Spells, Space (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Space 1, Initiate
Angle Vision 197 GotV view around corners Wits + Investigation + Space Covert
Correspondence 232 M:tA sense sympathetic connection between two subjects Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Space spells Composure + Occult + Space Covert
Finder 233 M:tA locate object in area Intelligence + Investigation + Space Covert
Omnivision 233 M:tA 360 degree vision Wits + Composure + Space Covert
Spatial Awareness 233 M:tA Mage Sight Intelligence or Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Spatial Map 233 M:tA sense locations of nearby objects Intelligence + Occult + Space Covert
Space 2, Apprentice
Apportation 234 (x) M:tA teleport small objects Dexterity + Investigation or Occult + Space vs. Composure Covert
Astral Beacon Mind 2 71 TotM create signpost in Astral Realms Intelligence + Occult + Mind Covert
Bestow Spatial Awareness 234 M:tA grant Mage Sight Manipulation + Investigation + Space Covert
Conceal Sympathy 234 M:tA prevent others sensing your sympathetic connection Composure + Subterfuge + Space Covert
Follow Through 234 (x) M:tA activate latent Portal Wits or Dexterity + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Intrusion Warning 198 GotV determine entries or exits from area Composure + Investigation + Space Covert
Locate Source Matter or Prime or Death or Life 1; opt Time 1 204 Myst determine locations of significant events in history of target Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Moving Target Time 2; opt Prime 2 198 GotV track past movements of target Perception + Investigation + Time vs Composure + Gnosis Covert
Scrying 235 M:tA remotely view location Intelligence + Investigation + Space Covert
Sympathetic Tap 195 SotT determine when a Sympathetic connection is active Wits + Investigation + Space Covert
Track Projectile opt Time 2 185 AA determine origin and path of a projectile Wits + Investigation + Space Covert
Untouchable 235 M:tA Shielding Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Ward 236 M:tA prevent Space magic from intruding Resolve + Occult + Space Covert
Space 3, Disciple
Avoidance Tactics 236 M:tA grant Shielding Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Ban Any 1-5 237 M:tA prevent associate Arcana from intruding Resolve + Occult + Space Covert
Destroy the Threads 237 M:tA destroy sympathetic links Strength or Resolve + Investigation + Space Covert
Double Shape 143 TotM item crafting, allow two objects to alternate in a spatial pocket Intelligence + Crafts + Space Covert
Duplicate Sympathy 194 SotT assume Sympathy of another, or grant others your Sympathy Manipulation + Occult + Space vs Composure + Gnosis Covert
Expanded Volume 199 (x)● GotV make the inside of a container larger Dexterity + Subterfuge + Space Vulgar
Eyes of the Building 61 L:tA be aware of everything inside a structure Wits + Crafts + Space Covert
Hostile Space Mind 2 211 Summ create "static" for denizens of a given non-Fallen realm, impeding their actions Wits + Occult + Space Covert
Instill Elusiveness 140 ● -●●●●●(5) TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Crafts + Space Covert
Instill Homing Instinct 144 ●●●●●(5) TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Crafts + Space Covert
Interpose 186 (x) AA receive an attack meant for another Dexterity + Athletics + Space Vulgar
Maintained Sympathy 28 AR designate items to carry into Astral Space Wits + Survival + Space Covert
Multispatial Perception 237 M:tA perceive multiple locations simultaneously Intelligence + Investigation + Space Covert
New Threads 237 M:tA strengthen sympathetic links Manipulation or Composure + Occult + Space - Composure Covert
Portal 238 (x)● M:tA open a Portal between two locations Manipulation or Presence + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Ranged Blow 238 (x) M:tA transfer a strike's effect to a distance Strength or Dexterity + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Repel Any 1-5 186 (x) AA create a mobile Ban by Combining with other Arcana Resolve + Occult + Space Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Mastigos only) call an Imp from Pandemonium, with difficulty Covert
Walls in the Labyrinth Fate 2, Time 2, Prime 1-5 12 LoP add a Wall with active hostile effects to a Ward Unlisted
Space 4, Adept
Arcade 22 (x)● RotE open multiple Portals simultaneously Intelligence + Academics + Space Vulgar
Astral Reaches 28 AR allow Space magic to be used between layers of Astral/Fallen Intelligence + Occult + Space Covert
Co-Location 239 (x)● M:tA exist in multiple locations simultaneously Transitory Intelligence + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Ephemeral Co-Location Spirit 3 and/or Death 3/5; opt Mind 3 211 Summ Co-Locate on opposite side of Gauntlet Wits + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Look Within the Gauntlet Spirit 3 62 Summ look inside the barrier between worlds Intelligence + Occult or Science + Space Vulgar
Pocket Realm 239 (x)● M:tA create an area that exists outside space Prolonged Dexterity or Composure + Investigation+ Space Vulgar
Portal Key 240 M:tA restrict access to a Portal Lasting Resolve + Occult + Space Covert
Safe Keeping 240 (x) M:tA move item to a pocket in space Lasting Dexterity + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Shatter Space Fate 2 72 (x)● TotM divide area into fractured spatial cells Intelligence + Subterfuge + Space Vulgar
Suspension 240 (x)● M:tA bind a target into their current location Transitory Wits + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Teleportation 241 (x)● M:tA teleport to a location Lasting Intelligence or Presence + Occult + Space Vulgar
Space 5, Master
Dimensional Axis 241 (x) M:tA stack multiple locations Prolonged Intelligence + Investigation + Space Vulgar
Hide Space 242 M:tA distort space around an area Prolonged Intelligence + Investigation + Space Covert
Labyrinth 242 (x) M:tA mutate space freely in area Prolonged Intelligence + Occult + Space Vulgar
Manifold Presence Life 4/5; opt Matter 5 and/or Mind 1/3 242 (x) M:tA co-locate with free acting Prolonged Intelligence + Occult + Space Vulgar
Oubliette Forces 3, Mind 4, Time 4 243 (x)● M:tA force target into subspace torture cell Prolonged Intelligence or Wits + Occult + Space Vulgar
Phased Strike Matter 3/4/5 187 (x) AA pass weapon through mundane armor Strength + Weaponry + Space Vulgar
Shrink/Expand Life 2/3/4 or Matter 2 243 (x)● M:tA alter size, but not mass Prolonged Intelligence + Crafts + Space (objects) or

Intelligence + Medicine + Space (living things) || Vulgar

Worlds Collide 244 (x)● M:tA overlay two locations violently Lasting Resolve + Investigation + Space vs. Stamina + Gnosis Vulgar
Space 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial Space spells N/A Unlisted
True Name 38 IM prevent sympathetic links N/A Unlisted
Space 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana N/A Unlisted