Spells, Prime (1st Edition)

From Codex of Darkness
Prime 1, Initiate
Analyze Enchanted Item 219 M:tA learn properties of Imbued, Enhanced or Artifact items Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Chronicle Resonance Time 2 20 TotM determine past magical events Wits + Investigation + Prime Covert
Copy Grimoire Matter 1 48 Myst copy Grimoire, even if not understood Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Unlisted
Counterspell 123 M:tA counter Prime spells Composure + Occult + Prime Covert
Detect Banisher 62 Ban identify Banisher signatures Wits + Composure + Prime Covert
Discern Phantasm 220 M:tA identify unreal objects Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Dispel Magic Any 1 220 M:tA unweave existing spells Intelligence or Composure + Occult + Prime vs Potency Covert
Ephemeral Postcognition Time 2 210 Summ view recent past of Ephemeral entity Wits + Occult + Time Covert
Gauge Essence Death 1 and/or Life 1 and/or Spirit 1 210 Summ determine quality and quantity of Essence held in a creature, place or object Wits + Empathy + Prime Covert
Inscribe Grimoire 220 M:tA create Grimoire from known Rote Intelligence + Expression + Prime Covert
Supernal Vision 221 M:tA Mage Sight, identify nature of aura Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Prime 2, Apprentice
Activate Enchanted Item 221 M:tA trigger Imbued Item at distance Intelligence + Investigation + Prime Covert
Cleanse Aura opt Life 2 189 IEwtA remove outside influence from aura Manipulation + Occult + Prime Covert
Counterspell Prime 222 M:tA unweave spell being cast Composure or Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Ephemeral Image 200 (x) SL create two-dimensional illusion over flat surface Intelligence + Expression + Prime Vulgar
Locate Node 124 MT determine if a Node is in the area Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Magic Shield 222 s M:tA gain Armor against Supernal magic Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Manipulate Contingent Trigger Fate 2 194 SotT alter the trigger of an Imbued Item Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Paths of Power 139 GoG see Ley Lines, or sense nearest Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Primal Flow 222 M:tA grant Mage Sight Manipulation + Occult + Prime Covert
Shadow Chess Spirit 3 or 5 124 (x)● TotM manifest Spirits for Duel Arcane NA See text
Sigilization 37 S&S imprint Aura onto object Presence + Expression + Prime Covert
Spell Cloaks any conjunctional arcanum 70 +● TotM makes spells invisible to a mage’s Unseen Senses and makes it harder for Mage Sight to reveal the spell (adjunct) (adjunct)
Squaring the Circle 223 M:tA form grounds for Duel Arcane Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Supernal Script opt Any 1 202 Myst write text only the Sighted can detect Wits + Expression + Prime Covert
Transform Aura 223 M:tA falsify nature of aura Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Unseen Spy 223 M:tA scrutinize spells without detection Composure + Subterfuge + Prime Covert
Prime 3, Disciple
Armor of the Soul 223 M:tA gain Armor against soul manipulation Composure or Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Astral Tass Conversion 28 AR reserve Tass for Astral travels Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Celestial Fire 224 (x) M:tA inflict Bashing/Lethal damage Dexterity + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Channel Mana 224 M:tA draw Mana from Tass or Hallow Wits or Manipulation or Resolve + Occult or Medicine + Prime Covert
Controlled Dispellation 224 M:tA exempt targets from existing spell Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Create Tass 224 M:tA form Mana into a solid shape Resolve + Crafts or Occult + Prime Covert
Disguise Resonance 225 M:tA falsify Resonance of an area Composure + Subterfuge + Prime Covert
Disguise Spell 68 TotM falsify aspects of a spell Intelligence + Investigation + Prime Covert
Dissolve Tass 225 M:tA destroy Tass Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Energetic Tass Forces 3 69 TotM form Mana into a Forces pattern Wits + Science + Prime Covert
Ephemeral Enchantment 225 (x) M:tA allow physical object to affect Twilight and Shadow Resolve + Occult + Prime Vulgar
False Signature opt Any 1-5 184 AA disguise Arcana used in combined spell Wits + Subterfuge + Prime Covert
Fortify Phantasmal Item 27 TotM grant weak Phantasm an Equipment Bonus Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Covert
Girding the Champion's Faith 88 (x) MT gain +2 Armor, downgrade Agg to Lethal Wits + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Hallow Bond 94 S&S prevent others from using Hallow Composure + Occult + Prime Covert
Imbue Animal Life 3 62 Ban create Imbued Animals; sin against Wisdom 5 Manipulation + Animal Ken + Prime Vulgar
Imbue Item 225 M:tA create Imbued Item Composure + Crafts + Prime See text
Imbue Mana 226 v/s M:tA transfer Mana to others Presence + Persuasion + Prime Covert
Instill Exclusiveness 142 ●●●(3) TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Occults + Prime Covert
Item Failsafe 141 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Covert
Last Testament 143 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Covert
Ley Lines 226 M:tA create Node from Ley Line juncture to produce power Intelligence + Occult or Science + Prime Covert
Ley Shift 97 S&S alter direction of Ley Line Strength + Occult + Prime Covert
Magic Wall 227 M:tA grant other Armor against Supernal magic Manipulation + Occult + Prime Covert
Mana Leech 139 TotM item crafting, curse Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Covert
Marked Power Space 2 62 Ban implant signature into Hallow's tass, creating sympathy to users Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Mystic Shackle 139 s TotM item crafting, curse Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Covert
Path in the Skin Life 2/3 69 TotM create Tool tattoo Dexterity + Crafts + Prime Covert
Payment in Power 129 20● TotM item crafting, alternate cost relinquishment - spend mana Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Phantasm 227 (x)● M:tA create small unreal object Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Vulgar
Price of Hubris Any 1 63 Ban as Counterspell, but if successful, redirect attack to caster Composure + Occult + Prime Covert
Reset Platonic Exemplar 133 TotM unweave all spells in a Platonic Exemplar Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Subvert Ownership 145 TotM choose new authorized user of item Wits + Subterfuge + Prime Covert
Summon Supernal Being 73 Summ (Obrimos only) call a Cherub from the Aether, with difficulty Covert
Target Interloper 140 TotM item crafting, defense Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Temporal Phantasm Time 2 202 (x)● Myst create Phantasm from past template Intelligence + Occult + Time Vulgar
Transform Other Aura 227 M:tA falsify others aura nature Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Tribute of Iron Death 1 76 MT gain Mana from death as if sacrifice Strength + Occult + Prime Covert
Prime 4, Adept
Annihilate Spells Time 3 62 Ban counter all hung and Prolonged spells on target with touch Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Awaken Hallow 228 M:tA waken a dormant Hallow Lasting Composure + Survival + Prime Covert
Bodyguard's Blessing 184 AA redirect next spell target casts to yourself Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Channel Paradox Life 3 47 GoG redirect Paradox from others to self Stamina + Occult + Prime Covert
Curse of the Fallen World 64 Ban all of target's spells are Vulgar, uncloak Nimbus and give +1 to Paradox rolls Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Delusions of Grandeur 64 Ban target may spend one additional mana per turn, but all Mana expenditures are doubled Wits + Occult + Prime - Resistance Covert
Disenchant Item 144 TotM unweave spells in enchanted item Intelligence + Occult + Prime Covert
Eyes of the Awakened 228 M:tA Sleeper does not suffer Disbelief Prolonged Manipulation + Empathy + Prime Covert
Ley Flow 98 S&S alter strength of Ley Line Composure + Occult + Prime Covert
Marionette 228 (x) M:tA create lifelike animal/human phantasm Prolonged Intelligence + Subterfuge + Prime Vulgar
Phantasmal Weapon 228 (x)● M:tA create solid armor/weapon phantasm Prolonged Intelligence + Crafts + Prime Vulgar
Pierce Magical Shield 64 Ban Armor Piercing (Shielding spells only), 1 / Potency Composure + Athletics + Prime Covert
Poison Mana 65 (x)● Ban taint points of Mana in a Hallow to cause Lethal damage when used Presence + Expression + Prime Vulgar
Primal Transfer 78 (x)● L:tA item crafting; alternate relinquishment; let other pay willpower dot Resolve + Empathy + Prime Vulgar
Scour Other's Pattern Life 3 70 (x)● TotM transfer Mana from others Presence + Intimidation + Prime - Stamina Covert
Siphon Essence 229 (x) M:tA transfer Mana from Spirit Lasting Resolve + Occult + Prime - Resistance Vulgar
Siphon Integrity 229 (x) M:tA transfer Mana from object Lasting Resolve or Strength + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Supernal Augumentation Life 3 or Matter 3 185 (x) AA spend Mana before you roll to make unarmed/armed attacks Aggravated during the scene Strength + Intimidation + Prime Vulgar
Supernal Dispellation 229 M:tA unweave any existing spell Lasting Resolve + Occult + Prime vs Potency Covert
Suppress Enchantment 203 Myst deactivate power of Imbued Item/Artifact Wits + Occult + Prime Covert
Suppress Hallow 229 M:tA reduce Mana generation of Hallow Prolonged Presence + Survival + Prime Covert
Tainted Source 65 s● Ban taint points of Mana in a Hallow to cause users to only spend 1/turn while any remains in their pool Resolve + Occult + Prime Covert
Prime 5, Master
Concealing the Dragon's Path 103 (x)● GoG hide a ley line, permanently Intelligence + Survival + Prime Vulgar
Create Complex Phantasm 230 (x) M:tA create solid complex phantasm Prolonged Intelligence + Crafts + Prime (objects) or Intelligence + Medicine + Prime (people) Vulgar
Create Hallow 230 (x)● M:tA create Hallow (with prolonged duration) Advanced* Composure + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Dead Zone 230 (x) M:tA remove ambient Mana from area N/A Composure + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Dessicate Life 3 65 (x) Ban drain target of Physical Attributes, Mana or Health Wits + Occult + Prime vs Resolve + Composure Vulgar
Forge Tulpa Mind 5 231 (x) M:tA create lifelike sentient phantasm Prolonged Wits or Presence + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Halt the Flow 66 (x)s Ban destroy a Hallow Composure + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Scorched Earth 66 s● Ban increase a Dead Zone to severely hinder spellcasting permanently Composure + Occult + Prime Covert
Siphon Mana 231 (x) M:tA transfer Mana from unwilling Mages Lasting Resolve or Composure + Intimidation + Prime - Stamina Vulgar
Supernal Sense Space 3 71 TotM become aware of all magic in area Wits + Empathy + Prime Covert
Universal Bane 67 (x)● Ban enchant weapon or ammunition to inflict Aggravated; object is destroyed at end of spell Intelligence + Occult + Prime Vulgar
Prime 7, Archmastery
Imperial Dispellation 38 IM dispel Imperial spells N/A Unlisted
Matter 9, Archmastery
Transfiguration 39 IM gain complete control over the Arcana N/A Unlisted