From Codex of Darkness


Second Edition

Personal Tilts

Name Description Book
Natural Tilts
Arm Wrack Your arm has been incapacitated by pain or injury. CofD 280
Beaten Down Your will or capacity to keep fighting has been exhausted. CofD 280
Bleeding You're weakening from bleeding out. HL 143
Blind Your vision has been impaired or stripped. CofD 281
Burning You're on fire. You quickly amass lethal damage because fire bad. PTC 2e 314
Deafened Your hearing has been impaired or stripped. CofD 281
Drugged You're suffering the numbing mental and physical effects of a narcotic. CoFD 281
Immobilized You're restrained or held in place, incapacitating you and leaving you open. CofD 284
Insane A panic attack or severe psychotic break provokes extreme, irrational behavior. CofD 285
Insensate You've been overwhelmed and psychically incapacitated, leaving you open. CofD 285
Knocked Down You've been swept to the ground, disrupting your action and forcing you prone. CofD 285
Leg Wrack Your leg has been severely weakened or incapacitated by pain or injury. CofD 285
Pierced Armor Your armor has been damaged or ruptured. HL 143
Pinned Your flesh or clothes have been pinned to an object, holding you in place. HL 143
Poisoned You're being harmed by a fast-acting toxin. CofD 286
Sick You're impaired and weakened by disease. CofD 286
Stunned You're dazed and briefly incapacitated. CofD 286
Supernatural Tilts
Flesh Too Solid You're so immersed in dream that you take physical instead of dream damage. CTL 2e 329
Nimbus You're subject to a mage's unique Immediate Nimbus, imposing a resonance that applies dice modifiers to certain Attributes or dice tricks to certain Skills. MTA 2e 89

Environmental Tilts

Natural Tilts
Avalanche Tumbling hazards buffet you along and quickly inflict lethal damage. BTP 327
Blazing Light Eye-searing brightness impairs vision. DTR 314
Blizzard Thick snowfall impairs vision and movement. CofD 281
Earthquake Brief physical havoc quickly inflicts lethal damage, or bashing on a successful Stamina + Athletics roll. CofD 282
Extreme Cold Frostbite conditions disrupt natural healing and gradually accrue action penalties and lethal damage. CofD 282
Extreme Heat Sweltering, dry conditions disrupt natural healing and gradually accrue action penalties and lethal damage. CofD 282
Drowning You're submerged and quickly accrue bashing damage from suffocation. BTP 328
Flooded High water levels disrupt movement or submerge those present. CofD 282
Heavy Rain Severe storm weather impairs vision and hearing. CofD 283
Heavy Winds Hurricane winds impair hearing and movement, and threaten bashing damage from debris. CofD 283
Ice Slick footing strips traction and endangers movement. CofD 284
Inferno Shit's on fire. You might choke if you don't burn up first. DTD 386
Poor Light Darkness impairs vision. MTA 2e 323
Riot Unpredictable violence erupts, and jostling and trampling poses a risk of bashing damage. DE 576
Swarm A horde of small but hostile creatures inflicts bashing damage each turn, and resists attacks that don't saturate an area. Special variants of this Tilt include swarms of thoughtful scorpions (DE 236) and obsidian mosquitoes (DE 239). DTD 179
Viscous Passage through the area is difficult, requiring successful rolls to make progress through it. DTR 320
Urban Collapse The building is coming down, and characters may fall, be struck, or be crushed and trapped. DE 573
Supernatural Tilts
Boneyard A Sin-Eater haunts this place, bringing it to life and aware. GTS 2e 305
Lair You're exposed to the particular ruling conditions of a primordial Beast's Lair. BTP 100
Lightning A supernaturally conjured storm which seeks victims. NH-SM 97
Omen Unnatural plague weather sears flesh or boils blood. NH-SM 97
Shattered Time Time is injured here, causing causal stutters and random modifiers to appropriate derived traits. History may mutate, and futures may split. DE 46
Zombies! There are too many zombies to wade through. Lose your Speed Factor bonus. Each turn in the horde not running at full tilt provokes an attack from the horde. CofD 150