Spells, Time (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Withstand Rote Skills Description Source
Time 1, Initiate
Divination - Knowing Potency - Academics, Empathy, Investigation Ask a general question regarding the future with an answer of "Yes", "No" or "Irrelevant"
+1 Reach: The questions asked can be more specific and the answer gives more information
MtAw2ed p186
Green Light/Red Light - Compelling Duration - Computer, Larceny, Subterfuge Cast Positively: Anything that can help the subject achieve the objective faster will happen at the exact moment to do so.
Cast Negatively: Anything that can delay the target will happen at the exact moment to do so
MtAw2ed p187
Momentary Flux - Knowing Potency - Investigation, Streetwise, Survival The Mage can determine if the subject will prove beneficial or baneful in the future.
When acting on the information gained, the Mage can add the spell's potency to their Initiative.
MtAw2ed p187
Perfect Timing - Unveiling Duration - Empathy, Socialize, Streetwise The subject can spend a turn during the spell's duration on planning, and, in doing so, can add the spell's Potency to their next instant action. MtAw2ed p187
Postcognition - Unveiling Potency - Academics, Empathy, Investigation The mage can see into the subject's past, wieving it all from a moment declared in "real time"
+1 Reach: The mage can rewind, speed up, slow down and pause the vision at any given time
The mage does not lose Defense when watching the vision
MtAw2ed p187
Time 2, Apprentice
Choose the Thread - Ruling Potency Resolve Occult, Science, Subterfuge You may roll twice for your next mundane dice roll. Then choose which takes effect.
+2 Reach: May affect rolls for spellcasting and other supernatural powers
MtAw2ed p187
Constant Presence - Shielding Duration - Occult, Persuasion, Survival Preserve yourself against alterations to the timeline. Any alterations that would change you provoke a Clash of Wills. If you win the world will still be altered but you will not be. MtAw2ed p187
Hung Spell - Ruling Duration - Crafts, Occult, Expression The subject of this spell must be a mage. The subject may then spend a Mana to "hang" his spell. Hung Spell may hold up to a Potency in number of spells these spells still counts against the caster's spell control. Any hanged spells will not have their Durations expire but won't take effect yet either. When Hung Spell ceases all the hanged spells immediately take effect according to their own Durations and effects. MtAw2ed p188
Shield of Chronos - Veiling Duration - Academics, Stealth, Subterfuge Anybody trying to view the subject through time, either by looking at the presently shielded subject's future or into a past when the subject was shielded. Provokes a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: Instead of simply preventing Time magic from seeing the subject. You may show a false series of events that the magic "discovers". If powers would seek to pierce the illusion anyway this provokes a Clash of Wills
MtAw2ed p188
Tipping the Hourglass - Ruling Potency Resolve Athletics, Crafts, Investigation Add or subtract Potency from a subjects Initiative. Subjects who have already taken an action this turn need to wait until the next turn to take advantage of their new Initiative MtAw2ed p188
Veil of Moments - Shielding Duration - Medicine, Investigation Subterfuge Protect a subject from Time's effects. The subject will not bleed out form wounds, poison, toxins and the progression of disease are stalled. New Conditions and Tilts cannot be imposed on the subject. Supernatural powers that would anyway provoke a Clash of Wills. Downsides of the spell: you no longer heal naturally while under the spell's effect. Healing through Pattern Restoration and Life magic will still work. Willpower and Mana cannot be restored and Experiences cannot be spend. The subjects ceases aging.
+1 Reach: may ignore Persistent Conditions. Time spend under this spell does not count toward any time necessary for Conditions to lapse
+1 Reach: may heal naturally
+1 Reach: may regain Willpower
+1 Reach: may regain Mana
MtAw2ed p188
Time 3, Disciple
Acceleration - Perfecting Potency - Athletics, Drive, Stealth Speed up a subjects movements. Multiply speed by Potency, apply Defense against firearms and take the first action in a turn (unless you choose to delay it). You also apply Potency to Defense buy only when dodging MtAw2ed p189
Chronos' Curse - Fraying Potency Stamina Academics, Occult, Intimidation Slow a subject down. This reduces their Defense by Potency and divides their Speed by Potency, rounding down. Subject go last in a turn.
+1 Reach: Spend one Mana, the subject loses all Defense against attacks
+1 Reach: Multiply the time per roll of extended actions by Potency. This does not effect the ritaul casting times of mages
MtAw2ed p190
Shifting Sands - Fraying Potency - Academics, Occult, Survival The subject goes back in time a number of turns equal to Potency. Any injuries and Conditions obtained or Mana and Willpower spend in the reversed turns do not change back and stay as they are. Any spells cast in the reversed time are canceled. Once the subject catches up to the present, any changes made become Lasting
+1 Reach: Travel back a full scene. This Reach may be applied multiple times
MtAw2ed p190
Temporal Summoning - Weaving Potency - Athletics, Investigation, Persuasion Return the subject to an younger version of itself. Buildings can be restored and injuries healed. Once the spell ends any changed made revert back to normal. Any injuries and Conditions obtained while this spell was active carry over to the subjects present self. Limits of Spell includes not being able to bring the dead back and a vampire returned to 'Childhood' becomes a vampiric child MtAw2ed p190
Time Limit Prime •• Weaving Duration - Expression, Science, Survival The Caster instills a time limit on the effects of an imbued spell as she relinquishes it for one week per dot of Potency. This applies to one person each use so a new user can make the item work again but only for the time limit
+1 Reach: The spell's time limit is increased to one month per Potency
SoS 71
Weight of Years - Perfecting Potency - Crafts, Intimidation, Medicine An attack spell. Deal Bashing damage equal to Potency. If used on objects or structures. Apply Potency directly as damage to Structure and reduce Durability by 1 for every 2 points of Structure lost
+1 Reach: For living subjects the spell also reduces Athletics by Potency
MtAw2ed p191
Time 4. Adept
Present as Past - Patterning Potency - Empathy, Investigation, Streetwise The subject gains the following benefits. In combat you can require that all affected characters declare their action for that turn. You do not need to declare your own and can act anywhere in the Initiative order that you want. This trumps all supernatural powers except those from the Time Arcanum, these cause a Clash of Wills. In social situations this spell removes a number of Doors equal to Potency from the subject or adds Doors to yourself when the subject performs Social maneuvering against you MtAw2ed p191
Prophecy - Patterning Potency - Academics, Expression, Investigation This spell works like "Divination" except that you can now ask 'what if?' questions. You can ask a number of question equal to Potency
+1 Reach: By applying this spell to Social interaction you may reduce a number of Doors equal to Potency
MtAw2ed p191
Rend Lifespan - Unraveling Potency - Athletics, Medicine, Intimidation An attack spell. Deal Lethal damage equal to Potency. MtAw2ed p191
Rewrite History - Patterning Potency Resolve Expression, Investigation, Persuasion Change the subject's timeline as though different choices were made. Without Temporal Sympathy only recent decisions can be rewritten. Once the spell ends the person instantly reverts to the original timeline. Memories of the time under this spell will seem hazy, distant and dreamlike but the subject will remember the time at least to some extent. Supernatural creatures are not normally affected by this spell
+1 Reach: Reassign a number of the subject's Skill or Merit dot equal to Potency. These can not exceed the subject's maximum
+1 Reach: Reassign a number of the subject's Attributes equal to Potency. These may no exceed the subject's natural maximum or below the character creation priorities of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
+2 Reach: This spell can affect supernatural creatures. And may revert them back to before they acquired their supernatural template
MtAw2ed p191
Temporal Stutter - Patterning Potency Stamina Intimidation, Science, Survival Throw a subject forward in time. The subject vanishes from the world and won't reappear until the spell expires. If, while reappearing, something new now occupies the space the subject used to inhabit apply the Knocked Down Tilt to whichever of the two has the least Size MtAw2ed p192
Time 5, Master
Blink of an Eye - Unmaking Potency - Academics, Crafts, Occult This spell turns the next extended action into a instant action. A number of rolls for the extended action may be made in this turn equal to Potency. This spell does not affect ritual casting time for mages
+2 Reach: For a point of Mana this spell can affect spellcasting times. Increase the effective Gnosis of a mage equal to Potency for calculating ritual casting times only. For every point over Gnosis 10 reduce the interval by one turn
MtAw2ed p192
Corridors of Time - Unmaking Potency - Academics, Investigation, Persuasion The Subject inhabits their own Past self and is able to Change History. Subject arrives at the Location they were in at the time chosen and is free to make different decisions. Can be viewed under active Time mage sight. Once the mage has 'Caught up' to the present or the spells duration factor is up the changes made to History become Lasting MtAw2ed p192
Temporal Pocket - Making Duration - Occult, Science, Stealth Grant the subject extra time. The entire world around the subject freezes. The subject may do move and touch things freely. But physically moving, consuming or injuring anything ends the spell at the completion of such an action MtAw2ed p192