From Codex of Darkness
Tell Description Book
A Wolf's Meat Boon Regenerate like a werewolf with Primal Urge 1, spending Willpower instead of Essence. WTF 2e 300
Curse Suffer the bane of silver like a werewolf.
Anger Issues Boon Assume the Dalu form and regenerate in Death Rage. WTF 2e 300
Curse Take a trigger for Death Rage.
Bite Boon Biting is a 1L natural weapon that doesn't require grappling. WTF 2e 300
Curse Your fearsome jaw and teeth penalize attempts to seem innocuous by -3.
Bitten Boon A scarred stigma bleeds blood which causes revelatory visions pointing to werewolf kills. WTF 2e 300
Curse Creatures tracking you by scent take +3 from the stigma.
Clever Fingers Boon Perform mudras that give ritual rolls the advanced action quality. WTF 2e 301
Curse Your hands are unnatural in shape and motion.
Devil Inside Boon Assume the Dalu form for a scene when confronted with symbols of religion. WTF 2e 301
Curse You have a single brow, birthmark, or some other strange marking associated with the occult.
Evil Eye Boon Spend Willpower and contest Manipulation + Occult against Resolve + Tolerance to use your gaze to curse with dramatic failure. WTF 2e 301
Curse You have one abnormal eye.
Exciting Boon Once per scene of exhausting bodily interaction, you and your partner recover Willpower. WTF 2e 301
Curse You give off an invigorating and addictive scent.
Familiar Boon You're accompanied by a loyal Rank 1 spirit or animal companion. WTF 2e 301
Curse Whenever either you or your familiar take damage, one point goes to the other instead.
Fuck Ugly Boon Spend Willpower to add another character's Empathy as a bonus to a social action with them. WTF 2e 301
Curse You're fuck ugly. Don't reroll tens when making an impression.
Horse Boon You can allow spirits in Twilight to speak through you, and can become Resonant or Open at will. WTF 2e 301
Curse You suffer the ban of an invited spirit until the next dawn or dusk.
Host-Ache Boon Sense the presence of Hosts, and track them with Stamina + Survival. WTF 2e 301-302
Curse The sense takes the form of chronic pain, and may penalize Composure by -2.
Liar's Skin Boon 1/1 Armor. WTF 2e 302
Curse Wounds expose matted fur, not tissue, causing Lunacy.
Marker Boon Mark a Safe Place to force people to roll Resolve + Composure to enter. WTF 2e 302
Curse Your mark is a bodily secretion, and constantly leaves an impression.
Moon Marked Boon During a particular phase of the moon, you may impose that auspice's Hunter's Aspect. WTF 2e 302-303
Curse The phase of the moon reveals a prominent occult birthmark.
Phantom Pack Boon +2 to resist fear, and you may purchase Pack Dynamics without a proper pack. WTF 2e 303
Curse Phantasmal wolves follow you at a remove, or make their presence known outside.
Piercing Eyes Boon Perceive ephemera in Twilight. WTF 2e 303
Curse Your eyes have a vibrant shine.
Primal Instincts Boon Gain a Primal Urge trait and access Pack Tactics. Pack 59
Curse You have a restless temper and hunting instincts.
Second Skin Boon You have a sibling pelt. Wear it to assume Urhan form, including regeneration. WTF 2e 303
Curse Your sibling hungers and suffers if you do not take it for a weekly run.
Shape-Shifted Boon Assume Urshul and regenerate under the full moon. WTF 2e 303
Curse This is not optional.
Shadow Twin Boon You may enter the Shadow at a locus. WTF 2e 303
Curse You have a twin in the Shadow, with whom you are trading places.
Skinner Boon Wear a human's skin to assume their appearance. WTF 2e 303
Curse Your true skin is thin, pink and moist.
Spirit Double Boon You instinctively engage in psychic projection when you sleep, exhausted by losing half your Willpower. WTF 2e 303
Curse Your sleeping body runs wild in your absence, ruled by your Vice.
Strong Scent Boon Penalize attempts to notice your deeds by -2. WTF 2e 303
Curse The distraction is due to producing a potent, uniquely identifiable scent.
Third Nipple Boon Spend Willpower and suffer bashing damage to leak Essence. WTF 2e 303-304
Curse The Essence leaks through fluid from a third nipple.
Tongues Boon Spend Willpower to speak the First Tongue for a scene. WTF 2e 304
Curse Dramatic failures also prompt you to uncontrollably switch into First Tongue.
Waystone Boon You facilitate travel across the Gauntlet like a one-dot locus. WTF 2e 304
Curse You must concentrate to seal the passage, and doing so leaves you Open to spirits.
Wolf Sign Boon Distractions prevent anyone from tracking you by scent. WTF 2e 304
Curse The distractions are marks of wolf activity, which manifest around you constantly.