Demon: the Descent

From Codex of Darkness

In Demon: the Descent you play a fallen angel, severed from the God-Machine and fighting a shadow war against its servants.

Origins and Organizations

Each Demon has an Incarnation describing the purpose to which the God-Machine made you, and an Agenda that shows your purpose as one of the Unchained.


The Unchained posses a unique Power Stat trait called Primum, and an Integrity trait called Cover.


Each Demon has specific Demonic Form elements that appear while they are out of Cover.

The Unchained can also use reality hacks called Embeds to gain an advantage, or derive powerful Exploits from those Embeds.


Demons have access to several unique Merits beyond mortal scope, including specific Locations. They can also access the universally available lists of Merits and Style Merits.