Spells, Spirit (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Factor Withstand Suggested Rote Skills Description Source
Spirit 1, Initiate
Coaxing the Spirits - Compelling Potency Composure or Rank Politics, Athletics, Expression Compel a Spirit or it's physical representation to take a single instant action that is in accordance to it's nature. MtAw2 p 180
Exorcist's Eye - Unveiling Duration - Occult, Survival, Socialize See and speak with any Spirit, be they in Twilight, slumbering in an object or possessing somebody. Can also see the conduit of any Spirit with the Reaching Manifestation
+1 Reach: Can see across the Gauntlet, Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
Add Death 1 or Mind 1: These benefits extend to ghost or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 180
Gremlins - Compelling Potency - Larceny, Politics, Subterfuge Cause Spirit of object to hinder it's user. Each level of Potency causes one failure with the item to become a dramatic failure. A player's character can earn a Beat from this as per normal
+1 Reach: As long as the object is within sensory range, can decide what failure become dramatic failures
MtAw2 p 180
Invoke Bane - Compelling Duration Rank Brawl, Intimidation, Occult Force a Spirit to avoid it's Bane even more then normal. Spirit needs to spend a Willpower to come within the area(this is the Area factor of the spell) of it's bane and cannot touch it. Spirits above Rank 5 are unaffected by this spell MtAw2 p 180
Know Spirit - Knowing Potency Rank Academics, Brawl, Socialize Learn a number of facts about the Spirit equal to Potency: Spirit's name, Rank, Manifestations, Numina, Influences and roughly how strong these are, Ban, Bane MtAw2 p 180
Spirit 2, Apprentice
Cap the Well - Shielding Duration - Politics, Survival, Persuasion Any attempt to feed from a source of Essence affected by this spell provokes a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 180
Channel Essence - Ruling Potency - Occult, Persuasion, Survival Move Essence equal to Potency but no higher than the Gnosis-derived Mana per turn, from a Resonant Condition or suitable receptacle to a Spirit. You can store Essence into your own Pattern which stays even after the spell has expired. You can hold an amount of Mana and Essence equal to Gnosis-derived maximum Mana
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Spell may be cast on ghosts or Goetia respectively+1 Reach: Can siphon Essence directly from a Spirit, subject may resist with Rank
MtAw2 p 180
Command Spirit - Ruling Potency Rank Medicine, Athletics, Persuasion Force a Spirit to undertake a number of actions equal to Potency. Spirit may/will abandon uncomplete task if the spell Duration expires. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5 MtAw2 p 181
Ephemeral Shield - Shielding Duration - Animal Ken, Medicine, Stealth Any Spirit Numina, Influences and Manifestations, Spirit Spells and werewolf Gifts aimed at subject provoke a Clash of Wills
+1 Reach: A Spirits physical attacks are likewise affected
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Shield affects ghosts or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 181
Gossamer Touch - Ruling Duration - Brawl, Crafts, Intimidation Can interact physically with Spirits in Twilight
Add Death 2 or Mind 2: Affects ghosts or Goetia respectively
+1 Reach: Object you carry are likewise physical to Spirits
+1 Reach: Unarmed attacks against Spirits deal Potency extra damage
MtAw2 p 181
Opener of the Way - Ruling Duration - Athletics, Computers, Socialize Shift Resonant Condition to Open Condition or vice versa MtAw2 p 181
Shadow Walk - Veiling Duration - Occult, Stealth, Streetwise Subject becomes shrouded from Spirit and Spirit magics notice. Supernatural effects to detect provoke a Clash of Wills MtAw2 p 181
Slumber - Ruling Duration Rank Expression, Occult, Weaponry Reduce the rate at which a hibernating Spirit regains Essence. Instead of one Essence per day the Spirit only regains one Essence per Potency days MtAw2 p 181
Spirit 3, Disciple
Bolster Spirit - Perfecting Potency - Medicine, Occult, Expression Heal a Spirit. Each level of Potency heals two bashing damage
+1 Reach: Instead of healing, each level of Potency can increase one of the Spirit's Attributes by one for the duration of the spell
+2 Reach: Spend one Mana to increase the Spirit's Rank by one.
MtAw2 p 181
Erode Resonance - Fraying Duration - Crafts, Brawl, Intimidation Remove a subject's Open or Resonant condition. This effect is Lasting
+1 Reach: Any future attempts to create the Conditions suffers a penalty equal to Potency
MtAw2 p 181
Howl From Beyond - Fraying Potency - Expression, Firearms, Medicine Attack spell deal bashing damage equal to Potency.
+1 Reach: the subject gains the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can target beings on the other side of the Gauntlet, but is Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
MtAw2 p 182
Place of Power - Fraying or Perfecting Potency Gauntlet Strength Academics, Expression, Survival Raise or lower Gauntlet Strength in spell Area by Potency
+1 Reach: Alter Gauntlet independently on either side. For example making it easier to enter the Shadow but harder to leave or vice versa
MtAw2 p 182
Reaching - Weaving Duration Gauntlet Strength Athletics, Medicine, Socialize Interact physically and magically with things on the other side of the Gauntlet
+1 Reach: Open an Iris between the physical world and the Shadow, which anybody can pass through. For another Reach may specify a Key
MtAw2 p 182
Rouse Spirit - Perfecting Potency Rank Athletics, Expression, Investigation Awaken a Spirit early Potency required is equal to the difference between the Spirit's current Essence and total Corpus
+1 Reach: For each additional Reach, the Spirit wakes with an additional Corpus box cleared
MtAw2 p 182
Spirit Summons - Perfecting Duration Rank Persuasion, Socialize, Occult Call a Spirit in the local area to you
+1 Reach: Spell also creates the Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can give the Spirit a single word command to follow
+1 Reach: Can call a Spirit form the Shadow instead. Spell it Withstood by the greater of Rank and Gauntlet Strength
+2 Reach: Can give Spirit a complex command to follow
MtAw2 p 182
Spiritual Tool - Perfecting Duration - Empathy, Occult, Survival Enhance an item to be more in-tune with the Shadow and Spirits in general. The object becomes both an item of the material world and the shadow and is able to interact with spirits both within Twilight and the Shadow. If the item is carried into either other realm it retains its material form when it returns to the material world SoS 66
Spirit 4. Adept
Banishment - Unraveling Potency Rank Brawl, Expression, Occult Strip a number of Manifestation Conditions equal to Potency. Effect is Lasting, but Conditions may be reasteablished as normal. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5
Add Mind 4: affect Goetia
Add Death4: addect Ghosts
+1 Reach: Conditions cannot be reestablished until spell duration has expired
MtAw2 p 182
Bind Spirit - Patterning Duration Rank Crafts, Brawl, Intimidation Grant a number of Manifestation Conditions equal to Potency. No effect on Spirits above Rank 5
Add Mind 4: effect Goetia
Add Death 4: effect Ghosts
MtAw2 p 183
Craft Fetish - Patterning Duration Rank Crafts, Occult, Persuasion Create a Fetish an item that contains a Spirit. And can be used to call upon a number of one of the Spirit's Influence dots and Numina equal to Potency. These abilities cost Essence and the item has the Spirit's Essence pool. Triggering the bound Spirit's Ban or Bane destroys the fetish. A fetish without a Spirit may also be created and can hold 10+Potency Essence MtAw2 p 183
Familiar - Patterning Duration - Athletics, Expression, Intimidate Gain the Familiar Merit for the duration of the spell. Both parties must be willing. Cannot effect Spirits above Rank 2
Substitute Death 4 or Mind 4: Bind a Ghost or Goetia respectively
MtAw2 p 183
Haunted Grimoire Prime • Patterning Potency Total Arcanum dots of Rote + Rank Crafts, Intimidation, Occult *Costs 1 Mana* The Mage binds a spirit to a grimoire, writing its essence into the vessel's pattern. This doesn't host the Spirits numina or influences nor does it have an essence pool. The Grimoire gains the Open and Resonant Conditions. When cast the spell is increased by the Spirits Rank for Primary Factor however the Spirit has a chance to escape with a Clash of Wills to the caster. When someone memorizes a Rote the Spirit has a chance to possess them using a CLash of Wills. This spell is a Wisdom Sin against Understanding SoS 86
Scribe Daimonomikon Prime • Patterning Potency Rank of Attainment + (10 - Caster's Gnosis) Crafts, Expression, Occult *Cost 1 Mana* Scribe a Daimonomikon for the Mage's Legacy. A Mage must be of Gnosis 2 or above to cast this. Anyone initiated into a Legacy via a Daimonomikon must spend 1 Arcane Experience and if used to learn more Legacy Attainments must use the Experience cost listed for learning without a tutor. These serve as a sympathetic Yantra worth +2 Dice for members of the inscribed Legacy
+1 Reach: For 1 Mana, the Spell's Duration is Lasting
SoS 87
Shadow Scream - Unraveling Potency - Expression, Firearms, Medicine Deal Lethal damage equal to Potency. Can hit targets in Twilight
+1 Reach: For one point of Mana damage is aggravated
+1 Reach: Can destroy Essence divide Potency between regular and Essence damage
+1 Reach: Target gains Open Condition
+1 Reach: Can hit target on the other side of the Gauntlet
MtAw2 p 183
Shape Spirit - Patterning Potency Rank Crafts, Medicine, Persuasion Change a Spirit with a number of effects equal to Potency: Change nature, Redistribute Attribute dots, Heal one Lethal corpus, Redefine and redistribute Influences, Add/remove/replace one Manifestation, Add/remove/replace one Numen, Rewrite Ban or Bane. In addition can also change the Spirit's size, shape and appearance but no bigger than the spell's Scale factor. Traits must stay within Rank-derived maximums. Change revert at the end of spell duration
+1 Reach: For one Mana heal aggravated damage
MtAw2 p 184
Twilit Body - Patterning Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival Turn yourself(and whatever you're wearing) into Spirit-attuned ephemera, and thus in Twilight
+1 Reach: can become immaterial even in realms where Twilight doesn't normally exist
MtAw2 p 184
World Walker - Patterning Potency Gauntlet Strength Athletics, Persuasion, Survival Bring subject across the Gauntlet, no portal necessary
+1 Reach: Give conjured Spirit Materialized Condition
MtAw2 p 184
Spirit 5, Master
Annihilate Spirit - Unmaking Potency Rank Intimidation, Science, Weaponry Utterly destroy a Spirit. The Spirit may spend an Essence to roll Power + Finesse in a Clash of Wills to prevent this. But if the spell succeeds the Spirit is destroyed even if it still has Essence it won't go into hibernation the Spirit is simply gone. Cannot affect Spirits above Rank 5 MtAw2 p 184
Birth Spirit - Making Duration - Crafts, Medicine, Expression Create a Rank 1 Spirit
+1 Reach: For one Mana, create a Rank 2 Spirit
MtAw2 p 184
Create Locus - Making Duration Gauntlet Strength Crafts, Empathy, Survival Create a Locus at a location with the Resonant Condition
+1 Reach: The Locus generates Essence equal to Potency per day
MtAw2 p 184
Essence Fountain - Making Potency - Empathy, Expression, Occult Create Essence equal to Potency. The Essence has a Resonance of your choosing, as long as you have encountered it before
+1 Reach: Flavor the Essence with multiple Resonances
MtAw2 p 185
Spirit Manse - Making Duration - Crafts, Expression, Survival Create a place in the Shadow for yourself and gain the Safe Place Merit with rating equal to Potency
+1 Reach: You may create an Iris between this place and the material world and may give it a key. But the spell becomes Withstood by Gauntlet Strength
MtAw2 p 185