Transmutations (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Distillation Charge Dice Pool Action Description
PTC 2e 119 Stone
Roll Wits + Science + Azoth to scrutinize the composition of an object.
Purification Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Temporarily improve an object's functionality.
Fortification ●● Stamina + Science + Azoth Reflexive Temporarily reinforce an object's Durability.
Transformation ●●● Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Temporarily transmute one inorganic material into another.
PTC 2e 120 Aqua Regia
Ignore bashing damage from caustics, and reduce lethal damage from them by your Azoth.
Decay Stamina + Occult + Azoth Reflexive Temporarily weaken an object's functionality.
Degradation ●● Stamina + Occult + Azoth Reflexive Temporarily buckle an object's Durability.
Dissolution ●●● Stamina + Occult + Azoth Reflexive Secrete an acid to deal lethal damage.
PTC 2e 120 Spagyria
Extend an Alchemicus Distillation to last 24 hours for one Pyros.
Temperature Modification Intelligence + Science + Azoth Instant Temporarily heat or cool an object.
Alteration ●● Strength + Crafts + Azoth Extended Temporarily resculpt an object.
Resize ●●● Manipulation + Occult + Azoth Instant Shrink or enlarge an object.
PTC 2e 122 Elixir
Roll exceptional successes with Occult at a threshold of three.
Apprentice's Brooms Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Temporarily charge Azothic Objects, enhancing an object's functionality.
Spark of Life ●● Manipulation + Occult + Azoth Instant Temporarily raise a corpse as an undead servant.
Flesh to Stone ●●● Intelligence + Crafts - Stamina Instant Temporarily petrify a target, immobilizing them.
PTC 2e 123 Command
Add +1 to teamwork rolls with your throng.
Many Hands Make Light Work None Reflexive All members of your throng may contribute to a non-combat effort with teamwork.
Able Worker ●● None Reflexive Sharpen the resolve of a throngmate.
The Community of Power ●●● Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Reflexive You may use teamwork to support the use of Bestowments and Distillations within the throng.
PTC 2e 124 Consortium
Once per turn, two throng members may swap Initiative.
The Fortified Compact None Reflexive Strengthens the effects of the throng's brand.
Common Perception ●● None Reflexive Share your senses with a throngmate, who may at will use your senses, use their own, or split their attention between both.
Unspoken Words ●●● None Reflexive Members of the throng may communicate telepathically, and gain +3 Initiative.
PTC 2e 124 Control
+1 Defense when fighting alongside a throngmate.
Protective Boon None Reflexive Enhance the Defense of a chosen throngmate, even against ranged attacks.
Inviolable Unity ●● Presence + Occult + Azoth Instant Distribute the alchemical brand as points of Armor among the throng.
Bulwark ●●● None Reflexive Sharpen the resolve of a throngmate.
PTC 2e 125 Community
Share Pyros with your throng more freely, once per turn.
Communal Font None Instant Become a conduit for your entire throng to share Pyros on a per-turn basis.
We Are As One ●● None Reflexive Target nearby throngmates with Distillations that normally require touch.
What's Mine Is Yours ●●● Wits + Occult + Azoth Instant Share a Bestowment or calcified Alembic with a throngmate for a scene.
PTC 2e 125 Indulgence
Sense Vices and benefit from a better impression when appealing to them.
Encourage Impulse Manipulation + Empathy + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Provoke impulsive action from the target's Vice.
Remove Inhibitions ●● Manipulation + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Temporarily enslave the target to his Vice.
Plague of Desire ●●● Presence + Persuasion + Azoth Instant Evoke mob mentality centering around strong personalities in a crowd.
PTC 2e 126 Leverage
Ignore one Door when maneuvering to uncover secrets.
Confession Manipulation + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Prompt an honest answer to a leading question.
Guilt Trip ●● Wits + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Draw out the subject's worst memory of herself.
Scandal ●●● Resolve + Subterfuge + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Contagiously spread intuitive knowledge of the subject's worst deed by touch for a day.
PTC 2e 127 Madness
Sense Persistent Conditions relating to mental ailment and trauma.
Psychotic Flash Presence + Intimidation + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Stun the target with a brief truamatic psychic break.
Onset of Madness ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Inflict mental instability for a matter of days, like an undirected Disquiet.
Catharsis ●●● Wits + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Join a target in his own mind for an internal symbolic harrowing, which may either heal or worsen mental wounds.
PTC 2e 128 Suffering
Scrutinize an opponent as an instant action for weaknesses to exploit as a 1L weapon rating.
Purge Resolve + Medicine + Azoth - Toxicity Instant Remove a disease or poison by drawing it out of the subject's body.
Affliction ●● Intelligence + Medicine + Azoth
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Instant Double pain debilities such as wound penalties for a scene.
Pain ●●● None Reflexive Cause incapacitating pain with a touch or close-combat attack.
PTC 2e 129 Charites
Roll exceptional successes with Athletics at a threshold of three.
Athletic Grace None Reflexive Temporarily increase Dexterity.
Uncanny Dexterity ●● None Reflexive Dexterity rolls take 9-Again, and may be rerolled by spending Pyros.
Rarified Grace ●●● None Reflexive Up to (Azoth) Dexterity and Dodge rolls take the rote quality. Spend Willpower to restock.
PTC 2e 129 Zephyrus
Add Azoth to rolls against surprise, and keep half your Defense on failure.
Swift Feet None Reflexive Double your Speed.
Serpent Strike ●● None Reflexive Add Azoth to Initiative. Spend Pyros to ignore a weapon's Initiative penalty.
Perfected Reflexes ●●● None Reflexive +3 Defense, Dodge with 8-Again. Apply Defense against ranged attacks.
PTC 2e 130 Hygeius
Benefit from inverted wound "penalties."
Human Flesh None Instant Assume a human biology. Do not show disfigurements.
Impossible Flesh ●● None Reflexive Ignore Physical Tilts, even dismemberment.
Resilient Flesh ●●● None Reflexive Reduce all damage suffered by two points.
PTC 2e 130 Motus
While moving, ignore fatigue and tiring.
Uncanny Athleticism Strength + Athletics + Azoth Reflexive Increase Strength or Stamina as applied to athletics and endurance.
Mighty Bound ●● None Reflexive Triple horizontal jump distance. Double vertical jump distance.
Exemplary Athleticism ●●● None Instant Double your Speed. Increase all Physical Attributes. Take the rote quality on rolls that benefit from Uncanny Athleticism.
PTC 2e 132 Anonymity
Inflict a -2 penalty to pick you out in a crowd.
Nameless Presence + Stealth + Azoth Instant Become unremarkable and unmemorable for a scene.
Traceless ●● Wits + Stealth + Azoth Instant Leave no evidence of your passing, and trigger no alarms, for a scene.
Forgotten ●●● None Reflexive Extend the charge of Anonymity for a point of Pyros every 24 hours, at the cost of risking Torment afterward.
PTC 2e 132 Assimilation
Make a better social impression in group settings.
Conformity Stamina + Subterfuge + Azoth Instant Adopt physical features to blend into a crowd. Add Azoth as a bonus to hide.
Tongues ●● Intelligence + Academics + Azoth Instant Gain fluency, but not literacy, in a host group's language for a scene.
Hive Mind ●●● Wits + Empathy + Azoth Instant Reproduce the mannerisms of your host group, granting a bonus to social rolls within the group.
PTC 2e 133 Doppelganger
Perfectly imitate voices you have heard.
Incriminate Wits + Empathy + Azoth
vs Stamina + Tolerance
Instant Evidence of your passing instead points toward a subject you have touched.
Impersonate ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Transform bodily to duplicate a subject you have touched this scene.
Deep Cover ●●● None Reflexive Extend the charge of Impersonate for a point of Pyros every 24 hours, at the cost of risking amnesia afterward.
PTC 2e 134 Stalker
Add Azoth as a bonus to Stealth rolls.
Shadow Wits + Stealth + Azoth
vs Wits + Tolerance
Instant +3 to hide from, shadow or ambush the subject for a scene.
Lurker ●● Wits + Stealth + Azoth
vs Wits + Tolerance
Instant Escape the subject's notice for a scene.
Phantom ●●● Composure + Stealth + Azoth Instant Escape notice within a particular building for a scene.
PTC 2e 134 Externalize
Immunity to extreme environment effects in Wastelands.
Safe Sojourn Stamina + Survival + Azoth - Wasteland Instant Share your environmental immunity with your throng or others.
Maelstrom ●● Strength + Occult + Azoth - Wasteland Instant Cause a heavy storm as a Tilt to which you're immune.
Assault ●●● Dexterity + Athletics + Azoth - Defense Instant Project a bolt of Flux, dealing lethal damage that ignores artificial Armor.
PTC 2e 135 Internalize
Identify the progression of Disquiet on sight.
Temper Composure + Empathy + Azoth Reflexive Confer a bonus to resist your Disquiet for a scene.
Soothe ●● Presence + Empathy + Azoth Reflexive Briefly lift the effects of Disquiet.
Quell ●●● Presence + Socialize + Azoth Instant Shield subjects from your Disquiet for one scene.
PTC 2e 135 Redirect
Roll exceptional successes with Subterfuge at a threshold of three.
Scapegoat Manipulation + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant For one scene, evoke Disquiet directed at a touched subject instead of yourself.
Rabid Rage ●● Manipulation + Animal Ken + Azoth
vs Resolve
Instant Sic a Disquieted animal on the scapegoat.
Iago's Whisper ●●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Incite violence against the scapegoat.
PTC 2e 137 Weaponize
+2 to Intimidation rolls within a day of evoking Disquiet.
Tension Presence + Intimidation + Azoth Instant Evoke Disquiet progress and inflict proportional action penalties.
Vanquish ●● None Reflexive When you strike a Disquieted target, they are Beaten Down.
Rampage ●●● None Reflexive Unarmed attacks gain a weapon rating proportional to the victim's Disquiet.
PTC 2e 137 Machinus
Sense electrical activity and anticipate lightning strikes.
Jolt None Reflexive Power electrical devices by handling them.
Generator ●● None Reflexive Power electrical devices at a distance.
Ghost in the Machine ●●● Manipulation + Crafts or Computer + Azoth Instant Exert fine operation over electronics at a distance.
PTC 2e 138 Arc
Generate a weak electric burn by touch.
Spark Dexterity + Athletics + Azoth Instant Throw a bolt of lightning, which ignores an amount of Armor and has a weapon rating proportional to Pyros charged.
Shock ●● None Reflexive Target multiple opponents around you with Spark.
Divine Lightning ●●● None Reflexive Extra damage lingers per turn from Spark. You may spend Pyros to throw a Spark with an aggravated weapon rating.
PTC 2e 139 Oscillitus
Short small electrical devices at will, and gain 2 Armor or +2 to contest dangerous electrical effects.
Insulation Intelligence + Science + Azoth
vs Resolve
Instant Strip the benefits of electric charge from a target.
Blackout ●● Manipulation + Science + Azoth
vs Stamina
Instant Produce a disruptive pulse that inhibits sight and blows out artificial lights.
Azothic Detonation ●●● Manipulation + Science + Azoth
vs Stamina
Instant Discharge a destructive electromagnetic pulse, frying electronics and injuring people within the radius.
PTC 2e 140 Imperatus
Maintain a static electric charge that halves healing times.
Lightning Therapy None Instant Heal Prometheans or Pandorans by spending Pyros.
Remote Absorption ●● None Reflexive Electrocute yourself at a distance from a source of power, as if the source were dampened.
Power Sink ●●● Stamina + Survival + Azoth Reflexive Derive Willpower and temporary Health from electrocution.
PTC 2e 252 Blight
Immunity to extreme environments conjured by Wastelands or Firestorms.
Invoke Disquiet Manipulation + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve
Instant Inflict Disquiet focused on a chosen Promethean.
Aggravate Wasteland ●● Presence + Occult + Azoth Instant Fester a Wasteland.
Summon Firestorm ●●● Resolve + Occult + Azoth Instant Conjure a Firestorm.
NH-TT 44 Cannibalize
Your bite attacks inflict +1 damage.
Aptitude ●+ Resolve + Stamina - Merit Instant Consume a victim to manifest a Physical or Mental Merit for (Azoth) hours.
Acumen ●● Resolve + Stamina + Azoth - Skill Instant Consume a victim to manifest a Skill dot for (Azoth) days.
Endowment ●●● Resolve + Stamina + Azoth - Attribute Instant Consume a victim to manifest an Attribute dot for (Azoth) hours.
PTC 2e 252 Lordship
Pandorans do not aggress you.
Lordship ●+ Presence + Animal Ken + Azoth
vs Resolve
Instant Command Pandorans for a scene. Feed them to maintain control, at the cost of Pyros and lethal damage every 24 hours.
PTC 2e 253 Mutation
Calcify Dread Powers as a step backwards.
Dread Power ●+ Resolve + Stamina + Azoth - Dread Power Instant Manifest a Dread Power.
PTC 2e 253 Solvent
Sense Alembic charges.
Disruption Resolve + Occult + Azoth - Resolve + Azoth Instant Disrupt the charge of an Alembic.
Disaster ●● Wits + Occult + Azoth
vs Wits + Azoth
Reflexive Block the use of a Distillation.
Detonation ●●● Intelligence + Occult + Azoth
vs Stamina + Azoth
Instant Discharge an Alembic, dealing proportional lethal damage.
NH-TT 45 Unleash
Transhuman Potential lasts for a scene, but you may not Dampen the Fire.
Invigorate Resolve + Stamina + Azoth Instant Ignore wound penalties.
Infuse ●● None Reflexive Brawl attacks apply Azoth as a weapon rating and strip Willpower.
Azothic Mantle ●●● Resolve + Occult + Azoth Instant Project Pyretic fire for (Azoth) feet for an action, inflicting lethal damage and action penalties, and stripping Pyros. Spend Pyros to extend duration.
PTC 2e 141 Solar Flare
Glow at will.
Dazzling Corona Presence + Intimidation + Azoth Instant Temporarily blind those who oppose you physically.
Searing Corona ●● None Reflexive Rapidly call up the Extreme Heat Tilt, to which you are immune.
Volatile Corona ●●● None Reflexive Others around you must roll Stamina + Athletics each turn to avoid damaging flares.
PTC 2e 141 Morning Star
Once a scene, regain Willpower by inspiring others to impulsive action.
Ignis Fatuus Presence + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Reflexive Project a fascinating aura, issuing good impressions and +2 to social rolls.
Beckon ●● Presence + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Compel a subject to follow you until they catch you, after which they are Disquieted.
Ringleader ●●● Presence + Socialize + Azoth Extended Sway the behavior of a crowd.
PTC 2e 142 Blaze of Glory
Gain Willpower when you empty your supply of Pyros.
Outshining the Sun Resolve + Expression + Azoth Instant Temporarily stoke the efficacy and Tolerance of your Azoth.
Roman Candle ●● None Reflexive +3 to your next contesting roll. Spend Pyros to restock this bonus by +2 dice.
All or Nothing ●●● None Reflexive Ignore limitations on Pyros spent per turn.
PTC 2e 143 Beacon of Helios
Your presence grants +1 to withstand breaking points and steps backward to those around you.
Daybreak None Reflexive When social maneuvering, draw on a character's Virtue or Elpis as per drawing on their Vice.
Guidepost ●● Presence + Persuasion + Azoth - Resolve Reflexive Benefit from a greater impression. Your next few leadership rolls gain the rote quality.
Lighthouse for the Dead ●●● Stamina + Occult + Azoth Instant Evoke a vision of hope that pulls a dying Promethean back from the brink of death.
PTC 2e 144 Aptare
Ignore one Environmental Tilt per scene.
Blessing of Tethys None Instant Breathe water.
Scuttling Spider ●● None Reflexive Adhesive fibers allow you to scale surfaces at full Speed without climbing rolls, or even walk across ceilings.
Procrustean Shape ●●● Resolve + Medicine + Azoth Instant Alter the body's shape so as to extend limbs, contort into small spaces, or otherwise adapt through distortion.
PTC 2e 145 Bestiae Facies
Use the higher of Wits or Dexterity to calculate Defense.
Natural Weaponry None Reflexive Grow claws or fangs with a 1L weapon rating.
Form of the Barghest ●● None Instant Adopt a large, only vaguely canid quadripedal form, with greater Size, Speed, and Strength.
Chimera ●●● Stamina + Animal Ken + Azoth Instant Take the shape of an animal which you have previously touched.
PTC 2e 146 Tegere
Transform the skin as an instant action, providing 2 General Armor against bashing damage.
Impermeable Shell Stamina + Survival + Azoth Reflexive Temporarily harden the flesh, taking -1 Defense but gaining 2/4 Armor.
Retributive Protection ●● Stamina + Weaponry + Azoth Reflexive Flesh temporarily becomes jagged or abrasive, dealing lethal damage to an attacker's body or weapon.
Quill Assault ●●● None Reflexive Carapace evolves into 4/4 Armor, which suffers from -2 Defense and Speed. Take lethal damage to propel fragments as a 1L thrown weapon.
PTC 2e 146 Verto
Shapeshift minor bodily details, such as eye color or hair length.
Medusa's Visage Stamina + Intimidation + Azoth Instant Contort your expression hatefully, granting an Intimidation bonus.
Everyman ●● Manipulation + Subterfuge + Azoth Instant Lose all identifying features, becoming plain and faceless.
Body Like Clay ●●● Dexterity + Medicine + Azoth Instant Briefly take any shape within the natural human form. You may roll to extend the change without spending Pyros.
PTC 2e 147 Phobos
Roll exceptional successes with Intimidation at a threshold of three.
Rattle Presence + Intimidation + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Unnerve the subject, counting as Hard Leverage and motivating the subject to expedite and end your interaction.
Terrify ●● Presence + Intimidation + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Frighten the subject enough to drive them to retreat and escape.
Swoon ●●● Presence + Intimidation + Azoth - Stamina Instant A fear attack inflicts bashing damage, a breaking point, and fainting.
PTC 2e 148 Eros
Roll exceptional successes with Persuasion at a threshold of three.
Lure Manipulation + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Evoke an excellent impression from a subject, granting +2 to social rolls and inclining them to aid and please you.
Seduce ●● Manipulation + Persuasion + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Overwhelms the subject long enough to make them obey one request.
Inflame ●●● Presence + Intimidation + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Obsesses the subject with aiding the Promethean for a scene, leaving them Disquieted afterward.
PTC 2e 149 Eris
Roll exceptional successes with Subterfuge at a threshold of three.
Misdirect Manipulation + Subterfuge + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Distract and addle a subject, causing a -3 mental penalty.
Baffle ●● Resolve + Subterfuge + Azoth - Resolve Instant Glaze and stun the target briefly.
Fog ●●● Presence + Subterfuge + Azoth - Resolve Instant Causes a temporary catatonic seizure, after which it takes a matter of days to recall what happened during the scene, inflicting Disquiet and a breaking point.
PTC 2e 150 Penthos
Roll exceptional successes with Empathy at a threshold of three.
Undermine Manipulation + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Reflexive Discourages the subject, disrupting their use of Willpower.
Defeat ●● Presence + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Reflexive Leaves the subject Beaten Down.
Depress ●●● Manipulation + Empathy + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Shatters the subject, leaving them temporarily Broken and unable to act without mustering Willpower.
PTC 2e 150 Heed the Call
Sense Azothic radiance as if it were one dot stronger, and judge the direction and distance to its source.
Inscribed in Flame Wits + Empathy + Azoth Instant Sense the Azothic radiance of pilgrim's marks and of Torment. Analyze the Measure for details about Azothic traits.
Controlled Burn ●● Composure + Expression + Azoth Instant Alter the strength of your Azothic radiance. Appear human to supernatural senses if you dampen it to nothing.
Sublimation by Fire ●●● Manipulation + Expression + Azoth
vs Resolve + Azoth
Extended Salve another Promethean's Torment.
PTC 2e 152 Plumb the Fathoms
Retain detailed memory of a Ramble long enough to record it. +1 to resist or Tolerate mental influence powers.
Pilgrim's Landmarks Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Consult the Azothic memory about experiences in a place.
Wisdom of Ages ●● Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Reflexive Gain the rote quality on certain Skills by experiencing flashes of shared memories.
Glimpsing the Crasis ●●● None Reflexive Secrete your ruling humour from a wound. When consumed, it evokes visions that draw prophetic truth out of your personal experiences.
PTC 2e 153 Stoke the Furnace
Transhuman Potential lasts another turn.
Catalytic Affirmation None Reflexive When awarded a beat through your efforts in your current Role, boost an Attribute by one for a session.
Chasing Hope None Reflexive Recover Pyros as well as Willpower from your Elpis Anchor.
Transhuman Adaptation None Reflexive Spend Pyros to manifest a Merit for a scene through alchemical catalysis.
PTC 2e 153 Prime the Vessel
Choose a Skill category. Reduce its unskilled penalty by one.
Shielding Pod Stamina + Occult + Azoth Instant Grow a resilient sac to protect stored Vitriol.
Humour Electrolysis ●● None Instant Your flesh and viscera become poisonous, causing bashing damage when directly ingested, or lethal damage when extracted and concentrated.
Pyros Branding ●●● Presence + Occult + Azoth Instant Brand a throng.
PTC 2e 154 Vitreous Humour
See in complete darkness. Immunity to blinding light.
Fire Sight None Instant Overlay thermal vision.
Piercing Sight ●● Wits + Composure + Azoth Instant See through opaque matter.
Ephemeral Sight ●●● Wits + Composure + Azoth Instant Perceive Twilit ephemera and incorporeal qashmallim.
PTC 2e 155 Receptive Humour
Add Azoth as bonus dice to perception rolls.
Translator's Memory Intelligence + Academics + Azoth Extended Draw on Azothic memory to interpret written messages.
Rarified Senses ●● None Reflexive Perception rolls take the rote quality.
Circle of Perception ●●● Wits + Composure + Azoth Reflexive Senses apply in every direction. +2 Defense, which may be applied against surprise attacks.
PTC 2e 156 Stereo Humour
+2 to read a person's feelings or motivations.
Aura Sight Wits + Empathy + Azoth - Composure Instant Interpret details of a character's psychic aura.
Hearing the Inner Voice ●● Wits + Composure + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Listen in on a subject's thought process.
Clairvoyance ●●● Wits + Investigation + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Use a sample of a subject to perceive them from afar.
PTC 2e 157 Somatic Humour
Roll exceptional successes with Survival on a threshold of three.
Bloodhound's Nose None Reflexive Enhanced sense of smell, which may be used to track subjects at +2.
Discriminating Tongue None Reflexive Make Intelligence rolls to quickly identify chemical natures by taste.
Sensitive Ears None Reflexive Extend beyond the human range of hearing. Roll Wits + Survival to narrow the focus of hearing. May blindfight by hearing.
PTC 2e 158 Clades
Focus Clades on a type of supernatural being as an instant action. +2 Defense against those beings.
Strike the Heart None Instant Focus on one opponent of the chosen type. Briefly reduce called shot penalties against them by two.
Biting Aura ●● Presence + Azoth Instant Your Azothic radiance deals lethal damage to beings of the chosen type.
Burning Strike ●●● Presence + Azoth Reflexive Briefly deal aggravated damage unarmed against beings of the chosen type.
PTC 2e 158 Clupeum
-2 to sense the Promethean with supernatural powers.
Personal Shield None Reflexive Apply twice your Azoth as Supernatural Tolerance.
Interposing Shield ●● Stamina + Survival + Azoth Reflexive Grant beneficiaries your Azoth as a bonus to contest, and half Azoth as a bonus to resist.
Mystic Fortress ●●● Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Extend a ward which resists hostile supernatural powers, and grants a bonus to your allies to unveil illusions and the hidden.
PTC 2e 160 Veritas
Sense the use of supernatural powers nearby.
Finding the Wellspring Wits + Occult + Azoth
vs Composure + Tolerance
Instant Assess the origin of a supernatural effect.
Walking the Path of Memory ●● Wits + Manipulation + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Touch a supernatural being and gain insight by witnessing one of its memories.
Disrupting the Vital Humours ●●● Presence + Occult + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Temporarily obstruct targets' use of their corresponding supernatural fuel.
PTC 2e 160 Laruae
Focus Laruae on a type of supernatural being. Those beings take -2 to identify you as a Promethean; failure registers you as human.
Plumb Azothic Memory Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Instant Glean information about a particular supernatural being or event through the Azothic memory.
One of the Tribe ●● Manipulation + Socialize + Azoth Instant Azoth grants bonus dice to fit in among the chosen type of being, and resists attempts to discern you as different.
Pyros Decoy ●●● Intelligence + Crafts Instant Destroy a small object to release invisible pyretic energy. Those who perceive it with supernatural senses suffer a penalty to notice you.
PTC 2e 161 Unbowed
Increase Resolve by Azoth.
Resolution of Steel None Instant Sharpen your resolve.
Crucible of Will ●● None Reflexive Recover Willpower.
Roar of the Defiant ●●● Resolve + Composure + Azoth Reflexive Substitute to contest supernatural mind control.
PTC 2e 162 Unbroken
Increase Stamina by Azoth.
Armor of Will None Reflexive Double the effect of Willpower spent defensively.
Drive On ●● Stamina + Athletics + Azoth Reflexive Temporarily ignore the effects of physical Conditions or Tilts.
Rebuke the Shroud ●●● None Reflexive Survive any amount of damage for one scene, after which if too much damage still remains, you die.
PTC 2e 163 Unconquered
Increase Strength by Azoth.
Cyclopean Might None Reflexive Deal lethal damage unarmed, and ignore a point of Durability when striking objects.
Titan's Throw ●● Strength + Athletics + Azoth Reflexive Multiply your lifting and hurling Strength.
Wrath of the Gods ●●● Strength + Athletics + Azoth Instant Cause the environment itself to quake.
PTC 2e 163 Unfettered
Add Azoth as a bonus to break free of restraint.
Close Combat Defense Strength + Athletics + Azoth Reflexive Instantly escape a grapple.
Shattered Chains ●● Strength + Crafts + Azoth Reflexive Ignore the Durability of restraints when busting free.
No Walls May Hold Me ●●● Strength + Crafts + Azoth Instant Ignore three points of Durability when striking a cage or imprisoning wall, and take no damage from pounding it down.
PTC 2e 164 Cauterio
Mark an invisible brand by touch, and intuit the direction to it.
Alter Firetouched None Instant Temporarily alter physical aspects of a branded target.
Animate Firetouched ●● None Instant Animate a branded object and puppet its movements for a scene.
Evolve Firetouched ●●● None Instant Imbue an animated object with a simple loyal intelligence of its own.
PTC 2e 165 Ignus Aspiratus
Ignite kindling at will.
Direct Fire None Instant Shape a fire, or lash out with it as a 1L weapon.
Fire Grasp ●● None Instant Ignite your hand, suffering no injury from its burning, and spread the fire by touch.
Divine Guidance ●●● Stamina + Occult + Azoth Instant Stoke the Divine Fire to achieve automatic success on your next few actions.
PTC 2e 166 Mutatus Aspiratus
Roll Wits + Azoth as an instant action to sense Flux activity.
Contain Flux Presence + Athletics + Azoth Instant Gain effective Armor against beings or powers of Flux for a scene.
Drawing Flux ●● Presence + Intimidation + Azoth
vs Composure + Rank
Instant Weaken the efficiency of Pyros used by Pandorans or to charge Flux.
Expel Pyros ●●● None Instant Inflict fleeting Dormancy on Pandorans in your presence.
PTC 2e 167 Sanctus Aspiratus
Roll Wits + Occult as an instant action to sense sources of Pyros.
Refine Pyros None Instant Briefly double the efficacy of spent Pyros.
Steal Pyros ●● Strength + Occult + Azoth - Resolve Reflexive With a touch, steal Pyros from beings who store it, or vampirize living things for Pyros.
Drain Pyros ●●● Dexterity + Occult + Azoth - Stamina Instant Steal Pyros or vampirize for Pyros at a distance, drawing it into yourself or throngmates.
NH-TT 146 The Tsar's Gift
Sense the approach of weaponry. Spend Pyros to reduce damage from an explosion to bashing, or spend two to ignore it entirely.
The First Stone None Instant Render guns, explosives and similar inert for the scene.
The Hand that Feeds ●● Strength + Weapon Rating + Azoth Instant Make something explode.
Sevenfold ●●● Stamina + Survival + Azoth
vs Resolve + Tolerance
Instant Target takes damage equal to the damage the Zeka has taken.
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L