Spells, Time (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Time 1, Initiate
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Time spells Composure + Occult + Time Covert
Momentary Flux 257 M:tA determine if event was beneficial Wits + Investigation + Time Covert
Perfect Timing 258 M:tA add dice to next roll in turn Intelligence + Composure + Time Covert
Precise Dating Life or Matter or Forces 1 204 Myst determine when target reached its current form Wits + Science + Time Covert
Temporal Eddies 258 M:tA Mage Sight Wits + Investigation + Time Covert
Temporal Wrinkles 258 M:tA detect presence of temporal disturbances Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Tempus Fugit 199 GotV alter target's sense of time Wits + Academics + Time Covert
Time Limit 132 TotM item crafting, alternate relinquishment cost - each owner only gets a limited time of usability Intelligence + Crafts + Time Covert
Time's Mark Matter 1 or Life 1 or Time 2 73 TotM reliably determine object/person's creation/birth date Intelligence + Investigation + Time Covert
Time 2, Apprentice
Augury 258 M:tA see the general nature of the future Intelligence or Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Ephemeral Postcognition Prime 1 210 Summ see the past of an ephemeral being Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Flip of the Coin 259 M:tA determine outcome of simple act Wits + Investigation + Time Covert
Glimpsing the Future 259 M:tA roll twice for action, taking the better roll Wits + Resolve + Investigation + Time Covert
Library of Time 199 GotV half Research roll time Wits + Academics + Time Covert
Postcognition 260 M:tA view past events Intelligence or Wits + Investigation or Academics + Time Covert
Shield of Chronos 261 M:tA prevent others from viewing through Time Composure or Presence + Stealth + Time Covert
Temporal Dodge 261 M:tA Shielding Dexterity + Athletics + Time Covert
Temporal Flow 262 M:tA grant Mage Sight Presence + Persuasion + Time Covert
Worst Moment opt Space 2 68 Ban predict the best time to attack target, inflict environmental penalties Wits + Investigation + Time Covert
Time 3, Disciple
Acceleration 262 (x) M:tA 1 mana/turn to increase speed, defense by time dots against Stamina + Athletics + Time Vulgar
Borrow From the Future 144 TotM item crafting, trade future penalties for successes Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Divination 263 M:tA gain information about possible future events by asking questions Intelligence + Investigation + Time Covert
Falsify Temporal Presence 195 SotT for Duration of spell, caster's history and future are shown as defined Wits + Investigation + Time Covert
Metabolic Suspension Life 3 196 (x)● Myst make self immune to toxins/disease Stamina + Survival + Time (or Life) Vulgar
Prophetic Dream Mind 3 28 TotM grant another a prophetic dream, typically centered around the target Presence + Empathy + Time vs Resolve + Gnosis Covert
Rapid Fire Forces 2, Life 2, Matter 2 189 (x) AA use Autofire with any ranged weapon Dexterity + Athletics + Time Vulgar
Review History Mind 2, Death 1 or Matter 1 205 Myst view entirety of dead/broken pieces lifetime Intelligence + Investigation + Time Covert
Shifting Sands 263 (x)● M:tA rewind events by one turn Resolve + Occult + Time Vulgar
Strike in the Perfect Moment 72 GoG able to spend 1 mana per strike that reduces opponent's Defense by Time dots Composure + Weaponry + Time Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Acanthus only) call an Anachronism from Arcadia, with difficulty Covert
Temporal Shift 263 M:tA grant Shielding Manipulation + Investigation + Time Covert
Time Out of Mind Mind 2 113 FC accelerate mental state Intelligence + Science + Time Covert
Time 4, Adept
Chronos' Curse 264 (x)● M:tA slow target and reduce Defense Manipulation or Wits + Occult + Time - Composure Vulgar
Create Potentiality 212 (x)● Summ retroactively add successes on casting to failed non-magical roll Intelligence + Science + Time Vulgar
Erase History 133 L:tS remove a piece of time to prevent scrying Intelligence + Subterfuge + Time Covert
Eternal Object Matter 1 133 GoG prevent object from being altered in any way Resolve + Occult + Time Covert
Precognitive Ordeal 47 GoG gain Willpower by suffering foreseen attacks Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Present as Past 264 (x)● M:tA predict actions of others perfectly Intelligence or Presence + Occult + Time vs Composure + Gnosis Vulgar
Prophecy 264 M:tA gain information about possible future events by asking questions Intelligence + Occult + Time Covert
Temporal Pocket 265 (x) M:tA step into altered time flow Wits + Occult + Time Vulgar
Temporal Stutter 265 (x)● M:tA push self or target forward in time Wits + Occult + Time Vulgar
Time 5, Master
Duplicate 189 ●● AA loop time so that one action happens twice Resolve + Occult + Time Covert
Faerie Glade 265 (x)● M:tA alter speed of time flow in area Wits or Composure + Occult + Time Vulgar
Future Legacy opt Space 2 267 (x) M:tA shunt object to future time Presence + Investigation + Time Vulgar
Legacy of Power Fate 2, Prime 2 202 (x) SL store Mana in timestream for future use Manipulation + Subterfuge + Time Vulgar
Rewrite History 267 (x)● M:tA alter your Skills and Attributes Manipulation + Investigation + Time Vulgar
Stop Time 267 (x)● M:tA freeze time around a target Intelligence + Occult + Time vs Composure + Gnosis Vulgar
Temporal Lifeline 113 (x)● FC mark a point in time to return to up to 24 hours later Wits + Science + Time Vulgar
Time 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Time spells N/A Unlisted
Time 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana N/A Unlisted