From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Rank Title Description Page
Epicaricacy Once / Scene curse target so any failure is a dramatic failure 129
Green Eyes Gain bonus of Envy to Subterfuge when looking into subject's eyes 129
Hellhound Gain bonus of Envy to Animal Ken with dogs and free Specialty of a breed to Animal Ken 129
Liar's Tongue On Subterfuge rolls have Exceptional Success on three successes, not five 129
Never Last Bump Initiative order to be at least second-from-last at all times 129
Your Pain, My Pleasure Gain bonus in combat equal to wound penalties of opponents (+3 max) 129
•• Anything You Can Do Limit a character within line of sight to your own pool with a Skill 129
•• Envy's Grasp Gain bonus of Envy to Larceny for a scene if used to steal 130
•• Mortal Shell Take on identity of a subject that you have seen before 130
•• The Quiet Curse Characters within 1yd / Vice dots (exclude up to 3 subjects) lose 10-Again and subtract 1's 130
•• Tainted Countenance Touch target to hide own demon nature and project it onto the target 130
•• Without Merit Subjects within 100yds lose dots from each Social Merit equal to your primary Vice for a scene 130
••• Denunciation Anyone within 5yds takes 1 Bashing Damage / turn and must succeed on Strength+Athletics of suffer knockdown 130
••• Envious Mouths Sprout mouths on your hands, do Lethal with Brawl, steal 1 Attribute per successful attack for duration (max 3) 130
••• False Pretenses Anyone within 5yds that gets an Exceptional Successes or deals 3+ damage must reroll 131
••• Repudiate Faith Any character of 8+ Morality within 3yds is Speed -1, holy or blessed items take 1 Structure damage per turn 131
••• Sour Grapes Suppress any existing supernatural effect within 10yds for the duration 131
••• Steal Vitality On a successful bare-handed attack, steal Stamina = damage (but not dropping target below 1 dot) for duration 131
Aura of Gross Indulgence The character's attackers take a -1 to defense and initiative due to the disgusting aura 132
Camel's Hump Character may add their primary Virtue dots to the number of days they can go without food or drink 132
In Excess Willpower generated beyond the character's maximum isn't lost, but must be spent within the next 3 turns or the character takes bashing damage equal to the unspent points 132
Sinful Girth +1 to health score; character can also out eat most people 132
Strange Regurgitation Once per scene, take 1 point of bashing to vomit up 1 reptile or amphibian 132
Unnatural Consumption Character can ignore the first 5 points of Toxicity when consuming poisons 132
•• Gourmand Grotesquerie Once per scene, any meals prepared (through ordinary means) by the character can either act as either having a moderate dose of 1 drug or a poison of Toxicity 5 or less. 132
•• Hungry Kiss When kissing someone can steal 2 willpower to gain 1 willpower or heal 1 lethal 132
•• Iron Jaw Metal teeth that allow the character to chew on anything 132
•• Sheen of Grease Grapple attempts on you suffer a penalty equal to Gluttony. Rolls to escape grapple or other imprisonment gains dice equal to Gluttony. 132
•• Swallow Passive: Can digest anything that can be swallowed (including poison). Activate to be able to swallow anything up to size 3. 133
•• Voracious Bite Gain +1 bite attack 133
••• Beelzebub's Breath Summon a swarm of flies that attack enemies 133
••• Discriminating Palette Consume flesh or blood of sentient beings to gain use of their skills 134
••• Feed on Pain Convert damage to infernal willpower. May hold up to 3 more than normal max. 134
••• Regurgitate Projectile, acidic vomit 134
••• Taste of Ashes Prevent others from enjoying things and trigger a roll for derangements of characters within 5 yards. 134
••• Toad Bloat Gain size (and health) equal Gluttony 134
Acquisition of Wealth Gain 9 again on Larceny or Subterfuge rolls to acquire money or wealth 135
Bribing the Soul Once per session 'trade' in a dot of resources for one of: refill normal willpower, heal all bashing, heal 3 lethal or +1 defense for the rest of the chapter. 135
Greedy Insulation Reduce size and intensity of fire by 1 (can drop to 0) 135
Haggler's Pact Reduce the resource cost of buying things by 1 (to a min of 1) 135
Temporal Strength Any item owned by the character gain +1 durability and +3 structure 135
Toad's Boon Hold your breath indefinitely 135
•• Blinded Draw light into yourself and gain a sort of darkvision 135
•• Miser Gain +1 to attack for each unspent infernal willpower 135
•• Moneyed Tongue Add resources dots to intimidation or persuasion rolls 135
•• These Golden Hands Add resources dots to brawl rolls 135
••• Capital Gains Can add up to 5 dice to any roll that failed or got a single success, but can cause dramatic failure 136
••• Hired Hands Demon offers people around you exactly what they want, if they don't resist they will do whatever you want 136
••• Midas Touch Touch turns objects and living things to gold. Living things take 1 agg a turn. Golden objects revert back when vestment ends (damage stays) 136
••• Mammon's Grasp Add Greed to physical attacks and gain willpower for each lethal damage dealt to an opponent (infernal will first, then normal willpower) 136
••• Middleman 2 infernal will to gain total vice dots as bonus to negotiation rolls with demons (lasts a full scene) 136
••• Petty Theft The first attack each round on the character fails 136
Dark Side Gain 9 again on all intimidate rolls against the opposite sex 137
The Embrace Add Lust to grapple rolls to achieve or maintain a grapple 137
Incubus Theft Those who sleep within 100 yards of the possessed do not gain willpower and have nightmares about them 137
Intimate Knowledge With a touch may learn dots a character possesses in one social skill (one use per character) 137
Mother May I +3 to social rolls involving children 137
Prurient Perfume +1 to social rolls and +3 to seduction 137
•• Cruel Ambrosia Create a hallucinogenic and addictive 'milk' 137
•• Excite Cause any wounded character to bleed for 1 bashing a turn and increase their wound penalties by 1 137
•• Honeyed Tongue Add vice dots to persuasion, socialize and subterfuge 137
•• Purgatory’s Failure Take no damage from fire 137
•• Sleep Paralysis Possessed touch will cause any number of sleeping people to not awaken for the scene unless they take lethal or aggravated damage 137
•• Succubus kiss Drain 1 point of willpower a turn during a 'passionate exchange' 138
••• Bloody Caress Grow fingernails into claws that deal +2 Lethal (Strength + Brawl) 138
••• Flight of the Seducer Grow wings granting flight with a Dexterity + Athletics roll (3x speed). Also grants +3 to seduction rolls. 138
••• Hard to Catch Can only move and dodge, but defense is not penalized due to multiple attackers and full defense is applied to ranged attacks 138
••• Heartbreaker Each point of damage inflicts a -1 modifier to all attacks against the possessed (-5 max) 138
••• Masochist Gain extra dice equal to damage taken, can be used on any roll 138
••• Pain is Pleasure Each time a character is damaged by the possessed they must roll Resolve + Composure or forfeit their defense next turn 139
Authority of Man Defense is now equal to higher of Dexterity or Wits. 139
The Deadliest of Sins The character's blood is poisonous with a toxicity equal to twice their Pride. 139
Dominant Sphere Choose a skill sphere (mental, social or physical). Successful rolls using that sphere gain a willpower, failure loses one (2 for exceptional or dramatic). 139
Jack of All Trades Choose a skill. Each morning you may choose a specialty in that skill to have for the day. 139
Speed of the Steed Add twice your dots in pride to your speed. 139
Supremacy Choose a skill. When using that skill to pursue the character's primary vice that skill becomes a rote action. 139
•• Armor of Contempt Transform your flesh into a white marble-like substance which reduces all damage taken by 2 (to a minimum of 1) and you do not suffer wound penalties. 139
•• Arrogance Attackers must roll Resolve + Composure - Pride, failure means they cannot attack the Possessed, success allows an attack at a -1 penalty. 139
•• Eyes of Above Add vice dots to perception rolls. 140
•• Goeth Before Destruction Add Pride dots as Armor (doesn't stack with mundane armor). 140
•• Lord of the Beasts Gain the ability to speak with animals. Can command an animal with a Manipulation + Animal Ken + Pride roll. 140
•• Voice of Thunder Add half (rounding up) of intimidation to Expression, Persuasion, Socialize and Subterfuge rolls. Intimidation rolls gain 9-again. 140
••• Chain of Command Demons of Rank 2 or less are forced to obey your commands. 140
••• Denial While active the Possessed *will not die*. Wounds, damage and so on are still applied, but the demon refuses to let the Possessed die. 140
••• Gloating Flesh Can spend willpower to heal wounds. 1 Willpower heals 2 lethal or 4 bashing. Once this Vestment has been used once holy or blessed weapons do Aggravated Damage. 140
••• Icarus’ Folly Grow wings that allow you to fly at five times your speed. 141
••• Infernal Grandeur Gain a +2 Lethal bral attack. Add your Pride to social rolls involving Intimidation or Persuasion. Attackers have their Defense halved (round up). 141
••• Lightbringer Shine with pale light that illuminates a 20 yard radius. This light reveals any disguises or hidden items and the Possessed succeeds on all Perception tests (including contested rolls.) 141
Bedsores All Lethal damage done by the Possessed takes twice as long to heal. 141
Cut Price Effort Gain +2 on any attempt to convince someone else to do something for you. 141
Ease of Thought Each morning choose a number between 1 and 5. All Mental rolls get the number as a bonus. All Physical rolls get that as a penalty. 141
Gray World Characters in sight of the Possessed suffer a penalty equal to the Possessed's Primary Vice to all rolls to resist gaining a derangement. 141
Instant Gratification Extended academics or investigation roll take half the time they normally would. 142
Something for Nothing All Experience point costs are reduced by 1 142
•• Enervation Touch attack (Dexterity + Brawl) to remove 1 willpower from target. If they are reduced to 0 willpower they gain a mild derangement permanently. 142
•• Fester Attacks that inflict at least 1 Lethal risk becoming infected. The victim rolls Resolve + Stamina - Sloth, on failure the victim is feverish and exhausted for the rest of the scene and must roll Resolve + Stamina before any physical activity. 142
•• Griefstruck Everyone in a 5 x Sloth yard radius gain the Depression derangement. (Only while they are in the radius). 143
•• Maladroit Victims All failed physical rolls within 5 yards of the character count as dramatic failures. 143
•• Radius of Languor Everyone but the possessed in a Morality x 5 yard radius has their speed reduced by twice the character's Sloth. 143
•• Swarmskin Exude a sticky sweet residue that attracts insects which grants you a +3 to defense. 143
••• Creep Move at half speed up vertical or horizontal surfaces (even upside down) without slipping. Can slip out of bonds or openings of at least size 1. 143
••• Idle Hands Gain telekinetic powers allowing you to lift objects up to Size 5 and 200 pounds. 143
••• Laze Everyone within 10 yards of the character must roll Resolve + Composure - 2 or be unable to spend willpower. 143
••• Miasma Everyone within 3 yards of the possessed suffers -3 to all actions. Additionally, upon activation characters must roll Resolve + Stamina to avoid vomiting or losing their action. 144
••• The Immovable Object While the Vestment is active and the Possessed does not move at all they are immune to damage and mental compulsions. 144
••• Twisting Horns Grow a pair of ram's horns that drip black ichor and deal 3 Lethal damage. 144
Anger Burns Hot May increase the size and intensity of any fire by 1. 144
Fleet Feet of Purpose Add Intimidation and Wrath to your Speed. 144
Skillful Demands Add Wrath dots to an Attribute + Skill roll, it gains 9-again. For the remainder of the day all rolls using the Attribute or Skill that fail are treated as dramatic failures. 144
Slayer of Men Use harsh words and threats to make a ranged attack that deals bashing damage (Presence + Intimidation). 144
Swift Intercession Add Wrath to your Initiative. 144
Wrath of the Wrench Gain a bonus to Crafts equal to Wrath. 144
•• Bonded Weapon Upon activating the Vestment the character's Bonded Weapon appears ready to be used. It dissolves at the end of the scene and can't be used until the Vestment is invoked again. 145
•• Fueled by Rage Gain 'Temporary Health' equal to Wrath. This health is filled up first and when it disappears the damage absorbed by it vanishes as well. 145
•• Ira Furor Brevis Est Characters within a radius of twice the Possessed's primary vice in yards gain a mild derangement of the Possessed's choice. 145
•• Might Makes Right Spend 1 Infernal Will to increase one attribute by 2 (may exceed normal limits). 145
•• Surprise, You’re Dead Successful surprise attacks use the Killing Blow rules instead of having the target lose their Defense. 145
•• Tooth for Tooth All damage taken by the Possessed is mirrored on their attacker (bashing and lethal only) 145
••• Blood Frenzy Any character who targets the Possessed with violent intentions find are overcome with rage and drop their weapons and rush forward to fight them in hand-to-hand combat (resisted with Resolve + Composure -3). 145
••• Boiling Blood Characters attacking the character in close quarters take half of any damage they deal (rounding up) in lethal damage. 146
••• Burning Wrath Causes weapons to become red-hot and deal 2 points of lethal damage in addition to the damage rolled. Attacks can also cause clothing and equipment to light on fire. 146
••• Inferno Summon 2 cubic yards of Hellfire. Can throw with Dexterity + Athletics or direct it as an instant action with no roll. 147
••• Juggernaut Become covered with white-gray, ashy, scales which make you immune to bashing, lethal or aggravated damage. You do not suffer wound penalties. (Holy or Blessed weapons deal Aggravated and roll over damage still applies). 147
••• Spite While active any time an attack does at least 1 point of damage to you you may make a retalitory attack as a free action out of the normal combat order. This attack does not use your action for the turn. 147

• = Innate, always active

•• = 1 WP to activate for 1 Scene

••• = 2 WP to activate for total of Vice dots in turns, can be extended at risk of Burnout