Transmutations (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Transmutation Rank Prerequisites Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Forging the Master’s Tools None Improve the quality of tools PTC 119
Identification Intelligence + Crafts Identify substances PTC 119
Degradation •• ● to ●●● None Reduce an object's Durability PTC 120
Fortification •• ● to ●●● None Increase an object's Durability PTC 120
Temperature Modification •• ●/10°C Science + Azoth Manipulate temperature SA 85
Dissolve ••• None Damage an object's Structure PTC 120
Transformation ••• ●/Size Science + Azoth Change an object's composition PTC 120
Alteration •••• ●/Size Crafts + Azoth Change an object's shape PTC 120
Persistant Change •••• ● or Azoth None Make an Alchemicus Transmutation last longer PTC 121
Resize •••• ●/Size None Manipulate Size SA 86
Flesh to Stone ••••• Intelligence + Crafts - Stamina Petrify living beings PTC 121
Spark of Life ••••• Occult + Azoth Animate corpses PTC 122
Helping Hand Wits + Occult Aid your friends' actions MO 81
Many Hands Make Light Work Manipulation + Composure Work as a team in improbable ways MO 82
Apportion Harm •• Dexterity + Medicine Take on damage from others MO 82
Share Pyros •• None Touch a fellow Promethean to give Pyros to them MO 82
Able Worker ••• Presence + Composure + Azoth Allow another to add a Social Attribute to a dice pool MO 82
Common Perception ••• Wits + Composure vs. Composure + Azoth Borrow the senses of a throng member MO 82
The Community of Power •••• Many Hands Make Light Work, Helping Hand Presence + Azoth Use teamwork with Transmutations MO 82
Protective Boon •••• Share Pyros ●●/+1 None Increase a throng member's Defense MO 83
The Fortified Compact ••••• Many Hands Make Light Work ●●●● Presence + Azoth vs. Composure + Azoth Establish a temporary alchemical pact, or strengthen an existing one MO 83
Inviolable Unity ••••• Common Perception Presence + Stamina Confer throng Armor MO 83
Never Too Far Wits + Azoth Sense direction to throngmates in detail proportional to closeness SA 96
My Brother’s Burden •• Never Too Far Wits + Azoth Sense throngmates' condition in detail proportional to closeness SA 96
We Are One ••• None Use Transmutations on nearby throngmates as if touching them SA 96
Unspoken Words •••• Intelligence + Socialize + Azoth Telepathically communicate with throngmates SA 97
What’s Mine is Yours ••••• Wits + Azoth Share a Bestowment or Transmutation with a throngmate SA 97
Detect Impurity Wits + Empathy vs. Composure + Tolerance Divine someone's Vice MO 84
Stress Cracks Manipulation + Empathy vs. Composure + Tolerance Cause somebody to lash out MO 84
Confession •• Detect Impurity Wits + Composure vs. Composure + Azoth Make somebody blurt out what they're thinking MO 84
Drain Emotions •• Manipulation + Empathy - Composure Steal Willpower MO 85
Fever Dreams ••• Presence + Empathy vs. Composure + Tolerance Same as Pandoran "Fever Dreams" Transmutation MO 85
Guilt Trip ••• Confession Presence + Empathy vs. Composure + Tolerance See the single worst act someone has committed MO 85
Remove Inhibitions ••• Stress Cracks Manipulation + Intimidation - Composure Make somebody act on their desires MO 86
Eyes of Madness •••• Fever Dreams Presence + Intimidation vs. Resolve + Tolerance Inflict derangements MO 86
Transfer Torment •••• Remove Inhibitions Manipulation + Resolve + Azoth vs. Composure + Tolerance Transfer Torment to others MO 86
Plague of Desire ••••• Remove Inhibitions Manipulation + Intimidation + Azoth Remove the inhibitions of a group MO 86
Quell Torment ••••• Transfer Torment ●●● None Avert Torment MO 87
Autonomic Control None Amazing control over one's own body PTC 122
Swift Feet None Double Speed PTC 122
Ingrained Reflexes •• None Take the rote quality on a Physical action SA 77
Regeneration •• ●/●● None Heal damage PTC 123
Uncanny Dexterity •• None 9-Again on Dexterity rolls PTC 123
Athletic Grace ••• None Temporarily increase Dexterity PTC 123
Human Flesh ••• None Appear totally human PTC 123
Perfected Reflexes •••• None +4 Defense, even against ranged attacks PTC 123
Rejuvenation •••• Share Pyros, Regeneration ●/●● None Heal others PTC 123
Serpent Strike •••• None Reroll Initiative PTC 124
Hard Body ••••• Medicine + Azoth Gain Armor PTC 124
Rarefied Grace ••••• Athletic Grace None Greater Dexterity increase PTC 124
Chameleon Skin Composure + Stealth Camouflage to the surroundings PTC 124
Color of Man Manipulation + Subterfuge Alter superficial features PTC 124
Mimic’s Voice Manipulation + Expression vs. Wits + Tolerance Emulate any voice ever heard SA 66
Incognito •• None Escape notice in a crowd PTC 125
Leave No Trace •• Stealth + Azoth Pass without leaving evidence PTC 125
Body Double ••• None Swap around body shape and Physical Attributes PTC 125
Silent Steps ••• None Move silently PTC 125
False Tracks •••• Leave No Trace None Leave evidence of someone else PTC 126
Mask •••• Wits + Subterfuge Imitate somebody else PTC 126
Deep Cover ••••• None Extend Deception for 24 hours PTC 126
Vitreous Humor ••••• None Become transparent PTC 127
Alembic • to ••••• None Penalize mental or emotional influence by Alembic PTC 127
Scapegoat Manipulation + Resolve + Subterfuge vs. Composure + Tolerance Deflect the perceived source of Disquiet to another touched victim PTC 128
Soothe Disquiet •, ••• or ••••• None Grant bonuses to resist Disquiet, and prevent Disquiet escalation from first, second, or third stages PTC 128
Rabid Rage •• Manipulation + Composure + Animal Ken vs. Resolve Sic animal on a victim PTC 128
Tension in the Air •• Presence + Persuasion Inflict paranoia across an area, which the Promethean can exploit for dice bonuses PTC 129
Iago’s Whisper ••• Manipulation + Resolve + Intimidation vs. Resolve + Tolerance Influence an affected target to murder another victim PTC 129
Progenitor’s Curse ••• ●/die Presence + Wits + Occult - Composure Inflict extra Disquiet dice upon a Promethean PTC 129
Mass Hysteria •••• ●● Presence + Intimidation + Azoth vs. Resolve + Composure Invokes panic in all nearby humans; using causes Torment SA 94
Nameless Dread •••• Manipulation + Intimidation - Composure Invokes terror in a single victim PTC 130
Safe Sojourn •••• Soothe Disquiet • None Linger an extra 24 hours before producing a Wasteland PTC 130
Shape Disquiet ••••• ●● (●) Presence + Composure + Occult vs. Composure + Azoth Alters a victim's disfigurements and drawbacks to that of another Lineage, and causes Torment PTC 130
Quell Disquiet ••••• Soothe Disquiet • ●/●● Socialize + Azoth Suppress Disquiet among up to (Presence or Manipulation) humans at once for one Pyros, or twice that with two PTC 131
Feel the Spark Wits + Science Sense sources of electricity PTC 131
Jolt (●/●●) None Power one continually touched device, or autonomously for Pyros. PTC 131
Insulator •• Stamina + Azoth - Resolve Insulate target from electrocution PTC 132
Shock •• Stamina + Azoth Damage even Prometheans with electrocution PTC 132
Arc ••• Shock Stamina + Azoth Ranged version of Shock PTC 133
Generator ••• Jolt ●/●● None Power devices autonomously or charge batteries, at range PTC 133
Power Sink ••• Insulator None Heal by drawing ambient electric charge, and inflict more damage with Electrification attacks SA 94
Blackout •••• None Destroy electrical devices in a radius based on Azoth PTC 133
Regulator •••• Generator None Manipulate an electrical device at range PTC 133
Divine Lightning ••••• Arc ● (●/●●) Stamina + Azoth Make lethal Arc attacks or area Shock attacks, or spend Pyros to upgrade damage PTC 134
Lightning Therapy ••••• ●+ None Heal a fellow Promethean via electrocution PTC 134
Flashburn Dexterity + Medicine - Stamina + Tolerance Burn the target's skin SN 88
Conceal Radiation Wits + Science Hide radioactivity SN 88
Reduce Radiation • to ••• Wits + Science Dampen radioactivity SN 88
Blast •• Stamina + Azoth - Stamina + Tolerance Damaging radioactive touch SN 88
Blue Flash •• Presence + Science - Stamina Blind others SN 89
Irradiate •• to ••••• Wits + Science Heighten radioactivity SN 89
Fallout ••• Blast Stamina + Science Conjure a choking, burning cloud of dust SN 90
Lord of the Roaches ••• Presence + Stamina + Animal Ken Conjure and command a swarm of roaches SN 90
Sicken ••• Presence + Science - Stamina + Tolerance Inflict radiation sickness SN 90
Elevate Bugs •••• Lord of the Roaches ●●● Presence + Animal Ken Grow an insect servant to giant size SN 91
Homunculus •••• ● (●/●●) Intelligence + (Medicine or Occult) Eject a small secondary body and bounce your will between your two bodies SN 91
Swift Malignancy •••• Sicken ●● Stamina + Science vs. Stamina Cause accelerated cancer in the living SN 90
Talking Tumor •••• Presence + Science vs. Stamina + Tolerance Speak to the target through a newly grown tumor SN 91
Azothic Bomb ••••• Fallout, Irradiate ●●●●● Stamina + Science Small nuclear detonation, which does not damage you SN 92
Brain Blight ••••• Talking Tumor Manipulation + Science vs. Resolve + Tolerance Enslave a target with a temporary "secondary brain" growth SN 91
Fixed Stare Presence + Resolve + Intimidation vs. Resolve + Tolerance Paralyze a victim via eye contact PTC 134
Flight Instinct Manipulation + Wits + Animal Ken vs. Composure Force an animal to flee PTC 135
Firebringer •• Persuasion + Azoth vs. Intelligence Generates awe and respect amongst affected mortals PTC 135
Lullaby •• Manipulation + Expression vs. Resolve + Tolerance Force a victim to sleep SA 66
Suggestion •• Manipulation + Intelligence + Persuasion vs. Composure + Tolerance Plant a conditional suggestion in a target PTC 135
Atavistic Instincts ••• Flight Instinct Manipulation + Wits + Subterfuge vs. Composure + Tolerance Force thinking beings to flee PTC 136
In Vino Veritas ••• Manipulation + Intelligence + Subterfuge vs. Composure + Tolerance Places a target in a suggestible state, vulnerable to interrogation PTC 137
Logos •••• Socialize + Azoth Understand and speak heard languages PTC 137
Waters of Lethe •••• Fixed Stare Manipulation + Intelligence + Subterfuge vs. Composure + Tolerance Erases or rewrites a victim's memory PTC 137
Imaginal Friend ••••• Manipulation + Azoth Grants an inanimate object intelligence and the ability to communicate PTC 138
Pygmalion’s Caress ••••• Waters of Lethe ●● Intelligence + Presence + Subterfuge vs. Composure + Tolerance Rewrites a victim's personality entirely PTC 138
Mask of Medusa Stamina + Intimidation Take bonuses to Intimidation from horrifying appearance PTC 140
Natural Weaponry None Grow +1L claws; purchase separately for extra limbs. PTC 140
Blessing of Tethys •• None Breathe water instead of air PTC 140
Redundant Organ •• None Gain various benefits by temporarily duplicating organs PTC 140
Clayflesh ••• None Take bashing damage from firearms SA 72
Procrustean Shape ••• Resolve + Medicine Can manipulate the length of limbs, soften the skeleton (for squeezing in to tight places), or the whole body (gains armor against bashing damage) PTC 141
Shape of the Barghest ••• Natural Weaponry None Take the form of a dire hound with Physical Attribute bonuses and natural weaponry. With Mask Transmutation, appear a normal hound. PTC 142
Guise of Proteus •••• Procrustean Shape Wits + Azoth Assume any shape; Color of Man Transmutation allows manipulation of appearance PTC 142
Homunculus •••• ● (●/●●) Intelligence + (Medicine or Occult) Eject a small secondary body and bounce your will between your two bodies PTC 143
Chimera ••••• Procrustean Shape Intelligence + Stamina Duplicate the shape of touched animals, or with the Mask Transmutation, people PTC 144
Unassailable Fortress ••••• Stamina + Azoth Manifest disfiguring Armor PTC 145
Azothic Awareness • to ••••• None Apply as bonus dots to sense Azothic radiance MO 87
Cleansing Ritual None Scours the lingering effects of a passed Torment from the user's Azoth. MO 87
Subtle Dampening Composure + Azoth Dampen Azoth without suffering penalties with other Prometheans MO 88
Refined Masquerade •• None Suppress disfigurements MO 88
Slow Awakening •• Wits + Composure + Azoth Doubles the exposure time before the user's Azoth awakens Pandorans; allows for a roll to be made to detect when this does occur. MO 88
Fire-Reader ••• Wits + Empathy + Azoth Discern information about any Promethean you can sense via Azoth. MO 89
Humour Attunement ••• ○/○○ None Draw Pyros from the element of a throngmate, or from any lineage, instead of your own for a day MO 89
Magnified Potential ••• or ••••• Attribute + Azoth Extend the Transhuman Potential of an Attribute for a matter of turns or minutes MO 89
Efficient Grounding •••• None Heal from electrocution more quickly MO 89
Pyros Refinement •••• None Double Pyros restoration, except from humour MO 90
Refine Bestowment ••••• None Magnify the effects of a Bestowment MO 90
Bloodhound’s Nose Wits + Survival Toggle supernaturally enhanced smell, further enhanced with Discriminating Tongue. PTC 145
Discriminating Tongue Wits + Survival Toggle supernaturally enhanced taste, further enhanced with Bloodhound's Nose. PTC 145
Sensitive Ears (●) None Toggle supernaturally enhanced hearing, free to untoggle. PTC 146
Translator’s Eye Intelligence + Academics Decipher the meaning of a written text PTC 146
Aura Sight •• Intelligence + Composure + Empathy - Composure Study a character's aura to read their nature and feelings PTC 146
Nightsight •• None See in total darkness for a scene PTC 147
Ephemeral Gaze ••• Aura Sight None Perceive beings in Twilight PTC 147
Firesight ••• None Thermal vision for a scene PTC 147
Circle of Eyes •••• Wits + Azoth 360-degree vision penalizes surprise attacks and enhances Defense PTC 148
Hearing the Inner Voice •••• Aura Sight Wits + Composure vs. Composure + Tolerance Hear a target's thoughts SA 72
Rarefied Senses •••• None Toggle the rote quality for perception, worsening dramatic failures PTC 148
Clairvoyant Senses ••••• Investigation + Azoth Use a piece of a subject's physical being to observe them remotely PTC 148
Piercing Sight ••••• None See through solid objects, except lead PTC 149
Essence of (Material) • to ••• Targeted by powers None Increased resistance to the powers of a chosen type of being MO 91
Mask of (Type) Hour's experience None Show a chosen type of being signs of being one of them MO 92
Tainted Azoth Interact with being None Sense a given type of supernatural being with Azothic radiance MO 91
Bane of Ephemera •• Ephemeral Flesh None Deal lethal damage bodily to beings in Twilight MO 93
Cloak of (Type) •• Mask of (Type) None Corresponding Mask of (Type) now disguises aura MO 92
Ephemeral Infusion •• to ••••• Ephemeral Flesh Intelligence + Crafts + Azoth Render a sum (Size) objects proportional to Transmutation rating solid to ephemera MO 92
(Material) Shield ••• Essence of (Material) •• ●● (○) None Confer the corresponding Essence of (Material) to another character not of the warded type MO 94
Sense of (Type) ••• Cloak of (Type) (●) None With Pyros, the corresponding Mask of (Type) confers the special senses of the associated being MO 94
Glimpse of Mortal Memory •••• Tainted Azoth Manipulation + Wits + Azoth vs. Resolve + Tolerance Touch a supernatural being and skim their memories of humanity, potentially borrowing bonuses to their Skills MO 94
(Material) Warding •••• Essence of (Material) •• ●/10 feet (○) Intelligence + Occult + Azoth Wards an area against the corresponding type of being, preventing their entry or power use without Willpower and a roll MO 95
Shadow Alchemy ••••• Essence of (Material) ••• ●● Presence + Occult + Azoth - Stamina + Tolerance Touch the corresponding being to transform them spiritually, inflicting aggravated damage or conferring benefits to their powers MO 96
Twilight Summons ••••• Ephemeral Flesh ●● (○) Presence + Occult + Azoth - (Rank or half Resistance) Bind a ghost or spirit in Twilight to a place, and obligate it to honor agreements MO 97
Fist of Talos None Ignore up to your Stamina in Durability when striking an object PTC 149
Might • to ••••• None Temporarily increase Strength PTC 149
Shoulders of Atlas None Temporarily double effective lifting Strength PTC 150
Battering Ram •• First of Talos None As Fist of Talos, but affects whole body and can safely be used reflexively PTC 150
Bludgeon •• None Stun the target of a melee attack PTC 151
Titan’s Fist •• to •••• Might • None Ignore Armor on a melee attack SA 78
Vault •• None Triple long jump distance, and increase Speed by Strength once over PTC 151
Defenestrating Blow ••• Might •• None Hurls a target hit by a melee blow through the air, potentially inflicting additional damage on impact. PTC 152
Hyperion’s Flight ••• Vault None Triple vertical or standing jump distance PTC 151
Rampage ••• Battering Ram None As Battering Ram, but ignores twice as much Durability PTC 152
Striking the Gates of Tartarus ••• Strength + Athletics User pounds the ground with such force that nearby people are knocked down and damaged. PTC 152
Titan’s Throw ••• Shoulders of Atlas None Shoulders of Atlas now allows any lifted objects to be thrown PTC 151
Titanic Vigor ••• Shoulders of Atlas None As Shoulders of Atlas, but triples instead of doubles lifting Strength PTC 152
Thunderclap Blow ••• Strength + Azoth Slams hands together with such force that nearby glass is shattered, ears are deafened, and people are knocked off their feet. PTC 151
Cyclopean Rage •••• Striking the Gates of Tartarus ●● Strength + Athletics As Striking the Gates of Tartarus, except a larger radius is affected and additional damage can be inflicted. PTC 153
Stupefying Blow •••• Defenstrating Blow None Stuns or knocks out the victim of a melee attack PTC 153
Pulverizing Blow ••••• Might •••, Stupefying Blow None Deal lethal damage unarmed PTC 153
Weapon of the Gods ••••• Titanic Vigor None Titanic Vigor now allows any lifted objects to be thrown PTC 153
The Wrath of the Hecatonchire ••••• Might ••••, Cyclopean Rage ●●● Strength + Athletics As Cyclopean Rage, but inflicts massive damage over a vast area PTC 153
Firebrand None Mystically brands a touched object with a symbol that may be supernaturally hidden PTC 154
Sense Flux Wits + Azoth Detects the presence and general location of nearby sources of Flux, such as Pandorans PTC 154
Sense Pyros Wits + Azoth Detects the presence and general location of nearby sources of Pyros and Azoth, such as active Transmutations PTC 155
Sense Refinement Wits + Azoth Discerns marks of a Promethean's Refinement SA 86
Electroshock Recharge •• None Draw in Pyros through electrocution, and roll Stamina + Azoth to resist Electrification attacks PTC 155
Share Pyros •• None Touch a fellow Promethean to give Pyros to them PTC 155
Sigils on the Wind •• Firebrand Wits + Azoth Allows Firebranding of messages across great distances, either to particular subjects or to all pyretic entities within a certain radius. SA 86
Animate Firetouched ••• Firebrand ● (●+) None Animates and puppets a Firebranded object PTC 156
Firegrasp ••• None Conjure flame into your hand which does not burn you PTC 156
Crucible of the Will •••• ●●/point None Catalyze Pyros into Willpower points PTC 157
Pyros Imp •••• Animate Firetouched ●● Intelligence + Azoth Conjure an intangible servant of Pyros for 24 hours SA 87
Steal Pyros •••• Strength + Presence + Brawl vs. Resolve + Azoth Steal Pyros at a touch PTC 157
Drain Pyros ••••• Steal Pyros Dexterity + Presence + Brawl vs. Resolve + Azoth As Steal Pyros, but at range PTC 157
The Greater Need ••••• ●● Azoth vs. Resolve + Composure + Azoth Steal a Promethean's Transmutations for an hour SA 88
Sublimate Phlogiston ••••• Stamina + Azoth Convert fire damage into Pyros restoration PTC 157
Trigger Firestorm ••••• ●●●●● Azoth Ignite a Firestorm centered on a pyretic target SA 88

Pandoran Transmutations

Transmutation Rank Prerequisites Cost Dice Pool Description Book
Armor • to ••••• (●) None Apply as persistent disfiguring Armor, or devote one dot to the ability to toggle with Pyros PTC 236
Bizarre Weaponry • to ••••• (●) None Purchase persistent disfiguring body parts, or devote one dot to the ability to toggle with Pyros PTC 236
Manlike Stature Pandoran None +1 Size PTC 237
Scurry • to ••••• None Add Speed to itself once for each dot, for one turn PTC 237
Sebek’s Gift • or •• (●) None Mutated gills breathe underwater. At two dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 237
Small Stature None -1 Size PTC 237
Balsam Flesh •• or ••• (●) None Flesh camouflages to the surroundings. At three dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 238
Beastly Assimilation •• to •••• None Consume and incorporate animals for their features and abilities PTC 238
Demon’s Call •• Presence + Animal Ken Contaminate animals and manipulate their natural instincts PTC 238
Flux Within the Shade •• Wits + Occult Manipulate shadows PTC 239
Frog Tongue •• or ••• (●) None Grappling prehensile tongue. At three dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 240
Great Stature •• None +2 Size, or +1 for Prometheans PTC 240
Horde in Unity •• Mantle of Lordship None Join and rule a pack of Pandorans PB 51
Lithargous Body •• or ••• (●) None Shed caustic dust which billows when struck. At three dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 240
Perfected Bezoar •• to ••••• None Cultivate a growth which imparts immunity to one of a particular set of damage sources PTC 241
Tarflesh •• or ••• (●) None Secrete an adhesive resin. At three dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 241
Tentacles •• to •••• (●) None Crushing tentacle limb. Add a dot for lethal serrations. Add a dot to toggle with Pyros PTC 241
Unwholesome Visitations •• Wits + Empathy - Resolve + Tolerance Inflict nightmares to deny the sleeper Willpower PTC 242
Withering Touch ••, ••••, or ••••• Strength + Resolve Damage once-living materials or undead flesh, ignoring Durability. At four dots, deal lethal damage to living flesh and poison fields or waterways. At five dots, deal aggravated to living flesh DE 492
Zeus’ Benediction •• Sublimatus ○, ●/Rank None Bud off higher Rank Pandorans PB 51
Acid Phlegm ••• Stamina + Athletics Attack at range with corrosive spittle for a scene PTC 242
Azothic Furnace ••• or ••••• None For three dots, a Pandoran gains double Pyros when feasting on Prometheans, or a Promethean feasts like a Pandoran. For five dots, a Promethean feasts for double Pyros PB 52
Ceration of Form ••• Dexterity + Athletics Squeeze through a passage down to the size of your head PTC 242
Clockwork Servant ••• Presence + Science Operate a machine at a distance, damaging it in the process PTC 243
Detach Limb ••• Resolve + Stamina Detach a body part, which moves on its own power PTC 243
Fever Dreams ••• Presence + Intimidation vs. Composure + Tolerance Inflict a psychotic break PTC 244
Flux Attunement ••• (●) Wits + Occult Pandorans are empowered by local Flux activity without a cap of their Rank, at no cost or roll. Prometheans gain limited access to Flux empowerment PB 52
Ghost Eater ••• Strength + Resolve - Resistance Perceive ghosts in Twilight, and consume them for temporary knowledge and power DE 492
Hundred Hands ••• or •••• (●) None Swell with an extra body part, conferring various benefits. At four dots, toggle with Pyros PTC 244
Pandora’s Lament ••• None Taint places of Flux activity, inverting the effects of Virtue and Vice PB 52
Plague Cibitation ••• or •••• Manipulation + Medicine vs. Resolve + Stamina Inflict a deadly disease by touch, or at four dots, at range PTC 245
Wall Walking ••• Strength + Athletics Scuttle across surfaces at full Speed, or climb even impossible surfaces PTC 246
Wings ••• to ••••• (●) None Wings allow flight. Add a dot for reflexive navigation. Add a dot to toggle with Pyros PTC 246
Arid Discorporation •••• ●●○ None Dissolve into a slow-moving particulate cloud, immune to Dormancy DE 493
Crucible of Flesh •••• or ••••• Presence + Occult Superheat and inflict lethal contact damage, or at five dots, aggravated PTC 246
Inertia •••• Wits + Occult Disrupt Transmutations PTC 246
Malleate •••• ●/action, (○) Dexterity + Crafts Remold living flesh to temporarily alter appearance, aid healing, or even reproduce some Pandoran Transmutations PTC 246
Manskin •••• ●● None Ignore Dormancy and cause mortals to perceive you as a normal human for a scene PB 53
Shrink •••• None Shrink in Size for a scene PTC 247
Swallow •••• Stamina + Survival Devour an object up to your own Size to digest or regurgitate later PTC 247
Visceral Cording •••• None Control muscle tissue, redistributing it within the body or extruding it as prehensile masses PB 53
Mantle of Lordship ••••• Sublimatus or Promethean ● (○/day) Presence + Occult vs. Resolve Enslave feral Pandorans PTC 248
Titanic Form ••••• ●/Size None Grow in Size for a scene PTC 248
Sanguine Victory ••••• ●● None Melt into a mobile bloody goo, immune to Dormancy, until the next sunrise or sunset PTC 248
Unholy Repast ••••• Sublimatus or Promethean Strength + Resolve vs. Stamina + Azoth Cannibalize a Promethean down to the heart for a feast of Pyros, Vitriol, and memories PB 55
Vaporous Form ••••• ●● None Dissolve into an insensate mobile cloud to drift towards a chosen destination PTC 249
Notation Legend
Dot of a Trait Rating (Skills, Merits)
Power Trait Point (Vitae, Mana)
Willpower Point
Activation Damage B/L/A
Special/Other Activation Cost
Alternate Costs ●/●●●
Costs per Item ●/item
Optional Costs (●)
Cost Ranges ● to ●●●
Combined Notation Example ●(○)
●/item, 1L