Merits, Immortal

From Codex of Darkness
Merit Rating Prerequisites Description Book
Dead Celebrity • to ••• You possessed Fame in a previous era. Apply as a Social bonus to appeal to your "resemblance" to your famed self. MTC 2e 106
Endless Potency • to ••••• Choose an Attribute. You may spend Sekhem, Pillars, or for your immortality's favored Attribute, Willpower to channel Endless Potency as bonus Attribute dots for one scene. MTC 2e 106
Enigma • to ••••• No Fame Fate conspires to erase evidence of your life left behind. Investigation takes a -2 penalty and requires an additional clue for each dot of Enigma. MTC 2e 106
Fount of Vitality •••• Sekhem ••• or Invested Recover from wounds like the Arisen rather than like mortals. MTC 2e 106
Relic Sensitivity •• Sense vessels of Sekhem through kepher. MTC 2e 107
Resplendent Soul ••• Sekhem •• Gain one permanent Pillar dot. Its point may be replenished from vestiges or meditation, substituting Composure for Memory. MTC 2e 107
Supernatural Resistance • to ••••• Add this Merit's rating to your Supernatural Tolerance. MTC 2e 108
Tenacious Eternity •••• Blood Bather You may make a substitution in either the Bath, Blood, or Preparation of your bathing ritual. Spend Willpower to permanently alter your ritual. MTC 2e 108
Body Thief Stolen bodies grant +1/+1 Armor.
Eternal Your anchor gains +2 Durability.
Reborn Supernatural tampering with your memory suffers a -3 penalty.
Sadikh You may resist slumber so long as you continue to carry out orders left by your master.