Anathema and Gifts

From Codex of Darkness


Second Edition


Anathema Description Book
Bane Starving A chosen element or material deals armor-piercing lethal damage by exposure. BTP 209
Sated The damage becomes aggravated.
Gorged Exposure also stuns the Beast.
Chosen One Starving A designated character is empowered against you. Their attacks gain 9-Again and a +2 weapon bonus. NH-CH 36
Sated The Chosen One's attacks gain 8-Again.
Gorged The Chosen One's attacks instead apply the rote action quality, and the two points of bonus damage are aggravated.
Entrancement Starving A person or material preoccupies the Beast when present, inflicting a -1 penalty until secured and protecting it from the Beast's aggression. Spend Willpower to suppress for a turn. BTP 209
Sated Suffer a -2 penalty while the subject is unsecured, and a -1 penalty while holding it secure. You may not suppress with Willpower.
Gorged Suffer a -3 penalty while unsecured, -2 while secured. You may not harm the subject, even in self-defense.
Phobia Starving A particular stimulus evokes a fight-or-flight response, inflicting a -2 penalty to any action except to escape or destroy it while present. BTP 209
Sated The penalty applies to actions to fight back, as well as Initiative, and persist briefly after the stimulus is gone.
Gorged The penalty increases to -3, and the Beast's Initiative modifier is stripped altogether.
Rage Starving Restless anger inflicts a -1 penalty to Social actions and non-attack combat actions. The anger may be suppressed with Willpower. It resumes on suffering damage or after a scene of social interaction. BTP 210
Sated The penalty increases to -3, excluding Intimidation rolls. Willpower cannot suppress the rage for social interaction.
Gorged Blinding rage makes the penalized actions impossible. Willpower only suppresses the rage for a turn.
Weak Spot Starving A particular part of your body may be struck for aggravated damage with a -3 called shot. BTP 211
Sated The weak spot cannot be concealed or protected by Armor.
Gorged The weak spot is exposed and requires only a -1 called shot.
Weaponbound Starving A specific weapon poses a supernatural threat to you. Attacks using the weapon gain 9-Again and a +2 weapon bonus. BTP 211
Sated Attacks using the weapon gain 8-Again.
Gorged Attacks using the weapon instead apply the rote action quality, and the two points of bonus damage are aggravated.


Gift Description Book
Champion's Endurance +2 General Armor against Beasts. BTP 213
Chosen Blade A specific weapon in the Hero's possession gains +1 weapon bonus, reduces its Initiative penalty, and either expands its range or reduces its Strength requirement. BTP 213
Dream Killer Demolish Lair Chambers twice as quickly. NH-CH 48
Family Rivalry The Hero can identify characters with Family Ties and use Social Maneuvering to call pressure upon them to break ties with their bonded Beast. NH-CH 37
Kinslayer Heroic Tracking and Gifts may target subjects of Family Ties as if they were Beasts. BTP 213
Legendary Hunter +3 to Heroic Stalking and to pierce a Beast's concealment. Heroic Stalking's exceptional threshold reduces from five to three. BTP 213
Loremaster The Hero may use research as a vector to place Anathema remotely as an extended action, though the Beast senses the attempt. BTP 213
Open Gate The Hero may contest Wits + Resolve + Occult vs Resistance + Lair to push a lingering Primordial Pathway back open into or out of a Beast's Lair. BTP 214
Real World The Hero may contest Power + Occult vs Resolve + Lair to banish an imposed Lair Trait. BTP 214
Saint's Whisper The Hero may use a social confrontation as a vector to place Anathema. BTP 215
Shepherd's Gaze The Hero may contest Finesse + Occult vs Resolve to read the traces of a Beast's influence in the dreams of a sleeping subject. NH-CH 48
Vanquisher's Strength Treat one of Brawl, Firearms, or Weaponry as one dot higher, and against a Beast, treat Strength as two dots higher. May be purchased twice. BTP 215
Warrior's Speed In conflict against a Beast, take +10 Speed and determine Defense with the higher of Wits or Dexterity. You may choose to copy the Initiative value of the quickest Beast present. May be purchased twice, for an additional +5 Speed and to treat Dexterity as two dots higher in combat. BTP 215