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Ⓡ denotes Reaching Numina, which certain beings can use across realms of existence.

Numen Prerequisites Cost Description Book
Aggressive Meme ●●●●●●● Contest vs Resolve + Composure + Tolerance to implant a contagious idea. CofD 136
Awe ●●● Contest vs Presence + Composure + Tolerance to momentarily incapacitate through dread. CofD 136
Beast Eyes Use the senses of an animal. DtD 223
Blast ●●/rating Ranged weapon attack. The weapon rating can be raised up to the ephemera's Rank. CofD 136
Dement Contest vs Intelligence + Tolerance to harrow a subject with the Insane Tilt. CofD 136
Drain Contest vs Stamina + Resolve + Tolerance to steal Essence or Willpower. CofD 137
Emotional Aura Overwhelm those in your presence with a chosen feeling for a scene, inflicting a -2 action penalty. CofD 137
Entrap ●●+ Contest vs Dexterity + Tolerance to fully restrain a target with a restraint Durability of Rank, boosted by extra Essence spent. NH-CH 82
Entropic Decay ●●● Directly inflict lethal damage through unnatural decay. WTF 2e 192
Essence Thief Interact with and consume ephemeral entities of a dissimilar type. CofD 137
Fate Sense Contest vs Resolve + Tolerance to read a character's destiny. CofD 137
Firestarter Ignite combustibles. CofD 137
Hallucination Contest vs Wits + Composure + Tolerance to inflict false sensory information. CofD 137
Host Jump Possess or Claim ●●● Pass from host to valid host by touch. CofD 137
Implant Mission ●● Obsess an ordinary human with a given task. CofD 137
Innocuous Penalize rolls to notice you by -2. CofD 137
Left-Handed Spanner Disable a device by touch (sitting "on top" of the device in Twilight counts). CofD 137
Mortal Mask Materialize Adopt a human seeming while material. CofD 137
Omen Trance ●/●●● Channel a vision of the future to forestall danger. CofD 138
Pathfinder Know the quickest path to a given destination. CofD 138
Rapture ●● Briefly incapacitate a victim with pleasure, prompting a Resolve + Tolerance roll to resist compromising aftereffects. CofD 138
Regenerate Heal a point of non-aggravated damage. CofD 138
Resurrection Rank •••• ●●●●●●●●●● Resurrect a once-living being from an untimely death. CofD 138
Seek (●) Sense the proximity of Anchor, Resonant, or Infrastructure Conditions. CofD 138
Speed ●●/●●●● Double or triple Speed. CofD 138
Sign Write a message into the Material Realm. CofD 138
Stalwart Calculate base Defense as equal to Resistance. CofD 138
Strike Blind Blind people in an area, whether using darkness or blinding light, causing the blinding Tilt. DtD 223
Telekinesis Exert gross manipulation of things in the Material Realm. CofD 138
Transmute ●/●●●/●●●●● Change one substance into another with greater penalty based on how common the result would be. DtD 223
Ghostly Numina
Anchor Jump ●●● Instantly arrive at one of your Anchors. GTS 2e 192
Descend Rank ••• ●●●●●●●●●●/city block Participate in a three-ghost ritual to sink chunks of the living world directly into the Underworld. GTS 2e 193
Dominion Sense Kerberos Perfect understanding of a Dominion's Old Laws, instant awareness when they are broken, and perfect tracking of lawbreakers. GTS 2e 233
Empower Ghost Rank ••••• ●●● Gift a dot of Rank to a ghost of less than Rank •••• for a scene. GTS 2e 194
Enforcement Kerberos Contest vs Resolve + Synergy to brand lawbreakers as cowed enemies of a Dominion. GTS 2e 233
Engulf Rank ••• ●●● Consume a defeated ghost as a dormant prisoner within yourself. GTS 2e 194
Moliate ●(●) Render your Corpus, or that of a willing or restrained ghost, pliable and sculptable for a scene. GTS 2e 194
Proxy ●●● Lend the use of a Manifestation, Numen, or Influence to another ghost of lesser Rank. GTS 2e 195
Puppeteer ●●● Contest vs Rank + Resistance to force a ghost of lesser Rank to use one of her Manifestations, Numina, or Influences. GTS 2e 195
Spiritual Numina
Domination ●● Contest vs Resolve + Presence to intimidate a character, inflicted Cowed. NH-SM 77
Granny's Threads ●●● Used by the magath Grandmother to weave yarnlike snares which drain Willpower and steal victims away. NH-SM 70
Living Barren Your presence dims and deadens the Shadow, creating temporary barrens and shoals. NH-SM 80
Usurp ●● Contest vs Resolve + Composure + Primal Urge to impose yourself as totem over a werewolf, or vs Finesse + Resistance to steal an entire pack from a totem. NH-SM 77
Incarnated Rmoahal ●● Materialized by default. With successive Power + Finesse roll and a full turn switch in or out of Twilight state. SoS 121
Babel Maeltinet Strip the ability to communicate from a subject for a scene. NH-SM 85
Corrupted Vessel Maeltinet Possess those who lose Integrity in your presence. NH-SM 85
Dark Power Maeltinet Offer to triple a dice pool's Renown at the cost of tarnished brands. NH-SM 38, 85
Glimpse of Hell Maeltinet Take on a horrid form which imposes a similar effect to Lunacy. NH-SM 85
Perfect Lie Maeltinet Convince a victim of anything untrue for a scene. NH-SM 85
Hedge Ghost Numina
Clarity Drain ●● Inflict a Clarity attack on a changeling victim. CTL 2e 250
Dematerialize ●●● Disappear and become bodiless. CTL 2e 250
Failed Token ○●●● Contest vs Tolerance to suppress the abilities of a victim's tokens for a scene. CTL 2e 250
Keeper's Calling ●● Contest vs Composure + Tolerance to create the perfect impression of a Keeper's presence. CTL 2e 251
Stolen Masks Contest vs Presence + Tolerance to copy a subject's appearance for the rest of the day. CTL 2e 251
Angelic Numina
Angelic Reflexes ●●● Add Finesse to Initiative and Rank to Defense. Apply Defense against ranged attacks even in human form. DSG 80
Blink of an Eye ●● Pass through space instantly so long as there are no witnesses. DSG 80
Conditioning ●●● Reprogram the mind of a person. NH-EA 99
Divine Grace ●●●●● Oppose Resolve + Tolerance to overwhelm non-demons with a visage of glory, leaving a perfect impression and permitting unreasonable requests with Social Maneuvering. DSG 80
Ex Nihilo ●●+/●●●●●+ Cobble inanimate objects together as sentient servants. DSG 80-81
Fork ●●●●● Draw duplicates without this Numen out of mirrors. Honey and Vinegar 43
Gravity's Hold ●/●●● Temporarily control the effects of gravity on yourself or others. DSG 81
Hallowed Ground ●●/floor Touch a structure and gain awareness and control of its moving parts. DSG 81
Inexorable Pursuit ●●● Contest vs Dexterity + Tolerance to reduce a target's effective Speed by expanding the intervening space. DSG 81
Ironclad Angel gains armor equal to its rank. DE2 201
No Exit ●+/junction Rejoin portals and passages such that entry one way exits out another. DSG 81
Open Investigation ●●●● Fast-track evidence of a culprit to direct the attentions of law enforcement upon him. DSG 82
Power Out Cause universal power outage and radio jamming within an area. DSG 83
Secret Handshake ●/10 people Temporarily overwrite one social custom or expectation of a group. DSG 83
Translocation ●●●●● For one scene, use ordinary humans as a search medium, and freely trade places with them as an instant action. DSG 83
Witness Protection Contest vs Resolve + Tolerance to prevent witnesses from recalling details about supernatural displays. DSG 83
Words of Prophecy ●●●●● Issue a decree. For a matter of days, needed resources are accessible, and witnesses carrying out your demands take your Rank as bonus dice. DSG 83
Unfettered Beast Numina
Bane Sense Take +2 to intuit an ambush using your bane. Success jumps you to the head of Initiative and, for the first round, +2 Defense, which cannot be stripped from you. BTP 236
Invade Dream Contest vs Composure + Tolerance to enter the dreams of a person from the Primordial Dream. BTP 236
Nightmare Weaponry Manifest 1L natural weaponry. BTP 236


Incept Cost Description Book
Consignment ○, ●/increment Penalize Supernatural Tolerance by increments of your Rank. Open one Door. DSG 84
Delivery ○, ×2 or ●/Gauntlet Activate another Incept on behalf of a beneficiary. Create an otherworld gate. DSG 84
Economy ○● Impose Rank as a surcharge to the use of supernatural powers against you. Convert Aether to Essence by touch at a four-to-one rate. DSG 84
Efficiency ○● Grant each supernatural power a one-Essence discount. DSG 84
Motion ○● (●●) Multiply your Speed, or the Speed of a ridden vehicle, by Rank + 1. Penalize actions against you by your Rank. DSG 84
Scale ○, ●/increment Add increments of your Rank to dice pools and modifiers. Penalize attacks against you by Rank + 1. DSG 84
Space ○● Multiply the range and area of angelic powers by Rank + 1. Alter angles and make exclusions. Add Rank as a bonus to searches and ranged combat. DSG 84
Time ○, ●●/power Multiply or divide the duration of powers by Rank + 1. Activate powers with a time lapse on an hour scale. DSG 85
Units ○● Add Rank iterations of or targets to each effect. Share powers with recipients, who may pay costs in Willpower. DSG 85
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L