Merits, Mortal

From Codex of Darkness

Supernatural Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Accursed Harbinger ••• When an undirected curse settles upon you, roll Resolve + Composure to serve as a carrier for the curse rather than suffering it yourself. MTC 2e 117
Animal Possession •• or •••• Animal Ken ••• Spend Willpower and roll Resolve + Animal Ken to enter a projecting trance and control a Bonded animal for a scene. With four dots, control any animal. HL 72
Animal Speech • or •• You can fluently understand the communication of a particular kind of animal. With two dots, they can understand your communication. +3 to relevant Animal Ken rolls. DE 247
Apportation ••• or ••••• Spend Willpower and roll Resolve + Occult to teleport an object or being up to Size 2, or with five dots, Size 5, inflicting Structure or bashing damage from the strain. HL 72
Assertive Implement • to •••• Manipulation •••, Occult •••, Weaponry or Firearms •• You possess a living weapon with its own will. Apply your dots in Assertive Implement as a bonus or penalty to wield it, as befits its whims. It regenerates Structure damage and can attack on its own given the opportunity. HL 72
Astral Adept ••• You can spend Willpower and use a given ceremony or implement to project yourself into the Astral Realms. MTA 2e 100
Aura Reading ••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Empathy - Composure to stare into a subject's aura, asking the player a question per success about their mood, intent or nature. Once a session, the Storyteller can have a supernatural creature roll Wits + Occult - Composure to feel your character's uncanny awareness. CofD 56
Automatic Writing •• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Composure to enter a meditative trance, channeling a clue per success. Failure or the lack of a proper channeling charm evokes a grievous week-long haunting. CofD 56
Biokinesis • to ••••• Heal twice as fast. Spend Willpower and concentrate to exchange an Attribute dot per Biokinesis dot between Physical Attributes, for one hour. CofD 57
Biomimicry • to •••• Biokinesis Spend Willpower and suffer lethal damage to mutate natural weaponry, propulsive venom, heavy 2/1 Armor, or camouflage pigmentation for a scene. HL 72
Bless Amulet • to ••• Occult ••• Spend Willpower and roll Resolve + Composure with abjuration modifiers to ritually imbue a charm with protection against ephemeral possession and Claiming, for a duration determined by Merit rating. HL 72
Camera Obscura ••• Unseen Sense (Ghosts or spirits) Spend Willpower to focus a camera and perceive entities felt through the Unseen Sense, Opening their influence for a scene. While focused, roll Wits + Expression - Defense to inflict photographic bashing damage. HL 73
Citywalker ••• Streetwise •• You can roll Resolve + Streetwise to walk occult correspondences from city to city, with penalties proportional to how unfamiliar your destination is to you. CofD 236
Clairvoyance ••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to scry through a particular occult medium. CofD 57
Consecrate Weapon •••• Resolve •••, Occult •••• Spend Willpower and roll Resolve + Composure - weapon rating with abjuration modifiers to ritually bless a weapon. It deals lethal damage to ephemeral entities, even in Twilight, for one turn per success. HL 73
Cursed •• You're doomed. Decide how doomed you are. Take +2 to Resolve + Composure rolls to resist fear or doubt that doesn't arise from your doom, and take an extra beat when you suffer lethal wound penalties. CofD 57
Curse Effigy ••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult - Resolve to spend a night crafting a sympathetic effigy of a victim. Spend rolled successes to inflict harmful Personal Tilts, distract and harry the victim, or make lethal attacks with Intelligence + Medicine - Stamina + Tolerance. HL 73
Dark Passenger •• You have a sinister second mouth on the back of your head. It whispers secrets in threes, one of which is a lie, warns you of ambushes, and insists on being fed hourly. HL 73
Doppelganger ••• Subterfuge •••, Biokinesis Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge to copy a subject down to the flesh, penalizing attempts to distinguish you by Biokinesis for a scene per success. HL 73
Evil Eye •• Sacrifice Defense to paralyze with your gaze, contesting Wits + Occult vs Resolve + Composure. HL 73
Hardened Exorcist Add your Occult to your effective Integrity for abjuration modifiers, and ignore Vice penalties. HL 74
Hidden Variable •• Unseen Sense (God-Machine) Around infrastructure, take a bonus die to attacks. Ignore 2 Durability or Armor when attacking infrastructure. HL 74
Incite Ecosystem • to ••••• Animal Ken ••• Spend Willpower and roll Presence + Animal Ken to mark a subject as a threat to an animal or swarm per success. Commanding animals of Size greater than your dots in this Merit inflicts penalties. HL 74
Invoke Spirit •• Resolve •••, Medium A trauma has attracted a Rank 1 spirit riding you, protecting you but Urging you to recapitulate the trauma. HL 74
Laying on Hands ••• Spend Willpower and roll Presence + Empathy to take on the ailments of others, either healing two bashing or one lethal per success, or rolling an extended action against a Storyteller-set target to cure sickness. Your character suffers half the damage or sickness he heals. CofD 57
Medium ••• Empathy •• You can sense the presence of ephemeral beings and hear them whispering. You can perform a particular type of ritual or focus and roll Wits + Occult to progress Influence Conditions one step on the continuum from none to Controlled. Once per session, you may have to roll Resolve + Composure to avoid being Shaken or Spooked by the other side. CofD 57
Mind Control ••• Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Persuasion - Resolve to issue a hypnotic command. HL 74
Mind of a Madman •• Empathy ••• By obsessing over a crime you're investigating, you can go to a dark place. When obsessed, take 8-Again on all rolls to pursue the investigation, but you dream fitfully, and each day that passes without pursuing the investigation is a breaking point. CofD 57
Numbing Touch • to ••••• You can spend Willpower to roll Intelligence + Empathy + Numbing Touch vs Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance, inflicting a penalty equal to your dots in the Merit. With a second point of Willpower, you can numb without touching, deny a contesting roll, and sap points of Willpower. CofD 58
Omen Sensitivity ••• Once per session, roll Wits + Occult to interpret incidental omens about your situation or the world, and suffer Obsessed or Spooked. CofD 58
Phantasmagoria •• Expression ••, Telepathy ••••• Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Occult to entrance a subject in an illusory experience. HL 74
Phantom Limb Blind You still have the ghosts of your eyes. See Twilight and when in the Underworld. GTS 2e 90
Deaf You still have the ghost of your hearing. Hear Twilight and when in the Underworld.
•• Leg Wrack You still have the ghost of your leg, which can touch ghosts in Twilight and kick open Avernian Gates.
••• Arm Wrack You still have the ghost of your arm. Either you can touch ghostly Twilight with it, or you cannot control it but it always points the way to Essence or Plasm.
Psychic Concealment ••• Stealth •••, Mind Control Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Stealth - Composure to hide your presence from a witness's recognition. HL 74
Psychic Onslaught ••• Psychokinesis or Telekinesis Spend Willpower and suffer bashing damage to discharge a lethal psychokinetic explosion for your Resolve in meters around you. HL 74
Psychic Poltergeist •• Telekinesis Spend Willpower to gather small objects in a buffeting, damaging cloud, harrying up to your Telekinesis dots in victims. HL 74
Psychokinesis ••• or ••••• Choose an element or force to control. When the element is present, or if you have five dots in the Merit, spend Willpower and roll Resolve + Occult to manipulate its manifestation or attack with it. When out of Willpower, you may have to roll Resolve + Composure to avoid unintended manifestation. CofD 58
Psychokinetic Resistance Psychokinesis Apply your Psychokinesis dots as Armor against manifestations of your element. HL 76
Psychometry ••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to commune with a place or thing and ask questions about its history. You may receive spontaneous communions that inflict a relevant Condition. CofD 58
Sacrificial Offering • to ••••• Occult •••, Mystery Cult Initiation ••••• Suffer a breaking point and roll Wits + Occult as an extended cult ritual to consume a victim's soul, granting supernatural abilities or interventions for a day per dot of Sacrificial Offering. HL 76
Sojourner ••• Apportation Activate Apportation as an extended action to transport a subject a number of miles. HL 76
Stigmata Each week, you may bleed a point of lethal damage from a sacred wound. The blood is supernaturally potent and useful for sorcery. The wound heals after only a day, but you suffer a severe penalty from the pain. SotC 193
Supernatural Resistance • to ••••• Lesser template Apply this dot rating as Supernatural Tolerance. HL 78
Technopathy •• or ••• Spend Willpower and roll Intelligence + Occult to read a device's information and usage at a touch, or with three dots, by wireless network. The device or network suffers or shorts out from the strain. HL 77
Telekinesis • to ••••• Spend Willpower to manifest for a scene, applying dots in the Merit as effective Strength. Attacks cost Willpower and roll Telekinesis + Occult - Stamina to inflict bashing damage. When out of Willpower, you may have to roll Resolve + Composure to avoid unintended manifestation. CofD 59
Telekinetic Evasion ••• Telekinesis Spend Willpower when Dodging to add your dots in Telekinesis as bonus successes. HL 77
Telepathy ••• or ••••• Spend Willpower and roll Wits + Empathy - Resolve to read a mind, or with five dots, to project thoughts. You may spontaneously overhear disturbing thoughts that inflict a relevant Condition. CofD 59
Thief of Fate ••• Whenever you touch someone, for the rest of the day, you gain +4 dice instead of +3 when you spend Willpower on a roll, but the subject's rolled failures become dramatic failures, and they intuit a sense that you're responsible. Spend Willpower to suppress Thief of Fate for a scene. CofD 60
Unseen Sense •• Choose a source of supernatural phenomena, like vampires or the God-Machine, and how your sense of that power manifests when it's close. Once per session, you can become Spooked and pinpoint what's setting off your sense around you, unless it's cloaked by suitable magic. CofD 60
Vengeful Soul •• Each session, a number of actions to avenge a loved one's witnessed death, up to their Integrity, gains 8-Again. HL 77

Supernatural Styles

Style Prerequisites Rating Maneuver Description Book
Fated Ferocity Resolve •••, Stamina ••, Cursed Bucket List Achieving an Aspiration grants Willpower and a Defense bonus against the next attack in a scene. HL 73
•• Die with Dignity Immunity to attempts to make you give up on the possibility of an Aspiration.
••• Limitless Take up to your Fated Ferocity dots in bashing damage for an equal dice bonus on an attack.
•••• Not Today Each scene, overflow lethal damage up to your Resolve into aggravated instead of filling your final Health box.
••••• Don't Go Gently Exhaust all Willpower against your Cursed doom to add your total Willpower as a dice bonus against it, and if an attack, upgrade damage inflicted.
Psychokinetic Combat Psychokinesis These maneuvers are used while Psychokinesis is active. HL 76
Corona For a matter of turns, project a damaging field which deals lethal damage to anyone in close range.
•• Mind Over Matter Psychokinetic attacks bypass cover and receive armor-piercing 2.
••• Trapped Potential For each activation of Psychokinesis, you may prime one nearby object to detonate into stored energy at will. Without Psychokinesis •••••, the object must already store the energy in some form.
•••• Imbue Weapon Suffer lethal damage when activating Psychokinesis to add a weapon bonus to your next attack. Without Psychokinesis •••••, you must channel a nearby energy source.
••••• Harvest Psyche Psychokinetic attacks recover Willpower when successful.
Tactical Telepathy Telepathy ••••• Of One Mind Use a single activation of Telepathy to network multiple minds for a scene. HL 76
•• White Noise You may inflict the Stunned Tilt with Telepathy.
••• Unison Allies networked through Of One Mind may substitute your Initiative for their own.
•••• Derail Thought You may use Telepathy successes to penalize a subject's actions for a scene.
••••• Shared Struggle Network minds as an extended action to link them so closely that networked allies may spend Willpower on each other's behalf.

Vampire-Related Merits

Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Beast Whispers •• Talk vampires down from frenzy as if they held you as a Touchstone. VTR 2e 300
Beloved Grant a vampire who holds you as a Touchstone +2 to resist frenzy in your presence, and you can talk them down as if their Blood Potency were up to two dots lower (minimum one dot). VTR 2e 300
Clear-Sighted •• Spend Willpower to see through illusions, including the effects of the Obfuscate and Nightmare Disciplines. VTR 2e 299
Producer Your blood is worth twice its normal value to vampires as Vitae. VTR 2e 299
Protected •• A vampire who has tasted your blood has grown attached to you, and can sense when you are in danger. VTR 2e 299
Weakened Bond ••• Respond to a vampire's blood bond as if it were one step weaker. VTR 2e 299
Ghoul Merits
Empowered to Speak You can "borrow" your regnant's City Status when speaking as their formal representation. VTR 2e 300
Family Ties •• Ghoul family You can sense threats to family and trace them with Wits + Investigation, but they cause breaking points if carried through. HD 122
Inherited •• You have had multiple regnants. Roll Intelligence + Composure +2 to recall useful information about past regnants when appropriate. HD 122
Insomniac Three hours of sleep provide complete rest. HD 122
Lurch ••• Your regnant trusts you as her house ghoul. +2 to notice details of your regnant or her haven. HD 122
Sexualized •• +2 to Presence and Manipulation rolls leveraging your unnatural sexual enticement. HD 122
Source Sympathy Experience vampiric Blood Sympathy as if you were a vampire thrice removed from your regnant. VTR 2e 299
Taste of Fear •• Nosferatu regnant Spend Willpower and roll Manipulation + Intimidation vs Resolve + Blood Potency to use a dark secret about yourself to inflict the effects of Broken, Fugue, or Guilty for a scene. VTR 2e 299
Taste of Gold •• Ventrue regnant Beating someone in a competition counts as satisfying your Vice. VTR 2e 299
Taste of Shadow •• Mekhet regnant Once per scene, spend Willpower and roll Wits + Occult to intuit knowledge about the Blood. VTR 2e 298
Taste of the Serpent •• Daeva regnant You can inflict Swooning on humans by helping to satisfy their Vice. VTR 2e 298
Taste of the Wild •• Gangrel regnant You can ghoul animals and inflict the Vinculum on them. VTR 2e 298
Unobtrusive •• Stealth •• +2 to duck your regnant's notice with Stealth. HD 122
Vitae Hound You can use Kindred Senses, as if you had half your regnant's Blood Potency. VTR 2e 300
Watch Dog •• Regnant knows Auspex Your regnant can "loan" you the use of her Auspex during the day. VTR 2e 300
Dhampir Merits
Altar Crone Status, 3+ Acolytes attuned As the Kindred Merit. HD 44, VTR 2e 109
Beloved Stranger •• Not Night's Child You came to awareness from a mortal upbringing. +2 to resist breaking points from the supernatural, and reduce the exceptional threshold for Mental and Social rolls to meddle in, expose or conceal the occult from five to three. HD 44
Blood Dissonance • to ••••• Force a Clash of Wills with Resolve + Blood Dissonance to supernaturally intuit your nature. Once a story, you may refuse taking your Affliction Condition and instead penalize breaking points brought on by your actions or nature by dots in this Merit for a session. HD 44
Cacophony Savvy • to ••• City Status As the Kindred Style. HD 44, VTR 2e 110
Dynasty Membership • to ••• Clan Status As the Kindred Style. HD 44, VTR 2e 112
Hand of Doom ••• Contest Wits + Occult vs Composure + Tolerance to sense a character's destiny. Furthering their Destiny benefits you like furthering your own. HD 44
Honey Trap As the Kindred Merit. HD 44, VTR 2e 112
Kindred Status • to ••• As the Kindred Merit, with a lower cap. HD 44, VTR 2e 113
Mother's Army Recruit • or ••• Crone Status You may sense blood sorcery, use your blood in Crúac, and participate in Crúac teamwork like a vampire. With three dots, you may learn the Crúac Discipline and rites at a one experience surcharge. HD 45
Night's Child •• Not a Beloved Stranger You were raised in the All Night Society. Talk familiar vampires down from frenzy like a Touchstone, and reduce the exceptional threshold for Mental or Social rolls as a go-between twixt Kindred and non-Kindred from five to three. HD 45
Requiem Counterpoint Your role as a vampire's Touchstone allows you to recover Willpower when they resist detachment in your presence, but you feel Guilty if they fail. HD 45
Vampire Hunter • to •••• Wits ••• Hone one Kindred Sense for each dot in this Merit. Apply Vampire Hunter as a bonus to perception concerning vampires, and as your Blood Potency as regards Kindred Senses. HD 45

Werewolf-Related Merits

Wolf-Blooded Merits
Crescent Moon's Birth •• Birth Grant +3 Durability and +3 Structure when you help craft a fetish. WTF 2e 305
Fenris-Ur's Blood •• Heritage Take 8-Again to craft or wield silver weapons. WTF 2e 304
Full Moon's Birth •• Birth Once per scene, you can spend Willpower to lead a coordinated action, granting +3 dice and 8-Again to participants up to your Presence. WTF 2e 305
Ghost Child •• Heritage Take 9-Again to roll Skills rated from one to three dots, but lose 10-Again to roll Skills rated above that. WTF 2e 304
Gibbous Moon's Birth •• Birth Take 8-Again and perform extended actions twice as fast when rolling a chosen Mental Skill. WTF 2e 305
Half Moon's Birth •• Birth, Safe Place Take +2 when rolling a breaking point in your territory. Once per session, you can take 8-Again and bonus dice equal to your Safe Place on one roll. WTF 2e 305
Hikaon-Ur's Blood •• Heritage Ignore total darkness penalties. When denied a sense, take +2 to compensate with other senses. WTF 2e 304
Kamduis-Ur's Blood •• Heritage Roll Intelligence + Occult to create a mark that can trap a ghost for an hour per success. WTF 2e 304
No Moon's Birth •• Birth When you scout on instructions from a pack leader or parental figure, you leave no scent, cannot be followed home, and your point of origin or allegiance can't be ascertained. WTF 2e 305
Pack Bond • or ••• You're respected as an important member of the pack. You can buy one dot of Totem, or up to five dots with Pack Bond •••. WTF 2e 305
Raised by Wolves You grew up among werewolves. Ignore Resistance rolls to withstand the bizarre or grotesque things you see. WTF 2e 305
Sagrim-Ur's Blood •• Heritage Take 8-Again and add Safe Place as bonus dice to roll Crafts or Computer to set up security measures. WTF 2e 304
Skolis-Ur's Blood •• Heritage Immunity to Urging, and to being supernaturally forced to appear weak or defeated. WTF 2e 304
Tell ••• You have another Wolf-Blooded Tell. WTF 2e 305

Mage-Related Merits

Fitful Slumber 3 breaking points Suffering repeated exposure to Supernal magic or the Abyss has granted you +2 to relevant breaking points, and made you a Sleepwalker. MTA 2e 306
High Speech Perception •• Your character may percieve and read High Speech as though they were a mage SoS 26
Sleepwalker You were a Sleeper, but you're not now. MTA 2e 306
Sleeper Merits
Actively Oblivious •• You can spend Willpower and suffer the Strained Condition to consciously ignore a breaking point. When you do so, you don't count as a witness to a supernal spell. MTA 2e 302
Communal Sleeper Empathy •• When you guide at least one other Sleeper, you count as a group of witnesses to supernal magic one step worse. MTA 2e 302
Detail Oriented •• When you attempt an Investigation or Perception roll previously failed by a non-Sleeper, take an exceptional success on a threshold of three instead of five. MTA 2e 302
Liar Your existence is tainted by the Abyss. Add two dice to Paradox risks and Dissonance rolls. You grant the Open Influence Condition to Abyssal entities, and take a -1 penalty to Abyssal breaking points. MTA 2e 302
Strained •• Integrity <6 You can take the Strained Condition to ignore a Supernal or Abyssal breaking point. MTA 2e 302
Sleepwalker Merits
Banner-Bearer • to ••• You can carry an additional supernal spell for each dot of this Merit. MTA 2e 305
Deadpan ••• Ignore sources of fear or revulsion, including supernatural sources, that don't play on a preexisting Condition or Vice. Take +2 to Composure to resist those that do. MTA 2e 305
Loved ••• Something sincerely loves you. Nobody else can form Strong magical sympathy with you, though you can form it with them. When you're distressed by wound penalties or low Willpower, your love can sense it. MTA 2e 306
Proxy Voice • to ••• Mentor You have a mentor in Awakened society. Choose one of his Status Merits: you can borrow it when acting in his stead. MTA 2e 306
Relic Attuned ••• Your character is not Awakened, but can still access the magics stored in Artifacts. Activation requires a point of willpower. Activation rolls for artifacts can use the character's willpower or the artifacts own activation dice as a die pool. MTA 2e 306
Ritual Savvy •• Occult •• You understand Awakened ritual enough to set up useful staging or equipment. Roll an Attribute + Skill pool appropriate for the ritual being cast. For each success, one mage can spend a point of Willpower for a bonus die on the spell, which doesn't count towards their Yantra limit. MTA 2e 306
Slippery •• When the Awakened lay blame, spend Willpower to fly below the radar. MTA 2e 306

Changeling-Related Merits

Expressive Produce twice the Glamour harvest. CTL 2e 320
Fae-Touched Merits
Court Goodwill • to ••••• As the changeling Merit. CTL 2e 112, 319
Dream Ghost •• Lucid Dreamer Can enter the promise-bound Changeling's dreams regardless of distance with three successes to enter the Gate of Ivory. Can perform drewamweaving with Dream Shaper, otherwise can spend a willpower to pass on a message. Hedge 100
Dream Shaper •• Lucid Dreamer Dreamweave within your own dreams. CTL 2e 320
Dream Tripper ••• Dream Shaper, Dreamsteps Contract Exit your Bastion onto the dreaming roads. Immediately gain Dream Infiltrator in the dreams of strangers or enemies. Hedge 100
Dreamer's Gaze Spend glamour to view promise bound's dream in a reflective surface, and can potentially enter it with Dreamsteps. Hedge 101
Endymion’s Dream ••• Lucid Dreamer Remain asleep and gain immunity to being woken up by paradigm shifts with a successful Resolve + Occult roll. Hedge 101
Find the Oathbreaker •• Sense Vows Sense Oathbreakers like a changeling, and roll Wits + Empathy with a touch to intuit promises broken within a day, or pledges within a week. CTL 2e 320
Glamour Fasting As the changeling Merit. CTL 2e 115, 319
Hedge Delver ••• Survival •• Hedgespin subtle shifts. +2 to help a changeling navigate the Hedge. CTL 2e 320
Hollow • to ••••• Must be shared As the changeling Merit. CTL 2e 116, 319
Oathkeeper ••• Resolve ••• Willpower spent to contest attempts to sway you to break a sealing or oath adds four dice instead of three and reduces the exceptional threshold from five to three. CTL 2e 320
Promise of Debt • to ••• You swore to repay a debt you owed someone. Apply as bonus dice to help settle a debt. CTL 2e 320
Promise of Love • to ••• You swore unending love. Apply as bonus dice to contest attempts to manipulate your feelings about another. CTL 2e 320
Promise of Loyalty ••• You swore to stand by another's side. Remove a Door when Social Maneuvering through your relationship or shared history with another. CTL 2e 320
Promise of Protection • to ••••• You swore to keep someone safe. When fighting to protect someone, apply as an Initiative bonus, and reduce the Defense penalty from multiple attacks by one. CTL 2e 320
Promise to Provide ••• You swore someone would always have a home with you. Spend Glamour when offering your hospitality. A guest who accepts must spend Willpower to betray that hospitality, but recovers Willpower if they don't. CTL 2e 320
Promise to Serve • to ••• You swore a service in someone's stead. Apply as bonus teamwork successes. CTL 2e 321
Punish the Oathbreaker •• Find the Oathbreaker Exercise Loopholes to use your Contracts against a found oathbreaker alone. CTL 2e 321
Sense Vows Spend Glamour to sense whether a character was pledgebound within the current story. CTL 2e 321
Twice Shy ••• Dreamer's Gaze, Changeling's Fetch is still alive Can use Dreamer's Gaze on the promise-bound Changeling's fetch. Hedge 101

Mummy-Related Merits

Grave Robber ••••• Disturb the tombs of the Arisen without waking them. Stealing an entombed relic wakes the mummy after two hours and taints their investigation to track the relic down. MTC 2e 117
Lineal Inheritor ••• One of your parents passed away while invested with the Pillar of a mummy's soul. You now benefit from investment, and the mummy must perform the Rite of Investment on you to withdraw it. MTC 2e 118
Witness ••• Gain the effects of Unseen Sense for immortals and the undead. Instead of suffering Sybaris, you become Obsessed with visions of the Arisen from across time. MTC 2e 121
Ritual Sorcery
Ritual Sorcerer ••• Mental Attribute •••, Occult ••• with specialty You have learned how to perform sorcerous rites. For each dot of Resolve, you may learn one Closed Rite or master one Open Rite. MTC 2e 120
Forbidden Rites • to ••••• Ritual Sorcerer, Library (Occult) ••, Sorcerous Knowledge You can attempt an additional Closed Rite for each dot of this Merit at extreme ritual costs and a -2 penalty. MTC 2e 117
Sorcerous Knowledge • to ••••• Ritual Sorcerer, ≤ Occult For each dot, you may learn or create one Closed Rite or master one Open Rite. MTC 2e 120
Sorcerous Prodigy ••• Ritual Sorcerer, Sorcerous Knowledge •• Dots of Resolve or Sorcerous Knowledge used to master Open Rites each master a second Open Rite. MTC 2e 120

Demon-Related Merits

Stigmatic Merits
Potent Blood Bleed a point of lethal damage every other day. Consecrating with the blood confers +2 to a supernatural action, and demons recover a point of Aether by ingesting it. Vampires who feed from you temporarily gain the effects of Unseen Sense (God-Machine). FoH 130
Sleeve Integrator • to ••••• Integrity ••••• Spend Willpower to merge with a demon, allowing her to use your life as a Cover for up to a day, with a rating equal to your Integrity. Afterwards, you gain access to one of the demon's Embeds per dot in this Merit. FoH 130
Sympathetic Demon •• You have a demon friend. Once per session, you can declare the demon's convenient arrival. You suffer any damage the demon suffers. FoH 130
Pact Sense Merit ••• Stigmatic You can senses the aspects of reality stitched together by demonic pacts. DE2 175
Demon-Blooded Merits
Ambient Aether • or •• Offspring or fractal You can gather and spend Aether. Fractals buy for one dot, offspring two. HtH 37
Aether Pool •• Fractal, Ambient Aether Gain a five-point Aether pool. HtH 37
Eidetic Memory As the general Merit, at reduced cost. HtH 33, CofD 44
Infrastructure Proficiency •• or ••• Find your way through infrastructure, intuit how it works, and identify linchpins. Costs two dots for fractals or three for others. HtH 37
Instinctive Deflection •• Roll Wits + Resolve to avoid compromise. HtH 37
Language In addition to the general Merit's effects, speak a second language conversationally. HtH 37, CofD 45
Multilingual As the general Merit, but with three languages. HtH 37, CofD 46
Quantum Understanding ••• Fractal Contest Wits + Composure vs Tolerance to read a demon's Liar's Tongue. HtH 37
Unknown Offspring or fractal Begin play without a Cipher Condition, but with only one Embed and no Interlocks. Character creation only. HtH 37
Nephilim Merits
Unseen Sense •• As a stigmatic's Unseen Sense, and you may roll Wits + Occult to sense the presence of Aether sources, including angels and demons. DSG 156
Voice of Hell •• Spend Aether for fluency in a language for one scene. DSG 156
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L