Spells, Spirit (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Spirit 1, Initiate
Coaxing the Spirits 245 M:tA gain bonus from spirit of item Manipulation or Presence + Socialize + Spirit Covert
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Spirit spells Composure + Occult + Spirit Covert
Exorcist's Eye 245 M:tA determine if target is possessed Wits + Occult + Spirit Covert
Gremlins 72 TotM hinder usage of touched object Presence + Intimidation + Spirit Covert
Otherworldly Instrument Death 1 18 TotM create ephemeral tool for Spirits and Ghosts to use Dexterity + Crafts + Spirit Covert
Second Sight 246 M:tA Mage Sight Intelligence or Wits + Occult + Spirit Covert
Spirit Tongue 246 M:tA see and speak with Spirits in Twilight Presence + Socialize + Spirit Covert
Spirit 2, Apprentice
Analyze Spirit opt Death 1 and/or Mind 1 204 Myst determine general powers of a Spirit/Ghost/psychic construct Intelligence + Occult + Spirit Covert
Communion with the Messenger Prime 2 89 MT summon Shadow denizen for information Presence + Persuasion + Spirit vs Resistance Covert
Cowing the Spirit 187 AA reduce Equipment bonus of item by -1/suxx Presence + Intimidation + Spirit Covert
Ephemeral Shield 246 M:tA Shielding Stamina or Resolve + Occult + Spirit Vulgar
Gossamer Touch 247 (x) M:tA touch entities in Twilight Dexterity + Athletics + Spirit Covert
Grant the Second Sight 247 M:tA grant Mage sight Manipulation or Intelligence + Persuasion + Spirit Covert
Invitation to the Orishas 76 MT permit possession by powerful Spirits Presence + Athletics + Spirit Covert
Lesser Spirit Summons 247 M:tA summon Spirit by name or issue general call in Twilight Presence or Intelligence + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance trait Covert
Peer Across the Gauntlet 247 M:tA see into Shadow Wits + Occult + Spirit Covert
Place of Power 247 (x) M:tA raise or lower Gauntlet in Hallow Resolve + Survival + Spirit Vulgar
Read Spirit 188 AA determine a Spirit's Ban Intelligence + Occult + Spirit Covert
Soul Jar 248 M:tA create a vessel for a freed Soul Presence + Crafts + Spirit Covert
Spirit Pact 129 TotM item crafting, alternate relinquishment cost - fulfill quest for spirit Presence + Occult + Spirit Covert
Spiritual Bulwark 23 TotM protect against non-attack Numina Composure or Resolve + Occult + Spirit Covert
Spirit 3, Disciple
Alien Highway 68 (x)● Ban as Spirit Road, but random chance to open to Shadow, Earth, outer space or the Abyss Resolve + Survival + Spirit Vulgar
Control Spirit 248 M:tA force Spirit to obey commands Presence + Intimidation + Spirit vs. Resistance Covert
Create Fetish Tattoo Life 2/3 73 (x)● TotM make a tattoo suitable to house a spirit for Create Fetish Stamina + Crafts + Spirit Vulgar
Ephemeral Wall 248 M:tA grant Mage Armor Stamina + Occult + Spirit Covert
Exorcism 248 M:tA expel a Spirit that is possessing a target Presence + Intimidation + Spirit vs. Power + Resistance Covert
Familiar Pact 249 M:tA bind a willing Spirit to yourself as a Familiar Manipulation + Socialize + Spirit Covert
Greater Spirit Summons 249 (x) M:tA summon Spirit by name in Twilight or Shadow Presence or Dexterity or Manipulation + Persuasion or Athletics or Expression + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Harm Spirit 249 (x) M:tA inflict lethal damage on Spirits Strength + Athletics + Spirit - Resistance Vulgar
Hone the Pack Spirit Life 2 57 GoG give sophisticated instructions to a group of animals Wits + Survival + Spirit Covert
Nullify Shadow Resonance Prime 3 195 SotT negate the influence of the Shadow on Resonance of an area Presence + Persuasion + Spirit Covert
Numinous Shield 249 M:tA protect against Spirit Numina Stamina or Composure + Occult + Spirit Covert
Otherworldly Armory Matter 3; opt Space 3 201 SL pull spirit across Gauntlet and transform it into appropriate item Presence + Crafts + Spirit Vulgar
Reaching 250 (x) M:tA touch across Gauntlet Dexterity or Wits + Athletics + Spirit Vulgar
Restore Corpus 250 (x) M:tA heal damage to Spirits Composure or Resolve + Empathy + Spirit Vulgar
Restore Lost Soul 250 M:tA bind a freed Soul to a Soulless target Presence + Empathy + Spirit Covert
Rouse Spirit 250 (x) M:tA waken latent Spirit inside an object to assist you Manipulation or Presence + Persuasion + Spirit Vulgar
Spirit Road 251 (x)● M:tA create Portal across Gauntlet Resolve + Survival + Spirit Vulgar
Spirit Steed opt Space 2 and/or Fate 2 188 AA bind a Spirit to use as transport in a pinch Manipulation + Socialize + Spirit Covert
Summon Cryptid Life 3, Space 2 29 Summ call a cryptid out of a Verge or other hiding place Resolve + Occult + Spirit Vulgar
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Thyrsus only) call a Totem from the Primal Wild, with difficulty Covert
The Divining Spirit Time 3 138 MT converse with a Spirit from another time Manipulation + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Spirit 4, Adept
Activate Spirit Prime 4 109 (x)● GoG exchange Mana for forced use of a Spirit's Numina or Influence Presence + Expression + Spirit Vulgar
Bind Spirit 251 (x) M:tA restrict Spirit to a location Presence + Intimidation + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Create Fetish 252 (x)● M:tA bind Spirit to object as Fetish Prolonged Resolve or Presence + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Essence Gift Prime 4 252 M:tA convert Mana to Essence Presence + Socialize + Spirit Covert
Goetic Evocation Mind 4 324 (x)● M:tA bring forth inner demon as Spirit entity Resolve + Occult + Spirit Vulgar
Grant Familiar 253 M:tA grant target a bond with a willing Spirit as a Familiar Presence or Intelligence + Persuasion + Spirit Covert
Living Land Fate 2 69 GoG coax Spirit of an area to penalize foes and benefit allies Intelligence + Intimidation + Spirit Covert
Medicine Bag 253 M:tA create repository for Essence Intelligence + Crafts + Spirit Covert
Outer Channel Space 4 144 Summ call a quincunx entity (or other mad being) Presence + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance (spirit) or Resolve + Composure ("other") Vulgar
Road Master 254 M:tA transition to Shadow without Portal; control access to Portal across Gauntlet Wits + Occult + Spirit Covert
Sacramental Chain 253 M:tA grant Essence to Spirit Manipulation + Occult + Spirit - Resistance Covert
Spirit Guardian 253 (x) M:tA bind Spirit to a target as a guardian Presence + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Spirit Possession 253 (x) M:tA grant Spirit the Possession Numen Presence or Manipulation or Intelligence + Persuasion + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Spiritual Ascension Life 4 86 GoG transform user's body into Spirit ephemera Vulgar
Spirit 5, Master
Control Gauntlet 254 (x) M:tA alter Gauntlet in any location Resolve + Survival + Spirit Vulgar
Dragon's Call Prime 5 149 (x)s KST call a Dragon from the Supernal inside a Hallow Composure + Occult + Spirit Vulgar
Invoke Twilight 29 (x)● AR create a state of Twilight in an Astral Realm Presence + Science + Spirit Vulgar
Materialize Spirit 254 (x)● M:tA force Spirit to materialize Presence + Intimidation + Spirit Vulgar
Secret Marriage 152 (x) TotM bind Spirit to a homunculus Intelligence + Occult + Spirit Vulgar
Shadow Slave Death 3 255 (x)● M:tA create animate shadow spirits Presence or Intelligence + Intimidation + Spirit Vulgar
Shape Spirit 255 (x) M:tA create or alter Spirit natures Advanced Intelligence + Occult + Spirit vs. Resistance Vulgar
Spirit Court 255 M:tA establish yourself in Spirit hierarchy Intelligence + Occult + Spirit Covert
Spirit Manse 256 M:tA create bulwarks in Shadow Composure + Occult + Spirit Covert
Summon Royal Avatar 27 Summ call to an avatar of a royal spirit (Rank 6+) Presence + Expression + Spirit Vulgar
Spirit 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Spirit spells Unlisted
Spirit 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana Unlisted