Compacts and Conspiracies

From Codex of Darkness


Compact Description Compact Status Book
Ashwood Abbey A decadent Hellfire Club dedicated to experiencing everything that life (or unlife) has to offer. Receive the Barfly Merit. HTV 2e 265
TF 12
••• Use local chapterhouse as a Safe Place •• with Home Security, Arsenal, and Escape Hatch.
••••• Receive Contacts among lawyers, vice, arms traffic, and the Abbey.
Crimson Halo Sex workers protecting the victimized from supernatural and human monsters alike. Take a free Persuasion or Streetwise specialty. TF 14
••• Receive the Sympathetic merit.
••••• Receive three dots of Allies or Contacts.
Crossroads Convoy Travelers who have pledged to keep the roads safe for all. Receive the Back Road Atlas or Direction Sense merits. TF 16
••• Receive two dots of Contacts.
••••• Receive three separate one-dot Safe Places.
Eden Covenant A compact divided between those dedicated to helping the families of those replaced by monsters, and an extremist preacher's crusade against monsters who would become human. Take 8-Again on Identification or Profiling Tactic rolls. TF 18
••• Receive the Sympathetic merit.
••••• Receive the Inspiring merit.
Keepers of the Source Environmental activists convinced that witches are causing Mother Earth pain by siphoning the Source. Take a free Expression, Occult, or Politics specialty. TF 20
••• Receive the Unseen Sense merit for the Source.
••••• Receive three dots between Allies, Contacts, and Resources.
Las Guadañas Criminal syndicate Death cult dedicated to eliminating the dead and undead who have cheated the Lady. Take a free Larceny or Streetwise specialty. TF 22
••• Receive two dots of Resources - crime does, in fact, pay.
••••• Receive the Medium merit.
The Long Night Christian hunters who fight to save souls amid what they believe is the Great Tribulation. Receive Evangelism as a free specialty. HTV 2e 20
••• Receive two dots in Allies (Long Night).
••••• Aides serve as three dots of Staff or Retainer.
The Loyalists of Thule Paranoid academics haunted by history, hoping to shepherd occult knowledge. Gain extra Willpower from a successful Academics or Occult risk. HTV 2e 22
••• Receive a two-dot Mentor.
••••• Receive Contacts among specialists in three monstrous phenomena.
Network Zero Network Zero uses radio, television and Internet resources to publicize monsters to the world. Take a free Computer or Crafts specialty. HTV 2e 24
••• Take two dots of social media Contacts.
••••• Receive a dot of Safe Place.
Night Watch The Night Watch protects neighborhoods from things that go bump in the night. Take a free Brawl, Firearms, Streetwise, or Weaponry specialty. TF 24
••• Take two dots of Retainers.
••••• Receive three dots of Allies.
Nine Stars A fraternity of police putting their lives and jobs at risk to investigate and stem an upswell of slasher killings. Take a free Investigation or Occult specialty. HTV 2e 26
••• Take 8-Again on Tactic rolls.
••••• Receive the effects of Trained Observer •••.
Null Mysteriis Scientists who pursue the supernatural in an attempt to understand it. Receive an Academics, Occult, or Science specialty in the paranormal. HTV 2e 28
••• Receive a dot each of Allies and Contacts among Null Mysteriis.
••••• Raise Academics, Occult, or Science to five dots.
Recalibrators Recalibrators cover up evidence of monstrous activity to keep them from the public's eye. Receive the Cover Tracks, Spin Doctor, or Untouchable merits. TF 26
••• Receive two dots of Allies or Contacts you've extorted.
••••• Receive three dots of Retainers or Staff.
SWORN Community patrols protecting underserved indigenous neighborhoods. Receive a free specialty in Investigation, Streetwise, or Stealth. HTV 2e 30
••• Receive a two-dot Mentor.
••••• Distribute three dots among Allies, Contacts, and Resources.
The Union Ragtag monster hunters from blue-collar labor backgrounds, putting their hands to work to keep their streets safe. Take 8-Again to apply your work experience to Teamwork and Tactics rolls. HTV 2e 32
••• Receive two dots in Allies (The Union).
••••• Receive two dots of Resources.


Conspiracy and Endowments Description Conspiracy Status Book
Aegis Kai Doru
Greek for “Shield and Spear,” the Aegis Kai Doru searches the world for legendary artifacts to harness in its nigh-timeless battle against the forces of darkness. Investigation rolls seeking relics gain +2. HTV 2e 268
TF 28
••• Academics rolls pertaining to relics and archaeology gain +1.
••••• Receive the Gut Feeling Merit.
The Ascending Ones
Alchemists who carry on a legacy of fighting back the darkness since ancient Egypt. They now struggle to adapt to modern conditions. Once per session, take 8-Again on a roll to recover Willpower. HTV 2e 34
••• Receive two dots of Resources.
••••• Receive an initiate as a three-dot Retainer.
Medics gifted extraordinary powers of healing by Asklepios, which they use to support other hunters. Receive a one-dot safe space with the Infirmary feature. TF 30
••• Treat failed rolls to preform emergency medical care as having a single success.
••••• Receive three dots between Allies or Contacts among other hunters.
Campion Wildlife Services
Animal Control Kit
A wildlife control service that focuses on the subdual, capture, and euthanization of animalistic monsters. Receive a free specialty in Animal Ken, Occult, or Science. TF 32
••• Receive two dots of Custom Gear Broker, or increase your existing rating by 1.
••••• Receive three dots between Allies, Contacts, and Resources.
The Cheiron Group
An international medical conglomerate that secretly finances a Field Projects Division to capture and render monsters for active ingredients. Receive a free specialty in Academics, Computer, or Investigation. HTV 2e 36
••• Receive two dots of Allies within the Cheiron Group.
••••• Receive three dots of Resources.
The Council of Bones
A secret society of spiritualists safeguarding an ancient reaper's mark. They gather in secret to silence their enemies and cleanse death of the undead. Receive a free specialty in Occult or Investigation. HTV 2e 38
••• Receive two dots of Contacts among other conspiracies.
••••• Receive a three-dot ghostly Retainer.
Artists chasing wonder and inspiration in the shadows Receive a free specialty in Crafts or Expression reflecting your favored artistic medium. TF 34
••• Receive two dots of Allies, Mentor, or Resources reflecting a patron.
••••• Receive the Inspiring merit and gain the ability to use it through art, substituting Crafts for expression.
The Lucifuge
Descendants of infernal bloodlines who wield the darkness against itself. Take a free specialty in a particular type of supernatural creature. HTV 2e 40
••• You may call on two extra dots of Resources by requisitioning tools for the Vigil.
••••• Take the Lady Lucifuge as a four-dot Mentor.
Malleus Maleficarum
In the Middle Ages, the Malleus Maleficarum wielded the power of the Catholic Church against vampires. Even today, the order still carries on its secret war against Satan's children. Receive a free specialty in Occult, Investigation, or Streetwise. HTV 2e 42
••• Receive a free dot of Status (Malleus Maleficarum).
••••• Receive three dots of Resources.
Operation Nebula
Hunters who know the truth is out there - aliens have invaded. Most hunters don't take them seriously until they generate a cloaking field with a power cell pulled from a cryptid's corpse. Receive a dot in the Alternate Identiy merit. TF 36
••• Receive the Natural Tinkerer merit.
••••• Receive three dots of Contacts representing experts in fields.
Survivor's Club
The Horror Within
Survivors of Slashers who channel the darkness within themselves to save others. Receive a free Academics, Investigation, or Occult specialty. TF 38
••• Receive a two-dot retainer reflecting another club member.
••••• Receive three dots between Allies, Contacts, and Touchstone.
Task Force: VALKYRIE
Advanced Armory
This covert government anti-monster brigade draws from both military and intelligence communities. VALKYRIE agents are dispatched to control extranormal threats and suppress public knowledge. Receive a free Weaponry specialty. HTV 2e 44
••• Receive two dots of Allies in VALKYRIE.
••••• Receive Contacts among high-level experts in three classified fields.
Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit
The agents of VASCU assist police investigations and apprehensions of supernatural killers, using specially induced psychic abilities. Receive a free psychic specialty in Occult. HTV 2e 46
••• Receive a free dot of Status in government or law enforcement.
••••• Receive the effects of the Tactical Insight Merit. If you possess the Merit, you may reroll a Tactic once per session.
Lives Remembered
Reincarnated hunters preparing for the next Time of Monsters after living through the last one in a past life sixteen centuries ago. Receive a free specialty in any skill. TF 40
••• Receive two dots of the Library merit.
••••• Receive three dots between Allies, Contacts, and Retainer.
White Hare Society
Explorers of alternate dimensions who know how to alchemically infuse themselves with their power. Receive an Academics or Occult specialty in your favored otherworld. TF 42
••• Receive the Direction Sense merit and a Lucky Charm.
••••• Take 8-Again to apply tactics in your favored otherworld, or when instructed by another explorer in theirs.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L