BPG 148
Jagged Treacherous footing. Penalize rolls to keep footing by -2, threatening Knocked Down on failure. Falling inflicts two bashing damage. BTP 103
Maze Disorienting or changing layout. Characters must roll Intelligence + Composure - 3 to navigate the maze. BTP 103
Minions Small creatures. Minions complete a variety of tasks for the Beast. If an intruder attempts to destroy the chamber while a Beast is unable to resist, minions bolster the chamber with half the Beast's Resolve. They can also attempt to apply the Knocked Down, Stunned or Immobilized Tilt. BPG 148
Mirrored Covered in reflexive surfaces. Penalize vision rolls by -2. Any light too strong or focused increases the penalty to -3. BPG 148
Poor Light Dimly or inconsistently lit. Penalize actions using sight by -2 proximally, -3 at a distance, or -4 at long range. BTP 103
Sealed Exits Ways out obstructed. There is no escape. Even supernatural means of leaving provoke a Clash of Wills. BTP 103
Slick Poor traction. Characters move at half Speed and suffer a -2 penalty to Physical rolls and Defense, or a -4 penalty at full Speed. BTP 103
Stalking Ground Locations of particular note to the Beast and Horror. Can only be applied to a single location chamber and its material world counterpart. Anyone that spends significant time in the space becomes an easy target for a starved Horror. These chosen targets are not subject to the added risks of being targeted numerous times. BPG 148
Steam Scalding clouds. Penalize actions using sight by -2. Level 3 Extreme Environment. BTP 103
Stench Repulsive air. Penalize actions involving exertion by (5 - Composure), unless the character spends Willpower or does not breathe. BTP 104
Stinging Toxic underbrush, stinging fauna, or corrosive atmosphere. Triggers the -1 level of wound penalty. Occasional temporary blinding. BTP 104
Swarms Growing masses intrude into any space. Double wound penalties suffered, and degrade complex or delicate equipment modifiers by 2. BTP 104
Thin Air Low-oxygen atmosphere. Penalize Physical actions by breathing characters by (Size - Stamina). Level 2 Extreme Environment. BTP 104
Thunderous Horrid loud noises. Occasional temporary deafening. BTP 104
Undergrowth Entangling vines or webs. Characters must roll Strength + Athletics - the undergrowth's Durability to push through it. BTP 104
Unstable Cracking ice, swaying bridges or shifting floors. Penalize Dexterity actions and Defense by -3, and threaten Knocked Down on failure. Characters can avoid the penalty with a Dexterity + Athletics roll. BTP 105
Major Trait Description Effects Book
Burning A big fire potentially swallows the Chamber. A big fire potentially swallows the Chamber. Decide its Size and Intensity. BTP 105
Bottomless The floor gives way to a impossibly deep chasm. A character entering the Chamber must roll Dexterity+Composure. In the case of a failure, they fall, taking 2 Lethal and arriving into a random Chamber of the Lair. BPG 148
Corrosive Pooling acid or other flesh-eating hazards. Choose what materials are threatened. Afflicted characters suffer a point of aggravated damage per turn, and afflicted objects lose a point of Durability per turn. BTP 105
Crushing Pressurized or constrictive surroundings. Level 4 Extreme Environment. Characters may be able to roll Strength + Athletics to squeeze out. BTP 105
Darkness Absolute darkness. Penalize actions involving sight by -5 and deny Defense, except with a light source. BTP 105
Decayed Structures weaken and crumble. Reduce objects' Durability by 2. Weapon attacks also deal their damage to the weapon itself. BTP 105
Diseased Infectious. Penalize combat actions by -1, increasing by another -1 penalty every two turns to a maximum of -5. For a grave disease, also inflict one point of bashing damage per turn. BTP 105
Disruption Technology breaks down or rebels. Can't use complex equipment. BTP 105
Earthquake Periodic violent hurling. During a quake, penalize Dexterity rolls and Defense by a cumulative -1 per turn. Roll Stamina + Athletics and suffer two points of bashing damage on success, or lethal on failure. BTP 105
Engulfing Immobilizing, grasping mires. Characters can be immobilized and denied Defense until they pull free by rolling Strength + Athletics - Size. BTP 105
Electrified Lightning, live wiring, or bioelectric swarms. Direct electric hazards are present. Decide whether they are Major, Severe, or Fatal. BTP 105
Exposed Open spaces or gossamer-weak structures. Taking cover provides no benefit. BTP 105
Heavy Unnatural gravity or pressure. Penalize Physical actions by -3. Characters can roll Strength + Stamina to throw the penalty off for (Stamina) turns. BTP 105
Hoard Tempting assortment of valuables. Each minute spent interacting with an item from the Hoard gets the Horror one Chamber closer. Trying to destroy it doubles the Horror's Speed. Sucessfully destroying it wakes a Slumbering Horror. Outside of the Chamber, the item dissipates after (Lair) hours. BPG 149
Hunting Ground Same as Stalking Ground. Functions similarly to the Minor Lair Trait Stalking Ground except that it can be applied to the Lair and similar areas like any other Lair Trait, and it cannot be circumvented except by Heroes. BPG 149
Hurricane Uprooting, battering winds. During storms, penalize Physical and hearing-based actions by -3, and roll Stamina + Athletics, suffering two points of bashing damage on success, or lethal on failure. Level 3 Extreme Environment. BTP 106
Mirages Illusions, heat shimmer, visual disruption. Penalize visual Perception rolls, including rolls to anticipate ambush, by -3. Characters can roll Wits + Composure - 3 to throw the penalty off for turns equal to successes. BTP 106
Murmurs Misleading whispers. -2 to Wits. Penalty to hearing rolls of -1. Each hour while affected, characters must roll Resolve+Composure (cumulative -1 each time, to a max of -5). Failure inflicts the Insane Tilt. BPG 149
Noxious Gases Harmful vapors. Characters who are breathing suffer a point of lethal damage per turn of exposure. BTP 106
Suffocating Underwater, vaccuum, or dangerously thin air. Characters cannot breathe. BTP 106
Razored Broken glass, wicked thorns, rusty spikes. Characters must roll Dexterity + Composure to navigate through razored obstructions, or suffer 3L damage. BTP 106
Rotting Spoiling, tainted atmosphere. Heal one third as fast as normal. Deny characters one point of potential Willpower recovery. BTP 107
Thralls A small force dedicated to protecting their host. Beasts have a number of thralls equal to half their Lair rating. Thralls engage in normal combat and are immune to their host's Lair Traits. Thrall traits are half the Horror's, and each thrall may use one of the Beast's Atavisms. BPG 149
Toxic Tainted water, venomous insects, or some other communicative hazard. The hazard is poisonous. Decide the poison's Toxicity and Interval. BTP 107
Viscous Glue slicks or deep, thick mires. Deny species factor when calculating Speed. Characters can roll Stamina + Strength to buy lost points of Speed back for one turn, one point per success. BTP 107