Deviant: the Renegades

From Codex of Darkness

In Deviant: the Renegades you play someone transformed by occult procedures, seeking vengeance on those who broke you open, body and soul.

Origins and Classifications

The Remade can be categorized by Origins, which describe whether they had any choice in their transformation, and Clades, which describe the means by which their Divergence was realized.

Some Remade experience unusual Forms or states of being.


Deviants possess Loyalty and Conviction, two traits which resemble the Anchors and Integrity of the untransformed. They also track another Integrity-like trait called Stability.

Many Remade develop a unique Power Stat trait called Acclimation.


The Divergence infuses each of the Remade with unique paranormal qualities and abilities called Variations. These invariably mark the transformed with detrimental Scars.

The Remade exhibit certain Adaptations shared across similar Divergences.


Deviants have access to several unique Merits. They can also access the universally available Merits, Style Merits, and Location Merits.