Spells, Space (2nd Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Name Secondary Required Arcana Practice Primary Withstand Rote Skills Description Source
Space 1, Initiate
Correspondence - Knowing Potency - Academics, Empathy, Medicine Learn one of subjects sympathetic links per Potency. The oldest and strongest are revealed first. If the link is nearby you will learn it't exact location too.
+1 Reach: You can follow a link to it's other end.
+1 Reach: Learn the emotional aspect of the connection. Connection "My childhood home" may carry notes of comfort or fear depending on the subject.
+2 Reach: Specify what links you want to learn. The answer comes form the subjects perspective.
+2 Reach: If used on a keyed spell or iris this spell can learn the key.
MtAw2 p172
Ground Eater - Compelling Potency Stamina Athletics, Science, Survival Add or reduce Speed by Potency. Speed cannot go below 1 MtAw2 p173
Isolation - Compelling Potency Composure Academics, Intimidation, Subterfuge Any attempt to interact with other people costs a Willpower point. Even then, dice pools are penalized by Potency. Prolonged exposure to spell (a day per point of subject's Composure) may cause breaking points or Conditions like Shaken or Spooked MtAw2 p173
Locate Object - Knowing Duration - Empathy, Occult, Science Can find the subject in spell area.
+1 Reach: Can track the subject even if it leaves the area.
MtAw2 p173
The Outward and Inward Eye - Unveiling Duration - Firearms, Investigation, Occult Gain 360 degree vision and hearing. All attempts to ambush the character fail, or in the case of exceptional camouflage or distraction a chance die. Finally all penalties due to range, cover or concealment(but not darkness or other poor visibility situations) are reduced by Potency.
+2 Reach: Can see through warps or shortcuts in Space. This includes Distortion Irises, additional Arcana may allow sight into other types of Irises, this is at Storyteller's discretion
MtAw2 p174
Space 2, Apprentice
Borrow Threads - Ruling Duration Sympathy Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge Allows the transfer of a number of sympathetic connections between the caster and the subject(s) of the spell equal to potency. The caster must be aware of the links, either through other magic or knowledge of the subject.
+1 Reach: The caster may also transfer connections between subjects affected without being involved in the transfer.
+1 Reach: The caster may copy connections instead of transferring them.
MtAw2 p174
Break Boundary - Ruling Potency - Athletics, Larceny, Persuasion Allows the subject to slip past an obstacle that is obstructing a path or similar restriction of movement.
+1 Reach: The subject can fit through narrow or restrictive passageways they couldn't normally fit through.
+2 Reach: Subjects unable to move can pass through obstructions, appearing on the other side.
MtAw2 p174
Lying Maps - Veiling Duration Resolve Academics, Politics, Survival Makes a subject certain that a path of the caster's choosing is the correct path to a destination. MtAw2 p174
Scrying - Ruling Duration - Computers, Occult, Subterfuge Allows the caster to remotely view a distant location, with varying effects depending on the type of Sympathetic connection. Spells can also be cast on subjects as if one were viewing them remotely. The scrying window may be invisible or visible to everyone in the vicinity.
Add Fate 2: The caster can select specific people who can see the scrying window.
MtAw2 p174
Secret Door - Veiling Duration - Occult, Stealth, Subterfuge Allows the caster to hide a passageway from mundane perception, invoking Clash of Wills against magical perception.
+1 Reach: A Key may be specified to allow entry.
MtAw2 p175
Veil Sympathy - Veiling Duration Sympathy Politics, Subterfuge, Survival Conceals one of the subject's sympathetic connections.
+1 Reach: May make the subject appear to have a nonexistent connection.
+1 Reach: Prevents the connection from being used as a Sympathetic Yantra.
+2 Reach: The caster may suppress all of the subject's connections.
MtAw2 p175
Ward - Shielding Duration - Athletics, Subterfuge, Weaponry Prevents space from being manipulated in an area.
+1 Reach: The caster may specify a Key that can allow the manipulation of space.
+2 Reach: The caster may ward an Iris.
MtAw2 p176
Space 3, Disciple
Ban - Weaving Duration - Intimidation, Science, Stealth Cuts an area off from the outside world, including light, sound, and air.
Add Any Arcanum 2: Exclude phenomena under that Arcanum, or only Ban phenomena of that Arcanum.
MtAw2 p176
Co-Location - Fraying Duration - Athletics, Firearms, Science Allows the overlapping of multiple locations. Individuals who can perceive this overlap may switch between locations reflexively once a turn.
+1 Reach: Anything in the overlapped locations may be made visible to the naked eye.
+1 Reach: The caster may make the Co-Location a two-dimensional plane, creating a portal.
+1 Reach: The caster may specify a Key needed to use the overlap.
+2 Reach: Individuals who can perceive the overlap may reflexively switch locations twice per turn instead of once.
MtAw2 p176
Forced Sympathy - Weaving Duration Composure Empathy, Stealth, Subterfuge Must be cast on a Mage to alter his imbument process. Whenever a user casts the item's spell it always targets the subject with the closest sympathy to the user. Closest sympathy is determined by the best sympathetic Yantra on the user at the time of Casting. If the user has multiple items which could be used as Sympathetic Yantras the spells effect occurs on the one in closest physical range. SoS 73
Optimal Container - Perfecting Duration - Larceny, Science, Subterfuge Expand the dimensions within a container to allow it to hold larger objects than usual. Enhance the sized item a container can hold by its base size + Potency SoS 66
Perfect Sympathy - Perfecting Duration - Academics, Empathy, Larceny Allows the subject to gain 8-Again when taking an action on a subject that is one of their Strong sympathies.
+1 Reach: Can redirect spells at Sympathetic Range to a Strong connection instead.
+1 Reach: For one Mana, the subject gains (Potency) rote actions when taking an action on a subject that is one of their Strong sympathies.
+1 Reach: The benefits extend to Medium sympathetic connections.
MtAw2 p176
Warp - Fraying Potency - Athletics, Brawl, Medicine Deals bashing damage equal to Potency by twisting the space the subject occupies.
+1 Reach: The pain inflicts the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilt.
MtAw2 p177
Web-Weaver - Perfecting Duration Composure Crafts, Empathy, Persuasion Allows bolstering of a sympathetic connection.
Add Time 2: The caster may use temporal sympathy to anything the subject touched in the target time.
MtAw2 p177
Space 4. Adept
Alter Direction - Patterning Duration - Academics, Firearms, Persuasion Allows the caster to change (Potency) absolute directions (e.g. north, south, up, down) in an area, or change directions relative to a chosen subject.
+1 Reach: The caster can redefine directions in curves rather than just straight lines.
MtAw2 p177
Collapse - Unraveling Potency - Academics, Firearms, Intimidation Forces a subject and a chosen object to occupy the same space, dealing (Potency) lethal damage.
+1 Reach: For 1 Mana, damage inflicted becomes Aggravated.
+1 Reach: The co-located object remains inside the subject.
MtAw2 p177
Cut Threads - Unraveling Potency Sympathy (Connection) Persuasion, Politics, Weaponry Destroy a sympathetic connection, effect is lasting, but connection can be restored in time.
+2 Reach: Remove the subject's sympathetic name. This is not lasting and only last until the spell expires
MtAw2 p177
Secret Room - Patterning Duration - Expression, Science, Survival Enlarge or shrink a space. Making a box bigger on the inside than on the outside, for example. Scale has to encompass the targets current size. And goes up or down equal to Potency in steps along the Area Scale Factor. MtAw2 p178
Teleportation - Patterning Potency - Larceny, Persuasion, Science Teleport a subject to another location. You may use the Sympathetic Range Attainment on either the subject or the location but not both.
+1 Reach: You may swap the location of two subjects with no more a point of Size difference
+2 Reach: You may now use two separate Sympathetic Ranges. The spell is Withstood by the worse of the two connections
MtAw2 p178
Space 5, Master
Create Sympathy - Making Potency Desired Sympathy Empathy, Persuasion, Politics Create a new sympathetic connection for the subject. This is Lasting, but may fade with time.
+1 Reach: The created connection is Lasting and never fades. Only magic can sever it now
+2 Reach: Give a subject a new sympathetic name. This is not Lasting and fades when the spell ends
MtAw2 p178
Forge No Chains - Unmaking Duration - Occult, Subterfuge, Survival For the Duration of the spell the subjects cannot create new sympathetic connection. blood, hair, etc shed during the Duration of the spell do not link back to the subject. This also has an effect on any Space spells you leave behind. Any attempt to scrutinize your spells with Mage Sight has the spell's Potency added to the Opacity MtAw2 p178
Pocket Dimension - Making Duration - Crafts, Expression, Survival Create a space. By default this space is devoid of the other arcana: No Death or Spirit means no Twilight, No Time means things inside are held in stasis (unaging but also never growing/improving). Unless a portal connects the space to a point in the world the only way to get there is to teleport. Spells cast within never cause Paradox unless they sympathetic range is used to affect something outside of the space. The mage herself is considered a material sympathetic yantra for her own Pocket Dimension. If the space is ever destroyed or the spell expires objects within return to the exact location from which they entered the space.
+1 Reach: Create an Iris to the Pocket Dimension in the physical world. For an additional Reach you may specify a Key for this Iris.
Add Time 2: Time flows normally within the space mirroring time passed in the physical world. Without oxygen inside the space however this means anything inside can asphyxiate.
Add Death 2, Mind 2 or Spirit 2: The space now contains a Twilight attuned to the Arcanum used
MtAw2 p178
Quarantine - Unmaking Duration - Academics, Larceny, Socialize Remove a subject from space altogether. The world adjusts for the missing space. A Quarantined house doesn't leave behind an empty space, instead the neighboring house would now find themselves adjacent. Meanwhile those within the Quarentined space will find they cannot leave. Similar to a Pocket Dimension except it still has it's own Time, Twilight, Matter and so forth
+1 Reach: Specify a Key that allows access to and from the removed area.
Add Mind 4: For the Duration of the spell no one remembers the area used to exist. Those within do still remember.
Add Time 5: For the duration of the spell the area and those within retroactively never existed. History rewrites itself, but returns to normal when the spell expires
MtAw2 p179
Unnaming - Unmaking Duration Composure Empathy, Expression, Occult The Mage Erases a subject's sympathetic name from existance, the exicised name is immediately replaced with one that matches whatever most sleepers would use to refer to her as. Any Sympathetic connections to the old name cease to exist as well. Any mage attempting to cast sympathetically using the mage faces a penalty until learning the new one.
Add Prime •••••: The Spell can be used on an Awakened Subject's Shadow Name and Nimbus instead. The Shadow name isn't replaced immediately and the subject needs to build their Supernal identity from scratch
SoS 94