From Codex of Darkness


First Edition
Undertaking Description Book
Avenger Killers consumed by a mission of vengeance Slash 94
Working the Room Ignore Defense penalties from each attack in a round
Nothing but the Mission Must roll Resolve + Composure to divert from an opportunity to pursue a mark
Brute Simple, hollow creatures driven to murder by rote. Slash 100
Unstoppable Ignore wound penalties. Fall unconscious from lethal damage, not bashing.
Blinded by Blood -3 perception, and lose tied contests to notice victims.
Charmer Sociopaths who hide violent instability under a trustworthy, likeable facade. Slash 106
Disarming When making first impressions, contest Presence + a Social Skill against Intelligence + Subterfuge to gain every benefit of the doubt from that person.
Thin Veneer When rattled or challenged, roll Composure or lash out and release witnesses from the spell.
Freak Alienated deviants set apart from humanity. Slash 112
Lay of the Land Gain a Direction Sense, +3 to navigate familiar ground, and ignore terrain penalties in chases there.
Revulsion Alternate Talent. Penalize grapples and touch attempts by -3, and restraint or escape in a grapple by -1.
Deformity -4 to Social rolls not involving Intimidation when exposed.
Genius Cold psychological puppeteers, interested in the highest stakes. Slash 118
Profiling Contest Intelligence + Empathy against Manipulation + Subterfuge to predict a person's actions from surface observations. Roll Intelligence + Manipulation - Resolve as an extended action to draw out secrets or derangements through dialogue.
Intolerance for Chaos Lose two Willpower on failed rolls of Intelligence or your Undertaking Skills.
Legend Avenger Deadly incarnations of cautionary tales Slash 97
Strength from the Tales Once per scene when the tale plays out, roll a chosen Power Attribute + Occult for Willpower, healing, or bonuses.
Trapped in the Story The tale imposes a behavioral restriction, or an aggravated bane, or another incapacitating vulnerability.
Maniac Genius Detached madmen with insight from inhuman levels of thought. Slash 121
Compelling Madness Contest Intelligence + Resolve against Morality to briefly study a person inside and out, gaining 8-Again against them and becoming able to strip 10-Again through Willpower and interaction. Inflict the Code through extended interaction.
Obvious Lunatic -3 penalty to Social actions, except against the disturbed or vulnerable.
Mask Brute Incommunicative wretches, existing only to kill. Slash 103
Killing Machine Don't need to sleep or eat. Suffer only one point of damage from each attack.
No Mind but for Murder Incapable of communication beyond basic body language. Illiterate, and must roll Intelligence + Composure to understand speech.
Mutant Freak Loathsome distortions of humanity, either bestial or miserable. Slash 115
Natural Weaponry Take either a +2L natural weapon or +2 Armor.
Sensitivity Fail all Social rolls not involving Intimidation. A physical hypersensitivity inspires a Resolve + Composure roll not to flee the stimulus.
Psycho Charmer Misanthropic manipulators, deranged but cunning. Slash 109
Deadly Distraction When alone with a person, use a moment's conversation and contest Presence + Persuasion against Wits + Composure to lower their guard long enough to achieve an aim or score a killing blow.
Obsessive Monomaniacally obsess over destroying those who resist your charms.