Twists and Malisons (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness

Twists of Fate


Daeva Gangrel Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue
Attention Adaptation Identity Grotesquerie Birthright
Desire Release Paranoia Solitude Control
Submission Subsistence Secrets Terror Victory


Twist Dots Description Book
Clan Twists
Me, Me, Me Daeva Themes only. Spend Willpower to redirect a Social action or supernatural power to yourself. HD 35
Flexibility Gangrel Themes only. Spend Willpower to attain impossible contortions for a scene. Apply your highest Gangrel Theme as Armor against bashing attacks, but lethal attacks against you gain 9-Again. HD 35
Inside Job Mekhet Themes only. Fake a relationship with a mortal human and fool any mortals until out of sight, or until you fail Manipulation + (highest Mekhet Theme) vs Wits + Empathy against a suspicious witness. HD 36
Kneejerk Reaction Nosferatu Themes only. When suffering Physical Tilts from injury or lethal damage sufficient to cause wound penalties, spend Willpower to inflict grotesque awe on a witness, causing a Tilt. HD 36
Entitlement Ventrue Themes only. Add your highest Ventrue Theme as a Social bonus to exploit your prestige, suffering Leveraged at the end of the scene to retain your respected status. HD 37
General Twists
Bestial Echo Exert the Predatory Aura with an aspect corresponding to your relevant Theme, applying that Theme as Blood Potency. HD 37
Blood's Call Sense dhampir descended from a Theme's clan, and force a Clash of Wills to sense concealed vampires of that clan. HD 38
Dissent You intuit the use of powers against you that relate to your Themes, and apply your Themes as Supernatural Tolerance against them. HD 37
Draught of Secrets Drink the blood of vampires of your Theme's clan to intuit their specific clan, Humanity, Attributes of a given category, or an Anchor, Aspiration, or active Condition. HD 38
Foreboding Spend Willpower to anticipate cursed fortune under one of your Themes. For each Theme dot, you may render one failure dramatic. HD 37
Karma Once per scene, recover Willpower from a setback relevant to your Themes. HD 37
Defiance •• Spend Willpower to force a Clash of Wills to disrupt a Discipline, Devotion, or Twist's thrall over you and your Theme. HD 38
Draught of Power •• Drink the blood of vampires of your Theme's clan to gain a temporary bonus dot associated with that Theme for the scene. HD 38
Fate's Call •• Sense the influence of Disciplines, Devotions, and Twists over your Themes. HD 38
Fortuity •• Each chapter, apply 8-Again to a roll resonant with one of your Themes, once for each dot in the Theme. HD 38
Portent •• When you sleep, you may spend recovered Willpower to dream of portents of your Theme. During that chapter, one time when you roll three successes or more under the Theme's purview, you may force exceptional success. HD 38
Sibyl's Curse •• Intuit breaking points associated with your Themes. You may spend Willpower to know the result and to inflict Guilty by accusing another character of shared responsibility. HD 38
Doom's Behest ••• Meditate and spend Willpower to deliver a prophecy of a given Theme. Witnesses become Obsessed with the prophecy until it drives them to breaking points. HD 39
Doubling Down ••• When a character resolves a mundane Condition focused on you, you may spend Willpower and contest Manipulation + Theme vs Resolve + Composure + Tolerance to reimpose and escalate their reaction to extremes. HD 39
Heir's Draught ••• Drink the blood of a vampire of your Theme's clan to increase its effective rating by a dot for one scene. HD 39
Insurgence ••• Spend Willpower to force a Clash of Wills to disrupt any supernatural power's thrall over you and your Theme. HD 39
Intuition's Call ••• Sense all supernatural influence over your Themes, and whether they are of vampiric origin. HD 38
Perdition ••• When you open the last door of a supernatural being prone to states of frenzy, you may spend Willpower to force a roll against that frenzy, penalized by a relevant Theme. HD 39


Malison Cost Action Dice Pool Description Book
Blood Oath 2L Instant Presence + Resolve
vs Composure + Tolerance
Touch wounds with a person to bind to them in blood sympathy for a story. They may spend Willpower from your supply. HD 40
Haruspicy 1L Five minutes Intelligence + Stamina Read about a subject's doom in entrails. HD 40
Katabasis 2L Hour Intelligence + Resolve
vs Composure + Tolerance
Drink a draught of a subject's blood to undergo a reverie in which you may confront a supernatural Condition. HD 41
Nemesis 1L Instant Presence + Resolve
vs Composure + Tolerance
Declare a fated rivalry for a scene. When acting against you, your rival may not spend Willpower, but reduces the threshold for exceptional success to three instead of five. HD 41
Pallor of Death 2L Five minutes Intelligence + Composure Eulogize yourself to assume undead physiology for a scene. HD 41
Shadow Play 2L Minute Intelligence + Composure Release your shadow into the world to act on your behalf while you remain conscious. HD 42
Wrack and Ruin 1L Instant Strength + Stamina Curse an object or fixture up to Size 15 to crumble by your touch, applying Willpower as a weapon rating and ignoring Durability. HD 42
Unmasking 1L Instant Presence + Resolve
vs Composure + Tolerance
Decry someone who has supernaturally afflicted you, unveiling a clear sign of their nature. HD 42
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L